MTL – 10

< Chapter 3. Nice to meet you (4) >

White shirt and pale beige trousers.

A red jacket long enough to cover the calf, with a border with gold thread. And a white cloak adorned with gold tassels and embroidery.

When Callian, in a splendid robe, which was markedly different from the simple attire he wore during the prince’s conquest or tea time, entered, everyone was silent for a moment.

‘Another ruby ​​pendant.’

The ruby ​​pendant they had worn before was seen again in the eyes of those who turned their attention to the splendid garments.

‘I did the same thing. It is said that it was not just a simple ornament.’

Callian suddenly appeared as if he had been waiting for today.

Judging by these reactions, where even the smallest details of him seemed to have great meaning, I couldn’t tell if this was a banquet for Lemain or Lemain’s banquet for Callian.

Soon after, Callian moved.

– Tub, tumble.

The sound of small shoes echoes in the banquet hall.

From Duke Siegfried standing at the entrance, to Viscount Bryssen, whom we had dinner together recently, through the nobles we met at tea time today, to arriving at the seat of the royal family located in the innermost part of the banquet hall. Make eye contact with as many people as possible and smile. With a solemn expression on her face, Yan silently followed Calian’s back.

The banquet had not yet begun as it was before LeMaine and the other princes arrived. But people continued to remain silent for other reasons than that. It was because everyone was looking at Kalian.

At the sight of attracting people’s attention for no reason, a whisper came out once again.

“I’m only fourteen now. I don’t know whether to look forward to the future or fear it.”

“That’s right. I was thinking about it right now.”

Of course, there were some who had a slightly different reaction from most of the nobles who showed this reaction.

Curiosity that couldn’t be hidden arose in the blue-gray eyes of Duke Sleyman, who had guessed why Callian was overwhelming the crowd.

‘That little boy’s momentum is amazing! It’s an absurd and pretty thing that I’ve never even been to even a sword, but the appearance of spraying a razor in all directions is an unstoppable knight.’

It was Yan, not Callian, who felt Sleyman’s gaze first. Yan looked at Sleyman for a moment, read the expression clearly engraved on his face, and told Calian.

“It seems that Duke Siegfried is interested in the prince.”

Callian laughed softly.

Because he knew well why Slayman was interested.

‘I said Sword Master. There’s no way he couldn’t go unnoticed.’

But it wouldn’t be a big deal because that alone wouldn’t raise any other suspicions. Callian answered without having to look away.

“Thank you, but it’s still early. First of all, pretend you don’t know.”

“It’s a wise word.”

Yan, thinking the same thing, nodded his head coolly.

Soon, Callian gradually softened the momentum that Sleyman had guessed, which was exhilarating to attract the attention of the left. Then, one by one, people turned their eyes away from Callian, and some of them spoke to Sleyman again.

As a result, Sleyman also stopped his interest in Callian and started talking with people.

Soon the two princes, and a little later, the royal couple entered with a slight time difference.

When the banquet started with LeMaine’s thanks, Callian stayed there for exactly 30 minutes before pretending to go out to the garden. Yan, who followed Callian, approached Raven holding Raven’s reins.

Kallian eventually climbed onto Raven’s back because of Jan, who was going to walk with him, but worried about his fading face. Looking at Raven calmly burning Calian, Yan said.

“It’s amazing. To be a gentle sheep in front of the prince.”

Callian laughed playfully and messed up Raven’s mane.

“Raven. How kind.”

“Don’t be fooled. When the prince isn’t here… uh.”

Callian laughed again.

In this way, while exchanging stories with Yan, Kalian, who went to a suitable distance even though the main gate of the palace was clearly visible, opened his eyes and began to monitor the main gate.

Yan, standing next to him, seemed to be curious about what was going on, but he refrained from explaining in detail because it would be better to give him what he wanted after he got what he wanted.

What Callian wants to achieve.

It was Alan Manasil.

“Hello, Prince.”

Even though it was in the darkest place around because of the striking white cloak, the guards of the royal palace passing by found Callian and greeted him. Jan was wearing a black suit instead of the usual uniform of the attendant to attend the banquet, which made it difficult to see in the dark.

Seeing it, Callian regretted it for a moment.

‘I’m going to wear black today.’

Fortunately, no one asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ It was because of Franz. His temper and brains were so bad that he made a fuss when he asked such a thing.

‘Randel looks too scary to ask such a thing.’

Therefore, he wouldn’t mind if he didn’t try to leave the main gate or break into the Heishia Palace where Silike was staying.

It was another defender. It was probably going to circle around this area and come back. After receiving a total of six greetings like that, – multifaceted, multifaceted.

From afar, the sound of horse hooves slowly approaching the main gate of the palace began to be heard. Callian raised his head and his eyes lit up. Seeing this, Yan also became nervous and listened.

“Who were you waiting for?”

After a small ‘yes’, Callian answered, spreading his index finger and placing it over his lips. Yan nodded his head.

The sound of horse hooves began to be heard little by little.

Then the four royal guards standing at the front gate moved quickly. The two blocked the front door and the two stopped the approaching horse. The back of the garrison and the horse’s head were visible, but the visitor’s figure was not seen because it was obscured by the thick pillars of the main gate.

Callian, who was about to go straight to the front door, decided to watch the situation a little more first. Because if it weren’t for Allen, the garrison would think it was strange. The guard’s courteous voice was heard softly.

“Would you mind dismounting for a moment?”

It wasn’t that high and low characteristic of a knight, but it was a polite voice.

After a while, a ‘tak’ sound was heard and the voices of the guards followed.

“What did you come here for?”

“I came here because it was the birthday celebration of His Majesty King Kairis.”

Finally, the voice of the visitor rang out.

Alan Manasil was in his early fifties, as Calian knew. But the voice I heard seemed much younger than that.

He was a little disappointed at the thought that he might not be Alan.

“My name is Alan Manasil. A wizard.”


Callian shrugged his shoulders and tensed.

– Multifaceted.

Surprisingly, Raven took a step.

How the hell did he know, as if he understood Kallian’s intentions, he started walking at a very slow pace.

‘Like I happened to come to see the situation while taking a walk.’

I was waiting nearby and suddenly I couldn’t approach.

Allen was a magician of the 7th circle, and it was clear that he knew who was moving nearby. So I could hear the sound, but I wanted to go around the front door from as far away as possible.

– Multifaceted.

Raven noticed Callian’s thoughts and moved quickly. He seemed to be sorting out Kalian’s unconscious movements that he wanted to go somewhere unless the guy was capable of mind reading.

Callian tapped Raven’s neck and whispered.

“Raven, you’re smart.”

Hearing the praise, he felt Raven giving strength to his neck.

“Please show me the invitation.”

The sound was heard again from the front door.

Alan Manasil’s name alone didn’t make him aware of who he was.

He may be pretending to find an invitation, but there has been no sound for a while. Then I heard Alan’s words, seemingly embarrassed.

“What should I do with this. I think I lost my invitation.”

It was the same as what Callian knew.

Alan didn’t give out invitations. He said the garrison in a slightly wary voice.

“Sorry. You cannot enter without an invitation.”

“I told you my name too. Could you please confirm it somewhere else? It’s from far away.”

The garrison has a roster of attendees and the people have identification. So, even without an invitation, you can enter the palace if your identity is clearly confirmed. In fact, Archmage Alan Manasil would not even need an invitation in the first place.

At that moment, Callian, who was approaching them, frowned as if he had been disappointed.


The guard glanced at Allen’s outfit.

He opened his mouth without checking the list of attendees.

“Please bring an invitation.”

“······· You are judged by your appearance.”

shabby attire.

In addition, Alan, who did not hold the invitation, said:

I don’t know what the hell Alan was trying to check, but he dared to create a pod. As if he was trying to find a reason not to come to Kairis, he was making an excuse as if he was making an excuse. Even the crew who went over there and masked people by looking at the other person’s outfit wasn’t perfect either, but it wasn’t that he raised his voice just because he was Alan.

Callian frowned.

I had to catch that Allen who didn’t want to set foot in this country.

“Yeah. I’ll go back.”

I heard the sound of riding on the horse, then the sound of hoofs other than Raven’s.

Callian’s heart became impatient.

He still had to go a little further to the front door, but Alan gave up too sooner than he thought.

Callian said as he grabbed Raven’s reins.

“Yan. The guards are blocking it no matter what you do.”

Yan asked, seemingly confused.


“Don’t let me chase you.”

“Prince, you don’t want to leave, are you?”

Callian turned his head forward without answering.

At the same time, Raven jumped forward. The guards immediately recognized who the boy in white cloak and black horse was running, and hurriedly blocked the front.

“Prince, please stop talking! You can’t go out now!”


There was no need to scrape Raven’s ship. Raven sped up his speed on his own, flexibly avoiding the garrison and escaping out of the palace.

The guards whistled in despair. Perhaps they had been trained as usual, two horses ran in front of them.

The eyes of Jan running towards them were wide-eyed.

‘What should I do?’

Whatever it was, Callian did not have the strength to take responsibility for the current affairs. You’ve barely made a good impression on the nobles, but if you’re on probation for the rest of the time, wouldn’t it all be in vain?

So he had to act to be accountable.

Soon, Jan clenched and opened his fist as if he had decided something. After that, he untied his blond hair, which had been neatly tied so that he could not be found out that he was a servant, and then he let it be moderately disheveled. He was fortunate not to be wearing a servant’s uniform.


Yan gave strength to his eyes and summoned the garrison.

The eyes of the guards all at once turned to Yan.

And Yan’s blue-grey eyes turned to the garrison.

He thought for a moment that he had the same color eyes and was enjoying the prom, and then Yan opened his mouth.

“I am Siroian Siegfried, the eldest son of the Duke of Siegfried.”


Immediately, the guards took off their hats. Then, in a modest motion, he placed his hat on his side and placed his right fist on his chest to reveal it. It was the greeting method of the Kairis soldiers.

After Yan accepted their greeting with a light nod of his head, he said.

“The Duke of Siegfried has guaranteed Prince Callian’s outing.”

Yan, who brought up the name he had forgotten because of Callian, looked at the square with worried eyes.

The fluttering appearance of the pure white cloak became smaller and smaller, and soon disappeared.

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