Chapter 29

It was cloudy all day that day and the next day it was pouring rain.

Calian woke up early in the morning due to the sound of the raindrops and wind beating against the window panes. When Yan came into Calian’s room to give him his morning greetings, Calian, leaning back against the bed frame, waved at Yan.

“Did you have good dreams?”

Calian greeted Yan with the same question he asked every morning, Yan answered with an awkward smile.

“Yes. Did you sleep well too?”

Calian nodded and stretched out his hand. He wanted tea. Yan, keeping a straight face, handed Calian his morning tea. Calian sipped the tea. Then suddenly, he took his mouth away from the teacup.

‘It’s different.’

It was just a nuance, but still a difference. If his attention hadn’t been sharp, he wouldn’t have noticed.

He soon realised the cause of the difference – which wasn’t hard to find. Silica had increased the poison.

Calian put his lips on the teacup again and smiled.

“Oh, Silica…”

Silica seemed to have lost her patience since the nobles’ reactions to Calian were too good.

So, was it going to be that he would drink it while pretending to not know it this time too?

After thinking for a split second, Calian drank all the tea and gave Yan the empty cup. If the dosage wasn’t increased to an amount that Calian would die straight away then, it would be alright until Tuesday.

Yan, not knowing this, sent the maids back after they were done preparing breakfast. Then, Calian said.

“Two people will come on Wednesday. They are half-elves so don’t be surprised.”

Yan happily asked,

“Are they the escorts you spoke of?”

“Yes, the elder brother is Kiriye, the younger sister is Hina. Kiriye is the escort, but I couldn’t get a profile check on them. I don’t even know their last names. That’s why I want to ask you for a favor.”

Yan, having realized what Calian meant, smiled. In order to work in the palace, one needed to go through a profile check and have relevant identification papers but the two couldn’t do that. Therefore, Calian was asking Yan to stand witness that their identities were clean.

“Are you talking about identity assurance?”

However, Yan shook his head.

“In that case, it would be more preferable to have Sir Manasil stand as a witness. If Sir Manasil says those were people he brought from Rivern, there would be no problem at all, even if they don’t have last names. If people take problems with the fact that they are from a different place, my family will also stand witness. In that way, nobody will be able to say anything.”

Calian ‘Hmmed’ and tilted his head as he looked at Yan.

“You looked like somebody with a lot of power just now.”

A smiling Yan bashfully cleared his throat. Then, he fixed Calian’s shirt pin which was out of place, and moved a few steps back and asked.

“I have heard elves use another kind of power to heal. Do they also have the power to do that?”

Calian patted his chest a few times and said.

“Even though they have the power to heal, it won’t be much of a help to me. I’ve never heard that before either,”

“I guess so.”

Suddenly, lightning struck from the sky. The rain was pounding heavier. Calian, looking out the window, said.

“I only have hunting on my agenda today, right?”

“Yes, there is a hunting tournament after breakfast…”

Yan, having said that, also looked outside.

“…I presume that it will be canceled though,”

Calian was a bit sad to hear that. He hadn’t been seen to the nobles other than the first date of the festival. He planned to meet them before too much time passed, but that plan was clearly off the menu.

Since there was no other choice, Calian tore his gaze away from the window and said,

“Go and visit Teacher today, it doesn’t matter when you go,”

“Yes your highness, What would you like me to tell him?”

“Please tell him to ask the king to delay the meeting on Tuesday for about 10 minutes.”

Although Calian’s intentions were not clear to Yan, Yan didn’t ask for an explanation.

“Yes. I will promptly go right after breakfast.”

Calian responded by nodding and didn’t say much more. He got ready for breakfast and set out for the dining room.

Franz didn’t show up for breakfast. Calian had heard how after the festival, he didn’t come to breakfast once.

It was better off, Calian thought. From today until Tuesday, Franz shouldn’t mess up breakfast.

Calian, looking at the rain drizzling on the window panes, heard Randall getting up after he was done with his breakfast.

Calian, still looking outside, spoke.

“The roses will soon bloom.”

That was definitely a first.

It was a first that there was a normal talk going on at breakfast. It was also a first for Calian to start a conversation with Randall.

Which is why Randall froze, and then slowly turned. He looked at Calian with those deep eyes. Feeling his gaze, Calian glanced up to meet it head on.

It somehow felt as if Calian looked at Randall’s eyes for the first time. It was a different feeling than when the two met each other at the rose garden.

The pair of eyes that looked as if it was looking not at you, but at the soul. Those blue eyes.

Calian thought he knew why Randel was staring at him like that, smiled, and opened his mouth again.

“I took a walk yesterday and saw the roses, and thought of how you cared for them. There’s no other meaning to my words than that.”

Well, of course, those words weren’t completely without reason.

Those words were to make Randall look at him, it was only then that Randall would be able to help Calian on Tuesday.

There wasn’t much of a response from Randall.

“… alright.”

Like he had done at the rose garden, only short conversations were exchanged.

Calian could hear Yan breathing. When Calian looked back, Yan looked as if he was in shock. Yan then talked to Calian when he was leaving the dining hall.


Calian replied as if he was innocent.

“What about roses?”

“You’ve talked to Randel for the first time in 14 years! And you talked about how roses will bloom. Why would you talk about things that mean less than dog shit?”


Calian’s face hardened. Yan hurriedly covered his mouth. Calian’s eyes moved to Yan.

“You’re getting more and more defiant of me these days.”

“I’m so sorry.”

Calin couldn’t help but wonder why a person like Yan (Straightforward, feelings on his face and heart on his sleeve type of person) was in a place like this?

Then, he suddenly coughed.

– Cough!

At that sound, Yan’s sad face turned into one with concern.

“Your highness…”

Calian replied as if he was alright.

“I slept with the window open last night. Didn’t know it would rain…”

It was a lie. At the pungent scent coming up his throat, Calian closed his eyes.

The rain that seemed so relentless finally stopped Monday afternoon. Soon, bright sunlight came out as if the days of rain had been a lie.

In Kyris, where the winters are very cold, a warm breeze came along. The wet clothes that were hung up on clotheslines tied between buildings were like flowers of various colours, like petals blowing in the wind. It was a spring day that brought along relaxation and sleepiness.

Hina, looking outside, signaled at Kiriye with sign language.

[Sparkle sparkle.]

Kiriye, polishing the sword on the table, looked at Hina’s eyes and hands. He was trying not to miss any of the words that Hina was saying. Due to this, he made a habit of looking at Hina whenever she moved.

“Hina, does the sun sparkle?”

Hina shook her head and moved her hands again.

[No. The people. They are the ones who are sparkling. They look happy.]

People sparkling. Kiriye laughed silently. It was a laugh only Hina could see. Hina, having seen that, pointed at Kiriye.

[Oppa too.]

At those words, Kiriye turned his attention to the palace. The gash on his face was now healed, he looked much better than when he had met Calian. He nodded.

“Yes. I’m happy about it.”

[The palace. Tomorrow.]

Hina was clearly very excited.

Calian, when he asked for them to come five days later, was for them to come on Wednesday. That was because the time he met them was Friday morning. Kiriye thought of that too, but HIna was different.

She thought that because they had met on Friday after morning had come, Friday should also be counted as a day, which meant that they were to go on Tuesday.

Therefore, the two of them decided to go to the palace on Tuesday night.

After that, Hina had counted the days to go to the palace. Kiriye, sheathing his sword, said.

“Hina, if we go, we will have to work again. Is that alright?”

Hina nodded. Then, she smiled brighter than the Sun that had risen.

[I want to see the prince.]

Kiriye’s face turned rigid upon hearing this. Hina added a few more actions.

[He’s handsome. Way more handsome than you.]

The grip of Kiriye’s hand got stronger. At that sight, Hina made a playful face.

Actually, Hina knew that Kiriye was the real one anticipating their arrival at the palace. This was because he was always practicing fighting and polishing his sword. Then, Hina’s hand pointed at Kiriye’s sword.

[How are you going to take the sword?]

Of course, you couldn’t bring a sword into the palace. It was Calian’s fault for buying Kiriye a shield out of old friendship. Calian didn’t think it through enough. Kiriye smiled and nodded.

“Calian probably has a way.”

Kiriye already had a lot of trust for Calian. Although it may seem a bit excessive. Hina didn’t go over it though, as there were more things that were important.

[I want ice cream again. It tastes good.]

Hina, thinking of the ice cream flavored with strawberries, happily begged. Kiriye stood up and nodded. There was plenty of money left that Calian had given them.

“Let’s go. I’ll buy you ice cream.”

Hina’s face straightened. Kiriye, looking at Hina being so happy, smiled too.

The rain that continued for four days didn’t allow constructions to be finished, so the opening of the Royal Museum of Art in Astrisha was delayed by a week.

Although Rumein should have had more time due to that, he didn’t. It was because of the magician’s unexpected visit.

“Please, take a look.”

They say that the magicians’ main point goes on forever and ever. However, this magician was on the contrary. The first day they met, he demanded a house and told him to take care of his children. Now he came up with this.

Rumein looked at the packet of documents in front of him. It was so thick, maybe even thicker than his arms. Rumein asked.

“Do you have anything against me as of now?”

Alan’s sharp gaze softened.

“No. Just think of it as an old, leisurely man having come up with a small job.”

Well, Alan wasn’t that old, but wasn’t that young either.

Anyways, Rumein put down the document he was holding. Alan, after taking a brief look at that, said.

“Eline doesn’t look into those kinds of things. You’re working hard.”

It could be taken as a sarcastic statement, but it was clear that wasn’t Alan’s attention. He could see it after he was talked to sarcastically so much on the first day they met.

Rumein, after thinking of the king for a while, straightened his back and sat in an upright position.

“I’m not as calm and tranquil as that woman.”

Then, he walked towards the couch with the packet.

“Please, sit.”

Alan, after nodding, sat on the other side of the couch than Rumein, and two servants soon came in with tea and dessert. Rumein briefly swirled the tea around his mouth and swallowed it.

“I heard you were out.”

Alan thought of the day he and Calian went outside the palace.

“Oh, he’s of the age that wants to go outside.”

“Is he that well?”

Rumein was asking if Calian was rid of poison. Alan shook his head. He couldn’t go into the specifics, so Alan just briefly said.

“It’s in a state where it’s not yet dangerous. I’m still looking at it.”

“So, he drinks it while knowing that there is poison?”

Alan told Rumein to calm down.

“He’s very meticulous. However, he is taking his medication so it’s not dangerous for him… yet. He does seem to have a plan.”

“The Calian I hear from you always makes me surprised. It’s different from what I heard from others.”

Alan answered.

“Is that so?”

Because Alan might have a problem with the words “hear from”, Rumein said more.

“Now similar to Franz, smaller than Randell. I know he comes beneath my shoulders.”

He was talking about Calian’s height. It meant that Rumein was finally caring about him, so Alan smiled rather than answering.

Rumein spoke again.


Rumein put down the teacup. A small clank was heard.

“I hope there’s no hating myself due to his meticulousness.”

Alan nodded without an answer. He then pulled out another packet and handed it to Rumein.

Such a thin bag but so much stuff.

Rumein felt like his duty was increasing and smiled. If somebody saw it, they would be surprised, but Alan didn’t know how straight-faced Rumein can be, so he opened his mouth and started talking.

“You should read it over when you’re bored.”

What Alan produced were the documents about Silica. They were the same as what Alan gave Calian. Rumein, after sifting through some of the pages, put it back down. Then he spoke.

“You have done something useless.”

As Alan expected, Rumein knew everything. Alan took a sip of tea. Maybe it was the tea, or Rumein’s words. He felt a strange bitterness.

Clink – went the sound of Alan’s cup when he put it down.

“I don’t know if you’ll say that in the future.”

Alan picked up a piece of chocolate and put it into his mouth. Because his mouth was tasting bitterness, he could instantaneously feel the sweetness. Alan’s fingers pointed at the documents on Rumein’s lap.

“If it’s not those, maybe you should turn it over.”

Whether it be the documents or this country.

Rumein, now having already pledged to himself to filter out the rudeness, started flipping through the documents. Soon, his voice changed.

When the chocolate had all melted in Alan’s mouth, Rumein’s voice was shaking.

“Order of Magicians…”

“Do you like it?”

The words felt like those said by a snake. It had a peculiar chill to it. Alan was observing Rumein’s reaction, although he had heard from Calian that Rumein was thinking of making an Order of Knights.

“This is…”

Rumein, having said that, shut his mouth. After a long silence, he spoke again.

“Who thought of it?”

“Not me. I’m just a useful master…”

Rumein now figured out that Calian was on the same line of thinking as him and was in shock and awe.

Rumein now flipped through the document and talked with Alan. The night passed and dawn came, and their talk never stopped.

I know, I know, it’s been ages. Fell free to yell at me.

Original Translation: Wordexcerpt

Edited By: Tani Andris

But I’m back and I’m going to try uploading more regularly since I’m a little ahead with the other story – it’s called Founder of the Great Financial Family – you guys should check it out, it’s quite fun.

Anyways, Let me know what you think!

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