MTL – 23

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (3) >

The chiresis was wide.

In the first place, the size of the royal palace was that large, so it could not be narrow because it was the capital city. Finding Kyrie in that vast land was as difficult as finding a needle buried in the sand. Fortunately, I knew what Kyrie was doing at this time, but it was difficult to find the location.

Besides, another one.

He couldn’t come up with a place to sell the things that Callian needed.

So I thought this was crazy. Obtaining Kairis’s information and items from the Sekritia Countess.

They were not just information merchants.

They were real swordsmen who had been sent from one country to spying on another after a long preparation. It was such a dangerous place.

In addition, Callian had a striking appearance that was immediately recognizable by passers-by. Just by looking at them with their red eyes, things would have grown out of control. So it was crazy.

“I will guide you to the gathering place.”

‘White Suri’, the one who protects the bases of the three kings, said so. After confirming that he was not an enemy, there was no further hostility or death.

‘Still, I don’t think it’s time for me to die yet.’

Even with such thoughts, Callian did not let go of tension. He followed him to the back of the store, trying to get out of the range of white suri’s swordsmanship as much as possible.

The three children did not know each other’s identities.

Even in his home country, he did not tell when, how many, or whom he would send as a sajak. It was a precautionary measure to prevent the other three works from being intertwined in case espionage was discovered. Also, they did not expose their faces to each other. It was the same reason.

In addition, the three Sechritias of this period were nurtured without distinction of age or gender. Therefore, it would not be strange if there were three sons of the same age as Callian.

Callian only believed in this situation, and he made the white suri recognize him as a young squire sent from Sekritia.

“Hold on a minute.”

All kinds of rubbish were piled up in the place where Callian was standing.

Empty cages, feeders, perches of different shapes, cleaning tools and more. Inside the dusty air, the white eagle moved around, avoiding it. Then he grabbed a wooden stick that had been standing at an angle as if it were junk and pushed it to the other side.

– Druck!

There was a sound like a chain being wound, and the whole room in which they were standing began to spin slowly.

Then there was a small rumble and a squeaking noise, and soon the place where Callian was standing was connected to the warehouse of a house. White Suri opened the warehouse door, revealing a narrow yard. The two soon crossed the yard and entered the house.

Callian followed the white repair, past the living room of the house, up to the second floor, and through another secret space to arrive at a large study. There was a large table in the middle, and bookshelves and shelves were lined up in all directions.

“Sit down.”

The white suri poured water into a cup and handed it to Callian. Callian, who had suffered a lot of damage from drinking recently, did not drink after receiving the water.

Seeing it, a mournful voice came out of the white suri’s mouth.

“Yeah. I used to give you tea too. But isn’t anyone drinking it? It’s a waste to throw away expensive tea leaves, so I’m just giving them water now. But I’m still not drinking, so I’m thinking of not offering anything now.”

Perhaps it was not only Callian who refused to drink, so it was inconvenient that his sincerity was ignored every time. Callian smiled slightly in return.

“Who told me not to eat anything?”

“Hagisa. You’re right. I’m a newcomer, so I’ll see you often in the future, so know the name. I’m a white eagle.”

Callian already knew his name, but he nodded his head without hesitation and opened his mouth. He announced a nickname that no one in Sekritia had ever used, which he had been thinking about before coming here.

“Red Cygnus.”

When he first met Le Main, he was Callian, who felt like a swan. Since Kali-an’s exterior and interior are different, there must be no other nickname that suits him so well.

“Yes. Nice to meet you. But what kind of Moi did you come looking for?”

The job Kallian was working on at this place he found was to sell basic information and equipment necessary for espionage to the thugs. It was ‘Moi’.

Callian glanced at the bookshelf and shelves once.

“One piece of information, one thing.”

The palm of the white suri was spread out.

“Information 5 florins, stuff 3 florins. Prepaid.”

It was strange to tell the price like this without asking what information or what it was. The operation of this place was solely the autonomy of the white eagle, and since it was not known even in Sekritia, even Calian did not know this. The white suri noticed Callian’s thoughts and added an explanation.

“Because it’s fixed price.”

I wondered if I could buy gold ingots for 3 Florins. Of course, he didn’t make things out of his mouth that would make him stupid.

Callian took 8 gold coins from his arms and handed them to the white suri. It was more expensive than expected, but it was unavoidable. The white suri, who received the price, pulled up a chair and sat down.

“Yes. Talk to me.”

Kallian continued his explanation, and the white suri got up from his seat without saying a word and hurriedly walked around the room. Soon he took a map and a small piece of paper and sat down again in front of Callian.

Said the white suri, who first pushed the small one toward Calian.

“For now, one thing.”

After that, he held out a map.

“And information.”

When I received it, it was a detailed map of Kyrissis, with a dot in one of them. Callian asked with a question.

“Isn’t this place other than chiresis?”

The white suri nodded his head.

Then he answered, pretending to have his fist stretched out in the air.

“If it’s large enough for the facility you described, that’s it.”

This meant that the probability that Kyrie would be in a place other than Kyresis was significantly lowered. The thought that Kyrie was probably the child I met on the way to the concert hall came close to certainty.

“Good luck.”

By the way, one dotted map is 5 florins. He felt like he had been ripped off for some reason, and as he took two of them and put them in his pocket, the white suri held out another piece of paper. There was a lot of writing on it. The white suri smiled so that he could see his white teeth, saying,

“User’s Guide.”

I don’t think it’s a rip-off.

Calian sighed and took the paper. And she didn’t go back to the store through the warehouse, she just came out through the front door of the house.

Looking around, it seemed to be the building behind the new store. So, instead of walking to the store, Callian spoke in a low voice.


It wasn’t long before I heard the sound of multiple angles, and Raven walked out in the dark as if only a white band was moving. Callian quickly climbed onto Raven’s back and moved away from there. After a while, Callian went to the moderately bright and secluded cafe and opened the map and manual.

‘Take care of yourself. It’s a rough place.’

The white suri’s words came to mind. Callian laughed and muttered.

“Anyway, I’m more dangerous than you.”

To get to the place on the map, we had to go back the way we came now. Calian, who read the instructions carefully and memorized them, burned the map and instructions on the candles lit at the entrance of the cafe to get rid of them.

* * *

There was deep concern in Callian’s eyes.

It was not that she was lost by burning the map. The map was accurate and there was only one place nearby that was open. It was because of the name of the store written on the entrance of the two-story building that caused various thoughts to come into Calian’s head now.

– Deep Cispanian alcohol smell



It was the bar I hated seeing it on the way to the new store. Kallian’s mind as she lowered her head again and stared at the entrance to her tavern was really complicated.

“No, who the hell named the store like that? Cispanians are also royalty, but the royal family doesn’t even ask for contempt of royalty?”

Memories of old Kalian flashed into her mind as if giving an answer.

‘Sispanian after Hatsara’s death did not act as a queen, so it was difficult to see her as a full-fledged royalty.’

Callian looked really talkative, gave Raven’s reins to Jo-joo, and then went into the tavern.

The interior of the bar was not much different from that of Sekritia. It was filled with the musty smell of old oak barrels and the characteristic bitter and sour hop smell.

“Do you have a party?”

Soon, a person who appeared to be a clerk came up to Callian and asked. It was a slightly stiff gait, probably because a customer wearing a hood came in in the middle of the night.

“I came alone.”

It didn’t matter at the new dealership, but here it does. It was because he could feel the clerk tilting his head at the voice that was too young.

Instead of her explanation, Callian took out one of her silver coins and handed it to her clerk. The clerk, who understood the meaning of her words, cleared his doubts immediately.

“I will guide you to an empty seat.”

Then Callian shook her head and said as her instruction manual had written.

“I’m going to the fourth floor.”

It was a two-story building that was too obvious for anyone to see. But instead of saying that this building does not have a fourth floor, the clerk replied:

“Yes. Follow me.”

Callian was nervous again and followed the clerk. Because it was late and most of the guests were drunk, Callian was able to move without much attention.

She turned a corner past five or six tables, and a thick wooden door appeared. The clerk took the key from his pocket, opened the door, and gestured to Callian.

“You can go in this way.”

Callian nodded her head and entered the room. And the clerk turned on the light in the room and closed the door from outside without any further explanation. After a while, I heard the clerk’s footsteps moving away.

Callian looked around without a word.

It was a place decorated as a space where four or five people could quietly gather and drink alcohol, and there was a square table and a decorative cabinet. Other than that, all they had was a strap with a handle for calling the clerk by ringing the counter bell, a picture frame with a meaningless picture, and a built-in hanger to hang clothes on.

So, at first glance, the place looked like a special room designed to share important stories, and nothing particularly strange stood out. Of course, this was not the case with Callian.

‘Butterfly shape, third.’

The manual also kindly informs us about this situation. So Callian walked to the opposite wall without panicking. He kept his eyes on the butterfly-shaped tin hanger that was designed to hang overcoats.

Callian grabbed the third of the six hangers and twisted it. Then the hanger began to turn slowly in a circle. By the time it was laid down almost 90 degrees.

– Click.

The hanger stopped with the sound of something being caught. Callian removed his hand from his hanger and grabbed the cabinet that was lying on the corner of the room and pushed it aside.

Even without much effort, the unlocked cabinet slid sideways, revealing a staircase leading down somewhere.

After taking a deep breath, Callian was ready to pull out his knife at any time, then moved his feet down his steps.

It wasn’t too difficult to go down because the light enough to distinguish the feet was illuminating the stairs. Callian, who had been going down for a while, stopped his feet for a moment.

“3rd Floor.”

There was a ‘3’ written on the entrance to somewhere.

“It must be a card game.”

The entrance was covered with a dark cloth, but through the gap in the curtains I could see the figures of several men sitting around with a round table in the center. Callian continued going down the stairs without showing any other reaction to the scenery on the third floor.

As she went down the stairs, almost twice the size of the third floor, she began to hear people yelling little by little.

It wasn’t long before I saw an entrance with a ‘4’ written on it, and the stairs ended.

“Here you are.”

The screams were loud enough to pierce my ears.

Callian inhaled and exhaled again. Then she went inside without further hesitation.

The place where Callian now entered was a martial arts gambling hall.

It was also the place for the swordsman Kyrie who gave up his sword.

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