Chapter 28

It wasn’t until morning that Calian returned to the palace and finally managed to sleep for some time. When he woke up, Yan, with bloodshot eyes, was stood right by his bedside, staring at him. Calian jerked up in shock, before leaning backwards,

“God, you nearly gave me a heart attack! What’s the matter?”

Yan, with bloodshot eyes and huge dark circles, was clearly sleep-deprived.

“I told you to sleep…”

“Your highness.”

Yan asked with a solemn expression,

“Why do you drink morning tea?”

Calian thought for a second. It seems that Yan suspects the tea to be poisoned.

“You gave it to me.”

Those were words of rebuke. Of course, Calian didn’t intend to blame Yan for not noticing, as Calian himself didn’t suspect there was poison either. He was just grumpy from the lack of sleep and a little annoyed at Yan’s diligence that meant that the tea was prepared right on time, without fail every morning.

Yan, who didn’t receive the answer he wanted, reached out to the coffee table next to Calian’s bed. There lay the morning tea that the prince had yet to drink.

Without hesitating for even a split second, Yan raised the cup to his mouth.

Calian’s gaze towards Yan turned sharp.

He snatched the teacup away from Yan, just before it touched his lips, causing some of the tea to splash on the carpet. As Yan stared at the carpet where the brown tea was being soaked, he balled his hands into fists.

Calian was infuriated at this situation. Threatening him if Calian didn’t tell him what he knew, and also attempting to commit suicide.

Why must everyone be so radical?

Calian shouted angrily at Yan.

“What are you doing!”

He then reached out to inspect Yan’s face.

“Did you swallow it?!”

Yan pushed Calian’s fingers away. This wasn’t something he would normally do, but there was no time to care about that. Calian, feeling frustrated at the quiet Yan, shouted once again.

“Why did you drink it?!”

“I didn’t!”

Yan shouted back. Calian didn’t hate Yan for doing that. A moment later Yan spoke.

“I gave poison to you with my own hands.”

Without saying anything more, Yan simply stared at Calian, but his face expressed all that he wanted to say– there was rage, resentment, and cursing.

The anger and unsaid curse words weren’t directed towards Calian, but rather, to Yan himself.

“I was wondering why you had bought the knife, knowing that you aren’t skilled in using such a weapon.”

That fucking knife. He regretted buying it.

“I came to relate it with your current status. I thought of Sir Manasil’s poisoned son when I thought of the medicine he gave.”

Calian looked up at Yan with surprise. He hadn’t known about Alan’s personal issues but it made sense, now that he thought about it, that Alan was able to notice the symptoms and understand the situation so clearly.

“That was why I thought of poison. One thought led to another, then finally, the morning tea came to mind. I suspected it might be that.”

Calian had predicted it to be poisoned already when he snatched the teacup out of Yan’s hands.

Calian thought Yan would cry and blame himself, but that didn’t happen this time.

“Is it Silica?”

Yan usually didn’t call Silica in that way.

If Calian said yes, Yan looked like he would have tried to attack Heisia Palace right away. Calian briefly glanced at Yan and then shook his head.

“Why. You want to get revenge?”

“I wouldn’t say no.”

Yan’s voice was extremely cold and his clenched fist seemed to be drained of blood. Calian shook his head.

“Elephants should stay put. It’s going to create a war.”

Yan was about to say something, but then shut his mouth as thought over what Calian just said. Lost for words, he couldn’t help but stare at Calian.

He uttered in shock,


In the first place, Yan and Slayman were very similar. Calian spent all his time with Yan, and had no way of not knowing it. He doubted the idea at first, but then he recalled how Rumein didn’t realize he had been outside the palace with Alan. Of course, Alan was the one who taught him that they were called elephants.

Anyways, it was a foolish idea to bring war between Siegfried and Brissen. Therefore, Yan mustn’t get involved in this situation.

Calian whispered to the baby elephant in front of him in a serious voice.

“My business. Leave it alone.”

Herbivores should behave like herbivores – lest their pride is hurt.

“Anyways, it will be resolved by Tuesday.”

A laid-back Calian drank all the tea that was left in the cup.

Calian sent for a carriage and brought Alan back to the palace. As Yan predicted, the delegation farewell party and lunch were going to proceed without the princes, which made for some extra time.

Alan, before doing anything else, gave Calian a document. It was a summary of the information that the magicians gathered until now with all of Silica’s deeds outlined. Calian, with a bright face, received the document and said,

“Thank you. Please tell the association my gratitude.”

“You asked for it, so I brought it… but I doubt that it would be of much help, as you can see.”

Calian smiled knowingly.

“It’s always dependent on what purpose you use the document for. This much information is enough.”

Calian, normally would have placed the documents in the safe but decided to do otherwise after looking at Alan. That’s because he now has to tell Alan what to do next.

“Let’s take a walk.”

The sky was murky and windy, it wasn’t pleasant weather for a walk. To prevent others from eavesdropping, Calian left the room, and Alan followed silently.

“It would be obvious.”

Calian spat out his first words while passing the Sispanian statue that had once angered him greatly.

Right as Calian spoke, a thin, invisible membrane was formed around the two. It was a ‘Silent’, which shields any talk happening inside so that anyone outside couldn’t hear it.

Calian, realizing that there was no need to come out, blushed. But as the two moved, the membrane moved also. If Yan could see the membrane, he would have had something to say to Alan.

“It’s good to have a magician as a master.” He said humbly.

“Please, speak freely.”

Right as Alan was speaking those words, he leaned towards Calian. After nodding, Calian resumed.

“If I begin learning and using magic, both Silica and Brissen would probably consider me an enemy and be on the lookout. They would constantly try to come up with something to disturb me, and as time goes on, it will become more serious. Of course, we could block, to some extent, with the authority of you and the association, but I think it would be better if you can grab some more power.”

Alan smiled slightly. This was because he saw Calian’s intentions.

“Are you planning to use me as a shield this time?”

“Well, as you know, you have many uses for me. But instead of a shield…”

Calian thought of how to rephrase it. However, he couldn’t think of something grandiose, so he gave up on the metaphorical tone and just said.

“A Weapon. Enough to counter Brixen’s order of knights.”

“Oh well.”

Alan smiled again. He figured out that something fun was going to happen.

“I’m looking forward to it,”

“Yes, you will be quite pleased.”

“How may I be of service?”

Calian, as if organizing his thoughts, remained silent. Soon, they both entered the rose garden, and Calian answered.

“The Order of Mages.”

Alan was perplexed. That term wasn’t familiar to Alan.

“As the name implies, it is an army made out of mages.”

Balkan, the Order of Mages of Kyris.

Recalling that hateful man, Calian was infuriated and his heart beat faster and louder.

How could he forget?

The Order of Mages that had taken Bern’s life and Secretia as well.

The power of an army created only of mages.

– the devils in white.

That’s what Secretia’s people called them. When they, with white armor, cloak, and mask, appeared, hell broke loose.

They broke the walls of the castle, dried up rivers, and froze knights while burning cities. They who descended upon Secretia like natural disasters – They were the devil itself.

And it had yet to exist.

“We must create it.”

Calian moved again. For some reason, Alan just quietly followed. It wasn’t like he couldn’t understand Calian or show disapproval for the idea. Alan asked,

“Is it possible?”

It was because a possibility analysis couldn’t take place. It was an understandable reaction; even when Rumein proposed to create the order, everyone laughed at the idea.

“You know magicians. They aren’t used to moving in groups and can’t be trained together in the same way as knights,”

Alan shared the same thoughts as Calian.

‘Is it really possible to make an army out of magicians? Will it even function?’ There was no precedent for it, so of course there would be doubts.

“It was possible.”

It was an answer made of conviction. That was because it already happened in his past and Calian had seen it.

When Rumein changed its stance on magicians and created an Order of Magicians, many people had laughed and mocked the idea, even Brissen simply brushed the idea off.

“Kyris already did it. It was accomplished by Rumein’s hands. It was possible one time, which means it is possible.”

Alan didn’t respond.

“When Rumein changed his position from suppressing Mages to creating an Order of Mages overnight, I heard Brissen thought it wasn’t even worth objecting to. It would naturally disappear – that was the reason it could be made. There is no reason we cannot make it ahead of time,”

“Huh,” He was already thinking about how to make and run it.

However, there was a more important thing for Calian to tell Alan, so he obstructed Alan’s thoughts for a second.

“It took quite a while for the Mage Crops to become a proper army, but right after they were fully formed, Rumein died. It was a mysterious death,”

Nobody knew the cause of his death. The finished Order of Mages was yielded to Franz.

Therefore, the power was felt in the hands of Frantz.

“It’s not going to be easy this time either. Dangerous, too. It’s going to be something different from just using your name to gather magicians. I’m not asking if it can be done, it is something that has to be done, but there is a risk, so be careful,”

Alan looked at the straight-faced Calian. Calian, who, with calm eyes, was entrusting this new and dangerous task to him. He tilted his head slightly, and leaned forward, then in a low voice, as if telling a secret, he said

“I actually am good at magic.”

He was telling Calian to not worry. Calian smiled and nodded as Alan spoke again.

“But the start won’t be easy.”

If Alan were to create an Order of Mages, the Brissens wouldn’t stay still. There would be obstructions everywhere.

“That’s why I’m telling you this now.”

Calian stared at a swaying tree and talked about the most important part.

“Soon, Rumein and Silica will exchange gifts once again. It’s similar to how some of Brissen’s profits were reduced in exchange for overlooking Franz’s mistakes.”

Something was about to happen. Alan finally said.

“You’re going to deal with poisonous tea.”

Calian was quite surprised at how Alan understood straightaway.

How could he think Alan would be fooled by anything he did?

“Yes, you are right. However, I can’t punish Silica for this. Therefore, I’m going to use it another way.”

The testimony of a magician and crimosa dealings couldn’t prove that Silica tried to poison Calian.

Also, if it was proven that the poisonous tea was consumed, people near Calian would be harmed. Those who made the tea, those who brought him the tea, those who watched him drink the tea…That was why Calian had abandoned the thought of punishing Silica.

“May I ask what way you are thinking?”

Calian smiled at Alan’s question. It meant that he wasn’t going to elaborate, at least for now.

“I will make sure that I can use the fact that Silica poisoned me as an excuse for negotiations. In that case, taking into account Franz’s loose tongue at the performance hall and Silica’s mistakes, Brissen won’t be able to make much noise – that’s when we can make sure they won’t interfere with the creation of the Mage Corps.”

Alan nodded.

“For the tea, I would like to request the help of the association.”

“My pleasure.”

Alan spoke again.

“After the problem with the poisonous tea has ended, Rumein will be relieved.”

Calian glanced at Alan with an inquisitive eye. He was perplexed as to why the name Rumein came up when talking about the poisonous tea and the magicians’ association.

“Actually, on the day I came here, I was slightly angry at Rumein’s actions. So I told him of the gifts Silica has been leaving for you,”

Calian pondered for a moment, before nodding his head.

“Thanks to you, I can gain more in this situation. Of course, luck must follow.”

Calian, having said that, returned back to their original conversation.

“I don’t know when they are going to try to kill a prince again. The deal must be made and the Order of Mages needs to be organized now. Also, please talk with Rumein. He will definitely have many thoughts on this.”

Alan tried to act cute with words that were different from what he actually felt.

“You’re trying to use your old teacher too much.”

“I heard you’re still sturdy and active, or at least that’s what Yan said. That’s why I’m going to treat you harshly.”

Alan’s soft laugh silently rang against the walls of the Silent.

“As you say.”

Just wanted to let you guys know that Episode 9 – Part 3 is where this story was previously translated to – so after that it’s never before translated fresh content!

Original Translator: Wordexcerpt

Edited By: Tani Andris

Published by Tani

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