MTL – 2

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Franz didn’t even change his clothes.

He loosened it, revealing his bare skin inside the truth. No matter what country it is, royalty should never show that kind of appearance.

Fortunately, he did not make the mistake of inserting a knife into Franz’s neck, astonished by this rude behavior.

Callian let out a short sigh, being careful not to show.

Randel frowned slightly at Plantz’s appearance. But she soon turned her head as if she had seen nothing. Callian did not miss Randel’s appearance.

She said, ‘Prince 1 can’t touch Prince 2.’

He knew why.

All three princes were half-brothers, and the present queen, Silike, was the mother of the second prince, Franz. Because of this, no matter how much Randel was the first prince, he was not able to act as Plantz’s superior.

‘The power of the queen’s family was really great.’

With these thoughts in mind, they silently clicked their tongues, and well-made food began to be placed one after another in front of them.

A fragrant soup, a toasted bread with a fragrant smell, scrambled eggs and thinly sliced ​​ham suitable for breakfast. There’s even a salad full of fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits.

Could there be a better diet than this for Bern, who was suffering from a sudden war? So, if I had been alone, I would have ate all of them.

But I couldn’t get my hands on the food.

Worrying about the chase was the first reason, and the second reason was having the enemy of life in front of him, Plantz. The cold atmosphere in this restaurant also played a part.

‘There is no other thin ice plate.’

The three princes of Kairis were obviously brothers, but they did not talk at all during this meeting. Even though they were half-brothers, that alone could not be a reason for this silence.

Chase and Berne were also half-brothers.

Nevertheless, the two of them laughed and chatted with each other, and the cook often reheated the food. The voice of Chase, who always cared for Bern, rang in my ears.

– You want to be a knight. Even just listening to your words is dignified.

– Bern. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.

I desperately remembered my brother Chase, the king of Sekritia and not worth giving up on his life.

But there would be no one to ask about him here. Because he was more worried and missed. I wanted to run and meet you right away.

At the end of those thoughts, anger at Plantz rose again, and Callian took up the pitiful glass of water and emptied it all at once. Then a voice filled with laughter was heard.

“To be frivolous.”

I guess. It was Franz’s voice.

I could see the face of a man dressed in clothes that could not be distinguished whether he was just putting on or taking off his clothes. Franz raised one of his lips and added his words.

“I can’t find any dignity because I resemble my mother.”

It was a sarcastic sound about the mother of Callian, who was a commoner.

In the end, Callian’s eyes grew cold.

Franz looked at Callian’s red eyes filled with hatred he couldn’t capture. Franz’s eyes turned sharp in an instant.

Despite this situation, Randel did not give a glance to the two of them, and she was concentrating on her meal.

Isn’t he the perfect bystander?

Callian turned her head to look at Randel. She still had her eyes open.

at that time.

A threatening voice came out of Franz’s mouth.


Callian’s gaze turned to Plantz again.

Their eyes met, and no one turned their eyes first. At that point, Randel opened his mouth in a quiet voice.

“Stop it.”

Franz spoke, still unmoving his fixed gaze on Callian.

“I have lost my appetite because of the unlucky color of blood. I’ll go first.”

Randel’s permission did not fall.

Nevertheless, Plantz got up from his seat and went out immediately.

rather good thing Because he didn’t have much patience in Callian enough to face him long enough.

“Take care of your appearance. Your Majesty’s birthday celebration is not far away.”

But like this, a voice was heard that reduced Calian’s patience.

It was Randel who said this with a dry expression. He didn’t even look at Callian.

‘Am I the one who’s in trouble? What about the horns of the guy who just left?’

The words were so horrifying that Callian laughed.

Had it not been for the nonsensical circumstances of having her eyes opened again with a different body the day after her death, Kalin would certainly not have endured it.

Naturally, Randel was unaware of how hard she was trying to hide her murderous intentions by her brother, who was also present here. So, Randel got up and went outside without even thinking of paying attention to Callian’s reaction.

“You don’t just pass a day…”

I heard Yan, who was standing behind him, talking to himself.

Callian leaned back on his chair and took a long breath to calm his anger. Whether it was the sound of the youngest child’s pitiful breathing, he could feel Yan’s regret behind him.

Soon, Callian stood up silently.

Yan, who came right away, removed the chair and began to meticulously clean up the messy clothes. Even though you would see them being ignored like this every day, their hands are so careful and respectful. Callian clearly saw that the other two princes’ servants didn’t pay this much attention either.

On Jan’s palm, deep nail marks were visible.

Rather, Yan’s eyes were more distorted than that of Callian. Seeing this appearance of a servant who was a little older than Callian, his boiling heart slowly subsided.


Astonished by that, Yan’s eyes widened as he looked at Callian. It was because Callian was neither crying nor showing a gloomy expression.

It wasn’t just that.

He even had a small smile on his face.

Before he could even choose how to respond to the first thank-you he received from Callian, Calian continued.

“What’s next?”

“In an hour, there is a class on the war of the two gods.”

“Until then, I’ll be alone for a while.”

Yan replied with a worried face.

The memories that Kallian had in the past did his job faithfully. Thanks to this, she was able to get out of her building without getting lost in the slightest bit of Callian and move her feet to the promenade next to the man-made lake.

There was no one else. There is only Kallian and Yan, who is following her at a distance from her.


Callian, walking to the lake shore, looked at the water beneath her feet and let out a breath she had been holding back. Callian’s eyes saw a small statue in the middle of the lake.

A black dragon spreading its wings toward the sky. The dragon’s eyes were studded with red gems.

‘Are you a Cispanian?’

This is a statue of the ancient dragon Sispanian, who was also the first queen of Kairis.

It reminded me of the saying that she had her dark hair like a silent night, and red eyes of divine fire.

Black hair, red eyes. It was the same with Callian.

‘Unlucky bloody eyes.’

Franz’s voice came to mind again.

If your body is young, will your mind become weaker? Callian laughed at the sight of herself recalling only those words again.

Bern was a knight and king who died alone while standing in front of the castle gate. Until just yesterday, he roughly stopped bleeding from his severed arm, and then swung his sword with countless arrows inserted all over his body.

He had to not lose his temper.

What is urgent right now is not whether to kill or save the plant in front of you. How this happened is something that needs to be investigated from the beginning.

So Callian closed her eyes for a moment and filled her mind with her thoughts. And he once again took his mind and recalled what he thought was the cause of this.

‘······· Time axis.’

axis of time.

One day, he suddenly appeared in the Royal Palace of Sekritia. It looked like a huge hourglass and was said to have the power to turn back time only once.

The very axis of time must have been the cause of this. Because the war between Sekritia and Kairis also broke out due to the axis of time.

Before the war began, Kairis demanded the axis of time. Sechritia rejected it. It was clear that it was a dangerous object, so King Chase fought hard. Crazy Plantz knows where to use it and will give it away.

Therefore, when he announced his intention of refusal, a large army attacked him as if he had been waiting.

They even skipped the declaration of war, let alone negotiations.

Franz was an extraordinary man even in the size of the concept.

In the war that started like that, Sekritia was ultimately defeated. The result is what it looks like now.

‘You must have watched my death.’

Chase must have seen the last surviving knight, Bern, die. Because of this, Callian thought Chase had turned back time. He didn’t know the outcome would be here, but he thought a chase would have tried to save Bern.

Callian said softly as if lamenting.

“If the cause is the axis of time… it means that there is no way back.”

Because the axis of time was something that could only be used once. If time had already been warped, there was no way to go back.

What should I do?” Calian murmured for a moment.

If this isn’t really a dream and what I’m thinking of is correct, then this is definitely the second life I’ve been given.

I couldn’t let the chance Chase gave me wasted. Because of this, Callian changed the direction of his thoughts to live, not to return. First of all, you will find another way to live.

Callian fell into thought again.

* * *

14-year-old Callian dies soon.

In an unsuccessful attempt to poison his queen, Silike, he committed suicide by hanging himself, fearing his punishment.

Of course, no one believed it to be true.

Because of this, all the stories that spread as ‘suicide’ were filtered out as ‘assassination’. It was because if it was Silica, she was a great man enough to kill Callian.


It was because of something related to Callian’s biological mother.

Her concubine Freyja was famous for her beautiful appearance, but she was of commoner origin. She was the king’s favourite, and she gave birth to Callian, but she died not long after ‘sequelae of childbirth’.

After drinking her tea sent by her queen, she vomited black blood and died after childbirth.

Thus, Callian lost his mother.

So, it was inconceivable that Kallian would have an assistant. It makes no sense that the prince, who would have been difficult to obtain even common poison, tried to kill the queen, who had more power than the king.

Moreover, from his birth until now, Kallian had been despised by his wife Silike and her second prince, Franz. The old Callian, who grew up in such a situation, would not have been able to breathe properly.

Even if he is a wild beast, if he feeds him with milk from a young age, he licks his master’s feet and shows his belly. So Calian must have grown up so weak that he could not have imagined that he would kill anyone.

Callian smiled bitterly.

He said, “I just didn’t want to see it, so I put it away.”

I’ve heard that Callian looks exactly like Freyja, except for the color of his hair.

The queen would not have wanted to think of the dead Freyja on Callian’s face. So she would have killed Callian and made up her story, and the king would have overlooked it.

Of her Royal Guard, except for one knight directly under the king, all three were held by the queen.

Callian said he died two or three months before turning 15.

“I said that my 15th birthday is in four months, so anyone will come to kill me soon.”

There is one to two months left before Callian meets his death disguised as ‘hanged dead’.

Kallian’s red eyes reflected in her water and shone sharply.

He didn’t even think of dying at their hands.

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