MTL – 26

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (6) >

After leaving the bar and walking a little further, I came to a quiet place. The moon was bright, but the day was cloudy. Besides, it was late at night when the magic lights were turned off. It was dark, and no one could be seen.

At that moment, Callian’s steps stopped. Those who quietly followed them also stopped.

Callian turned and looked at the two of them for a while, then loosened the robe that had been hiding them. His black hair was exposed as if dripping down.

– Flutter!

Callian’s robe was wrapped around the shoulder of a girl named Hina.

Callian, who had tied the robe straps with a calm hand without saying anything, looked at Kyrie this time. Her Kyrie wasn’t in a very good shape. He was wearing an old shirt soaked in blood and sweat.

Callian made a grunt and took off her jacket and handed it to Kyrie.

Behind her, she asked in a passing tone as she looked at her ears exposed through Hina’s long silver hair.

She said, “It’s cut, it’s cut.”

At the tip of her Hina’s ear, there was a scar that looked like it had been cut by her sharp edge. As if she was trying to hide something pointedly exposed.

She was something that Kyrie didn’t have.

Although the two were siblings, they looked different. I remembered the words Kyrie had stuttered while drunk on her. She doesn’t remember, but she says she’s heard that Kyrie resembles her father and her sister resembles her mother.

Both were half elves.

At Kali An’s words, Hina shuddered at her shoulder, and Kyrie approached Hina and Kali An as if blocking them. is to protect

A vigilant voice came out.

“Thank you for your help.”

Callian quickly lowered his head.

The Kyriega of that day lingered in my ears, and her voice, which had been fading away, came to mind again.

– Boeun….. but that’s all……….

I was happy, I was sad, I was grateful, I was sorry. There were more things that couldn’t be expressed with that alone, falling into tears.


With a long exhalation of hers, Calian calmed her mind, wiped her eyes and lifted her head.

“Sisters, half-elves. I heard from the person who was there earlier.”

It wasn’t exactly what I heard, but I thought I knew it, so it wasn’t a lie. Calian, who had been wrapped around him like that, continued.

“So, don’t be wary. There’s nothing bad about it.”

With those words, the wind blew like a lie.

The wind blew the clouds and the moonlight shone. red eyes were revealed.

At that moment, Kyrie, who had seen Kalian properly, bowed her back hastily. Hina, standing next to her, imitated Kirie without even knowing the English language.

“I’m sorry, Prince. I didn’t know you and dared to doubt.”

Hina was startled by that, and she bowed her waist, which had already been bowed to her, more deeply.

“I am Kyrie and my sister is Hina. I am an orphan who lost her parents in her childhood. So I don’t remember her last name.”

Kyrie was someone who wouldn’t have to bow her back to Callian. “Yes,” said Callian, holding the two of them by the shoulders and lifting them up.

“So. Did you cut off the ear, or was it cut off? If it was cut off, I’ll pay you back.”

It wasn’t the first greeting that was important to Callian now.

Hina shook her head and touched her ear with her hand. It means you cut it yourself.

It must have been for her to look like a normal human being. It’s hard to find in Kyrissis, but it was at a time when elf slave traffic was still going on in the provincial cities.

“Didn’t you say that in the first place? Or I’ll pay you back.”

Hina laughed softly. And then she shook her head. Because she is a prince, I only thought of her as a person as high as the sky, but I could feel her writing on her heart.

“I haven’t been able to speak since I was born, Prince.”

“Anything else. Do you have anything to pay me back?”

It was a question from Callian who remembered Hina’s clothes. Fortunately, Hina’s head moved left and right this time as well. Then he pointed to her Kyrie. Thanks to her Kyrie, it meant that she didn’t have any problems yet.


– My sister chose her own death.

A half-elf girl with nothing. It looks pretty too.

The reason for the suicide was never asked. It was because he could tell everything from Kirie’s self-blaming expression.

After Hina committed suicide, Kyrie killed all the people in the casino. She had fled that way and came to Sekritia.

“thank God.”

I’m so glad it didn’t happen again.

“I saw you in Astricia yesterday.”

Kyrie made a surprised face. People may remember Callian, but it won’t be easy for Callian to remember people.

“I was looking at the articles.”

Kyrie was surprised once again. Because it was just as Carlian said.

“Yes, that’s right. I was there.”

It was a car that a person called Master wanted to meet Kirie and went out for a while. I stood there for a short time and then went back, and in the meantime, Calian recognized Kyrie.

“Do you want to become a knight?”

Callian had asked the same question to Kyrie once.

– Kyrie. Do you want to become a knight?

In the reality that she could not learn her sword, her wings were broken and Kyrie, who had left Kairis without her one and her remaining blood, looked straight into her Berne’s eyes, and she replied.

– It’s a sword. I will be the sword.

It reminded me of the eyes that confidently brought out her embarrassing words.

The seventeen-year-old Kyrie, who had the same eyes, answered again and again.

“No, Prince. I want to become a sword, not a knight.”

It was still the answer.

Callian asked again with a satisfied expression.

“You guys. Do you know my name?”

“Yes. The third prince, Prince Callian. I know.”

Callian nodded slightly and handed the five gold coins he had received a while ago to Hina. Hina, who received a large sum of money, widened her eyes.

Callian asked Hina.

“Do you know how to clean?”

Nodding, Hina responded with a nod instead of a word.

“Okay. Now, for five days, sleep in a nice place, buy the right clothes, eat well, and have fun. Let Kyrie get some treatment. If you don’t have enough money, put it in front of a man named Alan Manasil of the Wizards’ Association. I’ll figure it out for you.”

Hina nodded her head again.

The person who saved them from the gambling house was the prince, and Kyrie had a puzzled face when the prince even gave them money. But Callian didn’t come to give them money.

Callian’s words continued.

“And come to the palace in five days. Come and find me. Don’t get confused with other princes. There are bad guys who drink alcohol among the princes, so if you make a mistake, you’re in trouble.”

Hina laughed silently, as the drunkard’s notoriety had even spread outside the royal palace. Then she looked at Carlyan with a surprised look. He seemed to have realized just then that he had been told to come to the royal palace.

“For now, I’m staying at the royal palace. It’s hard to make people feel comfortable. I have to work. But it’ll be better than here. Anyway, when I come to the palace, there’s going to be a cute little puppy named Yan. I’m just doing what she tells me to do. I…・・I may not be able to meet you right away because I am a little busy.”

It was difficult for her speechless Hina to give her immediate help so that she could live alone without her Kiriedo. She could have sent her to Alan’s house, but she seemed worried about Kyrie. After all, isn’t Alan also a seemingly very bubbly man? Rather, it was better to leave her as a maid. If he doesn’t like living in the royal palace, it won’t be too late to go and let him go.

“Did you understand everything?”

nod nod.

“Okay. How old am I?”

His three fingers spread out.

“You don’t like working in the royal palace?”

dory dory.

“Come back in a few days?”

Five fingers wide open.

“Ok, fine.”

nod nod.

As she nodded her head so hard that she thought her neck would hurt, Kali An almost stroked Hina’s hair without realizing it. She was shorter than Callian, but she was fortunate to still remember that Hina was two years older than her.

After finishing her words to Hina, Callian turned her body.

He took out the sword he had prepared for Kyrie, which was in Raven’s saddle. And handed it to Kyrie.


Kyrie caught the sword in her freeze. It felt heavy enough to wield. Seeing this, Callian smiled contentedly.

right. You must raise the sword, Kyrieji.

“I can’t become a knight right now. I have to act as my shield first. If you want to learn the sword, come to me.”

Kyrie looked at the sword in her hand and Kalian.

“I’ll make you the best sword.”

A sword that follows the prince.

The current Kyrie was a position she could not even dream of.

She couldn’t believe it.

“Why are you giving us such a big thing?”

“Because I need a good sword.”

Callian simply replied briefly.

It didn’t take long for Kyrie to win her heart. She found a person who recognized her, so what would she be worried about?

Kyrie fell down in front of Kalian. A desperate voice followed.

“I’ll go. If you allow me, I’ll be the prince’s sword.”

“Yeah. I came here to get that sword.”

Callian smiled and lifted Kyrie back up.


this is my boun

* * *

Kalian was fortunate to be able to enter Teinansha Street before sunrise, but his condition was not very good. He had come all the way here, almost lying on Raven’s back.

Whether they had woken up early or had not yet fallen asleep, several people in wizard robes were roaming the streets. Those who saw the man drooping over the black horse flinched and hurriedly retreated.

Each time, the sound of Raven’s hooves grew louder.

He seemed to be contemplating what his eyes were focused on as he marched, so Calian, who was still lying on his back, said in a weak voice.

“Raven. We’re not in such a cool state right now. Don’t like it because it’s embarrassing.”

After finishing all the work, the tension was relieved and the body aches again.

Due to a heart problem, I could not properly manage it, so I scraped all my depleted mana and forcibly manifested an auror, so no matter how much medication I took, there was a limit. Thanks to this, he had to use Raven’s back as a bed.

Still, I was very fortunate that Raven was so clever. If it wasn’t for the guy who came to the royal capital on his own, he wouldn’t have been able to come back on time like this.

It wasn’t long before I arrived at the Wizards’ Association that Allen had been talking about. As we scrambled into the building, the wizards welcomed Calian very warmly. The president of the wizard association named Euria came out and guided Callian to a certain room.

It was a small study and drawing room, and bookshelves on all sides of the walls were stacked with all kinds of magic books. And the decorative knife on the desk stood out. It was because it was a knife that looked very similar to what Kallian had.


Alan was sitting on the sofa.

He did not sleep and waited for Kalian. Alan was so happy that he could barely hold back her tears for a moment.

Alan glanced at Carlyan’s haggard look and opened his mouth.

“Did you fight? Where do you sell all your clothes?”

Callian burst out laughing.

“I didn’t fight. Clothes, it just happened a little bit.”

This is not a lie, as it was not a fight, but a little scare and bluff at the gambling house.

Alan flicked his finger as he frowned slightly at the unpleasant smell of a gambling house on his body. Then, the fresh air seemed to wrap around Calian, and he felt refreshed. After realizing that it was clean magic, Callian liked it.

“thank you.”

Having said that, Callian sat down across from Alan. Alan asked, folding the book he was holding in his hand.

“Are you finished with all your work?”

“Yes, for now. I think I’ll have to come back in a month.”

Alan nodded his head. It was meant to bring you back after a month.

Soon after, Alan dropped the book he was holding in the air. Then, miraculously, the book fluttered and fluttered as if it had become a bird and landed on the bookshelf. Callian looked at him as if possessed, and Alan explained.

“The magic hangs all over this building, and it allows you to put anything you want, where you want it, because wizards don’t really like moving things.”

“How amazing.”

“It would have been more cumbersome to cast a spell on a building, but it’s like a wizard, so you just do it.”

Callian laughed. Then, he looked at something that stood out to him and asked.

“But there are things that aren’t like wizards. A knife.”

With those words, Alan stared for a long time as he met Callian’s gaze. A strange voice came out of his mouth.

“Yes. There is a knife. It shouldn’t be there.”

Alan smiled bitterly. Callian looked at Alan with an expression of what was going on.

It was laid out as if nothing, but it was a treasure that the association president Euria treasured more than her life. Because it was made by the Cispanians themselves. It was also a magical item for a kind of warning, showing the weapon hidden in the opponent’s arms in the form of ornaments.

So, having a decorative knife on the desk was equivalent to saying that Callian now has a knife.

Alan’s eyes darkened.

“As people get older, things change, but curiosity never goes away.”

A question appeared once again on Callian’s face. Allen didn’t say any more about him, and he used his mana to say something else.

“As I said, the objects in this room move according to my will. As long as you know how to convey your will, it is not difficult to move at will.”

He couldn’t understand why he had said this, so Calian, who was about to say how about getting some sleep, shut his mouth.

“It would be great if we could move and listen to the inner thoughts of people like that.”

Because he saw the decorative knife lying on the bookshelf quietly rise.

“I just can’t do it on my own.”


The knife slowly turned towards Kallian.

Callian’s eyes frowned slightly when he saw that a rather sharp blade was aimed at him for decoration.

“········ So that I should open it like this.”

He thought it was a joke. But Alan didn’t stop.

– Awesome!

The knife flew towards Calian’s neck at lightning speed. Calian’s hand, feeling the danger, moved according to his instinct.

– Kaang!

The sound of blades hitting each other resounded as if torn apart.

And there was complete silence.

Alan is.

A knife that was pulled out and held in Carlian’s hand, and another knife that bounced off and flew into the wall. And he looked into Kallian’s eyes, forged as sharp as the blade of a sword.

Callian looked at Alan without saying a word, and Alan watched Calian’s eyes silently.

Alan’s voice broke through his choking silence.

“Explain. Please explain.”

Callian closed his eyes for a moment.

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