MTL – 27

< Chapter 6. There is no bad meaning (7) >

Callian felt miserable.

He later realized that the knife had stopped in front of Kalian’s neck, an attack that had to be stopped. I didn’t know that the knife in his hand would be so resentful.

The knife flew into the wall a while ago and was pulled out by itself and fell into Alan’s hand. A deep sword mark remained on the blade.

“You’re really fast. With a body like that.”

Alan, who opened his mouth like that, was not so surprised. It was an attitude that he had already expected that Callian would block the knife. Looking at Callian, who couldn’t open her mouth, Alan said in a calm voice.

“Sorry to startle you.”

Callian shook his head. He still didn’t speak. To open his mouth, Alan started talking instead.

“The first day I saw you. I knew that the Prince had been waiting for me for a long time. I was curious, but I thought it was a coincidence. To ask that, I knew the Prince was already in a dangerous situation, and I was a little too busy to think about anything else.”

I mean, it was heard from the beginning.

A sigh escaped Calian’s mouth.

And yet, without questioning, how ridiculous it is that he uttered faith to the man who had helped Callian.

“But strange things started to increase. LeMain said that the prince was afraid of horses, and the nobles were amazed that the prince had become a completely different person. The wizard who went to the concert said that the prince prevented the accident.”

Power entered Calian’s hand.

He was surprised that Allen knew what the theater was doing.

“Still, I thought I’d skip this far. But, there was another strange thing.”

A sad smile lingered on Callian’s lips. is there again At this point, it was time to think about why Yan didn’t doubt Callian.

“When I told him that I was addicted, I could see life in the prince’s eyes. But he erased it quickly. Those eyes were not those of a prince who could not have killed a single butterfly. It’s knowing how to reap as you please. Since the tangled threads couldn’t be unraveled, I’ve been thinking about it all night. But.”

Alan, who had said that far, slightly raised the knife in his hand.

“It was made by a Cispanian. When I put it on the display to show the hidden weapon, what was a flowerpot turned into a knife. It means that the prince has a knife, and the prince knows how to show his life. I tried handing it out just in case. “

Callian laughed involuntarily and replied back.

“He handed it to him with a force to pierce his throat.”

Allen bowed his head, apologized once more, and said.

“I believed in the prince and entrusted all aspects of my life to it. I thought I would have doubts if I didn’t know that the first disciple I made was hiding it and not releasing it. So please stop explaining it now. I’ll listen.”

Callian nodded.

He was already convinced that he wasn’t the real Kallian, so he had nothing to hide.

“I’ll tell you.”

Callian did not contemplate what he was saying and where he should start. He decided to put everything out. So he quietly closed his eyes and began to speak slowly.

“This is Bern. My original name is Bern Sekritia.”


Alan’s shoulders twitched. The name that came out at this point reminded me of something.

Chase, and…

Callian didn’t stop talking. He had his eyes closed, so he hadn’t noticed that Alan’s reaction to hearing his name was serious. As a result, Kalian’s continued remarks wanted the truth from Alan, so it felt like he had to listen to everyone and bear with them.

“The current crown prince, the younger brother of Chase Durahhan Sekritia, who was king at my time. He was a knight.

A quiet voice continued.

Bern, the prince of Sekritia, became a knight in order not to receive the crown prince, and Chase ascended the throne. And the war with Kairis followed.

The last week was like a massacre surrounding the capital, Secreta.

A desperate situation in which the Royal Guard had to leave the castle and leave the castle to protect the king. Everyone died and even Bern, who was guarding the gates alone, eventually died. For Callian, he released all the stories that became the past.

And after exhaling once, Callian opened his mouth.

“By the way. There was something special about Sekritia. It was also a cause of war.”

– Dalgrak.

Alan put the knife down on the table. When I heard the next word, I thought I was going to drop it.

“Master, it may be hard to believe, but the axis of time.”

This time, Alan closed his eyes.

Because he felt his heart flutter when he put the knife down. A look of confusion appeared on Alan’s face as he had never seen before.

“······· They said turn back time.”

At Alan’s words, Callian doubted his ears.

It took me a while to understand what the sound I just heard meant. Allen, who had been staring at Callian for a long time, asked.

“When did you return?”

The sound of a breath inhaling came from Calian’s mouth.

It’s as if he knows everything.

I wanted to hear the explanation right away. But Alan’s face was demanding an answer. Callian, who barely grasped the trembling of his fingertips, answered with a dry voice.

“A month ago. It was a month ago. When I opened my eyes, my servant Jan was waking me up. It was 10 years earlier.”

Alan leaned back on the sofa. Then, without a word, he raised his hand and rubbed his temple.

Why didn’t he think of it?

Even after thinking all night long.

It was a face that looked like he needed time to think, so Calian waited, calming his impatience.

Allen’s mouth finally opened when the sun was starting to come in through the crack in the window.

“You must have already been poisoned. You must have known how the original Prince Callian died. That’s why he waited as if he knew I was coming.”

Callian answered with a gloomy face.

“That’s right. The day I met Master… was not a coincidence.”

The spirit of the first day was left behind and he was pretending to be a cat that lost its mother. Alan, who was looking at Carlian like that, said.

“Anyway, I don’t care whether you know in advance or not, as you’ve been looking for me to use on the prince’s path. I won’t be disappointed by that, so don’t worry about it.”

Alan paused for a moment after saying that. Before he could tell how he knew the axis of time, he had something to tell Kalian.

“But there is one thing the prince should know first.”

Callian’s head moved up and down.

Everything Alan said was ready to be heard.

“Right now, there is only Crown Prince Chase in Sekritia. Chase was originally an only son, and the queen had no children. They probably didn’t know that.”

Callian looked into Alan’s eyes without a word.

There was no emotional turmoil as Alan had feared.

“I had a vague feeling. Because I’m here, there’s no way Bern can be here again. I was worried that it might have been an early death, so I was worried how it would have disappeared.

“Yes. It seems that way.”

It was difficult to imagine what it would be like to have life erased. So Allen said so instead of a modest consolation, and Callian answered calmly.

“I’d rather be fortunate.”

what to do Callian only thought so.

Didn’t Bern already take someone else’s life?

“Well, is the original Prince Calian dead?”

Allen asked, as if he had read who Callian was thinking of. This is because this moment was also the time when the old Callian was alive.

Callian shook his head.

And he answered, pointing to his head and then to his heart.

“I didn’t know it at first, but it is still there. I think I’ll leave when the scheduled day comes.”

Memories that come to mind like answers to Callian’s words.

I suddenly realized that it wasn’t just a memory. The reason I always remembered having to ask a question was because it was the old Calian’s answer.

“We can’t talk to each other, but it’s clear that there is. But it doesn’t tell you what happened to me that brought me here. Maybe even the old Kalian doesn’t know.”

Alan nodded his head and said he understood. Callian asked, tapping his knee with his finger.

“The axis of time. How do you know?”

“It’s not that great.”

Alan replied with a slight shrug on his shoulder.

“I visited Sekritia last year. Chase called me secretly. I asked for advice about it saying that the axis of time had been discovered. I came back after only meeting Chase, so even if the same thing happened in the previous time, the prince wouldn’t know. will.”

Callian opened his mouth with a dry voice.

“Your brother was looking for you separately.”

“Just in case you’re looking forward to it, I’m sorry we didn’t know anything else about him.”

“No. I thought so. If Master had found out anything, I should have known.”

Alan nodded his head and spoke again.

“The thing called the axis of time doesn’t seem like it was made by human power, so we exchanged opinions about whether it was a sacred thing of Serenti.”

“Isn’t the god thing used by priests? It’s a means to replace the god power, and I know that the god thing itself has never had any other abilities.”

The evil spirit was sealed by the war of two gods, and the given Serenti fell asleep.

Since then, the priests have not manifested their divine powers. Because of this, the healing power was exercised by consuming the remaining divine power in Serenti’s Holy Spirit.

“That’s right. So, in the end, only a question remained. Besides, I can’t confirm it anymore.”

Having said that, Alan’s hand turned to Carlian.

“A month ago, I got a call saying that the axis of time had disappeared. It seems like that’s what brought a cat like this. Anyway, Chase or the Prince were looking for me for this, so I guess we should call them brothers.”

Hearing that, Callian laughed a little painfully.

Alan pretended not to see it. Instead, he asked, glancing at the knife that was placed on the table.

“The day you first saw me. The prince said he didn’t want a throne. If so, may I ask again what you want?”

He had no reason not to answer. Callian replied willingly.

“I was trying to stop a war.”

“The axis of time, which was the cause of the war, is now gone, isn’t it. If that is the case, it can be said that there is no war.”

Callian replied.

“We don’t know the cause. We don’t know yet why Plantz tried to have the axis of time. If the cause remains, the problem will only recur in the end, so we want to find out and check it.”

“Is it for the chase?”

Callian looked at Alan. It was difficult for him to understand the intent of the question. Alan noticed this and added an explanation.

“When I met Chase, I was very impressed. His personality, his knowledge, his abilities, he lacked anything. Even if all three Princes of Kairis combined, he would not be able to do only one Chase.”

It was a hundred thousand times right. No matter how many words I explain, I can’t fully praise Chase.

“That’s right. You’ve become a great monarch.”

“So the 3rd Prince of Kyris, whose life is at stake, won’t have to worry about the wonderful Crown Prince of Sekritia.”

“You’re saying don’t live in the past.”

Callian nodded his head with a calm expression on his face.

“The first day I came here, I gave up on living in Bern.”

Alan got up and sat down. And he said, pointing to the knife on the table.

“I have a question for you. You know more than I do, and I have never met Chase or I, but the Prince will soon.”

Callian followed Alan’s hand and looked away, then raised his head again and looked at Alan. It didn’t take long to come up with an answer.


Alan nodded his head.

Now, a name that is so familiar came to mind.

“There is a Cispanian.”

Rosalita, Prince Kairis’s coming-of-age ceremony.

It was a ceremony to announce that he had become a true royalty by visiting the empty nest of the Cispanians. And the prince who went to Roselita said he would meet the will of the Cispanians.

“So, solve the poison car as soon as possible. The land of the elephants, Siegfried’s estate is quite far away. You need to prepare.”

Callian nodded slowly.

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