Chapter 4

The Kyris Royal Family were the descendants of dragons. Or to be precise, the descendants of Hatsuara and Sispanian who were of the Eight Heroes that sealed the Evil Spirits in the War of Gods.

She was thought to have been there since the earliest of beginnings, Sigmund Khan Sispanian was an ancient dragon and another of the Eight Heroes, and she married Hatsuara not for mere ‘entertainment’ because it was the true desire of her heart.

In other words, Hatsuara was not the one that had taken Sispanian as his Queen, rather it was Sispanian who had chosen Hatuara as her companion.

Sispanian hoped that Hatsuara and her descendants would be special so she blessed only their direct descendants with a heavenly gift.

“The wound is still there,” Calian frowned.

The ability to heal and superior magical ability – as those were ‘Sispanian’s Blessings’, the wound on Calian’s palm should have healed already.

His heart should not hurt every time he tried to use mana.

The wound from Franz’s knife had still not healed well into the evening. He initially suspected that Calian’s real father wasn’t King Rumein, but according to the previous Calian’s memories, he recalled that his wounds healed normally in the past.

Which meant that this was a recently developed problem.

But that wasn’t the only problem.

“Calian …was a mage?”

Bern was a knight and not just any night but one of only six SwordMasters on the continent. His old body was made strong from physical activity which was why, when looking at Calian’s skinny body, he couldn’t help but wonder if it would be possible to express an aura with such a body.

So with that thought, he focused on his mana and was surprised to find that around his heart, there were already three mana circles. At the same time, knowledge of vast and previously unfamiliar magic began flowing into his head like water.

It took him two days to realize that Calian was a mage, but every time he tried to use his mana a searing pain would shoot through his chest, leaving him heaving for breath.

“It hurts when I try to use mana…”

He had felt it at the time when he caught Franz’s knife, but not to the same degree. At that time, the original Calian unconsciously tried to use his body and poured strength in his hand to block the knife. As a result, his hand was injured.

Calian once again tried to use his mana, but to the same result. He grimaced and clutched at his chest.

“If he has three circles at this age, then he had been diligently practicing.”

The frustration was that there was no memory of the painful symptoms before. Perhaps it began when Bern came to this body, or perhaps there was some other cause.

“This is a problem. I can’t use magic at this rate.”

Not being able to use his aura or magic was troubling. No, it was very dangerous. Realizing that it was not just a trivial matter he could set aside, Calian began to think deeply.

He needed someone to ask about this situation. Naturally, there wasn’t anyone in the palace who could give Calian advice on this matter. Calian fell into deep thought as he carefully retraced all the memories of the old Calian but the solution did not come to him until the evening, when he was sitting in the bathtub.

The water had begun to cool down, and the magical device for temperature control uttered a gurgle, such a contraption was of course the work of mages. Calian’s eyes glistened as he listened to the sound.

“Mages…of course, the mages.”

Calian splashed the bath water with a hand as an idea lit his brain.

“Alan Manasil.”

Alan Manasil was one of three 7-circle mages, and as the youngest, he was also considered the most talented and therefore was the most idolised of them all.

By Bern’s time ten years ago – or the current present – Alan visited the city for King Rumein’s birthday festival. He didn’t know the details, but he knew Alan went to the palace dressed in shabby clothes. The guard at the gates prevented him from entering, and so the mage went to the Kingdom of Riverrun.

And about ten years later, Alan became the only 8-circle mage on the continent.

His knowledge of mana was unsurpassed, and so Calian was sure the mage could help him with this dilemma.

“It would be best if I could take this opportunity to get him on my side,” Calian murmured to himself.

The support of a powerful wizard was equivalent to the loyalty of a knight order. If Alan was on Calian’s side, then all the wizards of Kyris would stand by Calian as well.

“That way, I won’t have to face a silent dog’s death,”

No one could touch Franz’s life because of the power of Queen Silica’s knights. And his other brother Randall? His mother Aisha, the former queen of Kyris who had died of illness, was the first princess of the Holy Kingdom of Tensil. That made Randall part of the Tensil Royal Family, and his life was not something to be trifled with either.

If Calian had Alan by his side, then he would have that kind of influence too.That wasn’t all. There was one massive change Alan could bring.

Calian’s eyes narrowed.

“My name would be considered among those with the right of inheritance,”

Kyris discriminated against mages harshly, even though it was ruled by the dragon’s descendants and this was thoroughly orchestrated by Queen Silica – as she was from a family of knights. The mages were practically waiting for someone to overturn the situation.

What if those mages threw their support behind Calian? From then, it was clear that no matter what family backed Calian, the mages would be a far superior choice.

Of course, as Rumein was only thirty-seven years old, there was no immediacy for him to pronounce an heir just yet. It was still a little longer yet before the battle for the throne would commence, and it would be eight years later when Franz would become king.

Calian once again tried to call upon his mana. A sharp pain stabbed him in the heart, and he scowled.

“I’m going to have to meet Alan Manasil first.” Only then would he be able to take the next step.

He needed to find a particular child.

If Alan could save Calian, then Calian would save this child next. He would save him and turn him into his weapon.

There was only one month until Rumein’s birthday.

Calian’s scheduled death was around that time.

These events overlapped interestingly.

“I’ll have to hold on and wait.”

Splash. Calian splashed the water again.

When the tailor, Schatten Slake’s gaze fell upon Calian, he dropped the measuring tape in his hands in surprise. Schatten retrieved it from the floor and immediately put it away. He then took out a new tape as anything that had been soiled on the ground wasn’t to be used on the royal family.

Schatten stared at Calian and Yan’s intuition had him feeling uneasy – Schatten’s mouth opened to speak.

“Looking at the prince reminds me of Madame Freya.”


Anxious, Yan immediately stopped Schatten from speaking. As if he had only realised what he had said upon Yan’s rebuke, Schatten looked flustered and bowed deeply to Calian.

“My deepest apologies, Your Highness.”

Calian was more surprised at the suddenly changed atmosphere and turned towards Yan for an explanation but found Yan bowing even more deeply.

“I’m sorry. I’ll have someone else sent in right away,” the attendant said. Calian furrowed his brow, unsure why they were apologizing and quickly rifled through his old memories.

‘Why do I have to search through these memories? Can’t the information just surface when I think of it?’ Like flipping through a picture book, memories related to this came to mind and his spirits sank.


The original Calian had trembled at the knowledge that he resembled Freya, and he hated looking at his face in the mirror. For a long time he had suffered because he resembled someone he had not met since birth.

He now understood why Yan was so uneasy about bringing a mirror to Calian. Calian didn’t usually look at his face, and out of nowhere he made a fuss about it.

‘It’s weird that I haven’t been found out yet,’

Calian heaved a sigh. Of course he had no feelings for Freya now, but overcoming that much trauma in one morning might have looked suspicious. He was slowly getting his bearings, but he still had to show an ounce of reluctance. He searched for the right words before addressing Schatten.

“Keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t have to explain yourself. I know I look like my mother.”

Both of them were surprised at Calian’s words, but at least it didn’t look like their suspicions were aroused.

“Yes, of course. Let’s get started.”

Schatten, who was sure that he would get chased away, raised himself up and began to carefully measure Calian’s body, while an assistant wrote down the measurements.

After some time, Schatten finished his task and cautiously offered up some advice.

“I think you should eat more, Your Highness. I’m worried because you’re so thin.”

Calian smiled. There was no reason to be offended by something said out of worry. He wasn’t exactly small, but it was true that he was thin.


Since the measurements were taken more quickly than expected, Calian thought he could take a little rest before dinner, but then the assistant hauled in some thick books. Schatten placed them on the table and opened them up.

“… what?”

One had illustrations of various types of robes, while another had samples of cloth, all of which were different in material and color. There were other books with laces that looked pretty much the same and all kinds of accessories, others with buttons and shoes. That was not even the end of it as the assistant came out with two more books after the first lot.

Calian had a face that was clearly indicating ‘all of this?’ and Schatten seemed to understand because he indicated that they were only getting started.

“Now we have to decide on the design, your highness, please choose a total of four,”

“–how many suits?”

Even as the exhaustion set it in, the memories of the original Calian provided an explanation.

There were five sets of clothes that needed to be prepared. The ceremonial clothing was already chosen, so there were 4 remaining.

Calian’s face turned white, ‘You mean I have to pick all of that!?’

Bern had never experienced this in his own life. It was his mother the Queen who chose his clothes when he was a child, and after he became a knight, he wore nothing but the knight’s uniform. There was no need to choose other clothes. In addition, Secretia did not have such large and lavish events where one needed to have five sets of clothes at a time.

But now he didn’t have his mother to pick his clothes for him, and he didn’t have a knight’s garb. Yan, seeing his troubled expression, spoke.

“Isn’t your highness very different these days? However, because of the festival preparations, there have been no social events this month, as such, the first appearance of the changed Prince would be his Majesty’s birthday festivities.”

“So what you’re saying is, dress up nicely and make a changed first impression?”

“Yes, your highness,”

“Right, I understand what you’re saying…”

Calian looked at the array of books layering the table. The mere sight of it made him feel exhausted. Would clothes even attract attention to a weak body that can’t even use mana?

“But I’m not that confident in my selections, you all can choose,”

‘You’ referred to Yan and the maids that followed Calian – he wanted to push the tiring task on to them but Yan’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed.

“Would that really be okay?”

“Of course.” Calian nodded and sat down on the sofa.

The war began, their passion lit like a flame.

For the past few days, the maids had followed Calian silently – they had not said a word the entire time but now began to speak up passionately, with the desire to make Calian stand out.

Calian, who was listening to snippets of the conversation, occasionally threw in his own comments.

“No royal ribbons. Not even a small one.”

There was a moment of disappointment from the servants before they came up with another idea.

“Not too many frills,” Calian interrupted again.

They didn’t give up. “…How about some lace?”

What the hell are they trying to make? And what were all the beads for?

Eventually, Calian edged himself between them and joined in the war of words. Before mana and aura – he had to stop ‘tasteful frills’ first. 

Reminder from the Prologue but

The author tends to switch between Bern and Calian quite frequently. So to clarify, Bern is the name of the knight who was reincarnated into the past – he dies during the war and ends up in the body of Calian and finds he has travelled 10 years into the past.

Original Calian = The timid third prince of Kyris

Bern = The younger brother of the King of Secretia – a Kingdom that was defeated by Kyris in war

Calian = Bern in Calian’s body

Let me know if there are any questions!

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