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Wake up, let’s not stop.

The rain of the arrows pours again.

He swung a knife to block some and some were hit. He ran forward and threw out a knife. He cuts another by turning a knife that penetrates the two.

You can’t faint.

Today is Secrita’s last fishing boat, no.

Someone came running forward. Swing a knife like a habit.

He shielded it with a shield. And it’s asking.

“I’ll remember. What’s your name?””


I’m just a sword that serves the king alone.

I moved the remaining arm again.

My knife breaks at his gesture.

“Oh, yeah, yeah. You’re Chase’s brother. I wanted to meet you.”

Instead of answering, he swung a knife with only a handle left. He didn’t avoid it.

He sent a spear of ice.

I couldn’t stop it.


I can hear the sound of cutting off life.

It becomes difficult to continue breathing.

“I’m the commander of the Cairis Wizard’s Balkan Corps. It’s Arsene Hertz. The king of Secretia, Bern. I’ll remember, you’ve fought enough.”

I raised my eyes and chased far away.

My brother, I tried to find where your highness was.

But the blurred eyes showed nothing.

“So take a rest now.”

The light,

It’s fading away.

* * *

That was the last memory I had.

It was 10 years ago that I opened my eyes again.

It was inevitably the body of the third prince, Kalian, in the Chairis, which destroyed my country, Secretia.


A weak prince who felt sorry for the blood vessels of the dragon’s descendants.

He was scared, had no background power, and had no ability to protect himself, so he held his breath for life and was assassinated even before he turned 15.

That was the future that would come to me.

So what are you going to do now, asks Kalian in the mirror.

I answered.

“Of course.”

You have to live.

Let me know what you think!

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