MTL – 17

< Chapter 5. This is too blatant (1) >

The time Calian had just started lunch.

The atmosphere of the aristocrats gathered in the hall on the first floor of the Senyu Building was unusual. It was obviously the last day of the festival, but the atmosphere was more noisy than the first day.

– On the second day of the festival, Archmage Alan Manasil entered the Wizards’ Association and stayed there all day.

– The association’s wizards started moving suddenly, but I can’t figure out why.

As these news spread rapidly, an unbelievable story came along.

– The first person Alan Manacil met as a priest was none other than the 3rd Prince Calian.

– About this, information has been obtained that the conversation with King LeMain has already ended.

The confusion of the nobles, who weighed the impact of their meeting, became an unstoppable wave and spread all over the place.

However, there were places where this news had not been delivered.

It was because the person who heard the news did not wake up until late in the morning.

There was a commotion outside the door of the room where he was sleeping. At the same time, the door swung open and a voice called out to him urgently. It was a high-ranking servant who always woke him up.

“Prince. Wake up. Prince!”

His attendant neither spoke in a quiet voice nor rang the bell. Standing outside the bedroom covered by the curtains, I called out loudly to him.


After the servant called him once more, the closed eyelids opened slightly, revealing the light green eyes. Even in unusual scenery, he slowly got up as if something troublesome had happened.

He grabbed his forehead with one hand, as if his head was hurting, and opened his mouth with an annoyed expression.

“What is this… what are you doing?”

A servant stood outside the curtain. It was evident that he was restless as to what was so anxious. The servant hurriedly opened his mouth once again.

“Prince Plantz, you must get up…!”

At that moment, another In-young, who appeared behind the servant, stretched out his arm, pushed the servant to the side, and pulled the curtain.

A strong scent engulfed the entire room.

Renieri scent.

Franz frowned and stood up from his seat.

“Don’t go in.”

I didn’t ask if I could go in.

It always was.

It was a person who didn’t know how to ask questions first and be considerate.

A white finger pulled the curtain back. After that, the hem of the mint-colored dress and the pale yellow shoes at the end of it entered Franz’s bedroom. It was silica.

Behind Silike, Franz’s attendant came along. It was evident that he was confused and did not know what to do. He didn’t happen once or twice, but he still didn’t seem to get used to it.

Plants waved his hand once, as if to ask the servant to go out, and the servant greeted him deeply and went out in dismay.

– Click.

With the sound of the door closing, Sylike covered his face with a fan. It must have been a frown, so Franz didn’t look at her face.

Silike said, looking around the room slowly.

“The smell of alcohol vibrates.”

The smell of alcohol was not even felt because it was covered by the scent of Renieri.

Instead of mentioning it, Plantz without a word tapped his finger at the glass placed by the bed. It was an act of asking if there was no choice but to smell because I drank it. Of course, Le Main’s prohibition of alcohol was also an attitude that did not matter.

Silica’s eyes changed terribly.

Aside from those eyes, a still calm voice emanated from behind the fan.

“I’m only fifteen now. I’m not old enough to be addicted to alcohol. Besides, I have to leave soon, but I haven’t woken up yet.”

For a moment, Plantz felt as if he could hear Lemain’s voice overlaid behind the papers.

It wasn’t until after attending his 15-year-old coming-of-age ceremony that Plantz got his hands on alcohol. Even so, it was not a problem that he could understand even living with the smell of alcohol all the time.

This time, he even did that and went out of the palace.

“What disappointment is this?”

“I didn’t mean to say that.”

Franz lifted up the glass with the leftovers from his drink.

It was difficult to tell whether the eyes were awake or not awake from alcohol. What was clear was that he did not seem to have any intention of having a conversation.

“Why did you come?”

Power entered Silike’s hand holding the fan. It was an act to contain his anger, but he didn’t see it either.

“If you keep looking like this, what will your Highness think? No matter how hard this mother tries,”

“I don’t want to hear that… things like that.”

languid voice.

Silica’s eyes trembled. Soon Silike once again cleared his voice and said:

“You’re starting to lose your habit. You didn’t do that when you talked with your Highness, did you?”

‘We had a conversation. I.’

Plants, who opened his eyes slightly, smirked.

“Why did you come. Just say that and go.”

Having said that instead of answering, Franz stood up from his seat. He didn’t even care about the loose clothes. He was just full of expression that he didn’t want to talk anymore.

“Kalian has a wizard on his back. Alan Manacil, the nobles are already agitated that the wizard has adopted Callian as a disciple.”


The feet of Plantz, who were walking past the silicate and headed for the sofa, stopped for a moment. Franz looked down and saw the glass of wine in his hand. The wine in the glass was swaying.

But that’s all, Franz showed no other reaction.

“That’s it.”

Silike turned to Plantz.

He knew what he meant, and why he was running like this, and not the unintelligible Plantz. So Silike asked instead of explaining further.

“Are you going to keep disappointing me like this?”

“Don’t do it. Trying hard.”

Franz did not answer Silike’s question. Instead, he brought up the words he had talked about countless times.

Silike tried to speak his words again, but Franz stopped him.

“Because it’s annoying.”

Soon, Franz raised his hand holding his glass and pointed at the door. Silike stood for a long time looking at such Plants. However, as time passed, Franz’s hand did not come down.

“······ Today’s place to go, and the future place to go. Come out without being late.”

The fan was folded, and Sylike looked at Plantz’s face once more.

“Don’t let anything stand in your way.”

Silike swung his body as it was and went out.

Soon the door closed with a bang. Franz lowered the hand that was pointing at the door.

He clenched his fists and threw it against the wall, staring blankly at the glass he was holding for a while.

– Clang!

Shattered glasses were scattered everywhere. The back of his hand was cut by the shards of glass that had protruded, and blood was dripping out.

The servants and maids, who were watching from the outside, heard the sound of the glass being shattered and rushed in. Plants, who was hanging over his shoulders, said as he looked at the drops of blood running down the tips of his fingers.

“get out.”

“Prince, your hands are bleeding. Healing…!”

“Get out! Get out! Get out!”

······ Calian!

* * *

After eating, Callian changed into the prince’s uniform.

Whether the antidote is already working, breathing has become a little more comfortable. It was probably the reason why he didn’t drink morning tea thanks to Alan’s rush to prepare.

While the maids combed Kalian’s hair and gave her a final check, Yan, standing next to him, explained the final schedule of the festival.

“You’re going to see a horse show soon, but it’s outside the palace, so you’ll have to move for about an hour. And after that, there’s a ball at 8 o’clock.”

The princes also took riding lessons, and the reason why they saw a riding performance on the King’s birthday was because LeMaine liked horses, and there was no other special reason. After all, being with Raven was something Callian liked too, so she had no other complaints.

“Is that the show you canceled at the top of Bryssen?”

“Yes, that’s right. Didn’t Viscount Bryssen personally come and have dinner with the princes about that?”

Performances large enough for the king to attend were usually hosted by large podiums. There was also no theater company that had that many people, and it was also because most of the large concert halls were owned by the upper level.

“So, we decided to host this concert at the top of Pollun.


‘I’m used to it. what?’

Callian furrowed his eyebrows.

Kalian’s eyes, which had been in her thoughts for a moment, opened.

“Baron Falun.”

Yan nodded her head and explained.

“Yes. A young baron named Melfir Folun, who is said to be very smart and resourceful. But, whatever the circumstances, this time it was like giving up the performance in Bryssen.”

Callian laughed.

‘I don’t want to be hanged, so I have to yield.’

Callian’s eyes lit up as she remembered that it was their circumstances that she couldn’t answer out of her mouth. Kallian remembers Melphir Fallun because of something quite famous even known to Sekritia.

A whopping royal family, and even the first prince, were injured in an accident.

The structure temporarily installed for the performance collapsed when the royal family came out after the equestrian performance. And at that time, Randel, who was on the stairs, was hit by a collapsed structure and fell down one floor.

He was not life-threatening, but he had been told that his leg had been broken and that he had been recuperating in a tensil for about a month.

‘That was now. I’ve seen LeMaine perform so many horseback performances, I never thought that it would happen at today’s show.’

Callian, who had reached there, tapped his knee with his finger.

‘It wasn’t just an accident.’

There were traces of the rope that secured the structure being cut with a sharp object. It wasn’t enough to prove that Melfir was trying to harm Randel, but it was King Tensil’s grandson who was injured. As a result, Tensil was very dissatisfied, and in the end Lemaine sent Melfir to the gallows.

Hearing about this, I had a conversation with Chase about whether it was too hasty, even though it was a poor attack for the royal family. Chase seemed to have figured something out, but he didn’t tell Berne, and Bern struggled for a while to get it right. Thanks to that, he still remembered.

‘I think there is no chance that the culprit was Polun.’

Unless you’re a real idiot, there’s no way you can’t go against the royal family by making such glaring evidence in your own concert hall. As Yan said, if you were quite smart and resourceful, you wouldn’t have thought of using this performance as an opportunity to step up to the gallows.

‘As expected, Brissen is the most suspicious… Why did you aim for Randel? That’s enough to hurt. Or did you simply aim for the top of the polun?’

Was there any reason why Polun would be so intimidating as to even touch the tensil to the royal family for that?

Regarding the top, neither Bern nor the old Calian remembered much. Callian’s brow grew narrower.


At the sound of Yan’s voice next to him, Kalian stopped his thoughts and turned his head. Then Yan said cautiously.

“Are there any inconveniences?”


He looked in the mirror with his brow furrowed and didn’t say anything, so it seemed that Yan was paying attention. Callian smiled and shook his head.

“No. I was thinking about something.”

Come to think of it, when I spend time in front of the mirror, Yan is always anxious. How many times did the old Callian break the replacement mirror?

Callian stood up from his seat and said in a calm voice.

“The mirror is fine now, so don’t worry.”

“Yes, Prince.”

Yan had a puzzled face when he heard what he was thinking. Pretending not to see it, Callian asked another question.

“Is Baron Falun coming to say hello during today’s performance?”

“Usually, during a performance, the host sits next to His Majesty. We will say hello before the performance begins.”


It was not clear why Brissen intervened.

Somewhere there is a stinky smell that vibrates.

‘I’m going to have to save it for a while and check it out.’

So, like this, I decided to save Melphir Fallun first and try to figure out the situation.

Let me know what you think!

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