MTL – 11

< Chapter 3. Nice to meet you (5) >

When the banquet was ripe for a long time, the servant, who rushed to the Siegfried coffin, whispered to the chieftain. Hearing the story, the valet hardened his complexion and hurriedly approached Le Main’s back.


Le Main looked slightly behind him.

Because there were so many people around, the aide covered his mouth with his hand and spoke as quietly as possible.

“Prince Kallian went out of the palace a little while ago.”

Le Main’s head tilted a little further towards the chaplain, but he didn’t say anything else. The mayor’s words continued.

“By the way, it is said that Duke Siegfried gave a guarantee.”

Even thinking about the relationship between Duke Siegfried and Callian, nothing came to mind. LeMaine, who had been silent for a moment, answered in a low voice.

“······ I get it.”

That’s it. Le Main turned his head away again without any instructions. Knowing the meaning of leaving it as is, the chaplain bowed his head and withdrew.


Lemaine’s eyes narrowed.

* * *

Meanwhile that time.

Duke Sleyman, who was out in the garden, distorted his mouth. Then, finally, a loud noise came out of his mouth.

“Puhahaha! Whoa haha! Puh hahaha!”

I tried to hold back my laughter, but I burst into laughter. After smiling like that for a while, Slay only wiped the tears that were flowing. Then the mouth opened again. Instead of words, laughter erupted again.

Siegfried’s men do not know how to stop laughing or crying once they burst out.


“I’m not laughing now!”

Eventually, the person standing in front of him raised his hands and closed Slayman’s mouth. It was Yan who spoke in a whispering voice, as if worried about who would hear it.

“My son believed in me and started doing business, wouldn’t it make me feel better?”

After a while, Slayman stopped laughing and said to Jan, who still had his quivering hair loose.

An expression appeared on Yan’s face as if he was about to explode. Then Slayman made a look of what he was worried about.

Perhaps if Callian had seen this, he would have immediately recognized that the two were rich without any explanation. Because they both had the same look on their faces.

“Your little boy ran away and asked not to let the guards chase after you, and you sold and ate Siegfried, but the guards didn’t chase after you. Isn’t that what happened?”

His son had an accident, but Slay, who he liked, looked at Jan. Then he said as if not to worry.

“I don’t know if I knew it or not, but I did very well. It was a good solution.”

“We have to deal with it from now on. Isn’t your Highness going to ask how the prince and father know?”

“Are you in a hurry to get things done without thinking even a step ahead?”

A smile came to Slayman’s lips.

It wasn’t a funny laugh, it was a father’s laugh at his son who had not yet grown up.

“Don’t worry. I won’t ask.”


“Lemain has too many thoughts to ask. So I can’t ask. I will pass on it as if nothing happened at all, let alone discipline. Do you understand?”

At those words, Jan asked, narrowing his eyebrows and contemplating.

“Because it’s Siegfried?”

As if only Sley was the correct answer, he stroked Yan’s hair.

“I’m glad you don’t look like me with a single head. You’re better than me at your age!”

“I wonder what they look like.”

Sleiman was unaware that his son still thought that ‘our prince learned horsemanship through writing’. Because of Yan’s words

‘that’s right.’

 ‘ he muttered and smiled happily as if he remembered something.

“No. But you play one violin well. It definitely looks like me!”

Siegfried can’t play black, but can play the violin. That was Yan.

So, when he saw Sleyman, who had just arrived at the palace a while ago, the reason why Yan had a disgusted expression was because he had found his father, who was selling his son and laughing out loud.

“The name that you sold and ate is still a bit expensive.”

Yan put on a sullen expression.

He laid down the weight and he came to the palace, so he could not have known.

“If Lemaine asks your little boy what he has to do with me, he’ll have an answer that comes after him, but there’s nothing Lemaine can do after hearing the answer.”

It has nothing to do with him, but if he gets an accidental reply that he’s helped, he’s wary of Siegfried’s good intentions.

The same is true even if you answer that you received help because of a relationship.

If you punish the prince after hearing that answer, you will be ignoring Siegfried, who guaranteed the prince.

At that time, the Marquis of Brissen would not be pleased. It was a matter of no choice.

“LeMaine probably decided not to do anything the moment she heard that I had endorsed it. So the little boy can be blatantly acted as if it was a pre-planned outing today. That’s why I said it was a good thing.”

Slayman concluded the conversation with a confident face.

“So from now on, sell it often. I’ll bear that much. Isn’t that the father who said so?”

Yan looked at Slayman with a face that seemed to be moved.

Sleiman, who felt proud in those eyes, straightened his waist, widened his shoulders, and said:

“I just didn’t eat as much as you think!”

Then yes.

I’m an idiot who thought I was cool for a second.

Jan tickled his tongue. Slayman, who pretended not to hear the sound, walked over to the bench in the garden and sat down. Yan followed after him and opened his mouth.

“The people in the royal palace really don’t know who I am, right? Jeon and other members of the royal family too.”

“I do think, too. Otherwise, the internal affairs officer would have reported it earlier. I’ve written my hand well, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Well, if anyone knew, Silike wouldn’t have put me next to the prince.”

Slayman smiled happily and stroked Jan’s hair once more.

“My son is so naughty, he deserves no doubt.”

Jan frowned and looked at Slayman.

But Sleyman did not put his hand away. When he saw the same blond curly hair as Sleyman, he remembered the poodle ‘Yan’ who was waiting for him at home, and he kept reaching out.


Yan, who had opened his mouth like that, soon stopped talking.

In fact, he was going to ask about Kallian’s symptoms these days, or it’s because he remembered what Kallian said about magic. Anyway, if it was something that only Sley would know, he thought that there was nothing good about being known for nothing.

But he couldn’t put the words out, so he asked for something else instead.

“How’s Leah?”

“We’re doing well. It was hard to let go of the fact that we’re coming together this time.”

Demirea, the younger sister of Jan and the small head of the Duke of Siegfried. Not only was she good with swords, she was a brilliant child.

She clenched and opened her fist, which Sleyman had placed on her lap.

She then asked as she looked at her, alternating her own palms covered in calluses and her Yan’s hands.

“So you. Is it worth living here?”

“How does your father look?”

“It looks like old shit.”

Even if she speaks.

That’s why her mother escorted her to her house.

Yan shook her head. Slayman shook his head, and he sighed for a moment before opening his mouth.

“But, if you think it’s better to live here while listening to the master rather than serving the little one, come down anytime. Leah has now taken over the seat of the head of the small business, which you don’t want to do that way.”

Yan, who had been thinking about his brother for a moment, thought of Kali An and opened his mouth.

“You’re the same age as Leah.”


“When I first came to see her father at the palace, he was like a dried up branch. Leah was like a leaf that had just sprouted and twinkled.”

I heard the rippling sound of an artificial stream meandering through the garden.

“I felt pitiful, but it was amazing that I could think of someone like that. That’s why I felt sorry for him at some point, and then I started protecting him. Now I just want to watch.

“Yeah. That’s it.”

Slayman, who looked at Yan’s face softly, smiled with an old poopy face.

I suddenly remembered Calian and Yan, who were having a conversation with a relaxed face. I also remembered the first steps of Callian, who had such momentum.

“That kid. It seems like a lot of fun things are going to happen if you watch it.”

Yan rolled her eyes. “What do you mean?” Slayman added to his face.

“There is such a thing. Don’t know if you don’t know. Anyway, I’m going down tomorrow, so I don’t want to see you for a while.”

“I can’t see you. I’ll see you in three months.”

“Are you really thinking of quitting?”

Yan shook his head and replied simply.

“Because you’ll be fifteen soon.”

“Oh, yes. It’s already happened. Yeah. Don’t wait.”

Jan got up after tying his hair back neatly.

Having finished talking to his father, Sleyman, he was determined to wait for Kalian near the main gate.

“Well then, see you then, Prince Siegfried.”

Yan, who had suddenly returned to Callian’s servant, showed polite manners.

Slayman made a disgusted expression and waved his hand as if to go quickly. Yan smiled and walked away.

* * *

it was quiet

It was still time for a banquet in the royal palace, but all the events in the square were already over. People were returning home or flocking to nearby pubs to enjoy unfinished entertainment. In the square, which had been crowded with people all day, only magic lanterns illuminating the fountain were shining brightly.

– All right, all the way.

The untimely sound of horses’ hooves resounded in the square that was immersed in silence. The starting point of the sound was two horses coming out of the royal palace. At first, it seemed to go down the royal road, then changed direction and crossed Hatsara Square.

Those were the words of Alan Manasil and Callian.

It was only natural that Callian was chasing Alan, and Alan knew that someone was following him. But he didn’t want to stop talking, so he just kept looking ahead.

However, even though he was close to the words behind him, the other party did not call him Moore. I became curious about the behavior of the other person who kept following me without saying a word.

Alan glanced back and frowned.

‘Who is it?’

At first glance, it was a white cloak. The guards don’t wear fancy cloaks like that.

Alan, realizing that the person behind him was no mere knight, slowed his speech and stopped. The sound of the hooves of the horses following him also subsided.

As I came to the center of the square, the lights of the fountain were shining brightly around me.

Alan turned his head behind him and was able to check his opponent’s outfit in detail. As expected, it never belonged to the garrison.

At first glance, he was a noble or royalty.

Soon he got off his horse and walked slowly, standing in the light and looking at Alan.

black hair. and red eyes.

Allen had also seen the royal family in the square this morning. The third prince with the same face shown in the crystal plate that was standing right here was now standing in front of Allen.

‘What’s wrong with that pretty prince?’

A deep curiosity flashed in Alan’s eyes.

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