MTL – 14

< Chapter 4. Until you get the right hand (2) >

Heisha Palace, where her queen Silike stays.

In the backyard there was a greenhouse about the size of Calian’s two rooms combined.

The greenhouse, whose walls and ceiling were all glass, was always full of Renieri leaves. Contrary to the strong smell of the perfume of silicate, there was no special scent in the greenhouse. This is because the mysterious white Renieri flower blooms only one day a year.

In the greenhouse, a white table and chairs were placed, and a beautiful figure of silk as if painted was sitting there.

But Lennon shrugged her shoulders when she saw that her eyes were ferocious.

‘You don’t seem to be in a good mood again… but. It can’t be good.’

On the first day of the festival, the second prince, Franz, came out drunk on the square.

That alone is heartbreaking, but there was another problem. Two days later, no one was swearing at Plantz. The fact that she didn’t even get a glance of her reproach to Plantz because of her calligraphy stimulated her silyche further.

At the same time, Lennon’s heart grew heavy. As soon as she arrived, she was going to tell Kyris that Alan Manasil had arrived, but she thought it would be better not to speak up for her. It’s good news, because even if you don’t go through Lennon, you’ll be able to hear it.

She said, ‘Just give me the shoes and let’s go back quickly.’

Lennon glanced at her butler, who was standing behind her with her cautious mind.

Her butler handed the gift box she was holding in her hand to her maid’s chief, and she opened the lid of the box her maid had handed over and held it in front of Sylike.

“What is this?”

She must have already known everything, but Sylike asked, looking into her box.

It was a pair of pale yellow shoes that matched her silky eyes, with a large diamond in the center of the gold shard that adorned her. Sylike’s eyebrows rose slightly as she glanced through her shoes. will be satisfied

“It is the diamond of Tensil that I mentioned. Didn’t you discover a diamond mine while constructing a canal? It is said to be one of the first products made from rough stones. Do you like it?”

Sylike, who turned her eyes and took a sip of coffee, answered.

“Not bad.”

“I’m glad. So, by the way, what I had planned was…!”

“By the way.”

Lennon’s mouth closed in embarrassment.

After cutting off her Lennon’s horse, Sylike turned her head to look at her maid Jean for a moment.

It was also said that this was the end of her feelings for her shoes. Lennon’s expression slightly distorted when she was stuck on what she was going to say, let alone thanking her.

‘You know how much it costs!’

The maid, Jean, who was not interested in Lennon’s thoughts, showed courtesy with her sullen face, and then took her butler of Lennon and went out of her greenhouse.

“Two months have passed. How is it still?”

Power was in her fists placed on her table. Her voice leaked through her teeth.

Lennon was not surprised by the sudden change in Silike’s face. It was because she knew better than anyone that she was that kind of personality.

Lennon managed to smile and she comforted Sylike.

“That’s probably because of the blessings of the Cispanians.”

“Didn’t you also pay attention to the power of blessing? There are a lot of noises about the 3rd Prince here and there. It’s very annoying.”

Lennon swallowed her dry saliva.

Sylike, who had been pensive in her thoughts as she fluttered her fan, opened her mouth again.

“Send more stuff as soon as you get back. We’ll increase the quantity.”

“Isn’t it dangerous? It’s better to use a different number…!”

Silike didn’t listen to Lennon until the end.

Turning her head and beckoning to her door resembled her attitude as if chasing her flies.

From the mouth of her Lennon there was a small grinding sound. But in the end, Lennon couldn’t even begin to say what she was trying to say, and she was kicked out of the place.

* * *

Le Main immersed herself in her thoughts with her deepened eyes.

‘It’s a house to stay in Kairis.’

Of course, that’s nice.

Still, she was about to call in Alan with the intention of leaving him in Kyris. It was because he decided that he needed Alan’s level of personnel to suppress Silike’s power now.

‘What do you mean by that?’

However, since Allen brought up this story first, it was inevitable that the intention was questioned.

“I saw a red-eyed cat in the plaza and I really liked it.

Lemaine said after being silent for a moment.

“What are you going to teach Callian?”

“Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Alan asked, and picked up a cookie from the table in front of him. Then he cut it in half, put it in his mouth, chewed it well and swallowed it.

It would be said that it was a very rude action to take after receiving the king’s question, but Lemain waited without saying a word. Alan, who soon took a sip of tea and wet his mouth, said with a face full of anticipation.

“Black hair and red eyes. And magic.”

“So…are you saying you’re going to stay in Kairis to teach Prince Callian magic?”

“Not only that, but we also plan to create an environment that cats will love. For that, why not help the landlord with some housekeeping?”

Raising a disciple was an excuse, and the intention was to organize the Silica forces and make Callian the next crown prince.

Of course, that didn’t do any harm to Lemain. Le Main picked up the mug, took a sip and put it down, he asked.

“I can handle it. I know, but the house is a mess right now.”

“It’s my first time trying to grow something. I wonder if I can handle it.”

A seemingly invisible smile appeared on Lemaine’s lips.

“By the way, good cause. Master and disciple.”

priestly relationship with the prince.

This is the most plausible cause for Alan to sit on the Kyris.

Of course, the Marquis of Brissen, including Silike, will try to oppose the prince’s magic education, but the opponent is Alan Manasil.

“I pointed out that I would make Prince Callian my disciple first, so there is no clear reason to stop it at Bryssen. Also, I will not be able to attend magic classes all day, so even if the master who has spare time helps His Majesty to do some work, it will be a hindrance. You can’t do it. It was a pretty decent invitation.”

Hearing these words, Le Main shook his head slightly.

It was because it had a nuance as if Calian had created this cause. But Allen did not add any other explanations for him.

Soon after, Le Main, who had organized his thoughts, answered Alan.

“Yeah. I’ll make you a place to stay. It won’t get any worse if someone with a cat enters the messy house.”

Alan bowed his head lightly and said thank you.

But the conversation was not over. Aside from permission, Lemain continued to ask questions.

“But I’m curious as to why. He’s a kid who said there’s nothing special about it.”

“Isn’t there anything special?”

Alan’s eyes were meaningful as he asked.

“Rather, it was difficult for me to find anything special about Prince Callian.”

Needless to say, the state of health was special.

“I heard that the boy was timid. He said he was afraid of horses, but when I heard that he was chasing after the Lord, it must have been fixed.”

Alan recalled Carlian driving his horse with great skill and standing up against it.

‘Come to think of it. Why earlier…’

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a strange sense of alienation at LeMaine’s words.

“I heard that Randel is like deep water and Plants is like a raging wave. Callian was, well. He was just a quiet kid. I didn’t know he had any talent.”

‘Why do you say you’ve heard everything? like······.’

As if he had never looked at it with direct interest.

“If there was something special, it would have been passed on to me. So I was actually a little surprised.”

Alan, who lifted the car and shook his head, stood up.

Then he walked to the window and looked out over the garden. I thought I should tell a more surprising story.

“Like your Majesty, I got married a little earlier. As a result, I already have a granddaughter who is like a pony.”

For a moment, LeMaine’s fingers twitched.

He knew it, but it seemed like it would take some time to get used to saying something like this to a man who looked younger than him.

Of course, Alan’s ‘more surprising story’ wasn’t his granddaughter’s bragging rights. Alan said, raising his arm with his palm down.

“The last time I looked at it, my hair came to my waist. It’s probably about this… it’s probably bigger now. Then, about this.”

Alan’s arm went up a little more.

She suddenly wanted to talk about the key, but Le Main quietly listened to Alan. Allen, who was staring at LeMaine like that, asked.

“Your Majesty, do you know the heights of the princes? How far will you go when you stand with your Majesty?”

Lemaine did not answer. because I didn’t know

Alan, who expected it to, shifted his gaze and glanced at the papers on the desk.

“I know that sometimes interest is poison and indifference is medicine. I know better than that being busy is no excuse. Were you with the princes yesterday as well? “

Lemaine’s eyes grew cold.

He felt that Allen was now trying to interfere with the king’s private realm.

“Sir Manasil. Excessive interest. You saw me for the first time today. The way I treat my children doesn’t have to match your standards.”

A voice that didn’t bother to hide his feelings of discomfort continued.

“It’s funny to explain this, but I cherish the princes.”

“You really think so?”

Le Main paused his speech for a moment and looked at Alan. He was trying not to get angry anymore because he knew who he was. Lemaine replied, thinking that this wasted conversation must be ended quickly.

“Kalian, who I met with a wonder, that child is especially so. He’s already a sore finger for me before I even bite into it. I’m going to teach him, so I can understand the current attitude,”


Alan laughed briefly.

It was an obvious ridicule that cut off the king’s words.

Anger appeared on Lemaine’s face, but Alan wasn’t the one to care about it. Allen said, looking at Lemayne with an unconcerned expression on his face.

“Then stop listening and take a look.”

“What do you mean?”

Lemaine asked without hesitation as if there was nothing on her mind. What do you mean you should look into it?

‘I’m sure you don’t know anything!’

Alan’s eyebrows rose.

A voice cleared of anger came out.

“Don’t say that your finger hurts before you even try to bite it, but just bite it once. Is it more painful than before or less painful?”


“If you just wait and see, you will lose.”

Lemaine said in a sharp voice.

“Lord Manasil. Speak straight.”

Alan walked back and stood in front of LeMaine.

Alan’s voice changed this time as he remembered Callian’s parched back. He squealed smaller and faster.

“Your skin is blue and your nails are purple under your nails. Your lips are dry and you are breathing hard. A dark light is starting to appear around the edges of your eyes. Instead of getting up, close your eyes and stand still. Feeling dizzy The robes looked like they had been repaired in a hurry. I’m sure they would have reduced the size. How long does it take to make a robe? A month?”

The anger that had appeared on LeMaine’s face slowly disappeared.

I couldn’t answer Alan’s question, so I bit his lower lip. Because he knew what Alan was trying to say.

“Surely, someone told that child…”

Alan cut off Lemaine again.

“Yes. You understand right away. If that’s the case, then you could have recognized it right away. Not anyone else… If it were Her Majesty who has already gone through the same thing once. Because I did, too.”


The name that he had barely put aside came to mind.

“Even if it wasn’t for that, if I had reduced my clothes in just a month, I would have noticed it at a glance. Even if I didn’t know my height or looked at my hands or lips, I should have known that she was so skinny. He should have been a father, not a mage without a sword!”

Le Main bent over his back and covered his face with his hands.

The tips of his hands were trembling. He hadn’t thought of it at all.

“It’s poison….”

“The finger that you loved so much, now bite it a little.”

Alan leaned over and picked up the other half of the cookie. Then he chewed it and swallowed it, looking down at Lemaine. A wretched expression on his face could be seen between the fingers that covered his face.

“Or why don’t you make a face like that now?”

Alan took a step back. Just like what he had done to Callian, it meant that he would not touch Lemain’s heart any further.

“Keep ignorant about this matter. For now, that’s better. But I dared to say that I don’t want this to happen in the future. Please forgive me.”

Alan, who had finished speaking, showed politeness in an undisturbed manner and then left.

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