Chapter 9

Calian ascended onto the platform and smiled, waving his hands to the crowds. That was his role as a Prince required of him and Calian did not bother doing more than what was needed. Rumein greeted the crowds and gave a long speech expressing his gratitude to the people gathered. The following proceedings involved the awarding of knighthoods to common soldiers, the promotion of several noble titles, and the bestowing of wealth and territory.

After the event at the square, Calian waved to the crowd again before returning to the palace. He knew that people were murmuring themselves throughout the event and had been aware of the glances he had repeatedly received. He had expected as much, he was something fresh and unfamiliar to them with his black hair and red eyes.

What he hadn’t expected however, was that rather than curiosity or maybe wariness – people were staring at him because they were impressed by Calian’s perfect appearance and demeanour.

When he returned to his room, Calian ate the lunch that Yan had left for him. He had not once forgotten his promise to finish his meals, and afterwards he changed into a fresh set of clothes.

The next event was a tea party, not a banquet so Calian stubbornly chose to wear the simplest outfit, however through he did concede to one decorative pin through Marilyn’s insistence.

‘How about the smallest one.’ – that was his compromise.

Calian fastened three rows of delicate chains that connected either side of his collar, with a small pendant in the middle of the shortest chain. Calian deemed the other ornaments too flashy for his tastes, so he decided he would stick to wearing only this pin with his other clothes too.

The aftermath brought about by the shirt ornaments – Calian could not have anticipated it.

Having finished his preparations barely on time, Calian left Chermil Palace and stepped into the carriage again.

“There’s no time to catch one’s breath” he said, his face bleach-white.

“Yes, I think things seem to be unusually hectic this year,” Yan nodded, his face looking gaunt. Assisting Calian today was as chaotic as a day in battle. It was fortunate that the luncheon had been cancelled.

They were headed to the Senyu Pavilion, where Calian had dinner with Viscount Brissen not long ago. Today, however, the pavilion would be host to a tea party to greet the noble guests. Of course the three princes’ role was to just say hello, sit still – as long as they didn’t fall asleep it would be fine.

With the thought of meeting the nobles on his mind, Calian turned to Yan and asked,

“Yan, you said your family was also in Kyrisis?”

While most nobles in Secretia lived on their own territory, Kyris nobles sometimes resided in the capital city for most of the year and had someone else manage their estates. Yan’s family seemed the same, and he once told Calian that his family lived in the city. The sudden mention of the attendant’s family caused his eyes to go round.

“Ah, you remembered, your highness? My sister and father are at home, and the rest of my family lives in the city.”

Calian smiled awkwardly, he remembered these particular details from the old Calian’s memories, not from his own.

“Then will they come to the palace today?” This time it was Yan who forced a smile.

“If they’re invited, they will come,” he replied shortly. He seemed reluctant to speak about them.

The servants who worked in the royal palace did not reveal their names, sometimes using false names or aliases instead.

When Yan first came to the palace, the internal affairs office would have checked his and his background strictly to determine whether he was trustworthy or not. After that, he chose to never reveal his true name.

Many of the highborn who worked as servants or maids do not want to mention where they came from, because they were bastards or too distant relatives to be really called nobles – some were even children from forgotten or fallen families. Knowing that Yan might be in such a situation, Calian nodded and didn’t pursue the topic further.

At last the carriage arrived at the Senyu Pavilion. Calian descended from the carriage and Yan tidied up his appearance with quick meticulous hands.

He straightened his posture once again and walked towards the banquet hall where the nobles were gathered. Calian nodded to the knight standing by the entrance, who opened the door and heralded his arrival.

“His Highness, Prince Calian Rein Kyris, has arrived!”

These nobles did not have to struggle among the crowds of the plaza to see that king and thus attended this 2 o’clock tea at the pavilion. Their eyes turned to one place, and all at once the same thought entered their minds.

‘The rumour was true.’

The Central Nobility consisted of the highest ranking and most powerful people of the kingdom – and that meant acquiring information was that much faster for them.

There were two stories they had heard: that Franz had come to the venue under the influence of alcohol – and that as though everyone had previously agreed to it, they all agreed to turn a blind eye to this.

And that with his black hair and red eyes, the third prince resembled Sispanian.

These were the other words that came out of the people’s mouths after the event at the plaza. When the rumour was passed along, the other nobles laughed. After all, one could not make such grandiose statements simply because of hair and eye colour and a mere haircut.

The nobles could not have imagined the changed Calian that stood before them.

When Calian walked into the room after the knight announced his arrival, it was like the sky had turned upside down. The nobles all began to examine with astounded eyes every minor detail in his appearance and behaviour.

His face, that had still shed its childish glow, he was so handsome it was hard to tear one’s eyes away. His bright red eyes were crystal clear and his gaze was strong. A regal smile graced his lips, and every footstep was taken with a dignified bearing. They could not help the genuine admiration they felt, even through their shock.

There was an inherent stateliness to him that could not be brought about with simple practice – the people gathered, watching him were the ones who knew that the best.

‘When the hell did that happen…’

Calian was fully proving himself to be worthy of being a member of the Royal Family of Kyris. It was no exaggeration to say that with those eyes and hair, he truly did resemble Sispanian.

It wasn’t just his figure. The clothes that Calian was wearing caught their attention as well.

He wore pants and a shirt of the same white colour, along with a fitted navy blue jacket that came down to the knees. There were no ornaments except the button on the long jacket, so that the focus was drawn instead to the jewel sparkling on his neck.

If it were not for that, the nobles would not have been so awestruck. Gracing his throat was a ruby pendant that shone exactly the same colour of his eyes, a colour that the original Calian would never have chosen.

“It seems as though he is saying he will no longer live in hiding,”

“Surely, that must be it,”

They did not know that Franz’s description of his ‘bloody eyes’ had left such a deep impression on Calian that he had simply not made the connection of the ruby on his neck being the same colour as his eyes – nor the impression it would make on the nobility around him.

The nobles freely gossiped and interpreted the meaning of Calian’s simple clothes and single ornament between themselves until they realised they had yet to greet him.

They hurriedly bowed – it was a large difference to how they would reluctantly nod their heads forward previously.

Whatever the circumstances in the past, Calian, who had appeared before them in the form of the flawless perfect prince, looked into the eyes of each and every single of the nobles who bowed to him – before the corners of his lips curled up into a small smile.

“My pleasure,” Calian kept his greeting as simple as possible, it wasn’t exactly a great rhetoric but the short greeting seemed to show exactly how leisurely he felt in this situation.

After this, he immediately sat down. He didn’t bother engaging in conversation, instead feeling relaxed that his duty for the night was done, and now all he had to do was relax and zone out. However, this time, it was his short remarks that caused the buzz of gossip to spread.

“‘My pleasure’? It’s almost as though he is seeing us for the first time? What does this mean!”

Soon the nobles began to try to dig into the hidden meaning of Calian’s short words with sharp glances among themselves and puzzled murmurs.

‘Whoops,’ Calian sighed,

He thought he would draw attention, but he didn’t expect it to be to this degree and in his desire to get things over with, he had forgone formalities with the nobles.

“It’s alright your highness, I know there was no deep meaning behind your greeting so there is no need to worry,” Yan comforted Calian with a whisper.

If either of them had grasped the severity of the situation properly, then there would not have been a laughable situation in which the value of Kyris’ rubies skyrocketed and the eager procession to locate Sispanian’s nest – which had been empty for 500 years – would not have taken place.

And there would not have been impatience festering in the heart of the person who had been watching Calian closely.

‘Siegfried’s Summer Night,’

Among the songs composed by Olive Wrench, a famous violinist and composer from the Kingdom of Riverne, there was one that was considered the most magnificent by far.

The song, titled ‘Siegfried’s Summer Night,’ was a masterpiece that expressed the emotion Wrench felt when she was invited to Kyris Palace.

Siegfried Pavilion, regarded as the most heavenly building on the grounds, was a large, oval-shaped banquet hall supported by platinum-plated pillars and crystal walls.

When lit at night, it was like standing inside of a beautiful gem.

The violin’s melody captured the solitude of the palace hidden behind it and the joy of facing the glittering Siegfried Pavilion on a summer night. Many who listened to the music shed tears of joy and sorrow.

‘If you are a musician, you must play this piece at Siegfried Pavillain at least once’ was a common sentence spoken among musicians.

The name of the hall came from the Duke Siegfried, who was one of the two greatest military families of Kyris, alongside Marquis Brissen. The founder and first patriarch of the family was Duke Quitros Horne Siegfried, one of the eight heroes of the War of Gods.

Coincidentally, Quitros died on a midsummer night, and it was said that Duke Siegfried regarded the song as more highly than all the others in the Kingdom.

That famous song was echoing in that famous crystal hall now. The people gathered inside the banquet hall for the evening event began to lower their voices and appreciate music. A man who just arrived at the entrance of the Siegfried Pavilion burst into a jovial laugh and said,

“I can’t believe I arrived just when this song is playing! This is why I can’t help but love it!”

Several nobles turned and greeted the man warmly.

“Duke Siegfried, welcome!”

The great man, the sole Duke of Kyris, the current patriarch of the Siegfried family and one of the five sword masters of the continent, hummed the melody and pretended to play the violin. The crowd burst into laughter.

“Seeing your motions – I am becoming more curious about Your Grace’s violin skill,”

“When you have time to take a break, come down to my place – I’ll be happy to let you hear me play,

“Then I will look forward to your performance,”

“Of course. Isn’t there the saying ‘there might be a Siegfried without skill with the sword but there is never a Siegfried without who cannot play the violin’?” The Duke declared.

“Really? That’s an interesting story! Haha!”

While such revelry was taking place at the entrance of the Pavilion, Calian had been heading to the Siegfried Pavilions halls on Raven’s back, turned back to smile.

“He seems like a very pleasant person. What was his name? Slayman…”

Yan, who was staring at the man with disgust, replied to Calian as the prince was sorting through his memories.

“Duke Slayman Horne Siegfried, the master of House Siegfried.” The Siegfrieds owned a very large estate to the south of Kyris, where there were empty nests that used to belong to Sispanian.

The powerful Siegfried family could have taken interest in the throne, but instead they spent more than 500 years dutifully protecting Sispanian’s territory. He had heard this story when he was still Bern, and was impressed with this honourable duke.

“Yes, indeed.”

He was the type of person that Calian admired. Of course, one could not forget the duke’s loyalty to the king, but what attracted Calian to him was his ancient, deep-seated devotion.

“That violin, I want to hear it, too.” Calian looked at the duke with a favourable impression in his mind.

I feel like the word Siegfried was repeated way too many times in the last few sentences … I guess the author wanted us to remember the name real bad. Either way this chapter was a pain to translate for a variety of reason which is why I kind of gave up through some of it and just used the already translated version as a base lol.

ALSO !!!! I revamped the site!!! Please click around and appreciate it!!!! It took so long!!! Also can you tell my fav colour is purple lol…

Let me know what you think!

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