MTL – 15

< Chapter 4. Until you get a proper hand (3) >

Yan was literally surprised that his eyes popped out.

In fact, anyone would be surprised if someone suddenly appeared in front of them with a shuffling sound.

The fact that he did not shout was largely due to his habit as a servant that he had faithfully built up over the years. If it hadn’t been for it, I would have screamed and ran away right away.

Moreover, as he immediately recognized who this man who appeared out of nowhere was, he even showed the composure of not pouring out the wash water he was holding in her hand on behalf of her maid who sprained her wrist yesterday.

As a result, Yan felt very proud and was able to block the curtain in the bedroom where Callian was sleeping. Then he cried out in a whisper.

“Sir Manasil, what are you doing now!”

It was, of course, Alan who warped in front of Yan.

However, Alan’s expression was somewhat recalled. Alan, with a face as if he had been arguing with someone, pointed his finger toward the bedroom and asked.

“Is the prince still here?”

“The prince is in good condition right now… No. That’s not the problem!”

While talking up to that point, the maids came out from inside the curtains in the bedroom and stopped. He looked surprised, not knowing who Allen was. Jan hastily let her maids out without explanation, then locked the door and dragged Alan into the bathroom on the other side of the bedroom. Meanwhile, he was holding a small basin of washing water in his hand. Because he didn’t want to put it down.

“Come over here at once.”

The prince’s room was equipped with a bedroom and shower, a study and living room, and a toilet and bathroom. There was only one thing missing, and that was the door.

It was created in preparation for the intrusion of an assassin or various accidents. Because of that, Yan, who was embarrassed by the lack of soundproofing just by lowering the curtains in the bathroom, remembered who Allen was and said:

“Write something that calms you down.”


Alan glanced at Jan blankly, then snapped her finger once it became her expression that he understood something. And she cast ‘be quiet’. Soon, a translucent film of silent magic appeared around them.

Yan immediately opened his mouth.

“What kind of disrespect is this?”

Yan wasn’t even surprised that Alan unleashed the magic with only a flick of her finger. To Jan, Alan was nothing more than a rude person who broke into our prince’s room like a flower.

So whether or not Alan’s clothes mean the 7th Circle Wizard. Whether the one you just wrote was the silent magic spell or the Nabal.

The thought was so obvious, Alan asked with a smirk.

“Did you ask me to use magic to chastise you?”

“Because the prince can’t wake up.”

The situation in which the prince’s attendant scolds him for being rude to King LeMaine. Jan’s demeanor wasn’t really good, but he was faithful to what he was supposed to do as a servant,” replied Alan, who understood it graciously.

“He said that outsiders cannot enter the Chermil Palace without permission. It seems that he has not heard from Lemain yet, so he had no choice but to do it.”

“Are you saying you were teleporting or doing something because you didn’t get permission?”

Alan smiled proudly of himself and shook his head.

“It’s a warp. It’s more difficult. I use some magic.”

Yan said with a smile. Warp or Nabal.

“Go away.”

“Isn’t that what you meant to wake me up anyway? I’m waiting for you.”

Jan shook his head resolutely.

“No. It seems that we need to rest a little longer, so we are on our way back.”

Alan looked around as if he had heard nothing.

A huge black bathtub made of onyx stone was placed there, surrounded on all sides by black tiles mixed with gold powder. Alan really admired it, then he said.

“It’s a luxurious place. Old Master, it’s understandable that you’re sleeping after telling you to come to the palace by 9:30.”

“I’m old. You’re very lively.”

Yan muttered a muffled voice.

Then, realizing that the place he entered without a second thought was Calian’s very personal space, Yan was startled and tried to say something. Then Alan, who read that expression, spoke quickly.

“If I go out of here, it’s out of the magic range, is it okay to be noisy now?”

Jan gave him a grim look, but he stopped pushing Alan away. Instead, he once again spoke hard.

“If you have something to tell me, I’ll tell you after you wake up. But don’t wait.”

“I’m here to see the status of the prince. So what can I do with nothing to tell you? I can’t even discuss the status of the prince with you.”

At that, Jan bit his mouth. Of course, I heard that Callian had met Alan. He was also told that he had a priestly relationship.

However, I was not told if Alan was aware of Callian’s condition. Callian had once said he would seek help from a wizard, but he wasn’t sure if he had already told Alan that. So he decided to pretend he didn’t know at first.

“Status. What are you talking about?”

Allen looked at Yan, who was still silent, and eventually pulled out the card he had been trying to save a little bit.

“You. You know me?”

“······· Well, of course you know. Because I heard it from the prince.”

Alan laughed wildly.

Then he brought his face closer to Jan and made a low voice.

“Elephant baby. Don’t be shy. You asked if you didn’t know me.”

Yan’s eyes widened.

It wasn’t Jan who didn’t know that people called Siegfried an elephant. So, more startled than he was when he saw Alan suddenly appear, he scrambled to drop the basin containing the wash water.

– Clink!

Water splashed in all directions. At the same time, Alan snapped his fingers.

A translucent shield was created in front of Allen to prevent water splashing on his clothes. Of course, I had no intention of extending the shield range to Yan, so I became like a wet mouse by myself. For some reason, too much water was pouring out to be called washing water, and Alan’s lips twitched as if he was holding back his laughter, but Yan, surprised, didn’t notice.


“You came to Libern with Daddy Elephant a few years ago. Don’t you want me to pretend you’re a different person just because you’re a little older?”

For a moment, Slayman’s words passed as if brushing through Jan’s ear.

-My son is so naughty, he deserves no one to be suspicious of him.

Yan’s eyes fluttered wildly.

‘No! I got it! It’s been a while since I’ve grown so much, but I was caught right away!’

Maybe it was because of Gwitty, who couldn’t hide it, because of Allen’s ghostly memory and nib, or maybe it was because of Jan’s bronze curly hair and blue-grey eyes.

Or, late at night two days ago, only Alan could know if it was because of the injection of a Swordmaster who was too drunk to meet a friend of a wizard.

He couldn’t understand why he was hiding it, but Alan, who had somehow grasped Yan’s big weakness, laughed and revealed it.

“Wake me up. Sleeping doesn’t make you better, so don’t waste your time.”

Finally, after about 5 minutes, Callian woke up to the sound of Jan’s bell. Then, when he saw Yan’s crotch with his whole body wet, he asked, surprised.

“Is this a festival surprise?”

“·········I am sorry, Prince.”

“Aren’t you crying?”

“I’m not crying.”

Callian couldn’t take it any longer and burst out laughing. Seeing this, Yan looked a little reassured. He had forgotten to tell him that Alan was out there.

“You seem a little better now, Prince.”

Callian’s face when he returned from meeting Alan on the first day of the festival was like death. This was largely due to the fact that he was attacked rather than attacked by Allen at the end of the forced march.

If Jan had known about that, he might have baptized Alan as soon as he saw him.

“Because I slept all day.”

“I don’t know if I should say it’s thanks to Prince Plantz, but I’m glad.”

According to the original schedule, he had to meet with the congratulatory envoy.

However, LeMain found out that Plantz had been drinking and went out to the square. The Kairis nobles knew that Plantz wasn’t like that for a day or two, but the envoys with the elves also didn’t.

Fearing that Plantz would make a mistake in front of them, LeMain did not invite the princes to sit with the delegation.

“Yeah. It’s a good thing that yesterday’s schedule was empty.”

Thanks to this, Callian was lucky to get a long, deep sleep and rest. Jan, who had been thinking about Plantz who had unintentionally helped Kallian, delivered a piece of news.

“Your Highness said that Prince Franz ordered abstinence from alcohol.”

“Are you forbidden?”

“It is said that you do not bring alcohol to Prince Plantz, and he only tells you to give him drinks when drinking.”

If that Le Main had even said such a thing, it seems that there were not many voices of concern.

Callian said with a laugh.

“I’m not going to eat too much. Drink enough to get drunk even with the blessings.”

“So it seems that Prince Franz’s attendants are very concerned.”

Carly Ann’s gaze, nodding his head, turned to the curtain blocking the bedroom. Then Yan, who had thought of Allen, said in a low voice.

“Ah, Lord Manasil is waiting for you.”


I was surprised. For some reason, I didn’t draw the curtains.

Even though she couldn’t see anything, Alan looked straight into Carlyan’s face and waved one of her hands. Callian hurriedly bowed his head to Alan, showing his courtesy. “He didn’t like it,” said Yan, who looked at him.

“I was forced to come here because I had something to confirm with the prince. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah. Good job.”

Callian, who had been examining the correlation between Yan’s humiliation and his teacher’s visit for a moment, could not give an answer and nodded his head. After that, he first put on simple clothes. He had to eat lunch and change into a uniform for an afternoon event.

After all preparations were made, the curtains were lifted.

“I’ll tell you to prepare so that the two of you can eat together.”

“Ah. I’m done. I have to go right away.”

After Jan and her maids were out, Carlyan was finally able to talk to Alan.

She bowed her head once more to Alan, whom Carlyan had been waiting for. Alan then waved his hand and said,

“Don’t do that anymore. It’s done.”

“Yes, Master.”

Callian asked as he sat down in front of Alan.

“What did you come here for?”

It was true that he had told me the right time to come to see Le Main in the morning, but she did not know that she would come to see her, so it was a question that came up.

Alan took one of her pockets from her arms and handed it to Callian.

“Don’t forget to take one every day.”

It was a red, undecorated pouch. When I opened it, I found a bunch of translucent beads that gave off pearls.

“What is this?”

“The prince has two problems right now. One is that mana does not work.”

Instead of answering, Alan, who said this, spread her two fingers out.

Callian flinched and pushed her back. It was an instinctive evasion. Alan said with a smirk.

“It’s enough to check once. Don’t worry, I won’t be pouring mana anymore.”

Thanks to that, he would know that he had been ill all day.

Callian laughed bitterly.

“And the other thing is that the prince’s body is drying up now.”

“It’s about Mana and her physical condition. I didn’t even say a word, but it’s amazing how you know so well.”

Alan asked, who replaced her answer with a mere nod of her head.

“Your prince has the power of the blessing of the Cispanians.”

“Yes. That’s right. The power to heal and increase affinity for magic.”

“Have you ever thought that it’s a rather strange combination. Healing power and magic.”

I knew a little about him.

Callian answered, recalling the memories of the old Calian that came to mind when he had similar thoughts.

“I thought that the power of blessing is the power that strengthens the heart after all. Because the source of mana and life is all in the heart.”

“Yes. That’s right. The Cispanian gave a blessing that strengthens the power of the heart. If so, the prince’s healing powers must have disappeared, is that right? It turns out that there are three problems.”

Callian remembered the day he was wounded by a knife thrown by Franz. In the end, it took two weeks for all the wounds to heal.

Callian opened his mouth, remembering that he had been working hard to hide his wounds in case something strange would come out.

“Yeah. It’s gone too. If that’s the case, do you have a heart problem?”

Callian stared at his pill pouch placed in his hand.

Alan shook his head, wondering if it was a drug to fix his heart.

“It’s not a cure.”

“Then what is this?”

Alan said, biting his tongue.

“The prince is not heartbroken and mana is not blocked, so don’t worry.

Callian’s eyes grew cold.

“Is it poison?”

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