MTL – 19

< Chapter 5. This is too blatant (3) >

Callian put her hands away and lifted her head.

She was so angry that she kept her face stiff.

It is natural. The person who should be the most angry in this place right now is not Callian.

Of course, it was an expression made for the attention of those around him. In fact, Calian’s sincerity is rather the opposite. I felt like I wanted to bow down to Franz’s tongue right away.

‘Sometimes you are helpful, Plants!’

Callian looked at Lemaine.

Now, what Callian wanted from Lemain was not to punish Plantz with fiery anger.

On the contrary, I wished Lemain would do nothing. That would be the biggest benefit.

As if reading Callian’s wish, Le Main did nothing.

He did not say anything to chastise Plantz, nor foreordained any further punishment, nor did he cast a contemptuous gaze. Without saying a word, he looked forward again and nodded his head towards the valet to signify that he could start part two.

Sylike saw it and bit his lip.

It was as if Lemain had no expectations for Plantz now, and that he would have been so in the future.

Callian smiled invisibly once again.

‘Silique. How far will I go?’

If it were silica, he thought he would definitely try to mask this situation. Callian had high expectations of what it would be like.

The fan in Silike’s hand broke with a crackling sound.

‘Stupid… even when I said that!’

LeMaine was well aware of the bad conduct of Franz.

He had been drinking in the plaza, and he had even placed a prohibition order on Plantz, so he couldn’t have known about it. So, cursing Callian was somehow able to pass. That’s how I originally said it.

However, it was an act of crossing the line to make insulting remarks about the origin of her concubine Freya, who had died in public, and to do it in front of the eyes of Le Main, who loved Freya terribly.


Silike’s eyes turned to Franz.

He wasn’t a plant who didn’t know what he had done. She wasn’t raised that way.

Goosebumps appeared on Silike’s arm, who met his eyes with Franz.

Now, Franz did not have a face of embarrassment or regret.

‘······ It was done on purpose.’

One corner of Franz’s mouth was slightly raised.

It was only then that he realized that he had acted like that on purpose. It was evident that he had acted this way in response to the few words he had spoken to him before coming here.

Silike’s silent cry turned towards Plantz.

‘Why today, Plantz!’

Alan Manasil came to the palace.

Callian’s name was included in the candidates for the crown prince that flowed out of the mouths of the nobles. On the same day, Franz made an irreversible mistake.

There was no need to think about what the nobles who were appropriately stepping into Bryssen’s realm would think and decide.

Silike once again bit his lip and turned his head to look in front of him. The second part of the performance was going on for a while, but no one in the special seat was watching it. Siliket to solve this situation, and Kallian to take advantage of it. Desperately, I continued the cycle of thought.

And that time.

Melfir found something and sighed.


It was both a sigh of relief and a sigh of surprise. In front of him was a rope that had been cut in half.

“If this fell on your Highness’s head…!”

Just thinking about it makes my throat feel tight.

Melfir hurriedly began taking steps to prevent further damage to the rope. After that, he made sure that no one approached him until the end of the show.

Polun let out a sigh and suddenly turned her head to look down at him.

The dark-haired prince, who had informed him to stop this, and thus saved Melphir’s life, sat undisturbed.

When he said the words of trusting Callian and giving up the seat next to Lemain, he remembered the expression on his face.

The youngest prince obviously had the face of a teacher looking at a student who solved a problem well.

Besides, he didn’t seem to care about this place at all after that. There was nowhere to see Melphir worried about whether he could understand his words and solve them.

‘Even if I get through today without any accidents, I don’t think that prince will find me.’

He felt he didn’t save his life because he wanted something in return. Melfir, a merchant to the bone, had never made a transaction that did not require a price.


Mel Fir, who made the same sound again, swallowed his dry saliva.

* * *

All performances are over.

Pollen did not fall off.

‘You seem to have solved it well.’

Still, just in case you didn’t know, Callian got up from his seat and talked to Jan to take the time.

So Randel and Plantz got down first and then got out of there. As expected, no accident occurred.

When I went down the stairs, Melfir was waiting.

Lemaine looked at him and said.

“It was a good time.”

Le Main didn’t say anything about Mel Fir not keeping his side. Rather, he thought that it was fortunate that other nobles did not see Plantz’s actions in person.

“I’m glad if you were satisfied, my lord.”

Melfir showed humility.

Meanwhile, Kallian looked at Silike who was looking at Melphir, not Melphir. There was a small question in Callian’s eyes, but it wasn’t revealed enough for anyone to notice.

‘There is no reaction from the silicate.’

okay. Franz did the job.

But apart from that, if it hadn’t been for an accident that should have happened today, it wouldn’t be a silliness to pass by. He wasn’t stupid enough to forget the other because of Plantz’s work.

‘It’s a face that doesn’t care about accidents at all.’

Now Silike was quietly listening to Melfir’s greetings.

‘It’s something that even Silike doesn’t know. Then it would be said that Lennon did it alone.’

The brain is entangled again.

“Well then, I’ll see you at the ballroom.”

As Mel Fir said this, he looked at the three princes.

To be precise, it was meant for Callian, but Callian greeted him without any response and came out and climbed onto Raven’s back.

‘Randel, Brissen top, Polun top. What is the correlation? Maybe Tensil has something to do with it?’

Bern had never even paid attention to the Tensil of the Holy State attached to Kairis. He didn’t know exactly what happened at this time.

Thanks to this, Callian frowned and began to grunt as he tried to figure out what was going on in the tensil at this time.

‘If it is related to the top, it is a thing. If you want to take advantage of even touching the royal family, it’s not a general value… Ah!’

Things that are not of normal value.

After thinking about it, I finally got the answer.

An unknown smile appeared on Callian’s lips.

‘Diamond. It’s a diamond mine.’

When you find the hidden word, all the puzzles are correct.

It reminded me of a short conversation I had with Chase when I was in Bern. He remembered talking about the accident.

– It sounds like a child’s prank that’s too young to be called a terrorist.

– Do you think it is simply terrorism against the royal family?

– The prince was injured. Is there anything else, bro?

– Well. Where do you want to think?

Too blatant and simplistic.

A foolish accident, as if he was determined to find out that he was targeting the royal family.

‘There’s no way the priests of the Holy State don’t have much time to buy diamonds. Most of them would have tried to sell it as Kyris. At the top of the Tensil side, Randel would have noticed, so he would have preferred Polun rather than Brissen.’

It wasn’t until Callian that he discovered the cause of the problem that Chase would have immediately thought of.

‘Brissen framed Polun to take over the diamond trade. If it’s not Polon anyway, there’s no large top that can be traded like that.’

The reason why he touched Randel became clear.

‘If Randel was injured, King Tensil would intervene, and he would have been aiming to get it done quickly before he could figure out the question. Lennon, surprisingly, you are rolling your hair a little.’

After cleaning up, Callian turned and looked at Melfir.

Mel Fir would like to meet Kallian right away, but he is unable to do so. Now that he figured out how much of a problem it was, he changed his mind that he had to pay for Mel Fir’s life as well.

“Tell the event manager that you’re not going to the ball today.”

At the sound of Calian’s small voice, Yan looked at Carlian in surprise. And looking at Callian’s sad face, who seemed to have been greatly shocked by Plantz, he exhaled sadly.

“Okay. I’ll do that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, my prince.”

He didn’t know how much remorse Kalian felt as he looked at Yan, who shook his head with a face more gloomy than himself.

* * *

LeMain, who was sitting at his desk after returning from the performance, looked at the visitor. Then he took off his glasses and put them down on the desk.


The person who found Lemain stood silent for a moment and then walked to the sofa. The sound of shoes squeaking echoed through the quiet office. Lemaine was staring at him without saying a word.

After a while, LeMaine stood up. And I opened the window as if chasing the scent of Renieri filling the office.

By the time I open all the windows in the office.

– smart.

With the sound of a knock, the waitress with a tray of tea entered. Then Le Main moved his hand slightly and said,

“Not required.”

Silica’s eyebrows trembled.

Isn’t that a complete uninvited guest?

LeMaine, who had sent the chaplain back, walked slowly and sat down in front of Silike. There was no emotion in his eyes.

In fact, it was already familiar to Silica.

It’s been like that ever since Freya died.

“What’s going on?”

Le Main opened his mouth to Silike. It was an emotionless voice that suited those eyes.

“Young child, please forgive your mistakes. Bryceen will be punished.”

Silica bit her molars tightly.

It was because he never thought he would say something like this to Le Main.

Lemaine raised an eyebrow.

No matter what he did, he had never come to visit me in person. It was Silica, which was even rarer when such words were brought out. This was a pretty big mistake, but if it had been in the past, I wouldn’t have leaned in like this.

“Forgive me. What should I forgive?”

Of course, LeMain knew why Silique’s attitude had changed.


To be precise, it must have been because of Callian with Alan Manacil on his back.

Thinking of Callian, I remembered what Silikee sitting in front of me was doing right now. He seemed to understand why he was talking like this, that he was willing to take responsibility at Bryceen.

‘I think it’s more important to keep the nobles from turning away from Plantz right now. That way, the nobles who have nowhere to go after Callian disappears will not go to Randel.’

No matter what he loses in the name of punishment, he is confident that he will recover it after Calian’s death.

– Please do not know until this day.

Lemaine, who remembered Alan’s words, smiled slightly. He laughed, resisting the urge to twist the slender neck of Sylike sitting in front of him.

‘Did you laugh?’

Silike, who was not aware of the thought, made a slightly startled face.

During that time, LeMaine had never shown emotion in front of others. But such a blatant laugh.

Silicke clasped his hands on the new fan, and Le Main spoke up.

“Yeah. What do you plan to receive as a punishment?”

Of course, there was no way he could defeat the Royal Knights.

Because it’s not desperate enough to give up on it. Silike, who had a surprised heart, opened his mouth. It was as Lemaine expected.

“It was an impressive performance, so I think it’s good to give it an award.”

“iced coffee.”

It was truly an impressive performance.

Silike’s words meant that he would concede some of Brissen’s commercial rights to the top of the Polun. LeMaine would have to set the range of concessions as much as the amount of forgiveness, and the Brissen family would accept it.

“Today, it would be good for Franz to come in with me.”

accepted the transaction.

Because it’s not going to happen that Kallian dies anyway.

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