MTL – 12

< Chapter 3. Nice to meet you (6) >

Callian was looking at Alan with calm eyes. He stood there without a word, but it was clear what he wanted.

‘I think we’re going to have a conversation.’

No matter how much he was a prince of a foreign country, he could not face him on the horse, so Alan got off his horse countless times. It was then that Callian could see Alan’s face properly.

This surprised Callian quite a bit because of the look of Allen’s face, which he knew was obviously in his fifties.

No matter how high you look, you’re in your mid-20s.

Fortunately, his unique hair color, which grew redder as he went down, indicated that he was Alan Manacil.

‘It is said that if you complete the 7th circle, you will reverse your age once.’

It was then that I understood that the voice coming from the front door was younger than I had expected.

‘indeed. I found it right.’

Callian looked at Alan without having to hide his admiration. Alan’s eyes lit up with those eyes.

‘I’m only fourteen. How can you look at people with those eyes?’

He looked at him no different from the garrison, but his gaze was different. He somehow felt that he was looking at his use rather than his own attire.

Alan bowed his head slightly and greeted Kali An.

“This is Alan Manasil.”

A simple greeting. That attitude was quite arrogant.

He never greets anyone other than the royal family in this way when meeting the prince for the first time.

Now Alan didn’t even know who Callian was, and he wasn’t just a slap. It was because he knew himself that he was talented enough to not have to shrink in front of the royal family.

‘It’s a favorite sleep.’

Even if I stood in front of LeMaine, I thought that Alan’s attitude would not change. Callian smiled sincerely.

“nice to meet you.”

As I told Jan, Kalian was a royal, so he didn’t mention his name with his mouth. Soon, Callian looked at Alan for a moment and then asked.

“It’s late, how could you just leave?”

“When I opened the closed door, the threshold was too high.”

Alan, who looked at Callian for a moment, answered with a blunt voice.

‘Are we going to talk back.’

Hearing Alan’s answer, Callian smiled slightly.

Now Allen is saying that the garrison saw his shabby outfit and kicked him out.

Callian, who sighed so as not to be embarrassed, picked out the appropriate words with a relaxed expression on his face.

“I’m telling you because you left the door open, but you dare to find a closed place.”

Where do you leave the invitations and grab the pods?

Alan looked at Callian with a strange feeling.

He had the same look in his eyes when we first saw him, and he didn’t respond like a fourteen-year-old boy would.

Instead of apologizing for being sorry, Callian smirked at Alan’s attitude.

“Because there is a lot of wind blowing, the tee builds up on the threshold. I was in a hurry to block the wind, so I couldn’t wipe it off.”

And like this, I added the words to show that I didn’t care that the guards made a mistake to prevent anyone from entering.

It’s not an apology, but should I say it honestly or shamelessly? The corners of Alan’s lips rose slowly.

‘You look like a fun kid.’

Alan had such a thought and began to examine Callian carefully.

He noticed many things that were invisible at first glance.

Then the smile on Alan’s face slowly faded away.

‘for a moment······?’

Alan’s gaze reached the edge of the red robe that Callian was wearing. Then he looked intently at Callian’s hand, and then he looked into his eyes again. It was difficult to understand what Alan was thinking, so Callian was just silently catching Alan’s gaze.

Alan took a step closer to Callian.

Because that expression had hardened, the light of vigilance on Callian’s face was young.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Alan suddenly reached out and grabbed Carlian’s wrist.

– Whoop!

As usual, this would have been avoided, but today was an exceptionally physically and mentally exhausting day. He was literally on the verge of collapse because he had been on his nerves all day and was being called to and fro. His body did not move freely.

Moreover, in the royal palace, no one could touch Calian’s body so recklessly. Thanks to this, he was vigilant in many ways and held his wrists without hesitation.

Alan grabbed Carlyan’s wrist and lowered his eyes as if to confirm something with him.

“What is this…!”

When Callian opened his mouth to say something.

Alan poured his mana into Callian’s body.

A sharp pain that was hard to get used to pierced my heart. Unable to finish all his words, Callian grabbed his chest. My body trembled in pain that seemed to be several times more than I had felt before.

– Diversity!

Recognizing the owner’s condition, Raven took a step closer and brought her body to Calian. Callian clenched his teeth, leaning against Raven’s body without being surprised by such an action.

‘Before even having a proper conversation, the condition was found out.’

Alan looked at him and nodded his head. As if he knew what his own magical powers would affect Kalian, he opened his mouth with a sullen face.

“Even if you keep the door closed, it won’t block all the wind.”

‘You speak very well!’

Callian looked at Alan with ferocious eyes and grabbed his hand, which was holding him. Alan loosened the strength of his hand, thinking that his skinny wrist would break if he tried not to let go. And he took a step back. He meant no more.

“······ under.”

Callian closed his eyes for a moment and calmed his anger. Before long, a voice of resignation came out of Callian’s mouth.

“I wish I had told you in advance that I have something to check.”

Before he could turn Alan’s heart, he was first caught ill, so there’s no need to say this strangely. Of course, the voice didn’t come out well.

“Can’t block all the wind… Yes, that’s right. I couldn’t stop it all. At some point, I couldn’t use mana.”

Alan nodded his head.

“Did you know there was something wrong?”

However, that wasn’t the problem.

‘Seeing only talking about mana, I don’t know that there is a real problem.’

In a country led by the descendants of dragons, he came to neglect wizards. It was meant to make me think I had missed the precious archmage who came to me on my own feet.

However, he encountered something he hadn’t thought of.


Suddenly, Alan raised his head and saw a statue of a cispanian standing in the middle of the fountain. All day today, the noises from the streets reverberated in my ears.

– A prince resembling a Cispanian.

Also, it looks like it would be fun to watch.

Alan, who looked at the statue of the Sispanian and the palace once, looked at Calian again and asked.

“How did you follow me straight away?”

Power entered Calian’s fingertips.

The prince, who seemed desperately in need of Alan’s help, pursued him in a timely manner and was facing this situation. There are a lot of things that are unreasonable to call this a coincidence.

‘I was trying to hide my pain until I bought a proper heart for fear of asking that question.’

Callian thought for a moment about what to say.

I came from the future and knew you would come and go. So it cannot be said that I have been waiting for a long time to win your favor. But I couldn’t lie. It was obvious that Alan would have figured it out.

“While walking around the area on horseback, I overheard a conversation with a garrison. So I ran right away.”

I swear in the name of the Serenti that you gave me, what I said now was not a lie at all. It was a trick that was close to a pun, but he gave an honest answer no matter what.

Alan, who had stared at Callian for a moment with an unknown look, asked again.

“Why did you run?”

“Because you ran away.”

For a moment, Alan grinned.

It was because the answer was just right for my age, and it was a voice that still had sediment. Alan asked again, thinking it must have been very painful.

“Then. Why did you seek me?”

Callian did not respond hastily.

‘I know it’s because of the problem of not being able to use mana, so why ask?’

Alan was looking at Callian, who was thoughtful. He didn’t even bother to answer any questions quickly.

After a moment, Callian’s mouth opened.

“Why, if you say.”

Why did you wait for Alan without even looking for a healer?

The reason he came out of the palace even though he knew that there would be a riot if he returned. obviously there was

Callian straightened his body, leaning against Raven.

“Alan Manasil. I want to get that name.”

The words that sounded like a small sigh continued.

“···················· Sooner or later, the real wind is going to blow.”

In fact, he meant that the day of his assassination was approaching, but I couldn’t go into more detail about it. I thought that it would be good to understand that it was just a fight for the position between the three masturbators.

Alan lightly scratched his forehead with his index finger.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know what the prince was in front of now. He was also well aware of how powerful Queen Silikee, who was holding the hilt in the palace of Kairis, was possessed. For this reason, it seemed reasonable to understand what the third prince was thinking that he needed the name Alan Manacil.

“Does the prince want to block the wind, or does he want to put him to sleep?”

Is he only going to protect himself from other forces? Or do you plan to defeat them all and stand at the top?

Callian looked at Alan without a word.

Is he really someone you can trust? Finally, it was the eyes that confirmed it again. The same light appeared in Alan’s eyes as they met them.

After a while, Callian answered in a calm voice.

“I have to stop it right now. And I don’t want a throne. But if I need a throne for what I want, I’m thinking of putting it to sleep.”

An arrogant statement that dismisses the throne as just an option.

A prince who has nothing in his hands other than his dying body, says such things.

It was already fun.

‘How much more fun in the future.’

Both corners of Alan’s lips rose again.

He made a decision.


He raised his finger and pointed to the palace of Kairis.

“An invitation, please.”

Not just a three-day invitation to attend the King’s birthday party, but a good cause for me to help you.

Callian laughed. And she soon erased her laughter.

Red eyes that were shining sharply moved away from Alan and looked down at the floor. His head bowed and his knees bent.

– Sarak…

The white cloak swelled up for a moment, hovering in the air, and soon fell to the floor like a feather.

“Kalian Lane Kyris.”

Callian’s voice spreads softly.

Alan looked down sadly at the back of Carlyan, who was kneeling on one knee in front of him.

“Greetings to Master.”

Even though I have eyes that don’t match my age.

How small is that back?

Alan opened his mouth.

And he answered the disciple he had met for the first time in his life.

“I will accept the invitation.”

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