Chapter 33

“Have you met the Kyrie siblings, teacher?”

It was the eleventh one. Calian asked Alan that question as the last bite of the eleventh banana disappeared into his mouth and another banana peel was added to the pile by his bed.

Allan was surprised after hearing that Silica visited Calian suddenly without any notice and went to visit him as soon as he could, but now he was watching his student leisurely eating a banana with a carefree expression.

Watching him relaxed like that, his worried mind soon went away and it was replaced with anger because of how much physical and emotional turmoil he went through worrying about Calian.

And because of that, Allan wondered for a moment if it would be okay if he were to hit his own student just once. He soon gave up on that and answered Calian with a sour expression.


Calian nodded after hearing his response, and took another banana into his hand. Seeing him leisurely act that way, it didn’t seem to Allan that Calian was willing to explain about who the two unique siblings are at all.

Unable to keep his curiosity in check, Allan put away his anger for a moment and manifested the spell ‘Silence’ before asking a question to Calian.

“Are they children connected to your previous life?”

Calian was about to nod his head, but shook it to the side and spoke.

“Only Kyrie. Hina wasn’t there back then.”

Allan was quick to figure things out as usual. He then simply nodded without needing to ask anymore. However, he opened his mouth again thinking just in case his hunch was correct.

“Did you perhaps, not know that the child called Hina was a healer?”

Calian nodded his head up and down with his mouth completely filled with banana.

Allan lifted his eyebrow.

“Then are you telling me that you deliberately poisoned yourself without any other ideas than to simply believe in the power of the Blessing?”

After swallowing what was in his mouth, Calian spoke with a very satisfied face.

“That banana was delicious.”

Of course it would be. There’s no way you wouldn’t be finding things delicious after practically coming back from the dead.

Allan let out a big sigh while clenching his fist in anger. He had to hold it in, even if Calian was his student, he couldn’t hit the prince.

“I was very surprised when I heard it as well, teacher, to think she was a healer,”

“Thankfully. All you need to know now is that you were able to wake up earlier thanks to her.”

As Allan coldly answered him, Calian replied with a happy tone.

“Thanks to her, I feel refreshed.”

Hearing him say that with a bright smile on his face, Allan’s sense of reasoning that he was barely holding onto snapped.

“Refreshed…? Don’t say such nonsense. You were unconscious for a week by believing that eating raw poison will be able to make you immune to the poison inserted into a tea, even though there was no proof or basis that it would work.”

Who in the world would be able to say such brave words to the prince of Kyris? As Calian listened to Allan with a blank face, he couldn’t help but laugh for a while before answering.

“Since this play was originally Silica’s work, I had to make some chances to direct the ending to my preference, otherwise she would be able to stage the incident,”

(T/N – He means the incident that led to Calian’s death in the previous life. Originally, Silica was going to frame Calian for trying to poison her then kill him and say he committed suicide for fear of punishment – Calian simply used her stage to turn things to his advantage)

“A play? There was no way that anyone could have predicted that she would do that.”

Just thinking back on what happened made him wince.

Since the plan was properly set out before the incident, Allan thought that Calian was just feigning illness even though he did cough up some blood.

However, Calian didn’t open his eyes for a week. His insides were a complete mess after drinking poison for over two months, and in that state another, swallowed another toxic substance to make way for the poison that was barely kept at bay by the Blessing.

If Hina wasn’t a healer that used the power of nature, and if she didn’t coincidentally come by Tuesday, he surely wouldn’t have opened his eyes ever again.

And that was not all. Once he realized that Calian was quietly keeping quiet as his insides were melting the whole time waiting for that particular day, Allan had Goosebumps all over him.

And this damn bastard of a prince was downing the 15th banana before Allan realized it. It seemed he was filling up a whole week worth of hunger with bananas.

“But at least I did my share right after I woke up.”

Calian talked about how he negotiated with Silica with his face still pale from his anaemic body, and laughed again. In the end Allan gave a sigh as if he gave up. He then frowned slightly unconsciously. It was because the end of his lips was stinging with pain. Seeing him make that face, Calian asked.

“But what is with your face, teacher? Did you get into a fight?”

As Calian pointed at Allan’s lips, Allan’s expression became extremely sour.

“Something like that. Don’t worry about it.”

Why was the punch of a guy who did nothing but sit behind his desk and stare at documents so strong?

Allan didn’t want to reveal the personal reason why he had a cut lip to this student of all people, so Allan quickly pulled out something from his pocket to make sure that Calian’s gaze was put on another thing. It was the knife that Calian entrusted on him, as well as two pages of parchment that was rolled up.

Calian put the knife under the pillow, then asked as he unrolled the two parchments.

“What is this?”

“I heard that you needed papers guaranteeing the identity of the two children.”

Calian rejoiced as he heard those words, and checked the contents.

“Come to think of it, I was so focused on this play that I forgot to ask you about that,”

“It’s fine, the baby elephant told me about it,”

After confirming the documents, Calian gasped in surprise.

“This was more than I expected.”

“You won’t need to worry about the two children’s identity from now on.”

It wasn’t a guarantee of the two children’s identity, but an actual certificate of the identification of the two.

The Kyrie siblings were now peasants that lived in the Whittlin territory that Calian owned. Allan made them become completely Calian’s citizens from the beginning.

And, one more thing.

As Calian looked over the certificates, a sorrowful smile came over his face.

“And this… I didn’t even think of this,”

It was because of the names written for the two children in the certificate.

Kyrie Bern, Hina Bern.

Calian lifted his eyes, and looked at his teacher who had brought back the name that had disappeared from the world.

Allan spoke as if it wasn’t such a big deal.

“They had asked for me to give them a surname, so I’ve chosen that one. It was because I thought it was no coincidence that you simply brought them here after meeting them.”

“…Thank you so much.”

As the mood became suddenly more solemn, Allan quickly tried to change the topic by pointing at the banana pile as he didn’t like such moods.

“Don’t worry about it and just keep eating. Let’s see just how much goes in,” x

Calian nodded his head, and picked up another banana, as being emotionally moved and being hungry are two different things after all.

But then, Calian started to wonder how Allan was able to fabricate the identity of the two children.

“Wasn’t it difficult to fabricate identity for them? I’m sure that you don’t even have any connection with anyone in the Kyrisis city to help you make it happen as well and…”

As Calian stared at Allan while asking him the question, Allan’s expression was quite strange and meaningful.

Realizing from Allan’s expression, Calian changed his question.

“Is this perhaps, made by Rumein himself?”

“As the only people I know in this city are around three people after all. So I decided to ask the person I’ve been meeting often these days,”

Allan talked about the ‘three people’ he knew, which were the King, the Prince and the Duke.

“As I said that this was the prince’s request, he didn’t ask about anything else and helped right away, which surprised me greatly.”

“That’s unexpected, to think that he was someone that would do something like that for me.”

Allan had a mysterious smile on his face. It was because Calian had no idea just how much Rumein was worrying about him right now. He thought that perhaps the reason why he didn’t realize was being generated by Calian himself, so Allan asked with curiosity beaming from his eyes.

“There was something curious that happened on that day. Rumein was much more angered than everyone thought he would be, and rumour started to spread about how the king cared about his son that much.”

“Is that so?”

Calian smiled as he thought about what happened that day.

“Looks like I was lucky.”

As the Queen forced Rumein to call Calian ‘his son’ making him his rather than only Freya’s, he now had the proof that his peasant origins from Freya would no longer bar him from ascending to the throne. After explaining this, the youngest prince didn’t explain any further.

Of course, this was enough for Allan to understand the situation.

‘Looks like you’re going to get more than you wanted in the first place. Although, luck will have to follow suit as well.’

Allan thought about what he heard just a few days ago, then looked at Calian’s expression and pushed his tongue inside his mouth. Calian was able to gain a lot more than he thought from just eating one poison.

“Thanks to that, Rumein was worried quite a lot about you, your highness. He was even wondering whether to delay going to Roselita or not.”

Calian shook his head side to side once and answered him.

“In any case, Silica won’t be able to lay her hands on me for a while. Even if I were to let out a cough, the blame would fall on Silica, after all,”

After speaking those words, Calian kept quiet for a moment. He then lifted his arms, and carefully worked his mana. Although it was still a little unstable, he definitely felt the feeling of warmth and power wrapping around his arm. It was the power of the aura that protected the body.

“And around the time when Roselita begins, she wouldn’t be able to touch me without a good reason.”

His heart now no longer was in pain.

Knowing that he had freedom for the first time since he had reincarnated into this body, Calian smiled with a very satisfied face. He then copied the same face that Allan had once made, and whispered to Allan.

“I’m actually quite good with swords.”

Allan looked at his apprentice mage and grinned.

After Allan went back to his place, Calian was about to go to sleep again when Kyrie went up to Calian and stood next to him without saying any word. During the time Calian was asleep for the whole week, Yan and Allan would stay by his side during the day, and Kyrie would stay by his side at night. .

Therefore Calian was able to peacefully sleep again with a calm mind even though he already slept for over a week.

Perhaps it was due to his peaceful sleep, he dreamed for the first time after arriving into this world.

In the dream, he was finally able to meet the child that he was together with this whole time.

And then he left forever.

Calian woke from his slumber, and cried for a long time.

In the dark of the time just before dawn, a mage brought the Prince, clad in a black robe, out of the palace.

The black horse with white hair on only its front right leg, walked carefully towards Senyu Pavilion as it was afraid that the owner barely sitting on it’s back may fall over.

In the hands of the mage who stood at the riverside closest to Chermil Palace was a red flower that was difficult to obtain in the dead of night, something that was supposed to replace the Annerucia flower, and it was blooming.

The colour of the flower was similar to the colour of the eyes that belonged to the child that was departing.

The prince’s head was lowered towards the flower.

Senyu was a calmly flowing river as always.

The flower of fire that was put on the river flowed downwards with no words.

The prince hoped that while the flower was floating down, there was no one that was passing over the bridge.

The Knight Order, Pavel, was abruptly disbanded, and went back to Marquis Brissen.

Allan Manasil declared that he was going to establish an Order of Mages.

Rumein declared the documents untrue and advised the people not to believe in baseless rumours about the royal family.

Calian, who had collapsed after throwing up blood, simply said that the flu was truly frightening these days.

And three months passed like that.

Yan watched as Calian got dressed for Luncheon with a furrow in his brow. It was because he could not erase the unease that had been creeping up for a while. He said in a quiet voice,

“Hmm, Marylin.”

The maid Marilyn who was making the same expression as Yan nodded, and answered as if she knew what Yan was thinking about.

“Should I go and meet Lord Slake?”

“Yes. Please tell him they will be much too small,”

She nodded without further explanation needed. After the maid that Silica planted to Calian stopped working, Marylin took up her vacant space immediately.

Yan wanted her to go inform Schatten who was in charge of royal clothing that the formal attire he had tailored for Calian a month ago would need to be remade into a larger size.

Even those who saw him everyday could tell that Calian was growing extremely quickly. He was already taller than the children of his age, but after the poison tea incident, he was growing much faster than everyone expected.

Randell would often stare at him with wide eyes at breakfast when he saw the amount Calian ate and as most of his time was spent doing all kinds of physical training with Kyrie, his body was filling out naturally.

Yan smiled when he saw Calian’s height had almost caught up to his and somehow, the way Yan looked at him reminded him the way Chase would often look at Bern, which made Calian smile in turn.

After finishing the preparations, Calian went towards the Senyu Pavilion’s banquet hall, but without realising it, he froze where he stood.

Inside the banquet hall was Rumein and Allan, as well as another man he saw for the first time. As Yan wasn’t told about who exactly would be at the luncheon and what it would be about, it had Calin caught off guard seeing Rumein in the banquet hall as well. Calian greeted the King with a slightly surprised face.

“Greetings, your majesty.”

Rumein nodded his head and gestured his hand to tell Calian to sit on the opposite side of the table. Calian quietly went to that seat and sat down.

Seeing Calian sitting quietly for a bit, Rumein finally spoke.

“It looks like you’ve grown quite a bit since the last time I’ve seen you. You seem taller than Franz now.”

Calian was very surprised by what he just heard, more so than seeing Rumein also being in this banquet hall. He heard that Rumein was different now, but he never expected him to say such considerate things like that.

Calian’s eyes went towards Allan for just a second. His eyes were filled with praise and admiration.

‘Just how many times have you harassed him that he’s changed like this?’

In actual fact, it hadn’t been Alan’s harassment that caused Rumein to change but rather because of Calian, who had shown Rumein that his indifference did nothing to protect his children.

Allan just sat with an innocent face as if he was pretending that he didn’t know anything. Calian couldn’t help but laugh on the inside, then pulled out a suitable answer for Rumein.

“Yes, your majesty. I’ve grown a little bit.”

“That’s right. You look much more healthy too. It makes me glad.”

“Thank you.”

Rumein nodded, and looked at Allan next to him. Finally, Allan greeted Calian lightly and spoke.

“I’ve prepared this luncheon because I have someone I need to introduce to you, your highness.”

Saying that, Allan pointed at the man next to him.

“This is the mage that will be your bodyguard at Roselita. He will also be able to oversee your magic in my stead as well.”

He had already been aware that Calian wouldn’t be able to go to Roselita with him. If Allan were to leave the palace now, it would be impossible for him to continue the procedure of creating a magic division, plus if he left, Rumein’s safety would be put at risk too.

But as he was already going to be protected by knights that were sent from Siegfried’s dominion, he didn’t expect to have a mage as his guard as well. Calian stared at the man with anticipation. He then tilted his head.

‘He looks familiar to me somehow.’

As soon as he had that thought, his heart started thumping loudly in his ears.

Before he could even realize something was strange, the man stood up from his seat and bowed deeply to Calian as a greeting.

“It’s an honour to meet you, your highness.”

As soon as the voice that he could never forget pierced his heart,

A sharp chill blew through his chest.

“I am Arsen Hertz.”

Just like the day Bern had died.

Original Translation: Wordexcerpt

Edited By: Tani Andris

Published by Tani

24, Taurus

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