MTL – 18

< Chapter 5. This is too blatant (2) >

Couldn’t be more arrogant than this.

It was Calian’s impression of seeing his horse Raven.

Now Raven was walking with his head stiffened among the people who were split like waves. It was obvious that he enjoyed the pouring gaze, seeing him make his multifaceted hooves louder in the presence of people.

‘I’ve seen a lot of horses, but I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a guy like this.’

Callian turned his head, looking at Raven’s black mane, which shook with every step he took. Come to think of it, isn’t this the first time he’s seen the outside of the royal palace properly after waking up from Kairis?

He had gone out to the plaza to meet Alan, but it was night and he couldn’t afford to look around because he couldn’t think of anything else but Alan.

‘Certainly, chiresis is well organized. It’s amazing that this road continues to the cities throughout Kairis.’

It was hard to stop admiring the royal road he was walking on right now.

In fact, it can’t be without the guts of a powerful country.

He could feel the confidence that he did not worry that the enemy might come along this road.

‘You must have come to Sekritia through this road.’

The last memories come to mind without a way to escape.

Thanks to this, Callian’s gaze naturally turned to Franz.

Franz sat on his horse and closed his eyes.

‘······ Temperament.’

There were visible cuts on the back of the hand that held the handle of the saddle.

‘He only thought he was his son, he didn’t know he was on a bad relationship.’

That morning, Callian unintentionally heard shouts coming out of Franz’s room. Because the weather was nice, and the window was open, and there was Plantz’s room right above Callian’s.

Also, Calian was quite surprised to hear what Jan said that Silike had arrived. It was because he unexpectedly found out that Plantz and Sylike were not on good terms.

“Prince, it seems that we are almost there now.”

A little Jan’s voice was heard.

Carlin, who had struggled to contain his thoughts, turned his gaze away from Plantz and looked around.

It was not as much as the mansion on Einansha Street, the residence of the nobles, but it was located in a place where buildings with a fairly luxurious exterior were lined up. It was a street called Astricia, where high-end shops and cultural facilities for the aristocrats were gathered. At the end of this street, the Polun Top-owned performance hall was the destination for today.

The children who watched the procession of the king from afar caught his eye.

‘Looking at his clothes, he’s not a noble…’

When I smiled a little at the group, which seemed to be the children of commoners, I could see that they were startled. Calian, who thought that his appearance was very innocent, spoke out a word involuntarily.

“The children are so cute.”

“You look older than the prince.”

At Yan’s reply, now with a look of nonsense, Calian smiled awkwardly. It was because it did not take for granted that I was still young.

But there was another child standing a little further away from the crowd, staring at the procession.

There were Caera knights wearing uniforms and escorting Le Main in the place where the child with a shabby appearance could be clearly compared with the surrounding commoners.

While everyone was looking at the royal couple and the princes, the eyes that were looking elsewhere were unfamiliar to him, so Calian turned his gaze towards them without realizing it.

The smile faded from Callian’s face.

“······ Kyrie?”

Light blue hair that stands out from afar.

A little dark skin and already tall.

He had a very similar appearance to the child that Callian had come to and wanted to be an escort, but it was difficult to accurately identify it due to the distance. As soon as I got a sense of wanting to get closer and check it out, I heard Jan’s bewilderment next to me.

“Why is he suddenly…!”

Looking at Yan in surprise, he saw Yan holding Raven’s reins with a puzzled face.

This time, Raven, who had read what Callian wanted, was trying to turn to the side. Callian hurriedly stroked Raven’s neck and whispered.

“No, Raven. You can’t do that now. You can’t go.”

Raven, who had been stubborn, walked again, looking ahead. Jan, startled by the sudden action, sighed in relief and said to Callian.

“I’m sorry, Prince.”

“It’s because of me. It’s okay.”

After answering that, Callian looked to the side again, but before he knew it, his light blue-haired child had disappeared. With eyes like Callian looking for something he missed, he looked around.


An orphan who lost a lot in Kairis and came to see Sekritia. And a genius swordsman.

Bern, who recognized Kyrie’s talent, took him away and taught the sword herself, and Kyrie sacrificed her life in return.

On the last day of Bern, he fends off the rain of arrows flying towards Bern with his body.

‘wait. I’ll find out somehow.’

Callian had to postpone his meeting with Kyrie, trying to calm his racing heart.

“Prince. It has arrived.”

After that, when Yan’s voice was heard again, the knights began to move around and defend their surroundings.

I see the concert hall.

The outer wall was made of stone, and the shape made of black and white granite reminded me of the Narsil coffin of a royal palace.

Soon after, Callian got off Raven’s back, and Jan gave Raven’s reins to a servant in the hall.

“The prince is particularly fond of words, so please treat them with care. Definitely. Very, very carefully.”

Because Jan knew Raven’s temper well.

‘Without a prince, I’m very angry.’

 With that face, he forgot to say this.

When he turned his head, he noticed that the red carpet, which was supposed to have been laid for the king’s family, was extended to the main entrance of the concert hall.

“Welcome. It is such an honor to have you like this.”

And, Melfir Fallun caught my eye.

* * *

Melphir Fallun.

He was a round-looking man with short gray hair.

The first impressions of Lennon Bryssen, the top owner of Bryssen, and Melfir Folun, the top owner of the top of Polun were markedly different. In that brief moment of greeting, Melfir made eye contact with all of the king’s family and smiled.

It is an act of looking at her opponent and trying to leave an impression on her. Lennon, who opened her mouth without thinking, was different from Lennon in the sense of weight.

“I’ll take you inside.”

Having said this, Melfir himself led the way.

As he followed, Callian looked around to determine where the accident had occurred. Before long, Calian’s eyes lit up at a certain point.

‘That’s it.’

It wasn’t difficult to find a problematic factor.

It was a large basket that seemed to contain flower petals to decorate the finale of the performance. It was the only temporary structure tied with ropes.

The performance hall was in the form of an oval-shaped playground in the center, and eight floors of audience seats wrapped around the periphery. There was a special seat in the center of the audience, and it was the seat for the royal family. A basket hung above it.

‘I’m talking about falling. Does that mean that the knights did not check in advance?’

Obviously, there were knights who accompanied me to this place.

The knights of the Royal Guard, Caera, escorted only LeMaine closely, and the knights of the Royal Knights Pavel were in charge of escorting the royal family other than LeMain or looking at the surrounding people and items. So that rope must have been checked by Pavel.

‘If there was an accident even after the inspection, it would mean that Pavel knew it and pretended not to know or didn’t check it at all.’

Of course, Pavel was the Knights Templar in Brissen’s hands.

Callian grunted silently.

‘There is no one in the world to trust.’

As soon as the king’s family went up to the special seat, all the spectators who had already filled the seats stood up and gave a welcome applause. Le Main responded by raising his hand towards them. Then Mel Fir raised his arm and pointed to the seat.

“Come this way.”

Lemain and Silike sat down in their respective seats, and Randel and Franz walked to their seats behind them. As always, Callian made the last move.

Callian slowed his pace.

With an unusually slow pace, she brushed past Mel Fir and opened her mouth in a very low voice.

“I’m nervous over my head. Take a look.”

For a brief moment, Melphir’s gaze reached Calian.

But Callian walked to his seat and sat down with his eyes closed as if he had not said anything.

Mel Fir also showed no other reaction and stood upright with his slightly bent waist.

‘I can’t explain it in more detail because I’m not in a situation where I can help out. Still, if you’re a top-tier stock, you’ll probably have that much sense.’

If Mel Fir didn’t understand what he was saying and had an accident, he was going to pull Randel and keep him from getting hurt. If it is not revealed that Randel was the target, Mel Fir will also save his life.

Melfir’s gaze rested on his seat next to LeMain. Throughout the performance, he was able to converse with Le Main without interruption from other nobles. Of course, it wasn’t easy for Baron Melfir to get the chance to sit next to Lemain for such a long time.

The worries didn’t last long.

Melfir turned around. Callian with a face that didn’t seem to even care about him came into view.

Mel Fir bit his mouth once, then he spoke to Le Main.

“Your Majesty. During the performance, I have been directing directly from below. So it seems that I will have to leave my seat inevitably. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah. I see.”

Callian smiled slightly.

‘You’re smart.’

At the words of Callian, he immediately gave up the opportunity to have a conversation next to Lemain. It is said that he is prudent enough to place more importance on emergency situations than immediate gains.

With Lemain’s consent, Melfir left.

– It is an infinite honor to meet you.

Not long after, the performer walked out of the middle of the stadium.

The host, who put one hand on his navel and bowed his back toward the special seat, greeted the audience once again.

– And to all the spectators who gathered here, we welcome you.

The audience responded with loud applause. The presenter spoke.

– The Astricia Fallun concert hall where you are sitting is located in a very historic place. This is the place where I am standing, where His Majesty King Hatsara held up the words of Queen Sispanian, who was about to return after the war between the two gods was over!

The audience laughed in unison.

It’s because they all say the same thing at all the horse riding venues in Kairis.

The host, who drew the audience’s attention, trembled with a serious face and heightened the atmosphere.

– Then we’ll start the show so you don’t have to wait any longer.

After saying goodbye, the host went inside and the full-fledged performance began.

The jockeys who came out with several horses performed various stunts, such as standing on a horse’s handstand and passing under the bridge of a running horse.

Callian was looking at him with a slightly bored look. Most of them were things that he had done easily. Of course, most of the audience, who would not have such ability, rejoiced and liked it.

Silike was still holding the fan, but with every close feat she covered her face with it, making a gesture as if she couldn’t see properly.

Silica was sitting in front of Callian diagonally, and the performance was unfolding in that direction, so Calian had to watch what Silica was doing.

‘Where did the silicate that said you would kill me as if to listen?’

Carlin, who couldn’t stand the abomination any longer, turned his head. Then, this time, his eyes met with Plantz, who was staring fiercely at Callian.

Still, on the way home, Kyrie’s death came to mind, and her feelings for Plantz were revived. Because of this, Callian did not hide his hateful expression and looked at Plantz.

At that moment, the rider on top of the running horse jumped out of the saddle and landed perfectly in the saddle of another horse running from behind.

The audience cheered with great applause, and Plantz’s mouth was opened in the noisy gap.

There was a terrifyingly eerie and gloomy sound, but small enough that only Callian could hear.

“Unpleasant, sneaky, cunning.”

It was said to Carlian.

I don’t know what else he didn’t like, but Plantz looked at Callian and started talking like this.

“You don’t even know my subject.”

In this absurd situation, where Silike poisons and Franz swears, Callian’s eyes became fierce.

‘Crazy, did you run away!’

Callian, who almost ran into Plantz for a moment, managed to remember that there was a lot of attention around him. He said to himself that he didn’t have to deal with this place.

Callian closed his eyes and opened them.

The eyes and expression on which he stood were erased like a lie, and he returned to the expressionless face he had used to treat Plants. Seeing this, Franz’s mouth twisted.

“It’s disgusting. I vomit.”

It wasn’t Franz.

He didn’t know how to control his anger by paying attention to his surroundings. Plantz continued to speak as if chewing and spitting.

“…that vulgar and filthy blood flowing through you.”

Randel raised her eyes and looked at Plantz.

The gaze of the knights and servants standing behind them was no different. Everyone saw the plant.

and Lemaine.

His sunken eyes also turned to Franz.

This is because, in the place where the first part of the performance was over and the audience’s voice disappeared, Franz’s voice resounded clearly, and everyone in the special seat could hear him.


Silica’s eyes contorted miserably.

There was a silence where no breath could be heard.

Callian, unable to hide his expression, raised his hands and covered his face.

Kallian’s mouth, which was covered by his white hands, drew a long arc.

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