Chapter 27

Calian felt pathetic.

He had only just realized that the knife had stopped its flight right in front of his neck. It was an attack that didn’t need blocking.

He never knew that he would resent the knife in his hand so much. The knife that had been embedded in the wall flew into Alan’s hands.

“You’re very fast. Even with that body.”

Alan wasn’t perturbed in the slightest, as if he knew Calian would be able to stop the knife. Calian, however, didn’t say a word.

“I’m sorry that I surprised you,” Alan said calmly.

Calian silently shook his head, and Alan continued talking to spur Calian into responding.

“The first time we met, I knew that you were standing there, waiting for me. I was a bit perplexed, but I dismissed it as a mere coincidence. I already knew you were in danger, and I couldn’t spare any time to think of anything else.”

So Alan had known from the start.

Calian sighed. Nevertheless, Alan had believed in Calian and helped him out. What a funny situation.

“But things increasingly didn’t add up. Rumein spoke of how you were terrified of horses, royals spoke about how you became a different person and were fascinated, and the magician at the performing hall described how you prevented the accident from happening.”

Calian balled his fists, surprised that Alan knew about the incident at the performing hall.

“I was going to ignore it, but I noticed another thing.”

Calian gave a hollow smile. Another thing. Alan already knew too much, to the point he almost questioned why Yan wasn’t suspicious of Calian.

“When you were told that you were poisoned, I saw a deadly flash in your eyes. But it was gone quickly. It wasn’t the look of a prince that wouldn’t even dare hurt a butterfly – It was the look of a person who had spilled blood and knew how to kill. I meditated on this through the night. Then…”

Alan lifted the knife slightly.

“This was made by Sispanian. It was originally a pot transformed into a blade. It meant that you had the knife and since you know how to project bloodthirstiness, I gave it to you.”

Calian laughed involuntarily and replied sarcastically.

“You’re damn right. You gave it to me as if you were about to puncture my throat.”

Alan bowed his head in apology and then spoke again.

“I believe you and I have dedicated a part of my life to you. It would be suspicious if I didn’t know what my apprentice was hiding from me. So, please explain. I will listen.”

Calian nodded. There was nothing to hide, especially when Alan knew that he wasn’t the real Calian.

“I will tell you.”

Calian didn’t selectively pick which parts of the story to tell, and decided to reveal to Alan everything. He closed his eyes gently and began talking.

“I am Bern. That’s my original name. Bern Secretia.”


Alan winced as he remembered something.

Chase, and…

Calian did not stop talking, closing his eyes so he wouldn’t see Alan’s reaction. To Alan, he felt burdened with wanting to know everything.

“I was the younger brother of Chase Durahan Secretia, who is currently the Crown Prince, and was the King from the time which I came from. I was a knight. That’s why I know how to ride horses, use lethal weapons, and wield swords.”

He continued calmly.

Bern, the original prince, became a knight because he didn’t want to become the king, and so Chase took the throne. Then, there was war with Kyris.

The final week of the war was a massacre around the capital of Secretia. Times were so desperate that even the king’s personal bodyguards had to leave for battle, leaving the king vulnerable. Everyone died, including Bern, who guarded the gates as the longest lasting survivor.

Calian let out a deep breath and continued.

“But Secretia possessed something special. Something that also led to the war.”


Alan set his knife down on the table, in case what he heard next would cause him to drop it.

“The Axis of Time.”

Now it was Alan who closed his eyes. His heart skipped a bit, and his mind reeled.

“I know, master. It must be confusing for you to hear.”

“It has been said that it can reverse time…”

It took a while for Calian to process what he was hearing, and he remained silent.

“When did you arrive?” Alan said.

A breath released from Calian’s mouth.

It was as if Alan knew everything.

Calian wanted an explanation, while Alan demanded an answer. Calian, his throat dry, answered.

“One month… one month ago. I opened my eyes and saw Yan waking me up. I had returned to ten years in the past.”

Alan leaned back against the couch and started massaging his temples. It seemed like he needed some time to think, so Calian suppressed his anxiety and waited.

By the time Alan spoke again, light was shining through the windows.

“You were already poisoned. You also knew when the original Calian was going to die. That was the reason you knew to wait for me.”

Calian replied mournfully.

“Yes. What happened that day… it wasn’t a coincidence.”

Calian’s fire from that first day was nowhere to be found, he now looked like the image of a kitten who had lost its mother. Alan studied Calian for a moment, then spoke.

“You were looking for me to secure your future, so it doesn’t matter whether you knew or not. I don’t get dismayed by those things, so please don’t worry.”

Alan fell silent for a moment. He needed to tell Calian something else before he explained how he knew about the Axis of Time.

“But, you must know something first.”

Calian nodded slowly, ready to hear whatever Alan had to say.

“Presently, only Prince Chase of Secretia exists. Chase was always the only son, and the Queen didn’t have any children. You might not know about that.”

Calian looked at Alan for a moment, before finally speaking without a waver in his voice.

“Yes, I guessed that it had to be so. I’m here, so there can’t be another Bern. I wondered what had happened, and I suppose it turned out that I was never born.”

It was hard to predict what would happen when an entire life was erased.


Alan agreed instead of showing him false sympathy.

“I guess that’s better, after all,” Calian calmly responded.

‘What can I do?’ Was what Calian thought. Bern had robbed another person’s life.

“Then, is the original Calian dead?” Alan asked, wondering whether the current Calian knew something. The old Calian should have been alive now instead.

Calian shook his head.

“At first I didn’t know.”

Calian pointed at his head and chest.

“He’s still there, but he will disappear when the time comes.”

He had realized that the memories that appeared in response to his words were not just thoughts. He always had to ask about things to get the answer, because the Old Calian was answering him.

“I can’t talk to him, but he does exist. But he won’t tell me how he got into this situation. The old Calian might not know.”

Alan nodded his head thoughtfully. Calian, tapping his knee with his fingers, asked,

“The Axis of Time. How do you know about that?”

“It’s not an event of great importance,” Alan replied with a shrug.

“I visited Secretia last year. Chase called me in secret, informing me that the Axis of Time had been found and that he needed my opinion on it. I only met Chase, so you wouldn’t have known.”

Calian spoke with a dry mouth.

“He was looking into it.”

“I apologize if I made you anticipate an answer, but sadly, I couldn’t figure out anything.”

“Yes, I thought that as well.”

Bern would have known if Alan had found something.

Alan, after nodding, resumed.

“It seemed impossible that it was man-made, which led us to speculate that it was a divine object from Serenity. That was to the extent we conversed.”

“Then shouldn’t the priests use it? It should be a method to replace God’s power. I’ve never seen a divine object that has a different property.”

In the outcome of the Battle of the Gods, the gods of evil were put in fetters, while Serenity was now asleep. After that, the priests were not able to use the power of god.

“Only questions remained. But the problem is now we are unable to find answers about the Axis of Time.”

Alan’s hand pointed at Calian.

“A month ago, I received intelligence that the Axis of Time had disappeared. In any case, both you and Chase sought me out because of it. I suppose brothers are brothers.”

Calian laughed as if he had taken a blow. Alan pretended that he didn’t see it, his eyes fixed on the knife on the table instead.

“On the first day you met me, you said that what you wanted wasn’t the throne. Then what is it that you want?”

There was no reason to not answer, and so Calian replied.

“To prevent the war.”

“The Axis of Time, which was the reason the war started in the first place, has now disappeared.”

He was asking whether a war would then happen or not. Calian answered.

“I don’t know why Franz tried to get the Axis of Time, but if there is a problem, I want to solve it.”

“Is this for Chase?”

Calian glanced at Alan briefly, trying to figure out if he had an ulterior motive. Alan, realizing that, continued.

“After I met Chase, I was extremely impressed by him. His character, intelligence, skill – he lacked nothing. Chase would be better than all three of Kyris’s princes combined.”

That was true. There weren’t any words that could adequately complement Chase.

“Yes, you are correct. Chase was extremely skilled as a leader.”

“Therefore, the three princes of Kyris need not worry about Secretia’s prodigal prince.”

“… you are saying not to get hung up in the past.” Calian nodded thoughtfully.

“The first day I came here, I had given up any hope of living as Bern. Don’t worry, I’ll live as Calian.”

Alan straightened his back and pointed to the knife.

“There is someone that comes to my mind. Perhaps we can ask. Chase and I cannot meet her, but you will inevitably see her soon.”

Calian shifted his gaze towards Alan’s hand, then turned his eyes to look at Alan again. It didn’t take him long to come up with an answer.


Alan nodded.

A familiar name came to mind.


Roselita, the coming-of-age ritual of the princes of Kyris.

It was a ritual in which one ventured to Sispanian’s home and was announced as true royalty. It is also said that a prince who goes through Roselita meets Sispanian’s resolve.

“Therefore, you must solve this problem immediately. Siegfried’s lands are very far. You must prepare.”

Calian slowly nodded.

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