MTL – 22

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (2) >

The sky was getting dark little by little.

After looking around for a while, I heard a squeaking sound.

‘I feel like I’m wasting the money on my nose that a child has saved up.’

After all, this is all they want to live, so even the old Kallian will not be very angry.

He somehow got the sword that was his priority, so he had to go back to the other side of the river. Because of this, Callian traversed the road and came to the bridge.

He reached the bridge over the Seine in no time.

However, at the entrance of the bridge, black-clad men stood in the way when they saw Callian approaching from afar.

Seeing them, Raven slowed down and stopped.

“Raven, why?”

Because Raven had found the way so well, Callian was immersed in the thought of his next destination. Therefore, after Raven stopped, he raised his head.

Only then did Callian see the people in black.

A vigilant light appeared on Callian’s face.

Fortunately, it wasn’t like a big robber who took over the royal road of the healthy capital. Kalian, who had been contemplating for a moment how to use the weapon he had just bought, looked at him with peace of mind.

The person standing in the front came to Callian.

“Sorry for blocking the way recklessly.”

The black clothes he was wearing were mourning clothes.

Perhaps because he cried a lot, his voice was barely audible. Nevertheless, the man spoke about the situation in a very respectful manner.

“The dead are passing by now. So, if it’s not urgent, I’d like to ask if you could wait for a moment.”

At those words, he turned his head to look at the Seine River, and saw red Anne Lucia flowers with small candles lit up and floating down the river. In the distance, where the flowers began to fall, I saw a group of people gathered.

Kalian, who understood what the situation was, opened his mouth.

“Is it a funeral?”

“Yes, yes. I’m sorry.”

Callian answered Raven’s back with a willingness to step down.

“There is no reason to interrupt the walk of the dead. There is nothing to be sorry about.”

As Callian said, what he was seeing was the funeral ceremony of Kairis. It meant that those who commemorate the dead would gather at the riverside closest to the house of the deceased and send out candles to light the last path of their lives.

However, there is a legend that if a living person passes over the petals while the petals are floating in the river, the dead will try to follow the living and get lost. That’s why I asked him not to cross the bridge for a while.

Callian looked at this somber face he happened to encounter for a moment.

Senu has always been a quiet river.

Therefore, the annelusia flower also flowed quietly without swaying. The wind was still and the candles did not wave.

Callian opened his mouth without realizing it.

“You will go in peace. Best of luck.”

“thank you.”

It was a sincere voice. It wasn’t enough to stop walking, so the man bowed his head once more as a sign of gratitude for getting off the horse and praying for rest.

‘Did your brother put Sinasta on my grave? Or maybe you turned the axis of time before that.’

The man opened his mouth to Callian, who was thinking for a moment about the custom of Sekritia to put the Sinasta, which blooms a second flower in the moonlight, on the grave.

“Now, go back on the road.”

Suddenly, it seemed that Annelucia had passed all the way under the bridge.

Callian nodded his head and climbed onto Raven’s back.

With gratitude, the man who looked up at Kalian on the horse to determine which family he was the son of, shrugged his shoulders and hurriedly stepped aside.

Because the magic lamp installed on the royal road was bright, what was hidden under the deep hood was clearly visible.

Callian said quietly, when the man noticed that he knew who he was.

“I hope you don’t remember.”

“······ all right.”

The man bowed his head, and Callian slowly crossed the bridge.

After a while, the man raised his head and looked at Kali-an’s back for a long time. Then another group of black robes approached the man and asked.

“Arsene. But why? Someone you know?”

The man, Arsene Hertz, shook his head and said.

“No. I just want to be a good person.”

In the meantime, a candle was flickering a little farther away.

* * *

Soon the sun had set and darkness fell.

From now on, unlike the blacksmith, he knew that he could visit at any time, so Calian was looking around with a more relaxed mind.

“It’s really all Cispanians.”

– The capital, Kyrissis, is like a place where the followers of the Sispanians live. There are Cispanians everywhere.

I remembered the story told by Sejak, nicknamed ‘Blue Pintail’, who had safely been dispatched to Kairis.

At the concert hall yesterday, Hatsara and Cispanians were also talked about, but the name written on the signboard visible to Callian was all covered with Cispanians.

A hotel called ‘Cispanian’s Sleep’, a cafe called ‘Cispanian Relaxation’, and even a restaurant called ‘Cispanian Meal’.

Callian muttered as if tired.

“Isn’t it too tight? It doesn’t look like a dragon’s meal will taste good.”

Then, after seeing a bar called ‘The Deep Cispanian Smell of Alcohol’ in a corner, I felt that the names of most of the stores started to look very normal, and I laughed in dismay.

After walking for a while, I saw a sign pointing to ‘Naeransha’ street. It was the second destination. Seeing this, Callian quickly made a nervous face. And then, fiddling with his knife, I entered Lancha Street.

There was the market west of Kyrissis.

Since it was night, most of the shops were closed, and only restaurants, bars, and cafes that were open until late at night were lit up. However, since not all of them were where Kallian was intended, Kallian passed by without hesitation.

“Two, three, four… Is this here?”

After passing the three alleys of the West Market and entering the fourth alley, I saw a store lit up alone on a dark street. Bird cages of various sizes and shapes lined up in front of the door were eye-catching, but Calian nodded as if he had found the right destination after seeing what was written on the signboard.

– Naeransha Bird Store (Jeonseo-gu rental) It would seem strange that a place that simply sells pet birds was open at this time, but it made sense because of the contents of Jeonseo-gu rental next door. There will be people who want to spread the news day and night.

However, whether it was because the building was small or the time was late, it seemed that there was no engine to receive this message. Moreover, there was no place to hang the horses.

“What do you do?”

Callian, who got off Raven’s back, stood stunned for a moment with an embarrassment.

After all, he’s Raven, after all, Carlin knew best that he had no other place to go with a wealthy owner to take care of himself, so he wasn’t worried about Raven. The only thing I was worried about was that someone was going to steal Raven. Of course, it wasn’t Raven, but he was worried about the one who was unlucky with the glowing horse.

In the end, Callian put the reins on Raven’s saddle as if he had no choice.

“I’m waiting. Don’t think about it.”

Raven let out a purplish sound as if he understood Callian’s words. Then he walked quietly to the side of the store and stood there. As the black horse entered the shadow of the dark building, only the white fur on the right front ankle was particularly visible.

Callian turned around, leaving Raven as it was.

After that, he pressed his hood down to hide his face, and then opened the shop door and entered.

– My daughter.

A bell a little louder than Yan’s rang, signaling the arrival of a guest. Then the birds in the store began to chir in unison, perhaps waking up from the sound of the bell. It was almost as if I had entered the forest instead of in one corner of the market.

‘It’s a bigger place than it looks.’

There were so many different types of cages and birds living in them. From pet birds that seem smaller than Callian’s fist to hawks that can be used for hunting right now.

Rather, it was difficult to find a bird without it.

The shopkeeper, who was wearing single-eyed glasses and feeding birds, saw Callian and got up. And then,

“Do you want Jeonseo-gu?”

dark night.

Instead of being wary of a stranger who entered the new store with a black robe covering his face, he was asking:

Callian turned towards the silent cage without answering.

Two white pets inside were asleep, leaning against each other. They were undoubtedly a pair of birds, but Callian knew it was a very well-made fake bird.

A small voice came out of Callian’s mouth.

“These birds don’t wake up.”

It didn’t matter that his voice was young, but he was worried that he might be exposed, but fortunately, a calmly subdued voice echoed through the store. The owner answered.

“You sleep a lot.”

It was the same answer Bern remembered.

Starting with that, a conversation in which the words to come and go were already decided followed.

“You seem to have flew from afar? You look very tiring.”

“······· So why not sleep like that?”

I could feel the owner being silent for a moment, looking at Kalian. There was nothing that stood out from the outside anyway, so Kalin looked down, taking care not to reveal the color of her eyes.

“Hagisa. Come to think of it, it seems that there is no better place for a weary bird to rest for a while.”

“I’m glad you saw it that way.”

After the owner spoke indifferently, he took off his one-eye glasses he was wearing and wiped it with his sleeve. Then he put it back on and asked.

“What are you looking for?”

The answer from now on was important.

If he gave the wrong answer or showed suspicious behavior, his throat would be blown away.

“Because I need bird feed.”

“Yes. Bird feed is also sold here.”

As the conversation between the two continued, the birds that had been chirping for a while seemed to have fallen asleep again. Suddenly, the inside of the store was so quiet that you could even hear the rustling of clothes.


The owner walked behind Callian and stood there. There was no sound of walking. It was something that could not be seen without seeing that there would be a rough sword in the arms of such a master.

The owner watched Calian’s back for a long time without saying a word. The sound of his own breathing could be heard in Kalian’s ears, and the thick air pressed against his lungs. He slammed her body with a cold feeling.


The owner’s voice continued in the suffocating tension.

“I can’t remember selling a bird to someone recently. It seems like it’s a guest I haven’t seen.”

This was not a fixed question.

Callian had to think and answer on his own.

A smirk came out of Calian’s mouth immediately.

“I just left the nest and came to find food, so there’s no way I could have sold it here.”

The feet of the owner who was approaching Calian stopped.

“Do you know where the bird comes from?”

A set question came up again. Callian answered without hesitation.

“They said they came with the southeast wind.”

“Then whose bird is that bird?”

Callian slowly turned his body to face his master.

The lips seen under the deep hood drew long arcs. And through those lips came the final answer.

“The bird of Nevilled.”

King Devlan of Sekritia. Nevilled was a title made by mixing the spelling of Devlan’s name.

So now, Callian.

He became the first Kairis prince to obtain information about Kairis from the base of the three Sekritia princes who hid in Kairis.

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