Chapter 35

Rumein’s gaze turned towards the Kaela knight that was standing outside the door. It was a gesture giving him an order to go follow Calian. Allan shook his head and spoke.

“Just leave him be. The prince will find it uncomfortable if you tail him.”

Rumein stared at the person who instigated this problem in the first place with a stern face and spoke.

“It’s better for him to be slightly uncomfortable than being in danger.”

Hearing that, a strange smile spread on Allan’s lips.

“There is no one that would dare attack Allan Manasil’s carriage in all of Kyris, so do not worry.”

Even though he knew that the carriage’s safety measures were not particularly needed by Calian and just said this instead.

It was true that the closest thing to complete safety like the Arpia Palace was Allan Manasil’s carriage.

“There’s a hidden blade following him behind, so there is no need to think he is unsafe.”

Rumein’s eyebrow moved. It meant that Calian had a bodyguard attendant after all. If Rumein were to question Allan, he would need to acknowledge that the prince was breaking the rules and would need to reprimand him on that. Rumein decided to pretend not to have heard anything.

“Looks like I can’t do anything but wait and see for now.”

After concluding the topic on hand, Rumein finally pointed at the sofa that was on the opposite side of him. He had just realized that he was making Allan stand at the doorway this whole time. Allan was going to go and sit down even if Rumein didn’t explicitly give the order, nevertheless sat down in front of him.

Rumein stared at Allan for a bit then spoke after making a long sigh.

“He’s already caused one big incident. I’m worried about his future.”

Allan wondered why this man was so concerned about Calian when he was very indifferent to him before the incident.

Taking an almond cookie into his hand, Allan munched on the cookie while pondering the sudden thought that popped into his head.

Watching Allan munch on the cookie for a bit, Rumein then asked him a question.

“Do you know the reason why he left?”

Allan nodded moderately. It’s because he was only moderately sure.

“He suddenly decided to leave after asking me about the magic school of Riverne.”

“A magic school? Did that child decide to even make a magic school as well?”

“Perhaps. But he may not have as well.”

After giving a vague answer Allan thought for a moment. He then asked him a question that didn’t hide its true intentions.

“If a magic school were to be constructed it would not help your majesty out in any way. As talented mages are not something that can be created in a short time. Perhaps, are you thinking it could be a problem for you in the future, your majesty?”

The question was asking whether Rumein wanted to stop Calian’s power from increasing. Rumein shook his head and calmly replied.

“I already know that he is not someone that is greedy for my position, so I wouldn’t need to keep him in check for doing such a thing. What I’m worried about is that there are plenty of people that keep him up at night aside from me. I am glad that you are next to him, protecting him from all the troubles rather than worrying that he’ll grow too strong. No need to think that I may be aiming to keep him down.”

Rumein knew the reason why Allan was on his side. Allan made sure Rumein knew right from the first time they met. He is simply there to organize the kingdom and plan out a safe and problem-free succession of Calian to the throne.

“Speaking of which. How about you go along with Calian for the upcoming Roselita?”

Silica may currently be in a gentle, quiet state right now, but he was worried that in the long trip going all the way to Siegfried territory, something may happen to Calian. Of course, it wasn’t like Allan didn’t understand Rumein’s feelings about this.

Therefore, Allan gave a gentle smile and reassured Rumein.

“The Prince outside is safer than your neck inside the palace, your majesty. So please cast away such frivolous worries.”

Rumein quietly wrapped his hand around his forehead.

He then hoped that Calian would come back already and get this person away from him as early as he could.

Melfir was hurriedly running thinking that Calian was waiting for him, but stopped for a moment, reorganized his thoughts, and asked his servant.

“Did he come alone?”

“Yes. He came alone with only two servants.”

He came alone, on top of coming here while riding Allan Manasil’s carriage.

It was definitely a secret meeting of sorts.

Melfir opened his mouth again with a tense expression.

“Is there anyone among the servants that saw the prince?”

“He asked me to clear his surroundings first, so I greeted him after sending everyone away,”

“All right, good job.”

Melfir answered and hurriedly ran again. The butler was tired from all the running and had to catch his breath for a bit before running to where Melfir was running again.

Stepping inside the residence, Melfir quickly washed his hands, dusted off his clothes, and went to the reception room. He wished he could have time to change into some neat garments before meeting the prince, but he knew he shouldn’t keep him waiting too long.

He saw Yan and Kyrie standing outside of the reception room.

As everyone else also cleared the area, Melfir also left his attendant outside before heading into the reception room alone. He then saw Calian sitting down with a tea cup in his hand with the window to his back, lifting his head to see Melfir come in.

As Melfir’s gaze met with Calian’s, Melfir bowed in greeting.

“Baron Melfir Pollun greets his highness, the Third Prince,”

Calian put down his teacup and answered with a smile on his face.

“It’s good to see you again,”

As their first meeting was nothing but a single passing whisper to his ear, Melfir bowed lower after hearing Calian’s proper voice. As Calian knew why Melfir was giving such a courteous bow towards him, he couldn’t help but silently laugh.

The Pollun Merchantry coincidentally just started to properly trade diamonds with Tensil. It made Melfir doubly worried about what Calian would ask of him to pay back his life debt that he owed to him.

“I apologize for coming in without calling in ahead. It’s because it would be troublesome for me to show my face around.”

It didn’t actually matter whether Calian came and met Melfir first or called for him to come to the palace. Who would get in the way of a prince meeting up with a baron?

The reason Calian came to meet Melfir privately, out of the eyes of the public, was all for Melfir. Calian never extended his hand out to any other nobles or houses other than the Magic Union. Therefore, if it was known that Calian was personally meeting Melfir, the public would make a big deal about it.

Melfir knew this reason as well, therefore he respectfully answered.

“I understand you were being considerate of me, your highness, so how can I accept your apology? Your presence is a great compliment to me.”

Nodding his head in response, Calian pointed at the chair on the other side of the table and spoke.

“Please sit. I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Melfir’s expression became slightly tenser as he carefully walked to the seat and sat quietly, to which Calian opened his mouth after seeing.

“I’m sure you must have had a lot of thoughts this whole time.”

When Melfir gifted Raven’s necklace to Calian to ascertain the prince’s personality, Calian sent back to Melfir the cost of the necklace as if he knew exactly what was happening. There was no other contact from the prince following the event, so Melfir was unsure whether Calian was angry or wished for something more valuable. He felt uneasy for a long time.

Hearing Calian, Melfir didn’t particularly deny that he had and answered him.

“Yes, your highness. As a merchant it is in my nature that when I make trades, it doesn’t simply end with receiving something. Which is why I have been worrying for a long time.”

“I like your honest answer,”

He smiled, gave his tea a sip, and then watched Melfir for a bit. Just as Melfir was about to swallow back his anxiety while gazing back at Calian, Calian started to speak.

“What does Lord Pollun deal in?”

Melfir’s shoulders became stiff for a moment.

As soon as Melfir replies with ‘Horse and Diamonds’, he is sure that the young prince will immediately stand up and go back to the palace. Seeing his personality as well, he would even pay for the tea he drank before leaving, too. That way there wouldn’t be any complications in the future.

Melfir’s head spun quickly trying to find the right answer.

Calian once again enjoyed the scent of the tea. Just as he took another sip, Melfir answered with a careful tone.

“There is nothing that we deal in as yet, your highness,”

Calian laughed lightly.

It meant that while the Pollun Merchantry was trading in horses and diamonds, Melfir Pollun himself was not actually cooperating with anyone else in particular.

It was the answer that Calian was waiting for, and the expression that Calian hoped he would make.

“Yet, you say.”


Calian set down the teacup and gazed at Melfir.

“Would I be able to speak with Baron Pollun?”

He meant he wanted to speak not to the merchant Melfir Pollun, but the capable Baron Melfir Pollun instead.

The reason Calian came to Melfir was not to acquire goods or commodities. As Bern was just a knight, he did not know much about merchandising anyways. He also did not want to make money by foreseeing frivolous events that will happen in the future. Therefore, he didn’t need to speak with the merchant Melfir.

Melfir once again swallowed back his anxiety.


Melfir wasn’t able to stop his habit of sighing deeply and stared at Calian without answering. Calian tilted his head slightly and sipped his tea again.


The teacup made the small sound once again and Melfir’s mouth opened.

“I’ve been here since the beginning, your highness.”

A satisfied expression came over Calian’s face.

While thinking that it was good that he saved Melfir’s life, Calian slowly spoke.

“It’s good that I didn’t need to wait for him.”

Melfir adjusted his sitting position. Calian continued to speak. However, the content wasn’t definite, but a more vague question instead.

“I was wondering if you, the Baron, can manage something other than a Merchantry?”

With Allan, Calian wouldn’t hide his intentions when asking for something from him, as Allan was always willing to cooperate with Calian, but since his relationship with Melfir wasn’t up to that point, Calian first wanted to see how Melfir would react to his request.

Melfir thought for a moment then replied.

“If there are people as well as money, then nothing is too difficult.”

“There are people and money as well.”

After saying the words Calian stopped himself for a bit, then continued speaking.

“But the problem is that Brissen will also be there.”

Just as Allan predicted, Calian was currently thinking of creating a magic school. Of course, creating the magic school isn’t as dangerous a venture as making the magic division like Allan is currently doing. However, making the magic school may mean the Brissens may be involved and things may get messy.

Hearing about Brissen, Melfir shut his mouth firm for a moment then decided to speak.

“Doesn’t that mean that you are also involved as well, your highness?”

Calian answered with a small laugh.

“It seems I asked a foolish question. That’s right. I will be involved as well.”

“If there are people, money, and yourself in front of the Brissens, then it will certainly not be difficult for me to manage.”

Calian nodded.

As he felt that he would no longer need to dodge around asking the real question he came here for, Calian asked the question he meant to ask.

“I was wondering if I should set up a magic school in Kyris?”

The money that would cost to build a magic school was nothing compared to how much money Calian had in his coffers. For the people who would do the teaching, there was plenty he could use, such as Allan or mages from the Union. However, managing the school was the problem.

There was no way that mages who are known to have relaxed attitudes would be able to run a school properly after all.

That’s why he remembered this talented merchant from his memory and how Melfir still owed his life to him. This was why Calian came to meet Melfir like this.

After realizing Calian’s request for him to manage the proposed magic school, Melfir lowered his head and began to think. It was not just managing the magic school. Baron Melfir Pollun would publicly be allied with the third prince from now on.

Calian knew that Melfir would have much to think about, so he calmly waited without a trace of impatience.

Melfir lifted his head and opened his mouth as if he made a decision. However, instead of an answer to Calian’s suggestion, a different topic was brought up.

“Is this the payment for saving my life?”

Whether he is going to be doing this in return for saving his life. Therefore whether he would need to do what Calian is asking him to do no matter if he was willing to or not. That was the question he was asking.

A smile formed on Calian’s face.

“I’ve already received your payment for saving your life.”


Calian answered as such after emptying the last of the tea in the cup and putting the cup down.

Melfir’s gaze stayed locked on the empty teacup for a moment. Soon after, a peal of refreshing laughter filled up the reception room.

Melfir felt relieved after having the worries in the corner of his mind completely vanish after festering for three months.

“I shall do it.”

Melfir once again bowed his head.

Two Days Later – Morning

Inside the dining hall of the Chermil palace, there was baked bread red with colour, a pie completely filled with cherries, and various fruits and veggies that were coloured red were prepared.

The passage surrounding the Chermil palace was decorated with red thread. Around the artificial pond a number of red Rafflenia flowers were placed. The petals danced around the pond carried by the wind.

The people of Kyris did not separate the celebration of a person’s birth and the grief of a person’s death. Just like how they would put a red flower in front of people who have passed away, they would also give red flowers to those who are celebrating their birthday.

For them, the colour red symbolized death and birth.

Calian thought that it was a very lacklustre tradition. To give the same colour to both the dead and the living.

In any case, he would not be able to change the whole tradition of the kingdom just because he alone didn’t quite like it.

Therefore Calian would wake up in the morning and immediately suck down pomegranate juice, then take the fifteen Rafflenia flowers that Marilyn handed to him, and thank her.

Today was Calian’s birthday.

A deeply moving date where the third prince Calian, who talked too much and often got into trouble, had finally become an adult. .

“Congratulations on your fifteenth birthday, your highness,”

He heard that exact phrase over and over from many people all morning. Just receiving gifts and greetings from nobles that gathered at the Senyu Pavilion took over two hours for Calian.

Afterward, he got together with those that will travel with him to Roselita for a luncheon, received short celebration greetings as well as toasts from them. It took a long time for everyone to finish the meal and have tea together.

Without having any breaks in between, Calian quickly changed to a formal suit fitting for a dinner banquet and journeyed to the Siegfried building.

His black cape, adorned beautifully with red threads, shared a resemblance with Calian. He was sure that Marilyn had chosen those colours on purpose. The black jacket and pants did not have fancy trimmings, but the black cape was eye-catching enough that the jacket or the pants did not quite matter as much.

The only problem Bern had with Calian’s body was how thin he was, but that it wasn’t a problem anymore as he had gained some weight, so he didn’t look too thin. It was also making nobles double-take trying to make sure it was the same prince as before.

The point was, Calian was everyone’s main focus today.

“It’s good to see you,” Calian greeted the nobles.

When a group of nobles were deeply confused by Calian greeting them with ‘it’s good to see you,’ even though it was the first time they met the prince, the Prince ended up having to say ‘it’s good to see you,’ to everyone to make sure that he didn’t accidentally show any meaning or favour by greeting people differently.

It ended up becoming his habit to give only that particular greeting.

While receiving praises and looks of admiration from nobles all around him, Calian elegantly walked towards his seat like he always did.

– Step

Then, for just a fraction of a moment, his foot stopped moving.

Franz, who had not shown his face for three months, was out in the banquet hall.

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