Chapter Twenty-One

Rockefeller asked a question as if to move on from the previous conversation,

“By the way, where are you from? Are you from the Hound Mercenaries too?” 

“Oh you know it well,” 

“Oh, you’re from there as well – yesterday Ajusshis like you came to this shop too – they came here to exchange Talents… do you know them?”

“They were my underlings,” 

“Your subordinates? Does that mean you’re the leader?” 

“Yes, I’m the Captain – I guess I didn’t look like one?” 

“Yes, it’s a bit surprising. I didn’t think the Captain would come down personally,” 

“Well, it’s nothing else but depositing the advanced payment into Banco so of course I should come down myself – the problem with money is.. There’s no one else you can trust with it. That’s why I came down myself,” 

When Carl had introduced himself, Carter, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation between the two from inside the shop, looked surprised. 

‘The mercenary captain? Then, he’d be the famous Hunting Dog Carl,’ 

When it came to Hunting Dog Carl, he was famous and strong enough to be the head of the infamous Hound Mercenaries. 

Carl stopped his work for a moment so he could peak outside and have a look at the Hound Mercenary Captain. 

As rumours have it, he was a huge man who was big enough to look like he could fist fight a small oak tree – he looked vicious and rugged, even more so than the men who had been here yesterday. 

‘I can’t believe I’m actually looking at the person they call ‘Human Ogre’. Does this make me lucky?’

However, the rumoured captain was also unable to overcome Banco’s young assistant and had been ripped off. 

‘That’s amazing, even the famous Hunting Dog Carl was ripped off like this. Looking at this, I really seemed to have found a good assistant,’

Returning to his work, Carter once again marvelled at Rockefeller’s bold way of doing business. 

The guts to rip off the Hound Mercenary Captain was a talent that not everyone had. 

‘I’ve been watching him for a few days and I can tell, that guy is someone who will do something big, no matter what he does. From the start, he’s different from a timid guy like me,’ 

Captain Carl glanced at the gap where the store owner had just taken a peak at him and disappeared. 

‘Dammit, looks like I’m becoming a laughing stock,’

Carl, who had become uncomfortable, wanted to leave the gold coins as soon as possible and leave. 

But even in his hurry, he became curious about the name of the boy who had so thoroughly ripped him off, 

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name? I’m Rockefeller Rothmedici. Please call me Rockefeller comfortably,” 


When Carl heard the name, he was able to tell easily that this boy was a commoner since he had never heard the name ‘Rothmedici’ before in his life. 

“So you’re a commoner? Well, it’s true that anyone who wasn’t a commoner couldn’t work here. Rather than that, hurry up and write up my gold certificate- I’m busy,” 

Rockefeller ignored Carl’s obvious desire to leave the shop as soon as possible and instead began to bring up the story he had heard from the Lord, 

“I’ll write up the storage card for you straight away. Is everything okay with your work? From what I heard, you were here for Orc Subjugation?” 

Rockefeller received the pouch of gold coins from Carl and began writing out the storage certificate as Carl replied,

“Don’t worry, things are going well. It’s just an orc subjugation at the border. It’s nothing compared to the work we’ve done and the reputation we’ve built so far,”

Carl slightly raised the corners of his mouth in a show of confidence, 

“I don’t know how the people here might see it but we at least think of it as a small thing to do while we rest for a while. It’s not a big deal to cut down some orcs,” 

“Oh really?” 

Rockefeller twirled his pen between his fingers as he wrote out  the gold coin storage certificate and asked, 

“From the Hound Mercenary’s point of view, orcs are nothing right?” 

“Well, it’s not like it’s an Orc army or anything – just killing a group of orcs is nothing,” 

“Then even if there was a whole tribe of orcs, it would be okay right?” 

“Rather, I hope there’s an orc tribe out there, it would make things less boring at least,” 

At Carl, who still looked confident and relaxed, Rockefeller began to gently spill the words he had prepared.

“That’s a relief. It means that there’s no problem even if there’s a special orc or a sorcerer orc in the group right? Whew, I’m glad. I was worried a lot about the sudden appearance of the orcs but since Ajusshi is so confident, I don’t think there’ll be a problem,” 

In the meantime, Rockefeller, who had finished writing the gold coin storage certificate, then stamped the seal of the store on the card and handed it over to Carl. 

“There you go, the gold coin storage card. If you come to our shop or to any other Banco affiliated with the Lyon Guild then you can pick up the gold coins you left. Of course, you know there will be a fee to collect your coins if you go to another shop right? Here it is,” 

What Rockefeller had said seemed to have caused a lot of thoughts in Carl’s head, 

‘Special Orc or an Orc Sorcerer?’

Carl judged that something like that probably won’t appear. 

This was an area at the periphery of the Empire that was considered remote even compared to other rural fiefs. 

Occasionally, orcs would appear but the Special Orcs and Orc Sorcerers were rare beings that others had little reason to come across unless there was some kind of war that the orcs were involved in. 

‘I’m not sure about a Special Orc but it’s not like the orcs are involved in some kind of war so there isn’t any reason to see an Orc Sorcerer.’

I thought Rockefeller was going to tell the Hound Mercenaries about the Orc Sorcerer because he was worried – but no, he just wanted to make sure they dug themselves into enough of a while that they couldn’t back out no matter what lol

Let me know what you think!

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