MTL – 24

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (4) >

The smell of damp, sweat, and blood.

Callian, who had lived through years of familiarity with such a smell, could not help but frown.

“Admission fee.”

A man came up to Callian and held out his two fingers.

Callian nodded her head and gave his man two gold coins, who handed him a numbered plaque. It was a number plate to replace Callian’s name. Callian took it without a word and went inside.

In the middle of the gambling hall, there was a large iron cage, inside which two men were fighting for a long time. One was wearing black and the other was wearing a white headband.

About fifty gamblers were watching it. Some were screaming around the iron bars, while others were watching the game sitting in chairs with small tables.

As I was looking around the gambling hall while I was standing there, a man approached Callian.

She was a girl with silver hair in a short dress. Callian frowned slightly at the attire inappropriate for her young age. It was because it was clear in her eyes that she was not wearing the clothes she wanted for herself.

Her girl soon wrapped her arms around her calian and guided her to her empty seat, beckoning her.

She said, ‘I can’t speak.’

As Callian sat down at her seat, the girl walked away for a moment and held out to Callian something like a tray she was holding in her hand. It was cut in half and painted half black and half white, and it wasn’t difficult to figure out what it was for.

After staring at the fighters in the arena for a moment, Callian took out three gold coins from his arms and placed them on the white side.

I bet the man with the white headband would win. The girl writes down the number she had been given to Callian and bets 3 florins on white, returns it and takes the money back.

Callian looked forward again.

A man with a white headband was beaten by a man with a black headband and was staggering.

“You have to bow more and go in!”

“Watch out for your elbows, you idiot!”

There were swear words and so on.

Callian closed his eyes with an attitude as if he had nothing to see the outcome of the fight.

how much time has passed

– Kudangtang!

With the sound of huge things being thrown, some cheered and others spit out swear words again. When he opened his eyes, he saw a man with a black headband lying on the floor of the stadium. It was difficult to even recognize his face, which had been shattered by how much he had been hit.

A little while ago, the girl who had taken money from Carlyan came up to her and gave her a piece of paper and went back. It was a deed stating that the man who Kalian had wagered 3 florins won, he paid double the amount.

“Yeah! Gerard the bloody win today! Then we start the third match of the day!”

It was the second match I just saw, so the first match seemed to be over before Callian came.

The man in the black headband was dragged away, and the man in the white headband walked out with exhaustion. The next match started without delay, and the previous girl walked back.

Callian walked on the black side this time. Instead, he didn’t pay new money, and he paid the six-florin deed he had just received. The girl did the same and wrote down the information Calian had chosen and went back.

Each match lasted almost five to ten minutes, and each time Callian paid a certificate and predicted the outcome.

So the tenth game ended.

“The tenth match is over. The winner is the Steel Knee Pantheron!”

The game host’s voice rang out. Soon the girl walked back up again and handed her a certificate of her prediction, her hand giving it a slight trembling.

Predicting the victory of the fight was not difficult for Callian. Therefore, 3 florins had grown to an enormous amount of over 1500 florins.

Hearing the news of a mysterious guest who keeps guessing the match result, he could feel the match host looking at Callian. Then Callian nodded. It meant to move on to the next order quickly. Because I was in a hurry.

She said, ‘I’m not here to gamble.’

Kyrie hasn’t come out yet.

Did I get it wrong, or was it the wrong time? Or was it already in the first match that Callian missed?

First of all, the host spoke again because the next game had to be played for the sake of other guests.

“Yes. Now this is the last game. There is a whopping four times the dividend! Many people must have been waiting for this special match!”

Then people shouted and expressed their anticipation, and the host was swept away by the atmosphere and started a loud introduction.

“Introduction! Bloodmaul Shawn!”

The muscular giant came ahead.

The white headband roared as he pounded his feet on the floor of the arena, raised his arms and roared. People cheered at the sight.

“And the man who never gives up who challenges him today!”

last match. The thought that I had to come out again this time made me feel like I was about to stop breathing. The host’s words and the voices of old memories were heard overlapping each other.

“So far, we’ve lost more than ten close defeats! Even though we’ve never won this battle, will it be like that today?”

– At the time, I was caught selling fights and making money.

The challenger entered the arena.

He was wearing a black headband.

Vivid blue hair appeared above the headband. Callian’s body trembled.

“Don’t judge victory or defeat. I came stronger than yesterday!”

– Then, after my sister died, I left Kairis.

The challenger raised his head and looked around. His eyes turned to where he was, so he could see clearly.

“I am introducing!”

Blue and black, odd eye.

“Monster Eyeballs!”




* * *

The girl looked at Callian. Callian’s bet was because the money was too big.

What she brought out by Callian was the deed she had just received. She bets 1500 florins. The predicted winner was, of course, Kyrie.

Someone standing next to her interrupted.

“Hey, it’s a lot of money, so don’t throw it away like that. That bastard has never won that one. The game is worth watching, so just cheer up and spend the money on the white side.”

“No! You’re going to win today! If you were just one second earlier yesterday, you could win.”

Come to think of it, it seems that there are quite a few people betting on black even though they have never won before. The girl with her tray did not hesitate any longer, wrote her notes on her paper and returned.

In the fight that had just begun, people silenced the sound and looked at the arena.

Kyrie was also tall, not suitable for a 17-year-old, but when she stood in front of someone named Sean, there was no other child. Shawn, a mammoth who seemed to be well over two meters tall, swung his arm. At a glance, he could see his muscles swell as if they were about to explode, as if looking at Raven’s legs.

– Shh!

An unbelievable sound was heard waving her arms, and Kyrie slightly twisted her body to avoid it. Then Sean’s left arm slammed upwards from below. Kyrie took a step back.

After dodging all of his second attack, Shaun quickly retrieved his swung arm and stretched his leg out. The speed was so fast that it seemed that there was not enough time to dodge again.

Perhaps he was thinking the same thing, Kyrie raised his arms and was attacked.

– Puck!

Despite preparing to block it, Kyrie’s upper body shook with a loud sound. As Kyrie took a step back, Shawn approached and kicked him again.

Kyrie grabbed Shawn’s leg.

It was an act that wanted to momentarily lose balance, but the weight class of the two was too different for that. Shawn stretched out a fist to Kyrie’s side, which was holding his leg.

– Tat!

After Kyrie let go of his legs, he quickly moved away and backed away. Then, as soon as his fists passed, he rushed in. Kyrie’s heel, which rotated his body once, hit Shawn’s chin. His chin swiped sideways, and there was a groan of wood.

Shawn grabbed his head for a moment and regained his consciousness, then rushed to Kyrie and, holding Kyrie’s waist, rushed towards the wall of the cage.

– Bang!

Kyrie’s body slammed against the iron bars, and a loud sound rang out. And Shawn’s fist hit Kyrie’s stomach. Kyrie also extended his fist and hit Shawn’s chin, which he had just kicked before.

A dozen or so battles ensued.

Blood started dripping from Shawn’s nose, which was hit by Kyrie’s knee. His left hand trembled slightly, apparently from breaking his arm.

Of course, Kyrie wasn’t in a good condition either. Kyrie’s body staggered for a moment as she took a step closer to Shawn. It seemed that the aftermath of being hit in the back of his neck a while ago was still there. His rubbed eyes were swollen and his lips parted.

“Because I don’t have a sword, I’m very far back.”

Callian grinned and muttered.

It sounded relaxed, but it wasn’t like that in my heart. Watching that Kyrie fight with his bare hands made me feel like my stomach would explode.

Then, Shawn cut through the air and jumped in front of Kyrie. Her right fist reached out toward Kyrie’s face. Kyrie momentarily raised his arm to block it, but at the same time, Shawn’s left fist struck Kyrie’s side.


Kyrie made her suffocating sound and stood leaning against her iron bars. Seeing that her shoulder was shaking, she seemed to have hit her vital point. Callian was barely able to stand up from his seat.

Shawn ran.

Kyrie lifted her foot and kicked Shawn hard, then rushed back to Shawn, who was backed by the force. Shortly thereafter, he punched Shawn in the chest with his fist, but Shawn didn’t seem to take much damage.

– Whoops!

Shawn clenched his fist and slapped Kyrie’s stomach in the same way as if he was lifting a pill. Kyrie stumbled once again, probably near her side, which she had injured a while ago.

Shawn grinned and clenched his fists. Kyrie barely raised her body. Shawn rushed in, and in an instant, ten fists began to hit Kyrie.

Kyrie, who had blocked her the first few times, was allowing her to attack without help from a certain moment. He managed to punch halfway through, but didn’t do much damage to Shawn. Blood gushed out of Kyrie’s mouth.

A shout erupted from Calian’s mouth, which he had not seen any longer.

“Kyrie! You have a habit of biting her shoulder right before the attack!”

Kyrie’s shoulders twitched at the voice that broke through the numerous noises.

Kyrie lowered her arm that was blocking Shawn’s fist.

Then, with strength from the tip of her hand, he clenched her fist. The muscles in his arms were pulled tight, and tendons bulged out from the back of his hand to his forearm.

Kyrie stretched out her fist with all her might toward Shawn’s stomach. I heard only one word, but this time her shoulders moved properly.

– Whoops!

Shawn’s feet took a step back.

It was quite a shock, so I did not know that I was holding my stomach. When Kyrie’s counterattack paid off, people’s cheers shook the gambling hall.

Driven by that momentum, Kyrie’s attacks flowed like a wave this time. He stretched out his arms and hit his chin and kicked it. There was a relentless attack on him, as if he would not give him any room to come to his senses.

and eventually,

– Koo!

Shawn took a few steps back, rolled his eyes and fell to the ground. The host quickly counted, but Shawn, who had lost consciousness, did not get up.

“Hey, what’s going on with this!”

The host stuttered in disbelief, then came to his senses and shouted again. It was a voice very excited about Kyrie’s first victory.

“Finally! Kyrie has won!”

Her left crowd shook.

Those who bet on Kyrie’s victory could not cease to rejoice at today’s great fortune.

“The winner of the final match of the day! The monster eyeball Kyrie!”

Kyrie took a deep breath and turned his head.

It was towards the place where the boy’s voice was heard. It was not hidden by her hood, but somehow it felt like they were meeting the eyes inside.

‘Who is it.’

As Kyrie felt, Callian was also looking at Kyrie through her hood. Callian laughed as if it was funny.

“Blood eyes and monster eyes.”

And then he glanced around. waiting for someone

“It’s time to come.”

just as expected.

Someone was walking towards Callian. As Kyrie won, it wasn’t the girl who had to bring the bill, but a man as big as Shawn. Instead of handing over a deed, he spoke his words.

“Someone is looking for you. Follow me.”

When things went as expected, Callian got up from his seat without hesitation. Then he followed his man.

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