Chapter 45

Once you become suspicious of one thing, you start questioning everything else as well. Maybe that was why, when Calian heard Yan’s explanation, he felt it was strange.

“They kept asking when I would be coming back?” 

“Yes, it seems they were more concerned about when you would be returning. Since the Count wanted to apologise for his rudeness at the dinner,” 

“If they were trying to dig up dirt, then it’s understandable to ask when I’d left and where – but why were they concerned about when I was coming back? To the point that they would ask you multiple times?” 

Calian didn’t say anything else, he simply nodded with his eyes narrowed. After having finished speaking, Yan, out of concern as Calian had been soaked in the rain, said, 

“I’ll prepare a bath for you,”

“Okay, thank you,” 

Soon after, Calian sat down at the table and tapped the surface out of habit. Although he wouldn’t have heard the sound, Alan, who was still connected through the ring, waited for Calian to speak. 

Calian spent a long moment in his thoughts, before leaning back against his chair and calling for Alan. 

  • Teacher,
  • I’m here, go ahead,

Alan answered immediately, 

  • It seems Count Latran wasn’t drunk after all. If he had been drunk and then further put to sleep with magic, there was no way he could have gotten up so soon. And that Butler kept coming back and asking when I would be returning. It seems to me that rather than digging up dirt on me, they were more concerned about me digging up dirt on them. 

There was only one reason why the Count would pretend to be drunk and avoid speaking to him so Calian continued, 

  • I think the person Blue Warbler was waiting for at that bar wasn’ t me, but rather Count Latran. There must have been another deal taking place today so the Count pretended to be drunk to try and escape from the dinner earlier. But since I had already left by the time he woke up, he kept asking after me to make sure I hadn’t noticed anything.

From the way he had greeted Calian, with honey dripping from his every word, saying how honoured he was to serve him – wouldn’t he have been planning his early retreat from the dinner table since then?

In any case, it wasn’t a problem that could be overlooked. If Blue Warbler was right, he made money by selling Kyris’ information to spies and is using that money to build his relationship with Tensil. 

After thinking that far, Calian spoke to Alan again, 

  • Since it’s raining and I’m tied up here anyway, I should catch some bats who are selling Kyris’ information to spies. 

At those words, Alan immediately asked, 

  • Is there anything you need help with? 
  • Do you have any plans for tomorrow? 

At Alan’s question, Calian immediately asked for help, 

And as always, even if he had plans, Alan was someone who would cancel everything if Calian needed something, so Alan answered as expected, 

  • I did have a meeting with Rumein, but it can be postponed. 

Who was going to postpone a meeting with whom? And for who? Calian, with a faintly worried look said, 

  • Teacher, you might really end up deported to Rivern at this rate.

Alan laughed, and Calian shook his head as he said, 

  • It won’t take too long, so please meet His Majesty first and then go,
  • Alright, what should I do? 
  • Send someone to Count Latrans’ manor. 

He was talking about Latrans’ manor in Kyrisis.

Since there were no other family members other than Hale in this castle, the rest of his family must be staying in Kyrisis. Calian was asking Alan to see if he could find any evidence at his home there. 

  • And please stop by the Brissen Merchantry. 

At those words, Alan spoke as though he was having a lot of fun with this, 

  • Then since Count Latran owns a copper mine, is going to the Brissen Merchantry and pretending to ask about the market price of copper enough? 

If Alan was seen to be investigating something in the Capital, then Count Latran’s side would have no choice but to also move. 

To Alan, who had understood his intentions perfectly, Calian replied, 

  • Yes, that’s right, please do that. And then you can send me a carrier pigeon with the contents I will tell you to Count Latran’s castle.
  • Of course, please go ahead. 

When Calian told Alan what he should write in the letter, Alan laughed very loudly. 


That night was truly long. 

Close to midnight, after his conversation with Alan, Calian put off taking his path for a while and went to look for the man they had imprisoned. 

It was only then that he learned the man’s name. 

“Norten. Norten Ramirez,” 

Norten looked far more comfortable than he had that afternoon. Even though he now had one arm, he seemed to have accepted that his arm could not be saved and had quickly undergone amputation. 

Calian couldn’t know if the quick acceptance was because he worked as a guard in a mine, where serious injuries occur every day or because he had become a death row prisoner. 

Either way, Norten was now looking at Calian with an expression of ‘What now?’ since he had already told him everything he knew last time. 

He suddenly became anxious, looking up at Calian’s expressionless face and asked, 

“Did something happen to my wife?” 

Up until just a while ago, he had spoken clearly, but because of his anxieties about his wife, he spoke informally. 

Calian shook his head. 

Those who would have threatened Norten had already lost their heads. Blue Warbler probably didn’t care about Norten’s wife from the very beginning – she probably didn’t even know where Norten’s house was. Since his wife was someone unrelated to Blue Warbler. 

“You don’t have to worry about that,” 

“Then, for what reason…?” 

Calian, while looking straight at Norten, said, 

“If it stays like this, then you will be executed in a few days,” 

The first time they saw each other, Calian ruined his shoulder. The second time, he cut off his arm and now Calian was saying he would die soon. So there was no way Norten could stay calm. 

Just as he was about to burst out in anger, Calian intercepted, 

“Help me,” 

Norten frowned as Calian continued to speak, his expressionless face. 

“If you do that, you’ll be able to get treatment,” 

It was similar to what Calian had said to him earlier, except this time, he didn’t mean it in the sense of he would heal Norten, but rather, he would remove the label of ‘death row prisoner’ from him. 

Norten didn’t immediately understand and looked at his missing arm. Calian, without any signs of frustration, said again, 

“Since I took your arm in exchange for attacking me, I’m saying I’ll release you. I can take measures to make sure you can live comfortably and provide a suitable house and land for farming too,” 

“What on earth is the work – for you to be so generous?” 

“Since it can get dangerous,” 

Norten replied with a laugh, 

“Give me your orders. What should I do?”

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