MTL – 1

< Chapter 1. This was really stupid (1) >

The hands of the maids move busily.

The thick curtains opened and the bright dawn sky lit up the bedroom. Soon, the prince’s exclusive attendant came in and stood next to the bed where the young-looking boy was sleeping.

When waking up the royal family, you must not raise your hand.

He shouldn’t even make a loud noise.

Therefore, the servant said in a cautious voice.

“Prince, it’s time to wake up.”

He was a boy who always sat up as if waking up from a game to the sound of the door opening. But, I never thought about what happened today.

‘Are you tired?’

With this in mind, the servant handed the little servant to the maid who was standing behind him. Soon, a soft bell rang, signaling early morning.

– A little girl, a little girl.

Then the boy’s eyes narrowed.

The boy blinked his eyes for a moment, seeming to come to his senses, and then he got up. The servant, who was startled by the sudden movement, bowed slightly and greeted him.

“Did you have a good dream, Prince? You just have to wake up.”

Then he offered the prepared morning tea to the boy. This is because the boy has always been the first to wake up with the strong scent of tea before washing his face.

‘When did I drink my morning tea?’

boy. No, Berne, while thinking like this, unconsciously picked up the teacup and stretched out his hand. Then I saw that the shape of his hand was very unfamiliar.

White hands and long, slender fingers that were full of scars and calluses, but were spotless. Unknowingly, Berne turned his head to look at his left arm, at the disparity it had evoked.

There is not even a small scar on the skinny forearm.

No, that’s not the problem. The problem was that the left arm was visible.

“My arm was cut off…”

Bern, who had been muttering like that, hurriedly bit his entire mouth. It was because his voice leaked out too young to be his own.

“What terrible things are you saying. Have you ever had a nightmare?”


The destruction of Sekritia, is there any worse nightmare than that?

There was no time to respond to the servant’s words.

Why his severed arm was reattached is a matter for later. What we need to ascertain right now is the life and death of his older brother and king, Chase.

“Where is your brother?”

Seeing Bern with an urgent expression, the servant responded with a slightly strange expression on his face.

“Both of you are still in the room.”

“······ two?”

This time, Bern’s face had an expression similar to that of a servant. Because he had only one older brother, only Chase.

“Prince Randel must have already been dressed. The same goes for Prince Franz.”

Randel and Franz.

An unfamiliar but familiar name.

In particular, the name of one of them doesn’t belong to someone who hates it to the bone.


The King of Kairis, Franz.

Bern’s eyes narrowed when he heard the name that was not cool even if he killed him immediately.

The servant who saw such Bern opened his mouth once again.

“Prince, you have to prepare first.”

Believing that he still hadn’t woken up, the maid called the maid who was holding the washing water behind her. Bern, who was looking at it, muttered like a self-talk.

“······ Jan.”

“Yes, Prince.”

When his own name was called, the servant turned his head and answered.

The reborn arm and the first servant to see.

and Kairis.

Bern said no more. With his mouth shut, he began to think.

I saw that bastard for the first time today.

In the name of the given Serenti, I swear it was a face I had never seen before. But I knew the name.

Is that all?

Berne ‘knows’ all the names of the maids with him now.

Not knowing that Bern was confused by this ridiculous situation, the attendant put down the wash water in a flowing motion.

‘It’s a nightmare.’

Recalling the words of the servant, who was called Yan, Bern took his hand to the basin. The only thing that could explain the situation so far was that, unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything other than that I was dreaming.

Bern took her face to the sparkling silver basin.

No matter how terrifying the reality was, how dare you run away in such an absurd imagination. That was not the case.

But when Bern saw his reflection in the water, he had to stop his hand once more.

Red eyes reflected in water. It wasn’t Bern’s.

Bern made a low voice.

“A mirror.”

“Are you talking about a mirror?”

Bern didn’t answer.

Yan, who made the mistake of asking questions without realizing it because of his unusual appearance, quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get it right away.”

Then he put his hand behind him on his back and beckoned to his maids. I meant to bring a mirror.

There was no mirror in the prince’s room.

So one of the maids standing behind Jan hurried out and got a mirror.

Receiving it, Jan reflected on Bern’s face, and Bern was confronted with himself in the mirror without even saying thank you.


There was a little boy with black hair in the mirror.

Between his long bangs, ruby-colored eyes were glaring at Bern.

Bern raised her head.

A crest engraved on the hem of the servant’s robe. It was definitely Kairis’s. Only after seeing it did the attendant remember that he was calling himself a prince, not a king.

I feel like my lips are burning tight.

“Prince Calian.”

Yan called Bern, who was sitting there looking in the mirror without a word.

‘no. I am King Bern.’

Bern repeated his name as if not to lose himself. Then, as if rebelling against him, a memory flashed in his mind, as if someone was whispering to him.

‘no. My name is,’

And the long name that I had not memorized came out of my mouth without me knowing.

“Kalian Lane Kyris.”

The 3rd Prince of Kyris, Callian.

Not Bern, that’s my name.

Bern frowned. Then he asked Jan with a frown on his face.

“My name, what did you say?”

Thinking that Bern was joking, Yan replied with a slight smile.

“This is Prince Kallian. By the way, I am the prince’s servant, Yan, who has to take the prince to the breakfast table right now.”

Then, as if waiting for this answer from Yan, unfamiliar memories flowed into my head.

The royal palace of Kairis, the manners, the weather, the schedule, the horse, the flower garden, the magic, the queen, the king. and two older brothers.

Yan is right. Don’t be late for breakfast.

His memory was screaming like that. get up right now He must not be later than the other two princes.

He, who has now become the name of Callian, asked quietly.

“What is today’s date?”

“It’s April 28th. The weather is very nice, Prince.”

Hearing this, Callian looked around for a moment. No matter where he looked, there was no atmosphere of war with Sekritia. So Calian asked again.

“How many years.”

“It’s 522.”

Callian’s eyes fluttered wildly.

If it is 522 years in the Chiris calendar, it is 525 years in the Sekritian calendar. It wasn’t the day he closed his eyes.

‘It was 10 years ago.’

10 years ago. And the 3rd Prince of Kyris.

Memories of the other two princes keep coming to mind as if urging them to prepare quickly and leave.

As the thoughtful Callian did not move, Yan, unable to wait any longer, stretched out his arm. He meant to grab even the sleeves of his clothes and lift him up.

– Percussion!

Then, Calian’s hand reflexively struck Yan’s arm. His arm burned red as it hit his thin palm. Callian’s arm, which had not been used in this way, was also painfully painful.

Yan said while crying.

“What are you doing this for?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I made a mistake without knowing it.”

Yan replied quickly, surprised enough to not notice that Callian’s tone had changed so drastically.

“No, Prince. You must get up sooner than that. Otherwise, I will…!”

Callian, not listening to Yan’s words to the end, shook his head and jumped up from his seat.

He decided to move first because of the memory that echoes in his head saying that he must not be later than the ‘brothers’. At first, I thought it was necessary to separate the servant named Yan and think about it.

Soon, Callian finished washing his face, almost banging his head in the water. Said Callian, who slapped him on the cheeks trying to calm him down.

“I’ll be ready.”

– The way you talk is weird. I didn’t say that.

As I said this, the memory flooded in again. Because of this, Callian spoke again, recalling his memories as if breathing in for a moment.

“No. I’ll prepare. I’m sorry.”

“You continue to apologize for not following me today…. First of all, I will prepare clothes.”

Saying so, Yan looked at the other two maids and moved his hand. Soon the maids with both hands full of clothes came and dressed Callian. After that, another maid came and started brushing his hair.

She could see her black hair covering her eyes.

Originally, he liked to tie his long blue-silver hair into one, so the black hair that covered his eyes was frustrating. When he didn’t like his hair, the reason came to his mind.

– Because Franz-nim doesn’t like it.

His older brother, the two princes.

Among them, Franz pathologically hated these red eyes. So Kalian lowered his hair like this and covered his eyes.

He covered his eyes because his brother was scared.

Callian tapped his tongue involuntarily.

‘I’ve heard it in moderation, but I’ve lived a really stupid life.’

Then, without realizing it, I smiled and thought of someone.

‘Planz hated these eyes.’

The enemy among enemies. Mad King Franz.

He was the king of Kairis. No, he was 10 years ago, so he must be a prince now.

He was the one who caused the attack on Sekritia.

‘Planz… I am terrified that you breathe.’

I couldn’t get the hateful words out of my mouth.

This is the royal palace of Kairis.

It seems that he is still wandering in his dreams, but he is now Callian, the 3rd Prince of Kairis.

Because of this, Callian was repeating the same words over and over again in his mind.

‘If you ever see him, you can’t kill him now. You have to be patient.’

if it’s not a dream

It’s ridiculous, but if it’s really a return to the past.

It shouldn’t have happened that Kalian’s neck fell while moving hastily.

The maids who did not know that Callian was thinking like that were trimming his clothes and making the final arrangements. It is such a thorough hand that I wonder if the person going to have breakfast is ready.

I wondered how much pain I had to wear because of my clothes.

Soon everything was ready.

Callian took a few deep breaths in front of the door and went outside. Then he went down the unfamiliar central staircase to the dining room on the far right.

As he was on his way, no matter how old he tried to recall his memory, his memory was not recalled. Was he not even old enough? In the end, Callian decided to enlist Jan’s help.


“Yes, Prince.”

“How old am I?”

It was a random question for Yan. Jan answered the thought of asking some really weird questions in the morning.

“You’re 14. There are still four months left before you become an adult.”

“Yeah. I did.”

It seemed like I was young somehow.

With this thought in mind, Callian nodded his head.

Yan raised a worried voice towards Callian.

“Prince. Did you read any novels with articles last night?”

He said this because his tone of voice was different from usual.

The original Callian was afraid to mount his horse.

But tomorrow I had a riding class where I had to ride a horse. She was afraid that she would not be able to attend class because she thought that she would follow a novel that had an article on it, so she asked:

Callian answered, shaking her head.

“No. I don’t care. No, I’ll take care of it.”

After she said this, Callian immediately entered the dining room.

There were only attendants inside, and there were no figures who looked like princes. Callian’s gaze fell on Jan for a moment.

‘They were making so much fuss as if they were going to leave right away.’

It must have been a lie that Callian had told him so he would not be late for breakfast.

There was a large round table placed by the large window. At the invitation of King LeMaine, it was a place where three princes had breakfast together every day. It was also the most terrifying place for the old Callian.

One of the waiters in the restaurant was seen pulling a chair out of one of the seats. Knowing that it was his seat, Callian sat down. Then he looked out the window at an unfamiliar landscape.

‘As I heard, it’s a really great scale.’

The Royal Palace of Kairis, which has the largest territory among the four countries of the Systera Continent, was also famous for its gigantic size. It was different from the Royal Palace of Sekritia, which consisted of one large building and two annexes.

There were as many as six buildings with the name ‘Gung’, where the royal family lived. Buildings used for other purposes, numerous gardens, artificial lakes, etc. were all within the Kairis Palace.

The Chermil Palace, where Calian is now, where the princes are staying, was not too big in the royal palace. Nevertheless, the artificial lake in front of the palace and the gardens connected to it were quite spacious.

Sunlight on the water came in through the window.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, lost in thought for a moment, the 1st Prince Randel arrived, and 30 minutes later, the 2nd Prince Plantz arrived.

Callian’s eyes widened when he saw Plantz, who walked without a word and sat on his seat.

‘What the hell is that….’

What the hell do you mean by that?

Seeing the unimaginable appearance, Callian’s brow furrowed greatly.

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