Chapter 5

Calian spent a hectic week of waking up to the scent of tea, getting meticulously prepared in the morning, enduring breakfast and attending various lessons.

During that time, he butted heads with Franz another three times. 

During their swordsmanship class, Franz brought up Freya once again and Calian almost killed him at one point, he passed it off as a mistake, and after that Franz became somewhat quiet. 

What was really surprising was Franz’s impressive ability with the sword. Calian’s own strength was terrible, of course, but Franz had done a fair job of blocking his attacks; to come from a family famous for its knights was not meaningless, he supposed.

Franz still glared daggers at him every time he saw him, but the number of times he made his scowling remarks against him had decreased. That was enough to satisfy Calian for now. 

One morning before breakfast, as Calian sat in front of a mirror, staring blankly ahead in a daze while a maidservant brushed his hair, Yan approached him and informed him of the day’s schedule.

“– and lastly Viscount Brissen, the Queen’s relative, will join you at dinner.”


Viscount Lennon Brissen.

He was the second son of Marquis Brissen and the brother of Queen Silica. 

Although he was born into a historic family of knights, he lacked skill with the sword and abandoned his weapon early on. He instead settled in one of the most prestigious lands in Kyris. 

‘He’s not competent enough to manage it though, so he essentially spends a fortune to have someone else administrate it instead. However, the fact that he has that much wealth is an ability of its own.’

“Are there no other nobles besides Viscount Brissen visiting?

“None, your highness. It is said that Viscount Brissen was due to prepare a congratulatory performance on the last day of his Majesty’s birthday celebrations however due to some circumstances, he is unable to participate and therefore came to apologise and congratulate his Majesty today. Having already come to the palace for such a purpose, he also wanted to extend his greetings to the Princes – which is the reason for this dinner,” 

“If that was the case, it should have been fine for only Franz to attend?” 

Yan’s face stiffened when he brought up Franz’s name directly. Calian knew that from Yan’s position, he would have a difficult time coming up with a suitable reply so instead, he said,

“Anyway, that’s fine,” 

Yan hesitated for a moment, before opening his mouth again – it seemed there was still something left,

“And I have something to tell you.”

Calian nodded to say ‘go on’. 

“Your highness’ safe will need to be opened again for a moment – would you like for me to do this for you this time too?” 

‘A safe? Do I own something like that?’ 

He had thought he was a penniless prince, but he supposed there must have been some money. 

Calian quickly searched his memory, and realized that the useless silver furniture in the corner of his bedroom was a safe.

He mistook it for a chair, and so he sat down on it sometimes. No wonder it was solid as a rock.

“Why the safe?”

“It’s, uh…”

Yan couldn’t finish his sentence. There could only be one reason for that: It had something to do with Freya. Yan continued forward carefully.

“The earnings sent by the caretaker of the Whitlin family have arrived.”

‘My mother’s name was Freya Whitlin. Then it must be from Freya’s property.‘

Perhaps King Rumein had given his concubine some wealth, and Calian seemed to have inherited it, without it passing over to another nobleman after her death. At the news of this unexpected income, Calian said,

“Let’s check it together. I’m curious of how much has been sent,” 

“I understand, your highness. And -”

Calian was ready for breakfast now, but he could sense that Yan had something else he wanted to add and nodded again.

“As you are aware, when your highness turns fifteen, you are able to appoint two more attendants,”

He wasn’t aware of that.

“As you will turn fifteen this year, the internal affairs official asked how you intend to select them. You may appoint them two or three months in advance of your birthday if you wish. And if you do not have a particular person in mind, the official can assign them for you.”

In summary of the news, Yan said,

“How about appointing two guards, as the other Princes have done?” 

Calian remembered the servants who always seemed to follow Randall and Franz. Since they carried no swords, Calian assumed they were regular escorts. He responded with new understanding on his face.

“So they were guards. No wonder they had good physiques.”

Excluding the Crown Prince – Princes of Kyris were usually not appointed a separate set of guards. The amusing part was that the fiercest of battles were usually fought amongst the princes, not the crown prince.

For that reason the princes personally hired guards, but this was illegal so it was customary for the guards to be disguised as servants instead. As carrying a sword would make them noticeable, those who were skilled with smaller throwable weapons would be selected.

Calian had known this, but he didn’t know he would be allowed additional men when he turned fifteen.

‘Did the original Calian have guards?’ 

If Yan had said this in the previous life and Calian had the money to hire guards, it was highly likely that he would have done so.

Calian had magic. There were guards. And yet he was assassinated. Then it was likely a formidable assassin capable of overcoming a 3-circle mage. Calian absentmindedly brushed his hand against his heart.

‘No. If it had been disguised as suicide, then it would be a clean job. If Calian were a capable mage, he would have left a trail of aggression or defense behind. It is more likely that the original Calian was not in a state where he could use magic like myself now.’ 

In any case, Calian had died two or three months before his birthday, and the guards were also likely assigned two or three months before his birthday. The parts that fit too well together to be a coincidence had him thinking, Either the guards didn’t stop the assassin, or one of the guards was an assassin. A multitude of other possibilities swirled in his mind.

Whatever the answer was, the guards would bring no benefit to him.

“I don’t think we should hire guards, there are others that may have already prepared for that.”

Yan looked stunned at his answer, but Calian did not elaborate any further.

Of course, the one that Calian wanted by his side was that child he planned to save, however there was a problem…

“I’m not completely sure, but I believe the person I want is a commoner. Will that be alright?”

Yan was definitely from an aristocratic family however the person Calian wanted as his escort would be a superior rank to Yan, who was an attendant. Calian seemed to be asking if he could treat a commoner as his superior.

An expression crossed Yan’s features that seemed to say, ‘Why are you asking me that?’ Calian had always thought this but Yan was the type to reveal his thoughts on his face.

“What matters now is not the status of the escort but the fact that they will be your highness’ escort – if there is someone willing to guard your highness, I urge you to bring them here, what matters of their status?”

After hearing Yan’s thoughts, Calian smiled and nodded, it was truly a ‘Yan-like’ response. 

“If someone is qualified to be a worthy knight, why not make them your attendant first and if the opportunity comes give him the title of knight?” Yan said.

Although Calian was royal, he was not at liberty to confer a title as he pleased. Unless the person had made a great achievement for the country, he couldn’t increase one’s status as he liked. 

For that reason, in these types of cases the guards would generally accompany the princes as attendants before they were elevated to knighthood. 

“That sounds like a good way – let the Internal Affairs office know that I will take care of it,”

It wasn’t like he could proceed with it immediately, he had to find that child first and Calian wasn’t sure if he could be found in the capital city of Kyris.

“I will let them know,” Yan said.

“So is that all?”

“No, there’s one more thing.”

Calian nodded, allowing him permission to continue speaking. This must have been the most important matter because Yan swallowed hard before speaking.

“Um, exercise, your highness – the physical strength training, do you have to keep doing that?”

A week ago, Calain had imposed some exercise routines upon himself, it wasn’t particularly rigorous, only three or four laps around the man-made lake in front of the palace, and he couldn’t do much more than that.

Perhaps because he was not active much until now, but he felt more energetic than before. However, he also lost some weight, piquing Yan’s concern.

“If I do it steadily, I’ll be fine,” Calian replied.

It meant that he would continue. 

Yan gave a low sigh as if he expected this answer.

“I’ll talk to the chef and have him pay special attention to your diet. Breakfast can’t be helped, but you must eat your entire meal for lunch and dinner.”

Calian could manage that. “I understand. Thank you.”

Yan was starting to get used to Calian’s remarks of gratitude, and he gave a little smile. He then gestured politely at the door in indication that it was time to go to breakfast.

Ugh. Calian didn’t want to go.

After finishing a silent meal, which was still a strange and unfamiliar affair, Calian went outside wearing a light suit. 

He had taken a look at the safe and was still astounded by the large amount of wealth that had accumulated the past fourteen years without a penny of it having been spent. 

He was going to exercise before the class started in the morning, as he had done for the past week. He wasn’t usually alone, as Yan would follow him. However, when Yan was pulled away for other tasks, another maid followed him instead. 

Her name was Marilyn, the same girl who brought in the mirror for Calian and called in the hairdresser. To his surprise, she could circle the lake three or four times without being out of breath once. 

That same Marilyn was now following Calian from behind. Remembering that she was the same one who wanted ‘tasteful frills’ he started jogging again, but no matter how far he ran, she kept a steady pace behind him. Calian bit his lips. 

‘This girl is scary!’

He would not discover this until much later, but Marilyn was the second daughter of the head of the capital city’s Knights Command, who defended the Kyris outer fortress. Even though she never learned to use a sword, when she was young she would run around Mount Tarun on the outskirts of Kyris every day.

After three and a half laps, Calian finally collapsed in exhaustion. Sweat dripped down his face like rain and he felt like his lungs were burning. 

Marilyn’s eyebrows slightly furrowed on seeing his sweaty appearance.

When Calian had first started exercising, he ran four and a half laps, and on the third day he ran four. Now he was down to three and a half. There seemed to be some sort of problem. 

Marilyn seemed to have noticed it as well.

“Your Highness,”


General servants and maids could not speak directly to the prince, and were required to communicate through a higher order servant. If Marilyn had anything to say to Calian, she was supposed to pass it on to him through Yan. 

However, some of the women had already spoken directly to Calian during his clothes fitting and since then, there would be times when they would take the initiative to speak to him. 

Of course, Calian didn’t take offense or issue with it, in fact, he liked that there were more people he could talk to.

“How about talking to the healer?” she suggested.

The healer was a priest from Tensil, whom Yan wanted to summon after Calian injured his hand. 

Calian knew why else he would need to call such a healer now too — his physical state was weakening. But there was also a reason why we couldn’t talk to him.

‘He’ll find the circle right away.’ 

Of all the stupid, frustrating acts that the old Calian had done, the one thing he had done well was hide the fact that he was a mage. 

It was a secret that even Yan didn’t know. He thought it would’ve been a good idea to tell his attendant, but Calian understood that he couldn’t completely trust anyone right now.

If it had been known that Calian could use magic, then he would’ve been killed even before Bern entered his body. Others would attempt to get rid of Calian before he was too powerful to handle. For the same reason, the current Calian had to hide the circle right now, especially since his mana wasn’t working properly.

Calian finished organizing his thoughts before replying.

“No need, I’m fine.”

Marilyn had a disapproving look on her face, but she didn’t say anything else. Calian got up from his sitting position, then forced himself to finish one more lap before returning to his room.

I’m on a roll! The chapters that had been previously translated aren’t bad – they make for good starting points, the only issues are that they are clearly base machine translated so some things loose nuance and are spelt wrong etc.

I’ve decided not to stick to close to direct translations and instead use just write however I feel makes sense for the story – the plot on this is really good but the raws have a lot of badly worded paragraphs and grammar mistakes too.

Let me know what you think!

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