MTL – 13

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Seine River.

It was a river flowing through the capital city of Kairis. This river, which is also used as the name of the building of the royal palace, flows through the chirisis diagonally. The royal palace was located in the center of the northeast part of the river, and the royal road that came in from outside the main gate of the outer castle southwest of Kairissis crossed the Senu River and continued to Kairis Palace.

After Hatsara’s death, the Sispanians left.

It was the royal road construction project that gave rise to a stagnant country. The royal road was a very important facility in Kairis to the extent that it was said that Kairis had a revival thanks to this wide road that continued straight to major cities.

– Tackle, cackle …!

On the royal road, two wagons painted in white and black, respectively, were heading towards the palace.

All the wagons running side by side boasted the most luxurious appearance. Both had large glass windows on their shiny exterior walls mixed with pearl powder.

The only difference was that one unit was decorated with gold leaf on a white background and the other unit was decorated with mother-of-pearl on a black background.

But mother-of-pearl was quite rare in Kairis. Although Kairis occupied a large part of the continent, the only thing missing was the sea. Since pearls were cultured in freshwater, it was not difficult to obtain them, but gold clams, which are used as mother-of-pearl materials, were not so. Because of this, it was Kairis where it was said that the price of mother-of-pearl was more expensive than the price of gold.

As it was clearly visible that the huge carriage was decorated with such mother-of-pearl, the gaze towards this black carriage did not stop. As a result, it was not uncomfortable for the riders of the white wagon running side by side from the right. The person in the carriage clicked his tongue as he looked at the black carriage outside the window.

“Look at that. It’s just a bunch of money rolling around. Isn’t it too much of a luxury?”

Then the butler, who was sitting on the passenger seat, heard the sound and thought about it through the field window connected to the driver’s seat.

‘They say that gold leaf is cheap. Besides, is now the time to discuss luxury while looking at others?’

Had it not been for the shoes with the finest diamonds that were airlifted from Tensil, the owner of the carriage would not have thought like this.

On the outer wall of the white carriage, a griffin holding a sharp sword was drawn. It belonged to the Marquis of Brissen, the family of Queen Silice. And in the wagon was Lennon Brissen, the second son of the Marquis Bryssen and the chief owner of Bryssen.

“Is it okay if the wagon owner is Siegfried? No. There’s no way the oversized elephants can do that.”

Elephant of Kairis.

It was a reference to Siegfried. It has never coveted the throne for a long time, but it is so powerful that it is called a herbivore that even a wild animal cannot touch.

Lennon, unable to find an answer, said again, unable to contain his curiosity, as there was no other family that could be considered capable of riding such a wagon other than Siegfried.

“What kind of person put so much money on a wagon?”

The butler carefully answered through the window.

“I saw it coming out of Teinansha Street a while ago. But the coat of arms is on the other side, so I don’t know exactly which family’s carriage it is…”

“Teinansha Street?”

“Yes. This is where the wizards gather.”

At the butler’s kind explanation, Lennon frowned and responded.

“I think I asked because I didn’t know. Why are you so ignorant?”

Lennon, who had given the butler an embarrassment with the words that Silicena or Callian would have ridiculed if they had heard it, rolled up the curtains once more and peered into the black carriage. However, thick curtains fell on the windows of the black carriage, so there was no way to know who was riding.

“Did any of the wizards have such wealth?”

“Shall we look at the crest on the other side?”

“Yeah. Let’s do that.”

The butler listened and gave instructions to the coachman.

Soon Lennon’s white wagon slowed down and fell behind, then sped up again to catch up with the other side of the black wagon. Lennon quickly moved her hand to open the curtain on the window.

The inscriptions on the wall began to catch my eye little by little. Lennon frowned and muttered.

“That sentence is complicated. What is that, a flower? One or two flowers.”

The carriage moved a little further forward so that he could see the sentence correctly, and then Lennon, who saw the sentence correctly, rubbed his eyes hard. She then murmured in disbelief.

“What am I doing wrong now…?”

“Seven red flowers and a silver staff, Viscount Bryssen.”

“I don’t know that? Shut your mouth!”

Seven red flowers, a silver wand!

“What’s going on? Huh… I’m going crazy. There’s a riot. How come he’s here, in Kairis? Why is he going to the palace?”

I didn’t know which house the sentence belonged to and told me to shut my mouth, so the butler just blinked and looked ahead.

The two wagons also passed through Einansha Street, where the nobility lived. This allowed nobles other than Lennon to hear about this expensive black mother-of-pearl carriage heading to the palace.

“It looked like a vine with red flowers wrapped around a silver staff?”

“Yes. It was engraved with such a pattern.”

When the nobles heard the shape of the coat of arms on the outer wall of the carriage, they asked their servants: After that, I got a confident answer that it was a sentence that clearly looked like that.

After waving their hands, the nobles all said this.

“You must have seen it wrong.”

hey, maybe

“That Alan Manasil couldn’t have been here.”

After that, with a relaxed smile, she put away everything she was doing and prepared to go to the palace.

* * *

Third day of the festival. 9:30 am.

Arriving at the royal palace with the eyes and interest of many people, Allen showed the invitation he received from the king and entered the palace open door proudly. It was no longer necessary to check whether the threshold of a closed door was high or low.

Allen’s coat of arms engraved on the exterior wall of the black mother-of-pearl was very visible from a distance. So, after meeting with the nobles who had come to greet them in the morning, the chaplain hurriedly informed LeMaine, who was heading to the office, who had come to the royal palace.

“Your Majesty. Alan Manasil came to the Royal Palace a while ago.”

Le Main stopped him.

Alan Manasil. There are only three circle 7 wizards on the continent.

However, unlike the other two, he has a high-spirited talent who has not settled in any country.

LeMaine was also well aware of the power of his name. Because it was no exaggeration to say that Callian said that if he got Allen, he would be nominated for the throne.

Le Main, who lacked a day to run a huge country that occupies half of the continent, so didn’t waste even five minutes on the princes, replied straight away.

“Let me guide you straight to the office.”

Thanks to this, Allen was able to go straight to the Arpia Palace where Le Main was in his own fancy carriage without having to transfer to the small carriage of the royal palace.

9:30 as intended.

Coincidentally, there were a lot of nobles in front of the Arpia Palace at that time.

Due to the delayed schedule during the festival, the royal officials who went to work at the Narsil Pavilion at leisure, the envoys who returned to the Rubia Pavilion after lunch with the foreign affairs officer, and the nobles who came out after the royal reception.

“Isn’t that Alan Manasil’s coat of arms?”

“Heh, I heard that the contract with Rivern was over.”

Many aristocrats who had gathered in this way could see with their own eyes the black mother-of-pearl carriage that would bring trouble to Kairis to a silent stop.

“How did you come to Kairis by the way? Staying in Riverne will be comfortable both physically and mentally.”

“I wonder if it would have been easier to go through something like that? If it hadn’t been for the relationship with King Libern, I’d probably have left sooner.”

“Um? Ah, yes. I didn’t think of it….”

The carriage door opened.

The people behind the scenes discussing the purpose of Alan’s visit to Kyris became quiet for a moment.

One wizard slowly came out, as if waiting for everyone to be quiet. When his distinctive hair color, starting in silver and ending in red, was revealed in the sunlight, the nobility’s mouths opened when he confirmed that Alan Manacil was the real deal.

Alan got off the carriage and looked around leisurely.

The pattern symbolizing the 7th circle was embroidered with gold thread on the red robe that she wore in place of the rags she wore on the first day. His sharp eyes gleamed coldly, and there was a proud smile on his thin lips.

A middle-aged man approached him and gave him a polite greeting.

“Sir Manasil, welcome. I am Raul Hart, the chaplain of the King. Your Majesty is waiting for you, so I will take you right away.”

Since Le Main’s intentions, who sent the chieftain directly, were clear, the aristocrats were in turmoil again. Of course, Alan received this kind of hospitality wherever he went, so he nodded his head as if he was in a familiar situation and entered the palace.

“Are you really thinking of coming to Kairis?”

“If not, what would be the reason? I wonder if Alan Manacil of the world came to congratulate King Kairis on the birthday of His Majesty King Kairis.”

All kinds of thoughts filled the minds of the nobles.

It is natural.

Alan Manacil has come to LeMaine, who lives under the pressure of Silike’s spirit, so he is worried about what will happen next.

“Come this way.”

Meanwhile, Alan’s lips twitched, looking at the back of Raoul’s head as he entered the hallway and saw no one else.

It was because the image of the new disciple with a bright smile came to mind.

‘It’s 9:30, exactly that time. Of course, you must come through the ‘open door’ this time.’

Thanks to this, Allen put on the burdensome clothes that the Wizards’ Union had made but had never worn before and rode on the huge chariot that the King of Libern had given him as a farewell gift. It was the way to the royal palace through the wide open door.

Alan, who arrived at the time when a large number of nobles were gathering near the Arpia Palace, as Kallian intended, smiled silently.

‘I thought you were going to publicize it very widely that the disciple attracted me.’

Soon, the door to LeMaine’s office opened and Alan stepped in.

Le Main sat on the reception sofa in his office with nothing in his hands. Alan greeted Lemain with the same expression and voice he had seen with Callian.

“This is Alan Manasil.”

LeMaine nodded slightly to receive Alan’s greeting.

Although Alan looked very young, he was not as surprised as Callian, as he already knew that he was actually much older than Le Main himself.

“Yeah. Come and sit down.”

Lemain raised his hand slightly and pointed to the sofa opposite, and Alan, who had been walking without hesitation, sat down in front of Lemain. While LeMaine looked at Alan with deep eyes and took a moment to organize what he had to say, Alan took a sip of his own tea.

“I heard about the first day. Apologize for me.”

“It’s the story of the first day…”

Alan, who had been muttering to himself, asked with a soft smile.

“Apologize for what story?”

Lemaine narrowed her eyes.

It was because the meaning of Alan’s words was not smooth.

The only thing that happened in the palace was that the guards were rude. So, of course, I thought I would understand as an apology to him. But Alan was asking what he was talking about. He was curious to know how much LeMain knew about it.

“I’ve only heard of it to the extent that I don’t know why you came. I haven’t heard anything from the 3rd Prince.”

As Duke Sleyman expected, LeMaine did not ask Callian anything. No, I have to say I didn’t ask for anything exactly. So LeMaine didn’t know anything other than that Callian had chased Alan, who was going home in anger with the garrison.

“Then I’ll tell you that I don’t have to apologize. The conversation was enjoyable, and I listened to the explanation at the front door. Of course, rather than listening to the explanation, I think it would be right to say that I was scolded not to grab a pod, but it ended well anyway.”

There was a question in Lemaine’s eyes.

He was wondering if he had just been told that Callian had scolded Alan. Allen’s words continued before Le Main could ask anything about him.

“Your Majesty. Is there a house in Kairis where I can stay?”

LeMaine’s head was complicated by the main point that came straight out without explanation.

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