MTL – 20

< Chapter 5. This is too blatant (4) >

Callian scratched the ball.

“This is too blatant.”

Next to Callian was a gift box stacked quite a bit.

It was a gift of consolation for Callian’s heartache because Lemain appeared together at the ballroom rather than punishing Plantz at yesterday’s ball. Of course, that was for a reason.

Callian said playfully, pointing at things he did not know whether it was a gift or a bribe with the fork he was holding.

“Are you already doing tightrope?”

Rumors quickly spread that Franz had made insulting remarks to Freya. For there were servants, maids, and knights, and they also had mouths.

However, by serving in the ballroom with Plantz, Le Main announced that he had forgiven Plantz generously.

The problem was that immediately after that, LeMain called Melfir to congratulate him.

‘Today’s performance was very impressive. Therefore, as a reward, I will grant the right to deliver all horses and harnesses that enter the Royal Palace and the Knights of Kyrissis to the top of the Polun.’

Originally, knights provided their own horses and weapons.

However, this was not the case with the knights of the royal palace and the capital, Kyrissis. All of this was provided by the royal family for the upward leveling of power.

Therefore, it was difficult to calculate the proportion of horses in the power of the Chirissis, which included the Royal Knights, the Knights of Chirissis, the Outer Castle Guard, and the Capital Police. Of course, the value of the transaction was enormous.

LeMaine handed it over to the top of the Polun.

Despite being deprived of such a huge advantage, Silike and Lennon Brissen did not respond.

It had been said before.

Only Melfir Fallun was shocked enough to stop his heart.

‘You made a deal with Prince Plantz.’

It was not the nobles who could not understand this degree. It was clear what it meant that he had to take this kind of damage in Bryssen, where Plantz would not normally do anything.

‘The power that Kallian has has become enough to be wary of Silice.’

Some nobles, who were noticing, slightly withdrew from Plantz. Of course, considering the cases in which Franz was not forgiven, the number would be quite small, but it could not be completely absent.

That’s why they sent a gift saying they were comforting Kalian.

“What shall we do, Prince?”

“Send back all but two. Write down who sent the gifts you return.”

Callian, who did not even attend today’s breakfast for the same reason as he did not attend the ball, answered while enjoying the first leisurely breakfast he had received since starting the princely life of Kairis.

Those whose names are now written will never again be chosen by Calian. Those who changed their minds immediately after only three days of change were not needed by Callian.

“Yes. So which one should we put?”

“The Wizards’ Association, Melphir Fallun.”

Callian didn’t know who sent the gift yet, but he replied straight away. It was a tone that took for granted that they had sent gifts from both places, and Yan, who was looking at the list, widened his eyes and nodded his head.

Sorcerer’s Association, and Melphir Fallun. all were there

Yan had a look on his face wondering how he might have known, but Calian’s words were not all over.

“Just take the association thing, and look at what Baron Falun is.”

“Yes, Prince.”

There was only one reason for receiving a gift from the Wizard Association. It was to publicize the fact that he had teamed up with the Wizards’ Association through Alan Manasil.

Soon the sorting of gift boxes began. Two boxes remained on the table, minus the one to be returned. Among them, Jan picked up a wide and low box and opened the lid.

“Here is a gift from Baron Falun.”

Calian, who was slicing the ham with his graceful hand, stopped for a moment. Jan’s eyes widened as he looked into the box, and Callian burst out laughing.

After a long laugh, Callian took a sip of water and calmed his voice.

“I’m not telling you to do it. What did you say at the top yesterday?”

“That’s…. The prince said that Raven was especially fond of him.”

Callian laughed again.

It was a necklace with a very long chain. It was a necklace that was too long for a human being, that is, long enough to fit around a horse’s neck.

Yesterday, worried that the people at the concert hall might touch Raven’s heart, Yan added a word that Kalian especially cherishes, so handle it with care. It seemed that Melfir had heard it.

“A horse necklace. I never imagined it. Our Ravens get the necklace I don’t have first.”

A ruby ​​pendant hung in the middle of a thin chain of platinum that would match Raven’s black fur. Kali An shook her head sharply, shaking off the remaining laughter with a chuckle.

“I can’t even turn it down. You look so good to Raven.”

Callian said, slicing the ham again.

“Calculate the price and send it to the top of Polun. He tells you that he will buy it because he likes it.”

“Isn’t that just what you get?”

“Yeah. It’s not about receiving, it’s about living.”

Of course, Melfyr probably didn’t just send a horse necklace as the price of his life. It must have been that he was trying to think about what he wanted to save, and Calian’s intentions.

‘Can you finish it with only jewels?’

Callian knew that if he had received that gift, he would receive a real gift worth the price of Mel Fir’s life.

‘I must have sent Raven’s necklace for that. It means that you have a different gift for me.’

But what Calian wanted was not such riches.

That was the reason I couldn’t just accept that gift.

“For the time being, the only gifts I receive are from the Wizards’ Association. Please tell me what comes from the top of the Polun. Don’t accept the rest of the nobles’ gifts and send them back.”

I’m sorry Jan, but I couldn’t tell you what happened with Melfir. Because he had no way to explain how he knew and warned him. Fortunately, Jan answered without further questioning.

“Yes, Prince. I will.”

Callian looked at her necklace and smiled again. She was so funny no matter how you look at it.

* * *

Alan was sitting at his desk, rubbing his temples. Soon someone came looking for him, and he opened his eyes slightly, looked at him, and then opened his mouth.

“Leave it here.”

The woman, who had darkened under her eyes, laid down new papers in front of Allen. said Euria, who had taken her arms away.

“This is yesterday’s sleep information. It really doesn’t exist anymore, Manasil-sama. They said they stole everything.”

Euria Siren.

She is the head of the Chiris Wizards Association, the eldest daughter of Count Sirens, a wizarding family that produced many magic engineers, and she was a capable wizard who mastered the 5th Circle.

She trusted the old dragon Sispanian and Alan Manasil more than the Serenti we knew. For Euria, Alan Manasil was that absolute. It could be said that she looked like a true wizard.

So, on the morning of the second day of the King’s Birthday Festival, she opened the door of the association and saw the little-footed wizard who came in. Even if she didn’t see how much she was moved by Euria, she would know.

These were the first words Alan spoke to Euria.

– Do the wizards here think it’s okay for a lion cub with a sword to wear a crown?

No way.

Euria answered without a single thought.

– What would you like to do?

Then, two days of hell unfolded. It was a rough two days, so much that my fanatical faith in Alan Manasil almost cooled down.

If the information searched for throughout the Chirissis was not related to Silike’s conspiracy, the wizards, who were about to die right away, would not have gone out of the building again to find new information.

“This is enough information to gather a lot of information.”

“I know. I think wizards are really good at finding information.”

“Yes. It’s an unexpected talent. That’s why I seriously thought about creating an information guild.”

Alan, nodding her head and laughing, pulled out the big ones and scooped them out.

“Four people were poisoned or assassinated in the royal palace after Silicee entered, and 6 wizards were also suspected of poisoning. Thirteen nobles presumed to have been poisoned or assassinated. Kun. That’s about it, but LeMaine was there.”

They were all circumstantial evidence.

However, all of those who died were related to either Silice or the Marquis of Brissen.

The only accurate evidence gathered was the testimony of the wizard that Lennon took the tacrimosa that was hidden in the secret place of Lennon’s house to the royal palace, and the evidence that crimosa was imported in large quantities to make it.

‘What would have happened if we had collected the evidence of the death cases that left questions from the beginning.’

I felt sorry. For now, it is only at the level of ‘it was so’. But Alan didn’t even bother to talk about it, knowing that the evidence would have been of no use without Alan’s central point.

“You’ve worked hard. Now go get some rest.”

“Yes. Manasil-nim also rest.”

Euria greeted her with a face that looked like she was about to leave the world right away and went outside. Alan, who looked twenty years younger than that Euria, licked her tongue.

“The young guy’s stamina is like that.”

Allen soon took the papers Euria had brought in his hand.

Excluding the cover, it was a short report with only one page.

[A mystery hidden in the case of Franz’s blasphemy!]

Alan smiled bitterly when he saw the title of the report, which was quite wizard-like.

In fact, all the reports he has seen so far have been titled like this. Reports should first be interesting and fun.

Really, wizards.

“After writing the title like this, I put the secrecy magic on it.”

Contrary to the title, it seems to contain important content. A warning to read carefully stood out, as the paper would automatically burn and disappear after viewing the contents.

So, only the author and Alan could know the contents, and even Euria would have brought it without knowing what was written in it.

“Yeah. Let’s see how important it is.”

Allen, who muttered with a light heart, turned the cover.

– I was invited to a horse race with the king by chance! With a pounding heart, I went to Polun’s concert hall, but what is this? He found out that he had been assigned the most crooked seat on the eighth floor. Thanks to this, the stadium is invisible and the host’s voice is not heard. However, he did not succumb to reality and cast ‘Eagle Eye’ and ‘Magic Year’.

A magic that magnifies a distant place and a magic that lets you hear a story from a distant place.

“Even if it’s low-level just to watch one match, you’re a friend who wastes mana on useless things to use two spells that need to be kept active at the same time.”

Alan, who had given Jan a watercracker just for fun the day before, shook his head and laughed.

– Finally, the royal family entered, and Prince Calian, a hot topic, was seen. Prince Calian was greeted by Melfir Fallun and said:

‘I’m worried about the top of my head. Take a look.’

 And after a while, I saw an even more amazing scene!

Alan’s face, as he read the text with a face that didn’t seem to have high expectations, changed little by little.

The report ended with the question of whether Callian had prevented a planned accident and that the culprit was probably the top of Brissen.

It was added that Alan was also asked to keep a secret, as the author would not divulge what he saw anywhere, whether the author knew the importance of what he had discovered. Because Kallian was involved, he seemed worried that if the truth was revealed, Kallian’s position would become difficult.

Because wizards just like to joke, they’re not fools.

Soon, the letters on the report in Allen’s hands began to shine, and the Korean characters disappeared like a fire. The fire spread to the paper, but did not generate heat. So Alan didn’t let the report burn out completely.


I remembered the story I had when I first met Callian.

– When he heard a conversation with a garrison, he was walking around on horseback.

Of course, that wasn’t a lie. Allen knew, however, that Callian had moved right after he heard the name ‘Alan Manacil’. The range that Alan was aware of nearby movements was wider than Calian had expected.

“Me too, and accidents… Our prince. How did you know first?”

Alan muttered again, rubbing his temples.

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