General Update

Hi everyone, I was debating whether to do this as like a blog post or not because of the aesthetic™ – however then I was like lol since when was I ever consistent with anything SO here we are.

I’ve decided to slowly start moving away from WordPress – not for any particular reason, I just wanted my own site and I’m too narcissistic to have another website host my work when I could have my own website host my work.

It won’t be immediate, I’ve bought a domain which you can check out, bookmark etc.

I’m a beginner at this whole website building thing and I’m still clicking around figuring things out so while I slowly build my website into something I actually like, I will continue posting here and then move everything across when I’m ready.

So yeah this blog will eventually be deleted but probably not for a few months yet – I’ll keep you updated.


Tan x

Published by Tani

23, Taurus

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