MTL – 30

< Chapter 7. Roses will bloom soon (4) >

Callian’s head was raised slightly.

She then opened her mouth to face Silike’s grin, without erasing the smile that had crept across her face.

She said, “I hear it’s a voice telling me to turn back my unwilling heart.”

A slender, clear and beautiful voice of a boy who has not yet undergone metamorphosis.

There was a chill at the sound.

“Don’t try to stab me. The friendship between brothers is not that deep.”

The smile that had been prevalent on Silike’s face slowly disappeared. Her picturesque face was also slightly wrinkled at the words of her stepson, who was threatening for the safety of her own son.

Callian took her spoon and tapped the tip of her cup of coffee. With a dazzling sound, Callian’s face found its original calm.

“So. Tea, what do we do?”

Silike didn’t answer. She’s just staring at Carlian with her squinted eyes. Callian waited patiently for Silike’s decision.

“I want to do as much as I can.”

Callian laughed.

“I guess that means rejection.”

Callian raised her glass.

She poured all of her coffee left into her mouth, and swallowed it, not distracting her gaze from her silyke.

With him, the door of the banquet hall opened and the nobles began to enter.

* * *

Yan, who was sitting next to the coachman and fussing, hurriedly stopped the carriage. Because he found a boy and a girl walking along the royal road.

It was still a busy road, so if they were just boys and girls, they would of course have passed. He knew, of course, that the man’s hair was light blue and the woman’s hair was silver, but if that had been all he would have gone without hesitation.

“You mean you were trying to enter the palace with a sword?”

With such a flashing long sword standing next to him, how could he not stop the carriage!

Once Jan put his brother and sister in the wagon and he himself entered the wagon. So the carriage was running towards Allen’s house after stopping by the Wizards’ Association for a while with three people on board.

Hearing Yan’s question, Kyrie answered with a blunt expression on her face.

“Yes. This is the sword the prince has given you.”

oh i’m going crazy

“Today, only the body goes in. I leave the sword at the wizard’s house I’m going to now. Anyway, absolutely not today.”

The knife in the prince’s arms was also taken out of the palace. He couldn’t let him in with a long sword. Then, the silver-haired girl Hina, who was sitting in front of Yan, moved her hand toward Kirie.

– puppy. Guess it’s this person So cute, I thought she was a girl.

Kyrie opened her mouth to answer her words. But the answer came from Yan’s side.

“It’s Yan, not a puppy. As you can see, he’s a decent guy.”

When she understood her sign language, Hina shrugged her shoulders. After realizing that his tone was different from usual, Yan spoke again.

“I understand roughly what you want to say to me, so tell me what you want to say to me. Anyway, I’m in a bit of a crazy situation right now. I didn’t mean to greet you like this. I’m sorry.”

And as she turned her head toward Kyrie and tried to speak again, her carriage stopped. Alan’s mansion was visible through the window. After Jan told his brother and sister to wait, he ran into Alan’s house.

Alan, meanwhile, had just woken up because he had returned home late in the morning.

“A guest is coming.”

Alan, who had been brewing a cup of coffee with his messy hair braided, quietly walked into the kitchen and pulled out three more cups of coffee.

Then he put the two empty glasses back a little later. Because he felt that there was only one person running out of the wagon. Alan, who had expanded his mana for a moment and looked around the house, felt the two of them in the carriage and let out an exclamation like a self-talk.

“Half-elfrani. Our prince, you have very wide feet.”

By the time the two cups of coffee had been placed on the table, Yan arrived across the expansive garden. Alan snapped his finger and opened the door that had stood in the way of Jan.

At the same time, the flower-shaped marble statue standing next to the door moved and sang in a joyful voice.

“Welcome to the house of Archmage Alan Manasil!”

“Ah… that’s really crazy.”

People who use swords and people who use magic, why are they all insane?

Yan, who held these sounds in his mouth, hurriedly entered.

Alan’s expression changed completely, smiling in anticipation of Yan’s reaction to the statue. It was because, unlike usual, nothing was revealed on Yan’s face.

“Something happened.”

Instead of answering, Jan took out what he had brought and handed it to Alan.

Knife and pill pouch, report. And there was a letter. There was no need to wonder whose seal the letter was.

“He doesn’t tell you what he’s thinking. He just asked him to hide it, because soon someone could investigate the prince’s room.”

Alan took the letter from Jan’s hand and unfolded it. Alan’s eyebrows trembled as he read the text.

“······· This bastard.”

Said I found a way

“This is called a method!”

Alan returned the letter to Jan. Then he hurriedly took off his robe and changed his clothes. Meanwhile, Yan opened Calian’s letter.

His hand trembled as a sentence touched his eyes.

– So, if I can’t wake up right away.

Yan bit her lip.

A guy who wants to enter the palace with a sword.

The guy who sings to the statue.

A person who beats the master and acts as a servant.

The guy who brought them all together and eats poison because he hates poison tea.

I didn’t believe in that guy.

* * *

At the end of Le Main’s banquet, which marks the beginning of the dinner party.


Callian’s heart pounded once. He started running at an erratic pace, enough to tell without even touching it.

Callian quietly closed his eyes and opened them.

Everyone’s glasses were filled with wine.

The empty coffee cup placed in front of Callian was removed, and a drink cup to replace the wine was placed. Callian looked at the drink glass.

Of course, it was a decent drink. But Callian wanted to make it look as if he had poisoned the drink. He couldn’t be said to have been poisoned without eating anything.

He said, ‘It takes about half a day for the results of the poison detection test using magic reagents to come out. It doesn’t matter if it turns out that the drink was normal after that.’

At this time, the news of Callian will be added before the shock from the stories of countless mysterious deaths that the wizards of the Association will be sprinkling on the streets, so by that time, no one will be interested in the results of the examination.

Callian picked up the drink and drank slowly.

What she was thinking, Sylike turned her head to look at Kalian. The two looked at each other with an expressionless face and turned their heads to different places as if they had promised.

– Cole.

At the sound of coughing, Randel looked at Callian.

Callian’s and Randel’s eyes met for a brief moment. For a moment, Randel’s brow furrowed.

would have looked into The bottom of Callian.

How is my brother? Why did he talk like that? Today, what role has he entrusted to him?

‘It’s fine.’

Why did you answer that with a face that wasn’t in the slightest when you were worried about your health?


The heartbeat was heard again. The drug was completely soaked.

Callian’s heart stopped detoxifying.

The venom of tacrimosa, which had been fading little by little, spread like drops of blood that had come into contact with the water.

Callian clenched her fists with her trembling hands. Her coughing got louder and louder and more frequent. The nobles looked at Callian. I could feel Silike making an uncomfortable face and LeMain looking at Callian’s condition.

A strong smell of blood came up.

– Cool!

Dark red blood spewed out of Calian’s mouth. The nobles stood up in amazement.


The pain of the twisting of the heart was added.

Just because you don’t die doesn’t mean the pain doesn’t go away.

The ice spear that Arsene Hertz had pierced seemed to be less painful than this. His airways burned and he felt like his lungs were being ripped apart.

Callian grabbed his chest and moaned involuntarily.

Then eventually,

– Boom!

He lost his strength and fell to the floor.


The hall was engulfed in commotion, and Kaera’s knights surrounded the banquet hall. Soon, LeMaine approached Callian.


Lemaine sat on the floor with her knees bent and hugged Callian’s body. A saliva flowed from Le Main’s mouth as his bare body lifted up.

Callian persevered. He held on, staring at Le Main. To remember someone who did the same thing to the same person and release the guilt that was buried there. So, just a little, lose your temper.

In the end, Callian finally lost his mind when he saw LeMaine’s eyes distorted. Lemain’s hands trembled at the sight of Callian drooping.

Le Main turned his head to look at someone. The eyes of the nobles also moved.

– It must have been his father, not an ignorant wizard, that the child sought to live!


Lemaine opened her mouth as if muttering. Soon it became anger.

“Are you trying to harm my son too!”

– If you just wait and see, you will lose.

LeMaine’s eyes, anger, touched someone. An angry voice resounded through the banquet hall.


All the nobles in the hall were astonished when they heard the first appearance of the king and the name that came out of his mouth.

Franz let out a swear word with his head down.


The power of blessing has reappeared.

The poison that had spread was captured and the dead tissue was removed.

With very slow but clear movements, he began to heal.

LeMaine did not see Callian’s breath changing little by little. Seeing it alone, Silike grabbed the hem of his dress.

* * *

The gaze of the nobles did not fall from Silike and Kalian. Silike secretly bit his lip. I didn’t think LeMaine would call his name on the spot or act so rashly.

The healer who was examining the symptoms that appeared on Kalian’s body opened his mouth.

“Addiction is right.”

The nobles made a sound that was close to screaming. The prince was really poisoned. LeMaine told the healer to act quickly.

The healer took his necklace in his hand and began to gather Serenti’s divine power. Like the priests in the legend, he could not use his divine power, so it would take some time for the power to detoxify.

“It’s not an addiction.”

Then Silike stopped the healer’s action and opened his mouth.

As the nobles all heard that Le Main shouted his name, he could not step down from this position.

“It’s not poison, it’s a disease. I’ve heard that you usually have chronic diseases.”

“Silike. Until there. I can’t stand it any longer.”

This time, LeMaine, who had no intention of backing down, stopped Silike.

okay. It was said that Freya’s death was due to illness.

He showed up with all the knights, and he said so.

The healer quickly returned to his seat, sat down and took his necklace in his hand. Silike said with a smile on his face pretending to be calm.

“It’s unfortunate that Your Majesty doesn’t seem to know. First, you bite others first. I’m very worried that my child’s condition will get worse in the midst of a commotion.”

With that brazenness, Le Main finally couldn’t stand it any more and had to open his mouth towards Caera’s general manager. However, someone’s voice came out blocking LeMaine’s words.

“Kalian was fine. I don’t know why he was giving me a bottle that I didn’t have, but even though I saw it every morning, I never thought there was anything wrong. But the sound of ‘my child’. Isn’t it something you shouldn’t do to Callian, who is not someone else?”

Silica’s eyes widened.

Silike turned her gaze to follow the voice that refuted her words.

“Don’t try. That’s what I said.”

The one who had turned her sylike’s words upside down in an instant turned her head toward her and slowly finished her words.

“······ Mother.”

Her light green eyes looking at her.

It wasn’t Randel’s.

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