MTL – 28

< Chapter 7. Roses will bloom soon (1) >

It wasn’t until morning that he returned to the palace and slept for a while, and when he woke up, his eyes had turned red, and Yan was sitting right next to him, looking at Callian. Kalian, a squeaky man, rose from his seat as if bouncing, and pulled his body back.


It was difficult to see the blood vessels in Yan’s eyes and the dark dark under his eyes, as if he had slept.

“I’ve been waiting all night, so you told me to get some sleep…”


With a serious expression on his face, Yan cut off Callian’s words.

“Morning tea, why are you having it?”

As if to suspect that it was poisonous, Callian made a sullen face.

“You gave it to me.”

It was a small rebuke.

He, of course, didn’t mean to blame for not knowing that he had a poisoned car. Because even the person involved, Callian, did not suspect the poison. I was just a little bit grumpy at the dull, dull sincerity that brought that car every morning.

Unable to hear the answer to what he was trying to confirm, whether he knew what he meant or not, Yan reached out to the night table beside his bed.

There was morning tea that I hadn’t had yet.

Jan picked it up and brought it to my mouth without hesitation.

Callian’s eyes turned sharp.

– Tak!

Callian took the teacup that was about to touch Jan’s mouth. He was blown away by the wind and he fell to the floor. As he watched the brown water seep into the carpet, he involuntarily clenched his fist.

Seeing this, Callian was also furious.

He tells me to tell you what is hidden, and will he not be lifted up to kill or not to die.

Why is everyone so extreme without asking politely?

“What are you doing!”

Callian, who screamed terribly at Yan, hurriedly reached out and looked at Yan’s face.

“Did you swallow?”

Jan removed Callian’s hand. It wasn’t his usual behavior, but he didn’t have the heart to worry about it. Callian, who was frustrated by the silence of Yan, raised his voice again.

“Did you eat!”

“I didn’t eat it!”

Yan shouted. Callian did not rebuke Jan for that. After a while, Yan opened his mouth.

“I poisoned the prince with my own hands.”

Then, without saying a word, he looked at Callian. The expression on his face revealed everything Yan wanted to say. He repeated all kinds of swear words, anger and regrets appearing and disappearing.

All of that was directed towards Jan himself, not Kallian.

“I was thinking about why, because someone who can’t even use a knife bought a knife.”

his knife. I just bought it!

“I’ve come to associate it with the prince’s condition. When I think of the medicine Sir Manacil gave me, I think of Sir Manasil’s son who was poisoned in Libern.”

Callian looked at Jan in surprise.

Allen’s work was completely unknown. It was then that he understood why Alan had been looking here and there so much the first time he saw him, and how he knew his condition in detail.

“So, poison came to mind. I kept thinking about it like that. Morning tea, maybe that’s it.”

When he took the teacup, it was as if he had already affirmed it.

He was worried that he would blame himself for his personality, but fortunately, Yan responded more calmly than expected.

“…is it silicate?”

Normally, Jan didn’t sing the silike that much.

Even if he said that he was right, he was ready to attack Heishia Palace at any moment. Callian looked at Jan like that for a moment and then answered quietly.

“Why. To get revenge?”

“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

It was a cold voice. The blood was gone from Jan’s fist. Callian shook his head.

“The elephants are just there. War I.”

Yan, who was about to say something, bit his mouth.

He is now repeating in his head what Callian had said. So Yan looked at Callian, speechless for a long time.

Then, in the end, a startled voice pierced his lips.


There were too many corners that resembled Sleyman in the first place.

Callian, who had been hanging out with Jan all day, couldn’t see him. Still, hopefully, he was completely noticed when he saw Le Main, who should have known he had Alan captured and left the palace, not saying anything for several days. Of course, it was thanks to Alan that I knew they were called elephants.

Callian spoke in a firm voice to the baby elephant sitting in front of him, wriggling in his eyes.

“You can’t provoke a war between Siegfried and Bryssen by biting a poison car. So you shouldn’t intervene. It’s my business, so leave it alone.”

Herbivores are like herbivores.

lest their beliefs be hurt.

“It’ll be resolved on Tuesday anyway.”

Callian, speaking in a relaxed voice, drank the tea left in the glass.

* * *

Callian sent her chariot to bring Alan into the palace. This is because, as Jan had expected, the delegation farewell ceremony and luncheon were held without the presence of the princes, so time was spared.

Alan handed out a document, terrified of meeting Callian. It was a compilation of the information the wizards had gathered, that is, the circumstances of what Silike had done. Callian said, accepting it with his friendly face.

“Thank you. Please tell the association that you worked hard.”

“You asked me to bring it, so I’ll give it to you, but as you can see, I don’t think it will be of much help.”

Callian said with a meaningful smile.

“It depends on what and how you use it. This is enough.”

Callian, who had put it in a safe for later viewing, opened her mouth again, looking at Alan. Because from now on he had to talk to Alan about what to do.

“Let’s walk for a while.”

The weather was not good for a walk as the sky was still cloudy and there was a lot of wind. But, fearing that the conversation with Alan would leak out, Callian left the room saying so, and Alan moved his feet in silence.

“Of course I would.”

Callian got so lucky when he passed by the very spot where he swallowed his anger when looking at the Sispanian statue on the first day he came here.

And at the same time as Callian’s voice came out, a thin silent film formed around them. However, as the two walked, the curtain moved together. If the curtain had been seen from the outside, Jan would have had something to say to Alan.

“There was magic, but there was no need to come out.”

Callian smiled humbly.

“It’s nice to have a wizard master.”

“You’re welcome.”

Saying that, Alan tilted his head toward Callian. Callian nodded and spoke again.

“If I get my hands on magic in earnest, I’ll want to check whether it’s Silicee or the Marquis of Brissen. I’ll try to come up with a cause to interfere somehow. It’ll get worse as time goes on. We can respond, but I think it would be better for Master to have more proper power.”

Alan laughed lightly. It was because there was an intention to get his words out.

“Are you going to use me as a shield this time?”

“As you know, you have too many uses. Rather than just a shield.”

Callian, who had closed his mouth for a moment and finished thinking about it, spoke.

“It’s a weapon. It will be enough to check the Knights of Bryssen.”

Alan laughed slightly. He noticed that something interesting was about to happen in earnest.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes. Master, you will like it.”

“Then what kind of weapon should I give you?”

When the two of them entered the rose garden, Callian’s answer came.

“The Wizards.”

Hearing the unfamiliar words, Alan tilted his head. They’re not knights, they’re wizards.

“It’s literally an army of wizards.”

The Wizards of Kyris, Balkan.

Calian’s heart pounded as he recalled the memory of him.

how can i forget

The power of an army made up only of wizards that took Bern’s life and Sekritia!

– White demons.

The people of Sekritia called them this way. When they appeared with their faces covered with white armor, white cloaks, and white masks, disaster struck without fail.

A group that destroyed the castle, filled the valley, made a road, burned the city, and froze the knights. Those who lost Sekritia helplessly were truly demons.

However, at this time, it did not exist yet.

“It’s about creating a magic squad.”

Callian, who spoke with more force, moved his feet again. Surprisingly, Alan quietly shut his mouth and followed him. It wasn’t because he didn’t understand what Callian was saying, or because he felt repulsed.

“Is that possible? You don’t know the tribe of wizards. They’re not used to group behavior, and they’re not like knights, they can train and grow together.”

Because I wasn’t sure of the possibility.

It was an understandable reaction. because everyone did When Le Main said he was going to assemble an army of wizards, he heard that no one did not laugh.

Alan is now thinking the same thing.

How can wizards make an army? Would such an army work properly? Called.

“It was possible.”

It was a more convincing answer than any other words. Because it was already a testament to the past and the future.

“That too, I did it in this Kairis. It was only done in the hands of Lemain.”


Alan smirked and Carlian continued.

“When LeMaine changed his position of disrespecting wizards overnight and said that he would create a wizarding corps, I heard that Brissen thought there was no objection to it. It would disappear naturally. It was created thanks to it. There’s no reason why we can’t make it ahead of time.”

Alan didn’t answer.

He was already thinking about how to make and operate it. But before that, there was something more important to tell, so Calian interrupted Allen’s thoughts for a moment.

“It took quite a while to become a proper army. But right after the Wizards were fully formed, LeMaine died. It was a mysterious death.”

How he died and the cause of death is not known at all. The completed wizards were passed on to Plantz, who took over his throne.

For that reason, Plantz, not LeMain, realized the power of the Wizards, and Sekritia felt it.

“So again, it won’t be easy this time. It’ll be dangerous. It’s different from simply gathering wizards with Master’s fame.”

“I’m not asking if it can be done because it’s a dangerous job, but you have to do something, but there’s a risk, so be careful.”

“Yes. That’s right. It’s necessary, but I’m worried.”

Alan, who was looking at the calm face of the disciple who was entrusted with a new and dangerous task, tilted his head slightly toward Callian. And he spoke in a low voice, as if telling a secret story.

“Actually, I’m pretty good at magic.”

It means don’t worry.

Callian smiled and nodded his head, and Alan spoke again.

“But the beginning will not be easy.”

If Allen came forward to create a wizarding corps, the Bryssen family wouldn’t just ignore it and pass it on like when Lemain pushed ahead with it. There must have been an obstruction.

“Yes. That’s why I’m telling you now.”

After answering that, Callian looked at the tree swaying in the wind for a moment, then brought up the most important story in this case.

“Because there will be another occasion where Lemain will exchange gifts with Silike again in the near future. It’s like reducing some of Bryssen’s top gain in exchange for taking care of Franz’s mistakes. This time, instead of looking at Silike’s mistakes It will, though.”

“Are you finally going to bite the poison car?”

Alan immediately understood what he meant, and Callian stuck out his tongue.

What was he thinking that he was trying to deceive a man like this.

“You’re really quick. That’s right. Cha, I’m going to get rid of it now. But like I said before, I won’t be able to punish Silice for this. So I’m going to use a slightly different method.”

The testimony of the wizard and the record of importing the poisonous crimosa were not enough evidence that Silike gave the poisoned tea to Callian. Moreover, if it is revealed that he drank poison tea, Calian’s neighbors would suffer one after another, so Calian stopped thinking of punishing Silice with it.

“May I ask how?”

Callian only smiled softly instead of answering. It meant that I didn’t want to go into detail yet.

“I will make sure that I can use the fact that Silike poisoned me as an excuse for negotiations. In that case, it would be an accident after Plantz’s speech mistake a while ago, and Silica could not make a loud noise even in Brissen. So then, you can ask the Marquis of Brissen and Silike not to interfere with the creation of the wizarding corps.”

Alan nodded his head.

“And about biting a car, the Wizards’ Association has something to help.

“Okay. You can tell me anytime.”

Alan, who readily answered, remembered someone for a moment and opened his mouth.

“By the way, if the prince’s self-driving car problem is resolved, LeMaine will be relieved as well.”

“What do you mean by Lemaine letting go of an hour?”

“Actually, on the day I came here, I was a little angry at LeMaine’s actions. Then I started to tell you what kind of gift Sylike was giving to the prince.”

Alan explained what was going on at the time with these words. Callian, thanking him for his hard work on his side, pondered for a moment, then nodded his head.

“Thanks to Master, I’m sure I’ll gain more from this job. It will take some luck.”

After saying that, Callian returned to the original story and continued.

“Anyway, we don’t know when they will make the same mistake as trying to kill the prince, so we must negotiate this time. Please feel free to share your thoughts. I’m sure there are a lot of things Lemain was thinking about.”

“You are treating the old master too much.”

“Jan says he’s very bubbly. So he tries to do it without any remorse.”

Alan’s soft laugh echoed in the silent curtain.

“You don’t.”

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