MTL – 21

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (1) >

late that afternoon.

Callian opened the door by matching the magic pattern on the top of the safe.

The old Callian had never touched it directly, so he couldn’t remember it, and he managed to open it after making a few mistakes as he manipulated it as he had seen Jan open the other day.

In a safe large enough to fit Calian in, there were some papers and a lot of money, as you’ve seen before. Callian stared at it for a moment, then picked up a handful of gold and silver fairy tales, excluding the check, and put them in his pocket.

“Sorry. I’ll take a little bit out and use it.”

Since Jan had already been outside to ask if it was a little bit, there was no other answer to Calian’s words.

Alan, who was waiting for Callian with Jan in front of the Chermil Palace, was holding a black robe in his hand.

And next to him was Raven, standing with one leg slightly bent, as if that was the attitude of a dignified horse.


As he sang happily, Raven raised his head and made a bluish sound. Yan, handing over Raven’s reins, asked with an anxious voice.

“Prince. Would you really mind if I go without me?”

He seems to have forgotten that going with him is the world’s strongest wizard again. Callian nodded his head as if not to worry and climbed into the raven.

Allen’s eyes narrowed slightly as he slipped and climbed onto the horse with a lighter movement than before. Though he had a thoughtful face, Alan soon concealed his thoughts and spoke to Jan.

“Don’t worry about unnecessary things. Your Majesty gave permission, and I’ll be by your side again.”

“Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be there by dawn tomorrow.”

At that time, Callian spoke by surprise, and Raven set off on her own.

Jan exclaimed with a face that looked like his eyes would pop out.

“Tomorrow! You said you’d be here before midnight!”

Of course, Callian was already far away.

Alan patted Jan on the shoulder as if to cheer him up and ran after Callian.

After successfully evading Yan and assuring Alan’s accompaniment, Callian came out of the palace and quickly put on the robe he had been handed over to him. A deep hood covered his head and eyes.

“I used to cover my face for other reasons. I feel strange, Master.”

It was a very memorable expression.

It was also true, because it was the first free time he had after entering Calian’s body.

“Are you that good?”

“Yes, this is how long I’ve been waiting.”

In other words, I barely managed to turn what I almost said, ‘This is the first time I’ve been out.’ Because this was the first outing for the old Calian.

Alan smiled in response and nodded his head.

Callian, who was playing around with Raven’s mane, asked.

“Did your Highness really give you permission?”

“Perhaps by now, LeMaine must have also seen the prince go out.”

A carefree word to say no to me.

It was said that he hadn’t told Lemain.

“I thought you would.”

I wasn’t worried though. Alan will take care of it.

And at that time, Le Main only nodded his head, even after receiving the report that Callian had left the palace again. I thought Alan would take care of it.

“Then I’ll go, Master.”

So Alan, who had to take responsibility for taking care of this outing, raised his eyebrows at Callian’s words that came out like this.

“Are you saying you’re going to leave me alone?”


Callian nodded his head without hesitation.

Callian came out of the palace to purchase the supplies needed to solve Silike’s poison tea. And when he came out, he tried to find Kiri too. It was difficult to accompany Alan because all of this had to travel to Bern instead of Calian.

It was Callian who even acted for this time. It was a mistake to drop the car as if it was a mistake while taking it in order to avoid being single. Even if a single situation arises after traveling alone, I had to at least have enough stamina to run away. It was a method I couldn’t use twice, but it didn’t matter because I was going to drink tea properly from tomorrow anyway.

“I’ll be back until the sun comes up.”

Alan thought for a moment, then nodded his head. Surprisingly, it was such a gentle permission that Callian was rather surprised.

“There’s a Wizards’ Association on Teinansha Street. They’ll be muttering there, so come find them.”

The map of Kyrissis had already been well handed down to Sekritia through the triads. Because Bern knew the chiresis structure better than the old Callian. Therefore, Callian confidently nodded his head.

“Yes, Master. Thank you.”

Allen no longer asked what Callian would do, nor did Callian say. The two parted as soon as they passed the square.

* * *

Our first destination was Banencia Street, on the east side of the river Seine.

– Multifaceted, multifaceted.

Since it was impossible to run a horse in the capital, Callian moved Raven to the extent of walking quickly.

Kali An, who felt a little better when he heard the light hoof sound, nodded his head in line with Raven’s movements and smiled.

It wasn’t too difficult to find Banencia.

This is because all we had to do was find a place where the sound of hammering did not stop resonating even when the setting sun was setting. He felt a new sensation when he smelled the vibrating iron in the street.

“I’m sure you’ll be so happy with the disgusting smell.”

Banencia was the town of blacksmiths. With a small road in the middle, more than 20 shops were lined up.

Since the three sons of Sekritia didn’t even report which shop’s weapons were good, Kallian got off Raven’s back and walked slowly while holding the reins, scanning the items in the shops.

“I don’t really have a favorite place.”

After looking around the shops for a while and muttering like this, a shop that caught Calian’s attention finally appeared. Unlike other places, it was a place where only weapons were displayed without shields or armor, but at first glance, the quality of the products was considerable.

When Callian stopped in front of the shop called ‘Roton Forge’, the kid in the shop ran out and said hello.

“Welcome! Did you come to see the sword?”

Callian nodded his head and handed over Raven’s reins. Then he handed the child a coin and asked for a favor.

“If you pet it, it’s a big deal. Take it quietly and tie the reins.”

The child swallowed his saliva as if frightened. It was so cute that Callian gave her another coin and patted her child’s head.

“Don’t worry if you don’t touch it, it’s quiet.”

After sending the child away, I went into the store and looked around when I saw a middle-aged man who seemed to be the owner of the store. His thick, muscular arms were glistening with sweat as if he was making his own.

“Is there any kind you are looking for?”

“Is there a good sword for a child around seventeen to use? The length can be the same as that of an adult, but I want it to be light in weight. It’s a child who hasn’t held a sword in a long time.”

The man looked at Callian with a slightly strange expression. He was speaking as if he was looking for the sword of a child who was much younger than him, but the voice of the person who brought it out was so young that he could not even go near seventeen.

But the man nodded his head and said, knowing that questioning deeply in a place like this is the right attitude to shorten life.

“Yeah, wait a minute. I’ll show you soon.”

“I see.”

After the man entered the store, Callian moved his feet and began to examine his weapons. Then my eyes fell on a thin knife spanning a span. There was no guard in mind to hide it under clothes, and the sheath had a leather belt that could be fastened to the forearm.

Callian reached out his hand and picked it up.

It was only a knife, but just by feeling it in your hand, you could tell that it was a well-centered object. When I pulled out the knife, a sharp blade made of ink-iron shone. A satisfied smile appeared on Callian’s face.

“I think this should be enough for mine.”

What I had just asked the owner was not Calian’s.

It was intended to be used by Kyrie, whom she ran into on the way to the horseback riding venue, to practice her sword.

In fact, even if Kallian was to use the sword himself, he could not use anything made of ordinary iron. Because it won’t last long.

‘what. Even my body can’t stand the Auror now.’

Suddenly, I remembered the cry of the broken sword the day Berne died.

Now, of course, it will be intact and unbroken, but Kallian will never see the sword again. Because it was a treasured sword passed down from generation to generation in the Sekritia royal family.

Thinking of the sword, I also thought of the wizard who broke the sword and put Bern to death. A deep smile was drawn on Callian’s face, remembering him with a white mask covering his face.

It was very painful. Just see you when It was a smile with such a meaning.

“Here it is.”

Suddenly, the voice of the shopkeeper who came to find the goods called Callian to reality.

What the master had brought out were three long swords.

It was on the light side, but Callian couldn’t even lift it with one hand.

‘It’s a mess.’

Because of this, Callian, who laughed at himself, took the sword with both hands. Then, wiggling it slightly, he began to examine the blade carefully here and there. It was the first sword that Kyrie would use, so I couldn’t pick a rough one.

‘The center of gravity is well established. Flexibility, sharpness. It looks like an ordinary shop, but the workmanship is not normal.’

Seeing that, the owner’s doubts only grew.

It was because it was unusual for a customer who was probably a boy, with his face covered with a hood, to examine his sword.

The attitude of accurately pointing out important parts and checking them was stricter than that of a senior knight. But, he couldn’t even raise his sword properly.

“I’ll do this with this knife.”

I’m confused because I can’t figure out what it really is, but Calian picked out a sword. Even if the owner had chosen it, it was likely that he would have chosen the same thing.

Callian, who immediately took out 8 silver coins and paid for the long sword and knife, asked.

“Are all the weapons here made by yourself?”

“Yes, it is.”

Immediately, three gold coins were placed on the counter. The owner’s eyes widened because it was almost four times the amount he had just paid.

“I need a slightly stronger long sword, and a dagger without a guard. The weight should be the same as normal.”

“Will the person who will use this sword use it when he is more skilled in swordsmanship?”

Callian nodded and added a request.

“That’s right. He’s very tall and handles the sword heavily, but it’s not slow. Both of them will be using it for a long time, so I want a good sword made with care. Can you make it?”

The owner, who remembered the user’s description, readily answered.

“Of course. But do you have a name to engrave on the sword?”

“No. There is no such thing.”

“Okay. Then how long would you like?”

“That’s what I have to ask. Regardless of the period, you can make it properly.”

The owner thought for a moment and then said.

“Then I’ll get the best ingredients possible and make a sword you’ll like. Would you like to come by again in a month or so?”

“I’ll do that. If I don’t have enough money, I’ll pay more then.”

“all right.”

The owner greeted him like that, handed the knife to Callian, took a long sword and went out to load Raven’s saddle.

Then, for a moment, Kallian saw the whites in Raven’s eyes and slapped his hand and received the sword.

“No, don’t do it. I’ll do it.”

Thanks to this man’s kind words only to his master, Calian whined and put the sword on the saddle himself.

Then, he fastened the leather belt connected to the knife’s zip to the inside of his sleeve and put it on Raven’s back.

The place to go now was a shop selling something a little special.

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