MTL – 29

< Chapter 7. Roses will bloom soon (3) >

Callian walked out of the restaurant with a slight cough.

At that sound, strength entered Yan’s eyes, which were following him. No matter how dull it was, it wasn’t enough that I didn’t realize that the non-stop cough wasn’t caused by a cold.

“As promised, I waited until today. If the self-driving car arrives tomorrow, I will stop serving as a servant.”

“Are you going to come out and fix it yourself?”


On that day, Duke Siegfried would have to pick up a sword and not a violin bow, but it didn’t matter to Jan. Because I knew it was only Slayman who could handle that much.

“Yeah. It’s good.”

“I’m not joking.”

“I know. I’m not lying either.”

Having said that, Callian entered the restaurant.

Randel’s gaze, who had already arrived and was eating first, stayed on Callian’s face for a while. Because she was more tired than yesterday. It wasn’t that he didn’t know why Randel was looking at him, but Callian started eating without saying a word.

Randel got up from her seat as Callian, who had simply picked up a few of her salads, put down her fork.

Callian opened her mouth.

“I’ll see you at dinner.”

Recently, Callian spoke to Randel one word a day.

She started talking about roses out of the blue, and she said that the next day she couldn’t sleep because it was raining and windy. She also said that the next day she misses the birdsong. Randel had only said ‘yes’ to Callian every time. He even thought that even if he taught Raven to speak, he would do it more fluently than Randel.

But today was a little different.

“Take care of your health.”

Finally, we meet

Carlyan’s mouth, showing her head bowed, rose.

Others who heard Randel’s words because they were together at the restaurant doubted my ears. Not only Randel’s servants and Jan, but also the servants and maids of the restaurant.

Only Callian answered with a natural smile.

“It’s fine.”

Randel went out without saying any more, and Callian also came out and started the day’s work.

And it was afternoon.

Yan, who was looking at Callian’s paler face, asked in a calm voice.

“The nobles meeting is going on right now, so you should have dinner in an hour.”

“OK got it.”

“You seem to be getting worse, are you really planning to attend?”

Although he was asking this question, in fact, Yan looked as if he had already heard Callian’s answer. When she was told it would be resolved on Tuesday, she knew the time was right now for Callian to wait.

“Of course I should go.”

Yan, who was looking at Kalian with complicated eyes, said slowly.

“Rest. I’ll bring the maids.”

“No, wait a minute.”

Carly Ann, holding Yan, rolled up her sleeve and untied her knife. Then she handed it over to Jan and pointed to her safe.

“The knife, the antidote, and the data on the silicate. Bring them all.”

“Are you taking it?”

“I don’t know if I’ll have to check my room, so leave it to the master in advance.

“Checking the room.”

Who dares to check the prince’s vault?

Because what are you thinking of doing?

Instead of answering the question, Callian handed two sealed letters to Jan. As Jan accepted it in the ice, Calian spoke again.

“Deliver one to the Wizards’ Association and the other to the Master. Be sure to visit the Association first and then go to the Master.”

To say that he had to seal the letter that was to be delivered through Jan was exactly like telling him not to open the contents.


“Aren’t you going to tell me what you’re thinking?”

“Yeah. I won’t.”

Callian smiled and nodded his head.

From where and to what extent should I believe that casual smile? Jan clenched his fists silently.

“You won’t be drinking that tea anymore, and you won’t be going to the banquet hall with a knife. For now, I’ll do as you said…”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.”

“On the day that you smiled like that and said you would take care of it, you were wounded by the sword of Franz.”

“It’s not like that.”

Callian’s smile turned a little darker than then.

It’s not like that.

did more than that.

For now, Yan moved as Kallian told him.

Callian, who watched Jan close the safe, spoke again.

“You can go to the dinner hall alone. So, come as soon as dinner preparations are finished.”

“······ all right.”

After answering that, Yan picked up the items that Callian had mentioned. Then he glanced at Kalian, and then went out without a word and called his maids.

After Jan, who helped prepare dinner, went out to run an errand for Kallian, Kallian opened the safe again. And he took out the little thing he had hidden deep inside.

Something that looks like a small piece of sugar from a new store.

Callian glanced at the piece he had been given by a trio named White Suri and put it in her pocket. Then he raised his hand and swept down the area around his heart and went outside.

It was Calian’s poison prepared for Silica.

* * *

The knight guarding the entrance to the banquet hall said to Callian.

“Prince. The nobility meeting has been delayed, so dinner time has been delayed. Because of that, the nobles have not yet arrived in the banquet hall.”

It seems that LeMain has done well with the request to delay the nobility meeting by 10 minutes.

“It’s okay. I’ll go in and wait.”

“all right.”

The knight who made a formal bow opened the door of the banquet hall.

Callian’s lips rose slightly at the scent of Renieri, which was felt earlier than the appearance of the banquet hall.


Silike was sitting alone in the large banquet hall.

The only people who attended the dinner without being seated at the meeting were Callian and Silike. It was dinner that started as soon as the meeting was over, so if the meeting is delayed, of course, everyone will be late.

That’s why I asked Lemain. It was just to make time to talk to Sylike and her story.

Calian, who had walked hurriedly, sat down across from Silike.

For Callian who had to wait, an attendant came and set her coffee down. Callian looked at him and said.

“Please leave your seat until the others come.”

“Yes, Prince.”

The servant, who showed his head bowed, went out with everyone.

Silike, not knowing why she was bitten, looked at Kallian, and as usual, held the fan in her hand.

Seeing this, Callian reached out his hand and shook his head.

“Mask, don’t wear it. Each other.”

Silica’s face hardened for a moment. But she soon nodded her head and set her fan down on the table.

“I’ll do that.”

Calian sat like that without turning his gaze to Silike, and Silica to Calian’s eyes.

Both looked relaxed on the outside, but not so on the inside. The silence of the banquet hall’s clock second hand sounded like thunder.

In the end, Silike’s mouth opened first.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

It was like that last time too.

Callian frowned slightly and took her cup of coffee in her hand.

“I told you not to wear a mask,”

Callian’s red eyes, who paused for a moment, fell from Silice and turned towards the black coffee in the cup.

“I didn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t even be polite.”

In an instant, Silike’s eyes turned sharp.

Callian was a royal blood, so no matter how silicee was her queen, she should not have spoken of her.

“… Really, you’ve grown a lot.”

“It’s not hard to understand, is it?”

Not ignorant of that fact, Silike was still lowering her words. After taking a leisurely sip of her coffee, Callian smiled and opened her mouth. And she added in a low voice.


A poison seeped into the beautiful face of her silicate. Callian had an expression like that behind her fan.

“It’s rude to say the least. As expected, the lowly bloodline,”

“I think I just said I was not polite to you.”

After cutting off Silike’s words, Callian opened her mouth again.

“What happens to the Marquis of Brissen when we talk about blood?”

Silica’s eyes narrowed. At this point she was seen clenching her teeth into her mouth, reminding her that she couldn’t strike her kallian right away.

“Anyway. I have something I want to tell you, Silike.”

“I’d love to do it next time. I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

Sylike Raised Her Body

No, I was trying to get up.

– Tak!

Callian put down her coffee cup a little loudly.

“······ That car.”

Callian’s eyes sank deeply as he looked at her silike. As Randel did, she peered into the bottom of the silikee.

“I want to tell you that if you let her go, she will. As you eat patiently, the scent of your tea will grow stronger without knowing the end.”

Like the scent of Renieri.

Silike sat back down slowly.

Callian, she was told, had drank her morning tea until this morning. She didn’t think that because she knew that Callian had poison in her car. However, Callian knew that she had increased her poison.

‘I drank it knowingly.’

When it became known that her car handed over to her Kalian was poisoned, Sylike intended to convict her Kalian and her maids and kill them all. Whether she poisoned herself or not, the act of poisoning the prince is already a crime.

‘I was worried about that on the subject. I didn’t know I was going to die.’

A small smile appeared on Silike’s face when he realized why Callian had been drinking the poison in the car like he didn’t know. A voice that didn’t waver came out.

“You’re saying things I can’t understand.”

Callian answered with a smile.

“I don’t know.”

“It’s something you don’t know.”

After tapping the coffee cup for a moment, Callian took out the piece he had brought. The sugar canister on the table was full of the same thing. Of course, it looked the same, but it wasn’t sugar that was in Calian’s hand.

Pushing back the sound of her clock, Callian spoke in her candid voice. Because she decided not to wear a mask.

“Actually, I thought a lot. Shall we use the evidence we got from Lennon? Should I just catch Lennon and threaten him? Shall we go under Master’s shadow? Should I talk to His Majesty? Or should I give my brother snake blood? “

Siliket narrowed her eyebrows. Callian ignored it and said.

“I wasn’t very reluctant to use poison. I wanted to avoid everything else. So, I decided to just forcefully take the hand you had. So that you can’t use it forever. Again, poison, etc. Don’t even think about writing it.”

Kallian showed Sylike what he had in his hand.

“To do that, I’ll have to bet on something, but right now, all I have is a strong heart. So I decided to try that one.”

Silike’s light green eyes looked up at Calian’s hand.

“It’s poison. It doesn’t react to silver and it’s not a poison that kills people, so it’s not detected even by magic reagents.

The finger of the sylike resting on his lap gently gripped the hem of his dress. Because he didn’t know what was inside Kali.

As if it didn’t matter if Silike knew all of my plans, Callian spoke again.

“After eating this, after a while, my heart stops for a while, but I’ve heard that it makes a living person look like a dead person.”

In fact, it was the poison that the three princes of Sekritia carried for refuge. Of course, it was not used only in Sekritia, so there was no room for linking Callian with Sekritia just because Silike knew the identity of the poison.

Callian continued to look at it with eyes that saw something really strange, whether it was poison or medicine.

“Of course not for me. If I eat this, my heart will not stop because of the power of the blessing.”

“Why did you bring a medicine that is useless even if you eat it?”


Callian answered Silike’s question in a slow voice.

“I’ll stop detoxing.”

As if the wound on the palm, less important than poison, did not heal.

The power of blessing ignores poisons that are less important than stopping the heart.

Even if he told me that the rose next door might wither to death, he wouldn’t be as calm as today’s Callian. Callian’s demeanor, saying his own heart would stop, was just as calm.

“While the power of blessing dispels the energy of this poison, the poison I ate so hard will spread to this day. Of course, even so, my heart is strong…”

“I’m not going to die. You’ll suffer a little. Instead, you’ll be a little bothered.”

A brief spread of poison, enough to make you sick every day, will not kill you. I’ll start detoxifying again after making sure my heart doesn’t stop.

A fondant sound came from Callian’s coffee cup.

“That’s why. If you promise not to send tea from tomorrow, I won’t drink it. I’m sick of being sick too.”

It was only then that Silike understood Calian’s intentions.

Even if you don’t die, symptoms of poisoning will appear. If everyone vomits blood and collapses in front of everyone, anyone can only suspect the poison. Moreover, it could be seen that he attempted poisoning in an amount that could not be detoxified even with the power of blessing, since it was not possible to know how much was consumed by the symptoms alone.

Even now, Silike and Kallian were alone in the banquet hall.

Sylike snorted, realizing that his suspicious gaze was sure to reach her.

“Damn it. I gave you poison, you’re trying to frame me by saying something like this.”

“I don’t know if you can frame that. But do I really need to say that? There must be no one more desperate than you to want me to disappear anyway.”

A relaxed smile fell on Silike’s lips again.

It felt like a little child laying one foot on the sandcastle he had built all day. Sylike, who took off his mask in that good mood, said in a soft voice.

“Have you made any evidence?”

Callian’s eyes widened like a child. An exaggerated voice that seemed to make a lot of fun came out.

“Proof! Do you need such a thing?”

Callian picked up her spoon and stirred her coffee slowly. He then corrected what Silike had pointed out.

“I’m not trying to kick you out right away. No matter how much you have a Master, how can I win if the Marquis of Brissen brings all the knights?”

“Fortunately, you know.”

Silike answered with a smile, and Calian laughed together.

“What I want to do is to stop you from playing with poison. So I don’t need any proof. This time, I’m just going to just make people suspicious and spy on you on my behalf. Boy. Because there are prisons that are even more suffocating.”

Doubt alone cannot punish a person. It was Silica who knew it best.

“You can’t keep me in a prison like that. It’s an invisible prison. I’ve never been through it. Don’t you know well that it’s always been like that.”

Even after committing a lot of crimes until now, haven’t you been sitting comfortably and drinking coffee like this?

Sylike leaned her back and brought her face closer to Callian.

She smiled brightly like a child.

“Who in this world doesn’t know that I was the one who sent your mother like that!”

Like the chirping of a morning bird, Silike whispered:

Let me know what you think!

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