I somehow ended up in the world of a novel with magic and dragons.

Why? I have no idea.

I just woke up here.

I’ve read a lot of web novels and normally you would have ended up in the body of the protagonist with outstanding talent or the trash child of some rich and famous family.

My situation should have been like that too…

‘Isn’t this.. A little too unfair?’

There were numerous Great Families’1 that existed here too.

Whether it was a Great Family famed for their swordsmanship, or a Great Family with outstanding magical talent or a Great Family of Assassins famed for never leaving an enemy alive. They all existed.

However the person I possessed was from just another commoner family.

‘Of all the options, why commoners? Ha….’

Even if I had been dragged into a harsh world, how good would it have been if I was at least brought into a noble family?

Even if I barely did anything, I would have ended up living a life without worries.

But that kind of happiness wasn’t afforded to me.

‘I’m not a munchkin2 character or the protagonist, not even letting me be the foolish child of some noble family – did I literally just transmigrate to go and drop dead?’

It was unfair enough to be born a commoner, but there was something that was even worse.

‘On top of that I’m the eldest son – this would be enough to drive anyone crazy’

Looking at the state of the family, it was hard to tell whether it was a family of commoners or serfs3 . The mother had already passed away and the father was sick so it fell on the eldest son to take on the responsibility of raising the younger siblings.


If I keep sighing would bread come out or the answer come out?4

Now that I’ve fallen into this unfamiliar world with younger siblings that call me ‘Hyung’ and ‘Oppa’ and hang off my arms, I spent a few days thinning about what to do. It wasn’t like I had the confidence to go and die with them so I had to find a way to carry on living.

‘Yeah, let’s do our best to survive. It’s already unreasonably unfair that I’ve been brought here but it’s not like I can just go and die like this,’

For someone else, being dragged to an X-like5 world like this, they might have become a swordmaster or others might have become an archmage that could overturn common sense.

But for me, without any such talent, it was a dream-like story so I had to find my own way to live.

‘Since that’s all I’ve learned…‘

A young man in his 30’s who had his major in economics and history (I’m sorry for being a liberal arts student)6

In these 30 years there was not a part-time job I hadn’t done – and I had taken many classes to earn certificates to build up my specs for job-hunting.

Given my background, there was only one way to move forwards and live.

‘Yeah. At the end of the day, money is the best. No matter which world, it’s always driven by money,’

That’s when a thought hit me.

Do the people of this world know about the history of a financial system developed in the era of a global civilization and the bitter taste of advanced finance?

‘No. There’s no way they could know,’

That bitter taste, if they don’t know, they should experience it.

T/N –

  1. The author uses the specific hanja ‘名家’ which means ‘Great Family’ so I assume that’s gonna show up a lot
  2. A munchkin is korean slang, it means a super overpowered character
  3. The difference between commoners and serfs is that commoners are considered free people who can come and go as they wish but serfs are tied to a village or lords estate and have no choice but to work there – they might still get paid but they are essentially slaves
  4. Hyung is the world for ‘elder brother’ used by boys towards other boys
  5. Oppa is the word for ‘elder brother’ used by girls towards boys
  6. Just a saying – basically nothings going to happen even if he keeps sighing, he won’t get food or an answer
  7. X-like is just the author censoring themselves lol – insert an appropriate swear word here
  8. There’s a lot of context needed behind this but long story short, it’s a slang word that’s based on STEM subjects being more valued and a sharp decline in employment rates for students who do Humanities based subjects.

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6 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I’m happy it started off tough so you won’t be complacent and do your best. It annoyed me how characters could literally monopoly the whole trade system and no one would go against them because what if someone else also reincarnated or transmigrated and you’re in the way of things and they kill you and they could’ve been strengthening their family and make so much money for generations to come. Even the royal family would have been on their toes not to offend you but even with a powerful magical body and being a powerful noble with a golden finger and can use the families connections… Every reincarnated or transmigrated Korean wants to be peaceful and it’s frustrating

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get where you’re coming from, it was a refreshing start to this novel that they were in poverty and climbing the way up – thanks for reading


  2. Very interesting, looking forward to this! Also, “ a few days thinning about what to do.” should be “thinking” right?

    Liked by 1 person

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