MTL – 16

< Chapter 4. Until you get the right hand (4) >

okay. There was obviously something wrong with his body.

“At first, it was because I didn’t go out, so I gave it up, and after feeling the pain in my heart, I thought it was a mana problem. I was also worried that there was something wrong with my heart.”

It seems that wasn’t all.

“Then this would be an antidote.”

“Yes. I made it in a hurry, but it was confirmed that it was detoxified, so by the time you finish eating it, you will be well. Then I will start watching the prince’s magic from then on.”

Kalian’s gaze didn’t stop falling from his pill pouch.

Alan stared at Callian like that and began to explain calmly as if he was talking about a third person, not Callian.

“Tacrimosa is a poisonous poison. It is made by mixing some poisonous herbs with the blood and venom of a snake called crimosa. If the prince who was healthy until yesterday died suddenly, it would be strange, so I guess I wanted to make it look like he was slowly getting sick. Silver will be healed by the power of blessing, so it must have been a steady intake of a small amount of poison.”

It’s cruel indeed.

Callian was only fourteen.

The only thing he did wrong was that he resembled Freya.

“For that to happen, it would have to be something that had no odor, no taste, no reaction to silver, showed symptoms similar to those of a disease, and was easily available in large quantities to feed it for a long time. .”

Callian bowed his head again without answering.

Alan continued his explanation. What he was talking about now was the information he had learned the day before, sitting in the building of the Wizards’ Association and roasting the wizards living in Teinansha.

“If it wasn’t for the power of blessing… It feels like the healing power has disappeared, and when I try to use my mana, I have a rejection reaction. I’m already tired and I’m going to die, but when I say I’m going to use my strength again, I can only scream that it hurts.”

Callian tried to close the medicine pouch, but it fell out of his hand. So some pills fell on his lap. Callian hurriedly picked it up and put it back in.

His pick-up fingers were trembling.

It wasn’t because of fear. It was anger.

‘Kalian was clearly assassinated. It wasn’t poison. Seeing that I was unable to use mana from the beginning, I did not change the situation and became poisoned. So it becomes a story that they poisoned Callian even in the original past.’

Another question raised by such a fact raised an unbearable anger.

“······ Why.”

Carly Ann, clutching the pockets in his hands, looked at Alan.

‘Why did you strangle a child who was already dying!’

Alan’s shoulders twitched for a moment.

It was because he saw a life full of life in his red eyes. It disappeared without a trace as if it had happened soon, but it was definitely not the kind of eyes that a boy could have.

“I’m sorry, Master. I never thought of that.”

At Carly Ann’s words, Alan responded, trying to shake the gaze he had seen a moment ago from his mind.

“········The sword that flies in front of your eyes is not the only sharp thing. Sometimes the invisible is sharper.”

Callian took Alan’s words deeply into his heart.

The sword master is not harmed by poison. Because he was vigilant.

Bern, who has also experienced battlefields where various assassination attempts are rampant regardless of method. But he was vigilant.

He said, ‘He was bound by the fact that he was strangled, so he didn’t suspect poisoning.’

Despite the obvious symptoms, he did not think of poison.

It was a big mistake that no one else, Calian, should have made.

“Are you seriously addicted?”

“To me, it seemed like today and tomorrow.”

Callian laughed. He asked, feeling Alan’s words relieved his mood.

“If I take poison and antidote together, will it still get worse?”

Alan’s expression contorted.

“Don’t do that. It will slow you down, but it will end up being dangerous.”

“How much will you delay?”

“I’m not a healer, so it’s hard to say. It will be ten days or a full moon.”

Callian had a satisfied expression on his face.

“If it’s delayed that much, that’s enough. Let’s eat together.”

“Are you really saying you want to take poison and medicine together?”

Is this an insult, an insult, or an insult?

“Yes. It may be a simple abnormality of the body, but if it is poison, it must be dealt with with caution. It is a situation where you cannot say not to eat right away.”

Looking into Alan’s worried eyes, Callian continued.

“It seems that I drink tea every morning. Other than that, I don’t eat the same thing every day. However, I always drank it in front of everyone. I don’t doubt the maids, but it seems that one case should not be overlooked.”

maybe, really maybe.

‘The old Callian might have noticed that he was slowly becoming addicted. She may have rejected the poisoned tea.’

Had Silicke known that Callian had noticed that her car was poisoned, she could have sent an assassin to the already poisoned, dying child. If she were silica, she would definitely have.

‘From now on, if I get bitten by a car, I’ll use a different method, but my situation is different then and now, so it’s hard to be sure what they’re going to kill with.’

Alan opened her mouth to Carlin as she was organizing her thoughts.

“Prince. If that’s the case because there is no evidence to catch the criminal, don’t worry. In recent months, the evidence of bringing in a lot of snakes saying they use leather at the top of Brissen has already been collected, and the Wizards Association is investigating it in various ways.”

In just one day, Alan learned so much.

“Thank you. I’ll just leave it as the last card. But that alone won’t catch the silique. We’ll have to find another way.”

Not only that, but it’s amazing that you’ve gathered evidence as well. Not knowing how many wizards were mobilized to figure this out, Callian simply smiled.

“Until I find a way, Silike shouldn’t know that I noticed that the car was poisoned. But I drank it in front of all the maids. There’s no way to get rid of it without eating it. You have to keep drinking.”

“Besides, Jan and the other maids get hurt when it’s known that there’s been a problem with the morning tea. You’ve been poisoning me for so long that I won’t be able to get through.”

“The baby elephant would be fine.”

At Alan’s muttering to himself, Callian asked.


“No. By the way, how do you believe that servant so much?”

To that question, Callian answered, raising his hand and pointing at her face.

“I can’t lie. Here, my face is all over.”

Then he looked at her right palm. There was a small but clear scar, which she had suffered from her work with Plantz.

I remembered Yan holding her hand and crying like a child.

“And just. I believe.”

Alan nodded his head silently.

Callian continued.

“Since it’s not a poison that needs to be used for a day or two, he must have taken into account the possibility that Silikee would also be found out. Nevertheless, to force it would mean that he had a sure way to get out of it. ‘Cause I’ve done it.”

It reminded me of Silike’s attitude at dinner with Viscount Lennon Brissen. It was clearly an attitude that there was nothing to take.

“If it happens, I can’t catch Silica and only lose my person. Rather, they’ll accuse me of being framed. That way, even if an assassin is picked up or exposed to another poison, it’s difficult to stop it.”

Alan let out a sigh that rose from the depths.

“So, we’ll eat together until we get a proper tile, at least until we find a way to completely give up the poison alone. After that, we’ll have to stop any visible knives from flying.”

Alan looked at Carlian with a complicated face.

Callian smiled and picked up an antidote.

“Then, I’ll eat it thanks.”

Then, without hesitation, he put it in his mouth and swallowed it. Alan saw it and raised his eyebrows.

“You were suspicious and told me to pick it up and eat it? What if it’s a real poison?”

“Then it has nothing to do with it. It means that Master didn’t believe me as much as I believed, so it’s not my fault for not trusting me.”

Alan said with a smirk.

“You’re slurring a word.”

“These words come out of the mouth that flirted with Alan Manacil.

As if receiving compliments, Callian answered with a proud face.

Allen, who had been silent for a while looking at Callian, asked.

“Okay. Now what else can I do?”

It was more than enough just to tell them how to live, but Callian still needed Alan’s help a lot. Callian answered in a quiet voice.

“Tomorrow evening, please take me out of the palace just once.”

That was enough to do.

Alan nodded his head.

“I’ll take you again and again.”

* * *

– Jarreuk.

He tossed the medicine pouch in his hand slightly upward and picked it up, and there was the sound of detoxifying medicines rolling.

After Alan’s death, Callian was now not keeping his first promise with Jan. He was in deep thought, fiddling with his pockets, not touching his lunch.

Jan had anxious eyes, knowing that Kalian had a conversation with Alan that had to do with her health. Still, he just stood there without saying a word.


The pill pouch made a noise again in Callian’s hand.

“······ Jan.”

“Yes, Prince.”

“In ten days, do you have a schedule for nobles to attend?”

“There is a little bit more for the time being because the schedule with the nobles was suspended for the month before the festival.”

That’s unfortunate. Callian nodded his head.

“What specifically?”

As if to think of Kali An’s schedule for a moment, Jan lowered his gaze for a moment and organized his thoughts. Then I started listing the closest ones.

The schedules going out of the palace, and the schedules going on inside, flowed out like a stream. Hearing Yan’s words, Callian’s face became tired.

‘There are many!’

Callian raised his hand slightly to stop his explanation.

“Okay. That’s enough. Thank you.”

“Yes, Prince.”

Now Callian was thinking about how to get Silike to give up poison.

There was one way that came to my mind while talking to Alan. That was the only thing the current Callian could try in ten days. So she told Alan that she was going out of the palace, and she had an appointment with the nobles that fit just in time.

But it was a bit risky.

So the trouble was long.

– If you want to take your opponent’s hand, you must bet yours first.

Suddenly, the words of Bern’s father, Devlan, who is now King of Sekritia, crossed his mind.

‘At times like this, I think about it. father.’

Thanks to this, Callian was eventually determined to take his risk.

And as he was about to get up, he looked at Jan.

At the face that appeared as if the words “I can’t eat some rice” appeared, Calian smiled and sat down on the road. Then he placed the pocket in his hand on the table.

The squeaking sound rang out again.

Naturally, Yan’s gaze followed his pocket. It was obvious that he was very worried, so Calian took away some truth and gave an explanation.

“It’s a drug. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine by the time you’re done eating. Instead, about this,”

Callian, who had said so far, paused for a moment, and Yan, who noticed Calian’s intentions, answered first.

“Yes. I’m not going to talk about it anywhere else. Don’t worry.”

Is it fast or slow?

Callian smiled and started a late meal.

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