MTL – 3

< Chapter 1. This was really stupid (3) >

It was a very strange and strange day.

I wondered if I would be back in Sekritia or go to the underworld when I opened my eyes. The sound of Yan’s bell, which was disappointing, only woke Kalian, but nothing had changed.

“Did you have a good dream, Prince?”

Callian sat down and enjoyed the morning tea from Jan, then returned the empty glass to Jan. After that, after washing his face and brushing his teeth, he said:

“I’m going to cut my hair.”

Hearing that, Yan widened his eyes. Callian spoke again, as he stared at the thought that he might have been wrong.

“My hair. I’m going to cut it.”

Callian’s two fingers pretended to cut his bangs in half. It was said that Yan had never heard Callian wrong. Jan answered, clearing his mind that he was wondering what was going on.

“Yes, Prince. I will prepare it right away.”

Before long, a royal hairdresser visited Callian’s room. He asked Callian, carefully holding the scissors in his hand.

“Really, would you mind if I cut it?”

Callian’s brow furrowed.

As with most articles, he didn’t like to talk twice. So he didn’t like the fact that he had to repeat the sentence to cut his hair three times in a row. What the heck is it that it trembles so much? Callian pointed to the scissors and said.

“Should I cut it?”

“No, Prince. I’m sorry.”

Then the scissoring started.

After hearing a few crackling noises, he was able to shake off the black hair that had been covering half of his face in a frustrating way.

Callian raised his eyes and looked at his face in the mirror. He was finally able to look at his face properly.


Callian’s mouth created a smile.

This is because he realized that the saying that he resembled Freyja, the reincarnation of the goddess, was not a lie.

‘Isn’t this face a very good legacy from Freya?’

Callian nodded his head as if satisfied.

“You look really good, Prince.”

Seeing that, Yan also spoke with his favorite face. However, Yan spoke in a voice that was gradually subdued due to the anxiety on the other hand.

“But, I don’t know if Prince Franz will pass by.”

“You’ve behaved like that just by making eye contact, so you won’t fall for it.”

“So I’m worried. How will I react to breakfast this morning…”

“He said it suits him well. Then it’s ok.”

Callian smiled and got up from his seat.

“You can’t keep being an idiot just because you don’t like it.”

It looked like a smirk in Jan’s eyes. At the expression and words that didn’t look like Callian, Yan made a surprised face.

What appeared on Calian’s face at that time was a confidence he had never shown before. Yan was anxious about this sudden change in Callian. Of course, it was very nice, but nonetheless.

“Still, I’m worried that you’ll get even bigger.”

“do not worry.”

On the way to the restaurant, Kallian said to Yan, who was restless, as if to be relieved.

“I’ll figure it out.”

I went to the restaurant where I arrived and sat down, and it wasn’t long before Plantz came in. Plants, who looked into the dining room with his characteristic cloudy eyes, turned to Randel’s empty chair, and then looked at Carlian’s face.

The narrow, pale green eyes looked down at Callian’s red eyes. Callian did not avert his eyes. With a face no longer obscured, he looked straight at Plantz.

A clear smirk appeared on Franz’s face.

After that, Franz looked away from Callian’s face. Yan quickly erased his surprised expression.

‘Is it over? Are you done laughing?’

Unbelievably, Franz went to his seat without saying a word. Then he no longer looked at Callian.

Callian’s brow furrowed slightly.

Callian had the same thoughts as Jan. That crazy prince sat quietly in his seat.

‘I don’t know what the whim is.’

Randel entered the stillness that seemed to have to come for three months at any moment. As always, Randel sat down, looking at Callian’s face.

The meal was served, and the three of them invariably focused on their own food.

It was around the time when Yan felt relieved that breakfast would end like this.

“······ Hey.”

Eventually things happened.

There was only one person in this place that Franz could call openly like that. And that one continued eating with perfect etiquette, as if nothing could be heard.

When Callian didn’t look at him, Franz’s lips twitched. It was the look he always showed right before his temper hair exploded. Jan’s heart pounded, this time hitting his belly button.

But the expression on the face of his party, Callian, was nothing short of calm. It was as if it wasn’t his job.

“Hey. Blood-eyed.”

Plants chewed and spit once more.

Callian, who had been contemplating ignoring him once more, looked at Plantz a little later. When Franz was about to say something to Kallian like that, Kallian’s mouth opened first.


He forked the slice of bread that Kallian had quietly said his name, and spoke in the same voice as before.

“······ is.”

The response to this came from Randel.

Both hands, which were moving silently, just stopped. Randel lifted his head and looked at Callian, who had changed his attitude overnight. However, that was all. It was because he wasn’t the kind of person to think about interfering. Randel soon moved his hand again and continued eating.

“iced coffee.”

Franz’s mouth twisted upwards. He closed and opened his eyes very slowly, and now he pondered for a moment how he should react to the sound he heard. Then, looking at the knife in his right hand, he made a low voice.

“Yeah. You should call me. By name.”


Callian’s answer came immediately.

As soon as Callian started drinking water, there was a click and the tip of the knife Franz was holding hitting the table.

And the blood disappeared from Yan’s face.

‘Is this what you do on your own, Prince? From where to where is ‘you know’?’

Franz laughed again.

It came to mind like a childish, and so a more eerie laugh painted it.

After that, Franz threw the knife in his right hand straight at Jan.

– Damn it!

It is to avenge Kallian’s anger towards Kallian’s servants.

a fleeting moment. Jan’s arm came up to his face and stopped.

If you block it, it’s because I thought that the next anger would go to Callian. Instead of covering his face, Jan closed his eyes.

At the same time, Callian’s arm moved.

– Tak!

Putting down the glass of water in his hand, he stretched out his arm again and grabbed the flying knife, faster than Jan closing his eyes. Franz’s gaze rested on the glass of water on the table for a moment.

He put it down hastily, but the water didn’t shake.

Tock, tock, tock.

Red drops of blood dripped from his hand, which held the blunt blade of the knife tightly.

Seeing that, Franz said.


Jan’s eyes looked at Calian’s back, Calian’s hands, the knife in his hand, the blood running down the knife, and Franz’s smiling face as if they were the second hand of a clock.

It felt like I was losing my mind.

It wasn’t because the knife flew, but because he was afraid the situation would get out of control.

Callian woke up. He picked up the blood-stained knife and set it quietly in front of Plantz. Then, looking at Plantz, he smiled brightly.


The meaning of those words was really strange.

Is it ‘it’s ok’ not to worry about the injured hand, or ‘it’s ok’ to forgive Franz’s rudeness?

or both.

A few drops of blood fell on Franz’s clothes.

Callian just walked out of the restaurant.

* * *

Afternoon came as he was exhausted from trying to comfort Yan, a 17-year-old boy who cries that he has a wound on the prince’s hand.

He said he could ride a horse, so he endured seeing Plants and came to the horse riding class, and a pony was waiting for him. His round, round eyes looking at Callian were so gentle that Callian frowned.

Callian was still speechless. Because the former Kalian was very afraid of his words. As such a memory came to mind, Calian covered his face with his palm in embarrassment.

“Are you too proud to ride it, Uncle Callian?”


Callian looked to the side where he heard Plantz’s voice.

Sitting on a silver-white horse that was clearly of good pedigree, Plantz looked down at Callian. Kallian erased his expression and showed an example.

Franz’s eyes glanced across the bandage on Callian’s hand. And then he grinned again. Callian’s eyebrows twitched when he saw that, but he looked away to avoid falling for his provocations.

Then he saw a horse that caught his eye. It was the second horse that Franz brought out. Callian, who looked at the horse naturally, was greatly admired.

‘Very good words.’

It was a black horse with white hair only on the ankle of the right front leg. A well-maintained mane and tail hair flew away one by one. Its well-groomed muscles and agile build were a reminder that it was a better horse than the one Franz is riding on.

“He’s a stubborn guy, so I was going to entrust the training to the teacher.”

He was such a violent man that he had never ridden properly before. But Kalian’s eyes did not separate from his horse. Seeing this, the corners of his lips rose again. He said to Callian.

“If you can ride, I’ll give it to you. If you can’t, get an apology for what happened in the morning from Uncle Callian.”

Then, without realizing it, Yan took a step forward. It was because I was worried that I might fall off the horse. At that sight, Flanz’s eyes lit up again.

because it was annoying.

Just trying to stop the knife in the morning. Trying to get in front of yourself right now.

As if I was Kallian’s protector, from beginning to end.

Callian noticed this and stood in front of Yan. So, after bringing Plantz’s gaze back, he calmly answered.

“all right.”

Soon, Callian slowly walked in front of him.

Callian slowly walked towards him. Perhaps he had learned from seeing Plantz’s personality, a look of anger was evident in his eyes. He was determined to never give up his back.

Seeing such a man, Calian had a deep smile on his lips.

His soft eyes changed in an instant.


It was a look that contained the life that a person who has cut off someone’s life countless times can have.

Those horrifying gazes that seemed to see themselves not as one, but as a group of dozens, could not be tolerated by a three-year-old horse raised in a good environment.

The horse’s eyes were very shaky.

Soon his eyes changed as round and round like the pony he had just before. At that time, Callian’s eyes drew an arc again.

In the end, he couldn’t refuse Callian from the saddle. Only Franz, who knew his character, tried to erase his disbelief expression.

Yan, who knew that Kalian had never practiced riding a horse as much as his eyebrows, thought this, and was moved with emotion.

‘My prince, you learned horsemanship through writing!’

It was Yan who still believed that Callian had read the knight novel. So he would just be right if he had no idea.

Callian tapped the quiet horse’s neck and said.

“It’s Raven. Your name.”

Black color. and a big crow.

Whether or not he knew the meaning of the name, Raven made a greenish sound at the words of the new owner. Seeing it, Callian grinned and turned his head to look at Plantz.

“thank you.”

To some extent it was sincere. Whatever the process, I got such good words. Callian added a word to that good feeling.

“Brother Franz.”

It was completely intentional.

Franz’s face hardened.

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