Chapter 10

A white shirt and pale beige pants, a calf-length red jacket with gold trimming and pure white cape decorated with gold tassels and embroidery.

When Calian entered, dressed far more grandly than he had during the event at the Plaza or during the Tea Party – nobles all around bit their lips and took note.

‘Another ruby pendant’

Set in the shirt of this far more splendid outfit was the same golden ornament with the small ruby pendant.

‘He wore the same thing – that means it was not just a trinket’

Calian showed himself today as though he had been waiting for the opportunity and it was because of this that every one of his smallest actions and choices were being analysed as though it all held some enormous significance.

Some wondered whether this was a banquet for Rumein or the banquet Rumein had put together for Calian.

‘Tap, tap’ The sound of Calian’s shoes echoed as he made his way across the banquet hall.

From the Duke Siegfried standing at the entrance, to the Viscount Brissen with whom he had recently had a meal and even the nobles with whom he had met during today’s Tea Party – from the moment Calian stood at the door, to arriving at the innermost part of the banquet hall where the royal family was seated – Calian made eye contact with as many people as possible and smiled. Yan followed behind Calian with a solemn expression.

The Banquet was yet to begin and Rumein and the other princes had not arrived to the hall but the people in the hall remained silent with all of their eyes glued on Calian’s figure.

A small whisper, barely audible, attracted people’s attention in the otherwise silent hall;

“He is only fourteen, I do not know if we should anticipate his future, or fear it,”

“Indeed, I was thinking the very same,”

Of course, while the majority showed such a reaction, there were also nobles who responded somewhat differently.

Unabashed curiosity arose in the blue-grey eyes of Duke Slayman, who had understood how Calian had managed to overpower the crowd.

‘The little kid is good. He’s delicate and looks like he wouldn’t have held a sword in his life but his bearing and spirit are of a talented Knight.’

Yan, who noticed the Slayman’s gaze before Calian – he stared at Slayman for a moment, anger clear in his eyes before leaning forward to whisper to Calian,

“It seems that Duke Siegfried has taken an interest in you, your highness,”

Calian flashed a quick smile; he was a SwordMaster after all, there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed. However it was not a big deal whether this much was noticed – with only this much, Slayman had no grounds for any other doubts.

“Although I’m thankful, it’s still early. Pretend you haven’t noticed for now,” He replied to Yan without turning his gaze.

“As you command, your highness,” Yan replied without hesitation as he had been of the same mind.

Soon, Calian began to soften the thing Slayman had noticed little by little – it was the bright spirit and charisma he had let loose to catch the attention of the crowd. And one by one, people turned away from Calian to pick up on their own conversations and soon, people were trying to speak to Slayman too.

When that happened Slayman had no choice but to give up on his curiosities about Calian to engage in conversation with the other nobles.

It was not long after that, that the other two princes appeared and a few moments after them, the King and Queen entered. The banquet began with Rumein’s thank you speech and Calian stayed in his seat for exactly 30 minutes before pretending to head to the garden for a little fresh air.

Yan, who had left with him, soon brought Raven, leading him by the reins. Calian had originally planned to simply walk alongside Yan while leading Raven like this, but Yan was worried about Calian’s pallid face and insisted he ride atop Raven.

Yan watched with fascination as Raven stood perfectly still while Calian mounted and said,

“It’s amazing. He is as gentle as a sheep when in front of you, your highness,”

Calian brushed a hand through Raven’s mane and smiled,

“Of course, Raven is so good,”

“Please don’t be fooled, your highness, when you are not there… whooo,” Yan sighed heavily,

Calian grinned brightly, laughing in response. They chatted, exchanging stories and laughing while making their way through the path. Once they were in a position where they could see the main gate while being a reasonable distance away, Calian stopped and kept a firm eye on the gate.

Yan was curious about why they were waiting here, but kept his mouth closed. He knew that it was better to ask after Calian got what he wanted.

And what Calian wanted was Alan Manasil.

“Good evening, your highness,” Even though he had found a heavily shadowy area, the pristine while cloak with sparkling gold still made him conspicuous among the royal guards, so they greeted him casually as they passed.

Yan was wearing a formal black suit instead of the servants uniform he usually wore since he was accompanying Calian to the Banquet which made him harder to see in the dark.

Seeing the difference, Calian regretted his choices for a moment. ‘I should have worn something black today,’

The one saving grace though was that it meant no one asked him what he was doing. That was because of the reputation Franz had – if someone dared ask him what he was doing then they would have to deal with his rage at being questioned.

‘And Randall just looks too scary to question casually,’

Which was why as long as he did not attempt to exit the main gate to enter the Heisia Palace where Silica resided, no one would question what he was doing.

From a distance, the slow approaching sound of horse hoofs could be heard, Calian raised his head, eyes lighting up as he looked towards the main gate. After seeing his reaction, Yan also strained his ears to listen carefully,

“So you were waiting for someone, your highness?” Yan asked,

“Yes,” Calian replied shortly, before placing an index finger over his lips – Yan nodded.

Little by little, the faint sound of hoofs became more pronounced and the four guards before the gates stood to attention, moving quickly to meet the carriage. The back view of the guard and the heads of the horses pulling the carriage were visible from where Calian stood, but the appearance of the visitor was hidden beyond the gate pillars.

Calian debated heading straight to the gate right away but decided to observe the situation a little longer. If the visitor was not Alan then the guards would find it strange to see him hanging around the area.

The polite voice of the guard could be heard speaking to the guest,

“Please descend from your horse, Sir,” it was not particularly distinctive, but they were being polite enough.

‘Tap’ – the sound of shoes landing lightly on the ground – the soldier continued,

“Please state the reason for your visit, Sir,”

“It was said that the Birthday Festival for the King of Kyris was taking place,” the voice of the visitor rang out. As far as Calian knew, Alan Manasil should be in his early 50s – however the voice he heard felt much younger.

For a moment, Calian felt disappointed that it might not be Alan but –

“My name is Alan Manasil, I am a wizard,”

It was him!

Calian flinched, shoulders straightening as he tensed, and as though sensing his will and tension, Raven began moving forwards on his own, at a slow pace.

‘As if I was taking a walk and came across the situation by coincidence,’

Alan was a 7-circle mage, if Calian had been sneaking around closer, he would hae been able to tell and would become guarded, so he tried to stay in a position that was just far enough that he could hear what was happening without making it too obvious.

And it seemed Raven had noticed Calian’s thoughts matched his movements. He seemed to understand Calian’s unconscious movements – either that or he could read Calian’s mind.

Calian stroked Raven’s neck and whispered,

“Raven, you’re brilliant,” and as though he had recognised that he was being praised, Raven tossed back his head proudly.

“Please present your invitation,” the knight’s voice could be heard once again, it seemed that he did not recognise who Alan was just from his name. A moment of silence passed between them in which Calian assumed Alan was searching for the invitation, but after a while, Alan spoke,

“Hmm, what can be done? It seems I have lost my invitation,” he said. Things seemed to be proceeding as Calian had heard, Alan did not present his invitation and the slightly wary reply from the guard came,

“My apologies sir, but I cannot permit entry without an invitation,”

“I have told you my name, could you not check somewhere else? I have travelled from very far for this,” Alan asked. It wasn’t too strange a request, members of the royal guards all had a list of attendees and citizens all had identification papers so even without the invitation, it should have been possible for Alan to enter the palace.

In fact, Archmage Alan Manasil was someone who did not need an invitation to enter the royal palace.

At that moment, Calian starred as though the scene had upset him. The guard was glancing at Alan’s clothes without subtlety and he opened his mouth without checking the attendance list,

“Please return with an invitation, sir,”

“…so you judge based on appearance,” was what Alan, who was dressed shabbily and appeared without an invitation, said.

Calian couldn’t fathom what Alan was trying to do but he had made a situation that he could grab on to. It was as though he was trying to find an excuse to not come to Kyris and participate in the banquet.

The guard who had judged based on appearance wasn’t good too since he did not do a thorough check but it did not seem like Alan wanted to come to the banquet in the first place – he did not even insist on the attendance list, instead.

Calian frowned. He had to catch Alan, who seemed displeased at having to come to this country.

“Then I will leave,” the sound of a horse’s hoofs once again could be heard and Calian’s heart became impatient.

He had been slowly walking to the front gate on Raven’s back and still had a little further to go to make the approach seem casual but Alan had given up too quickly and everything seemed to have ended too abruptly.

Calian grasped Raven’s reins and said,

“Yan, do whatever you have to do to block the guards,”

“Your highness?” Yan asked, looking flustered at the sudden order,

“Make it so they can’t follow me,”

“Your highness, you’re not thinking of leaving?”

Calian turned to face the gate without answering and Raven shot forwards.

The guards moved in a hurry, they could see the boy in his flowing white cape atop a black horse and threw themselves in front of it,

“Your highness, please stop your horse. It is forbidden to leave royal grounds!”

‘I know.’

There was barely a need to guide Raven, he sped up and smoothly avoided the guards, jumped over the barriers before slipping out of the palace without pause.

The guards whistled sharply and their trained horses came forwards. Yan’s eyes shook as he watched,

‘What do I do? What should I do?’

He had been told to block the guards but Calian had no power to even take responsibility for his actions right now. He had barely made a good impression on the aristocats but all of that would be in vain if he made such a blunder here.

So Yan had to do something he could take responsibility for.

Yan clenched and unclenched his fists, as if determined. He reached up and took off the tie that held his blond curly hair back and shook it out so as to not be noticed as the Prince’s servant.

He thought it was fortunate that he had not worn the servant’s uniform today.


Yan strengthened his gaze and called the guards forward, they all turned to him at the sound of his command. Blue-grey eyes regarded the guards and for a moment, Yan thought of the man with the same eyes who must have been enjoying the banquet.

“I am Siroyan Siegfried, the eldest son of the Duke of Siegfried,”

At the sound of his name, the guards immediately removed their hats and held to one side, and then placed their right fist over their hearts. It was the official greeting of the soldiers of Kyris.

Yan nodded lightly at their greeting and said,

“The Duke of Siegfried has guaranteed the Prince’s outing,”

Yan, whose name had been forgotten because of Calian, had been brought back once again for Calian.

He met the gaze of the soldiers steadily as the fluttering while cape became smaller and smaller in the distance.

I decided to translate this chapter without looking at the already translated chapters at all, just to see how my writing and interpretations compare.

The already translated chapters are more faithful to the original works of the author but I find that the authors writing can get a bit boring and repetitive and since I’m doing this as a hobby anyway, I’ve decided to just do things my own way to make the story and writing if not ‘better’ then ‘more to my tastes’ lol.

Anyway this chapter was fun! Who else squealed at Yan revealing his identity?

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