Chapter 2

Franz had not even bothered to change his clothes. The sloppily button shirt and the wide-open collar showed his bare skin – no matter where he was from, whether Secretia or Kyris, it was unheard of for a member of the royal family to be seen like that.

Despite Calian’s surprise at Franz’s rude behaviour, he did not make the mistake of putting a knife to his brother’s throat. He sighed briefly and took care to make sure his fluster could not be seen.

Randall frowned at Franz’s appearance, but turned his head away as if he had seen nothing. Calian did not miss that action.

The first prince cannot do or say anything to the second prince. It was understandable why.

All three princes were half-brothers, and Queen Silica was the mother of the second prince, Franz. Because of this, it did not matter that he was the first prince, he could act like he was above the second prince.

‘The power of the Queen’s family is significant indeed,’

While Calian was thinking of such things, the people in the room could only shut their mouths prepare to serve their food. Soon a well-made food dishes began to be placed before them one by one.

There was fragrant soup and savoury breads along with scrambled eggs and thinly sliced ham. There were salads full of fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits. For Calian, who had suffered from a long war, it was a mouth-watering sight. If he were alone, he would have eaten everything.

But his hands did not reach out to grab any of the food.

His head was filled with thoughts of worry about his brother, Chase and his lifelong enemy, Franz, was in front of him. The chilling atmosphere within the dining hall also played a part in staying his hand.

‘It feels like treading on thin ice,’

The three princes of Kyris were certainly brothers, but there was no conversation among them. Even if they were half-brothers, that alone could not be the reason for this silence.

He knew because Chase and Bern were half-brothers, too.

Despite this, they had laughed and chatted while their meals were being prepared. Chase had always taken care of him, and his voice seemed to echo in Bern’s mind.

‘To think you became a knight. You’ve become very reliable, Bern.’

‘Don’t worry Bern, you don’t need to worry about anything.’

He remembered how Chase had looked, as the King of Secretia – the one for whom he would even sacrifice his own life without regret. However, he could not ask for news of him in this place, and because of this, he was gripped by more worry and longing. There was even an impulse to just run away even now to go and meet him.

And with those thoughts, his anger against Franz flared up again, so he picked up a glass of water and drained it all at once – someone scoffed,

“How Frivolous.”

Of all things, it was Franz’s voice. Despite being barely dressed, Franz curled his lip and spoke mockingly.

“You resemble your mother – not a hint of dignity.”

It was a sneering jab about Calian’s mother, a commoner. Unable to hide the anger that flared up inside him, Calian’s eyes became severe.

Franz saw his red eyes burning with hatred through his fringe. Franz’s gaze became sharp in response.

Even in this situation, Randall did not raise his gaze from his food as he carried on eating peacefully – a perfect bystander.

Calian turned to Randall with the same harsh look in his eyes.

Then, Franz spoke with a threatening voice.

“You dare–”

Calian’s gaze shifted to Franz again and their eyes locked – neither was willing to turn away. Only then did Randall open his mouth to speak quietly.

“Stop it.”

Franz kept his gaze fixed on Calian as he spoke.

“I’ve lost my appetite because of those cursed bloody eyes. I shall be leaving first.”

Franz did not bother to wait for Randall’s permission to leave – he just stood up and left.

That was rather fortunate. Calian’s patience was not so great that he could look at his face for too long.

“As his Majesty’s birthday celebration is not far off – you should be careful.”

Calian lost even more patience when hearing this voice.

Randall had spoken with an indifferent expression, not even sparing Calian a glance.

‘So, he’s saying I was the problem? What about the bastard who just left?’

The words that blamed him were so ridiculous that Calian almost laughed.

If it had not been for this absurd situation, where he had met his death and woken up in another body, Calian would not have held back as much as he had done today.

Of course, Randall was completely oblivious of his brother’s efforts in suppressing his murderous intent – and left without paying attention to Calian’s reaction.

“It has not even been a full day…”

He could hear Yan talking to himself from behind.

Calian leaned his back on the chair and exhaled to calm his anger. This was a sigh that sounded like the mournful breath of the youngest who received plenty of abuse. Yan stared at the prince with a face full of sympathy.

After a while, Calian rose quietly from his seat. Yan came up to him to pull out his chair and straighten out his dishevelled clothes, working meticulously to make sure every detail was perfect. Even though he had most likely watched Calian be ignored and looked down on every day, Yan’s hands remained gentle and careful.

Calian saw that the other two princes’ attendants were not really as attentive. There were deep fingernail marks imprinted on Yan’s palm while Yan’s eyes seemed even fiercer than Calian’s. At the sight, Calian’s boiling anger slowly subsided and he spoke in a low voice.

“Thank you.”

Yan’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Calian. The prince was neither weeping nor angry. Instead, he had a small smile. Calian had expressed his gratitude for the first time and Yan struggled to find the words to answer him but before he could even open his mouth, Calian spoke again,

“What’s next on the schedule?”

“In one hour, there is lesson on the War of Gods,”

“Then I want to be alone until then.”

Upon hearing these words, though he did not protest, Yan looked back at the prince with worry.

The memories of the original Calian made it easier for him to keep to his duties and classes – which made it easier for him to step outside and head to the artificial lake around his palace without worry of getting lost.

There was not another soul around – only Calian, and Yan who followed him from a distance.


Calian stopped by the lake and breathed out the heavy sigh he had held back, and it was then when he saw there was a small statue in the middle of the lake.

It was a black dragon spreading its wings toward the sky, its eyes studded with red jewels.

‘Isn’t that Sispanian?’

The statue was of the dragon Sispanian, who was also the first queen of Kyris.

He remembered a story that said she had black hair like a still night and red eyes that burned with a sacred fire.

Black hair and red eyes. Just like Calian.

‘Cursed bloody eyes.’

Franz’s voice echoed in his mind.

‘Has my mentality become more fragile because my body is younger?’ Calian laughed at his own thoughts.

Bern was a knight who had fought and died alone, protecting the gates of his kingdom. Just yesterday his arm was severed, and countless arrows pierced his body as he wielded his sword.

There was no reason for him to lose his head here.

The priority at the moment was not to kill Prince Franz. First, he had to figure out how he got in this situation.

With that thought, Calian closed his eyes for a moment and ordered the thoughts in his head, attempting to get a firm grip on the events that had occurred.

‘…The Axis.’

The Axis of Time.

It had suddenly appeared at the Palace of Secretia one day, shaped like a large hourglass, and it had the power to turn back the clock only once.

That very Axis of Time must have been the cause of this. However, it was also the very cause of the war between Secretia and Kyris.

Before the war began, the Kingdom of Kyris demanded The Axis of Time. Secretia rejected their demands. It was clear to King Chase that it was a dangerous object, and so he stood resolutely against them. And without knowing how the Mad King Franz would use such a power, how could he just hand it over to him?

When King Chase expressed his refusal, a large army had fallen upon them. Franz had skipped all formal declarations of war and did not even attempt negotiations. He thought himself too great for the concept.

With that war, the kingdom of Secretia was eventually defeated, the consequence was its utter downfall.

‘My brother must have witnessed my death.’

Chase must have seen Bern, the last knight alive, finally die, and so he must have turned back the clock. He could not know that this would be the result, but if it was Chase – then he must have tried to save Bern.

Calian lamented to himself,

“If the Axis of Time is the cause of this…that means there’s no way back.”

It could only be used once, and if time had already been twisted, there was no way to return to the previous timeline.

And if that is the case… then what should he do? Calian contemplated the question.

If he were to accept that this was not a dream, if this was now his reality, then certainly, this was a second life. He could not afford to waste the opportunity that Chase had given him. And so, Calian decided not to go back, but to live. He will live first and find another way.

Calian fell back into his thoughts.

The fourteen-year-old Calian would die soon.

He was accused of attempting to poison Queen Silica but failed and hung himself in fear of punishment.

Of course, no one believed that story.

When news of his ‘suicide’ was revealed, all surrounding gossip around his ‘assassination’ had to been heavily censored. It was rumoured that whoever killed Calian would of course be a certain powerful figure.

And that person also had a certain connection to Calian’s biological mother, Freya.

The concubine Freya was famous for her beautiful appearance, but her heritage was that of a commoner. She had won the affection of the king and had given birth to Calian, but soon died from the ‘aftereffects’ of childbirth.

The aftereffects of childbirth being vomiting black blood after drinking the tea sent by the queen.

And so, Calian lost his mother.

Because of this, it was unimaginable that Calian had some help. It made no sense that the weak prince obtained some rare poisonous herb and tried to kill the Queen who held even greater power than the King.

Additionally, Calian has been despised by the Queen and Franz since he was born. Under these circumstances, the original Calian would have felt suffocated.

No matter how large a beast is, it will grow weak if it was only fed milk and was trained to lick its master’s feet from birth. And that was why Calian grew up so pathetic, to the point where he could not imagine ever killing someone.

Calian laughed bitterly.

“I’ll just clean up after him since I can’t stand seeing this mess.”

He had heard that his appearance was just like Freya’s, except for the colour of his hair.

The Queen hated Calian’s face, as it was a reminder of his mother’s, so she had Calian killed and made up a story, and the King ignored it because the Queen held all three orders of the royal guards, except for one knight order under the King’s command.

Calian died two or three months before he turned fifteen, and Yan had said that his fifteenth birthday was four months from now.

“I may be killed anytime soon.”

The remaining time for Calian’s supposed suicide by hanging was about one or two months.

His red eyes reflected in the water keenly.

He did not have the slightest intention of dying by their hands.

I’m reading the story as I’m translating – I think I only read it up like Chapter 75? And then the translation got discontinued and I’m poor so I couldn’t afford to read the raw so I just skimmed the Korean wiki for it. Anyway, I’m impatient and shameless so I’ll use the previously translated chapters by Wordexcerpt but that means you guys also get chapters faster so yay!

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