MTL – 25

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (5) >

Callian stared in front of him without saying a word. He, of course, didn’t take his hood off.

Behind Kalian stood four men with his swords blocking the door. And in front of him was a table made of iron, and the man sitting opposite him was looking at something with his hand in his hand. These were the deeds that Calian had ever issued.

“To earn more than 6,000 florins with 3 florins. That’s great.”

Callian didn’t answer. Perhaps he didn’t expect an answer in particular, the man shrugged his shoulders and put the papers down.

It was obvious why the man had called Callian this way. The amount has grown too large. Callian, who thought that he would have to negotiate or threaten him properly because he had to incur huge losses to take out all that money, followed without hesitation.

“No matter how much we run a gambling house, we also have a sense of morality. I’ll give you the money.”

Having said that, the man tapped his table with his lightly clenched fist. Then the man behind the man placed one of his pockets on the table.

Surprisingly, as soon as he gave out the money, Callian looked at the man with a questionable face. He couldn’t see his expression under his hood, but when he saw his head move, the man grinned.

“Oh, but why did you call me?”

The man opened his pocket and showed it to Callian. It looked like he had heard the gold coins, but Callian did not turn his gaze to it.

“I’m a little worried about giving such a large amount of money to a young girl.”

Suddenly, the tone had changed.

Perhaps someone heard him screaming at Kyrie.

anyways what they say

‘I’ll give you money, but I can’t give you now. Come all grown up.’

 this is what it means As if there was some sort of order, the person who had just put down the money bag made a giggle.

After staring at him for a moment, Callian finally opened his mouth.

“I know it’s a lot of money.”

The only thing barely visible under the hood was the lips. Those lips were smiling. It was a clear boy’s voice, but it didn’t appear to be bewildered or surprised.

Callian said in a disappointed voice, moving his head slightly.

“Still, I thought negotiations would come.”

Instead of answering, the man pointed to Callian’s head.

“First, take off that stuffy hat, kid.”

Callian raised his hand and gently grabbed the tip of his hat.

Then he answered, pressing a little deeper and shorter.


“People have to look into their eyes and talk, don’t they?”

The thought was that he would not be a commoner if he saw that he had quite a lot of money. But seeing that he came without an escort, there was no way he was of such a high family. There is such certainty that even men are acting up and down like this.

“If you take this off.”

The tip of Callian’s lips twisted up. It was a laugh that was very good at twisting people’s minds, which I learned from Plantz.

“I’m having trouble. Really.”

A smile that resembled that of a Franz was very effective. The man spit out a swear word and then gestured his chin to the person behind him. The man who had pulled out his pocket money walked over to Callian and reached out and grabbed his hood.

At the same time, Callian also moved.

– Shh!

Callian raised his left hand and grabbed the tip of the hood that was about to come off, and pulled out a knife that was stuffed into his hand. Then he got up from his seat, turned back, and slashed the back of the hand of the one holding the hood.


When the man grabbed my hand and started screaming, Callian had already sat down again.

“What, what!”

It happened in an instant.

Callian’s condition was the best, so even with his dry and twisted body, he was able to move this much. Of course, only briefly, and only once or twice, but it didn’t matter.

The four men blocking the door at the scream of his comrades drew their swords.

Then, a terrifying energy emanated from Callian.

Dark flesh with obvious murderous intent filled the surroundings.

The man could not speak. A cold sweat ran down his back. He, too, had dealt with the life of knights, but he was markedly different. The men around Callian were no different. Without realizing it, the tip of his sword trembled.

People who have lived in this place are quick-witted.

It’s different from a knight who doesn’t spare himself and fights swords to the end. He knew that if he realized the superiority of his strength, he would not fight any further.

“It’s no fun to belittle your age. Don’t be curious about your face. Put a knife in, put away a noisy kid. Negotiation first, threats after.”

Now, even as the man with his hand cut in half from behind was screaming, Kali An’s voice, sitting in front of him, was so calm.

“If you understand. Do it again from the beginning.”

The flesh that had sprung up and shuddered as if washed away, and Calian smiled brightly. Seeing that smile gave me goosebumps. Because of the hood, only the mouth was visible, which made it even more bloody.

‘Damn it! I’ve summoned a sword-wielding madman!’

Will I be able to win if I summon the minions outside? The man quickly rolled his head to gauge the difference in his strength.

‘Move fast. There’s no way the slow bastards can keep up with that speed. Besides, he spews out that kind of flesh, but he can’t even pull a knife properly in half, and he’s a tough guy.’

The result of the calculation was simple. I came to the conclusion that it would be better to lose money than to fight and lose blood and money.

He pulled out his feet, fearing that he would lose without even fighting the sword himself. It was just as Calian had envisioned.

‘If you give me all the money, I will be dead. What about?’

Men had the same problem.

Even though he pretended to be strong and took out all that money, it was really difficult if that large amount of money went out all at once. There would be a setback in the immediate business and there was not enough compensation.

Still, since Callian talked about negotiations, the man believed it and decided to ejaculate.

“It’s difficult to give money all at once. If you tell me where you live, I’ll split the money every week.”

– Crazy!

The tip of Callian’s knife scraped the iron desk. A horrifying sound rang out. Callian said.

“Karl, noisy kid.”

The man beckoned, remembering what Callian had said a moment ago. The sword in the hands of the four went back into the scabbard, and two of them ran away with the screaming tooth.

The man opened his mouth again.

“Okay? Now, if you tell me where you live….”

– Crazy!

That’s not the right answer.

The man clenched his teeth.

“Yeah, actually, it’s difficult to give that money all at once. We also have to raise the weekly payment…!”

As if to be quiet, Callian took his knife and brought it to his lips. The hoarse voice continued again.

“Don’t talk about things that bother you to find out.”

“No, I don’t have any money to give, so what do you mean?”

The man made a loud noise without realizing it. Then he let out a dying voice.

“No. I mean, that’s not what I mean…. Just tell me what you want.”

Callian tapped the desk with the tip of his knife.

“I won’t take any money.”

It was the nicest sound I’ve ever heard. A color flashed across the man’s face. But Calian’s words were not over. To the man, words such as the blue sky continued.

“Give me a man instead. A monster eyeball.”

“No, it’s…!”

– Crazy!

“Ah, really!”

The man frowned for a moment. The unreasonable demands have created an evil mouth. I thought if I could do it, I would do it.

Callian also noticed the change in the man’s heart.

Here, if he gives him a little more time, a fight will start, and then he will be found out that he is just a little boy. So don’t give it time to think.

Callian clenched his molars.

“He’s just starting to make money, and the Master…!”

The man who had said so shut his mouth involuntarily.

It was because of hearing that Kalian’s knife, not even a sword, made a small ringing sound.

– Whoa!

Soon, a blue energy enveloped the knife and flowed, and it became a sharp blade and stretched out.

A blue aura that seemed to cut anything was formed on the knife. The man’s eyes contorted in astonishment.

Those who saw what they had only heard in words took their breath away. Then he looked at the tip of Calian’s hand with a ‘maybe’ eye. As if to prove that the rumor was correct, Calian stood up quietly from his seat and took a knife with an aura the length of the sword and slammed it right in front of the man’s nose.

The man shuddered and shrugged his shoulders.


At that moment, there was no sound.

As if the thick iron table could be any kind of pudding, the knife fell silently through the table. Only the afterimage of blue light remained like a nightmare.

A chill was felt on the day of the Auror, who disappeared under the table and between his knees. The man unknowingly pulled his body back. His pants were cut long, revealing his bare legs.

“What are you!”

Callian bowed his head.

I groaned, and blood spurted out of my body.

Callian grabbed the corner of the table with both hands to support his body, and managed to swallow his churning blood back.

‘Not twice.’

My heart felt like it was going to break.

Callian barely opened his mouth, pretending to be relaxed.

“If it’s your life for 6,000 florins… will you exchange the monster’s eyeballs?”

His voice trembled. It was meant to put up with the pain, but to the man’s ears, nothing but holding back his anger could be heard.

‘crazy! Sword Master! Hundreds of guys like me. No, even if a thousand people gather, it’s no match!’

The man who quickly grasped the situation quickly nodded his head.

Then, behind Kallian, he blinked at the two subordinates who were shaking with wide open eyes. I meant to bring them, and the two of them ran to each other.

Callian reached out and took his knife.

The knife, which he thought would not be able to withstand the Auror, was surprisingly intact. The craftsmanship of the creator was good, and there must be a reason why the Auror appeared and disappeared in such a short time. Callian laughed.

‘I was weaker than the sword.’

Callian sat down again. He lowered his head and took a deep breath to hide his painful expression.

Five minutes passed like five years. The pain had diminished to the point that he managed to bear it. As it took longer than expected, Callian, frustrated, tapped the desk with a knife. The man panicked because the sound seemed to shorten his lifespan.

“I’ll be back soon, so please wait!”

Immediately after that, the door to the office opened and the men who had just left ran in. But there were only two. He didn’t bring Kyrie. the man asked urgently.

“Where are you leaving the kids?”

“What he’s saying is… Hina, I can’t leave it behind…”

Callian raised his head in surprise. The wind almost took off his hood, which he had barely protected.


It’s a name you’ve heard

‘Could it be, that…?’

When Callian lifted his head, the man hurriedly opened his mouth.

“You mean you’re going with me?”

“Yes. Hina, the same half….”

“It doesn’t matter, bring it! Bring two or three, just!”

“Yes Yes!”

Again the sound of running was heard. This time it didn’t take too long.

– Click.

The door opened once again. And four people came in. Except for the men’s servants, one was Kyrie, and the other was a person I had seen a while ago, Kalian. It was the silver-haired girl who gave me the certificate.

The man who saw them said with a smile.

“Come on. Take them all. Go quickly.”

Suddenly, Callian got up from his seat. Then the men and their men flinched and stepped back.

“Follow me. Both of you.”

Callian walked towards the door, saying that there was no need to see the others any more.


The man swept his heart down as if relieved, but Callian, who made a short sound, suddenly turned back and approached him again.

“Why, why?”

Callian stood in front of the man and held out his hand.

The man who saw it was astonished.

‘Have you changed your mind? Ask for money?’

Callian laughed softly.

“Give me back the entrance fee and principal.”

5 gold coins.

you have to save

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