MTL – 31

< Chapter 7. Roses will bloom soon (5) >

Randel’s blue eyes moved quietly, as if scanning a single painting.

‘The rose will bloom soon.’

It didn’t take long for her to realize why she had been posting her words every morning. The moment she looked into her eyes, she knew the intention.

I also learned why Callian had prepared for this situation. To be precise, I should have said that Silike knew what he had been doing to Calian.

Now that he understood what was going on, Randel was thinking about what he should do now.

Will you hold Calian’s hand?

Or maybe he’ll take a step back, as always.

Randel’s gaze reached Calian. and slowly moved away.

Instead, his feet fell off the floor. As Kallian wanted, first of all, she decided to become Calian’s horse.

I wondered how the rose would bloom.

However, Plantz, who was sitting alone in the chair, got up. Then I made a huge stir in the banquet hall, emptied the wine that was poured from Randel’s into my mouth, and went out.

To be honest, Randel was more surprised that Plantz knew how to speak front-to-back than that he had pushed Silike into a corner. Because of this, he stared at Plantz for a long time as he walked away as if there was nothing rough.

He had no choice but to put his feet back down, as Plantz had already done what he wanted to do anyway.

After Franz’s departure, Sylike left the banquet hall with a face as if she had been severely insulted. Without Lemain’s other instructions, Caera’s knights did not prevent the prince and queen from leaving.

“Come on, treatment.”

Lemaine hired a healer.

The necklace made of Serenti’s new product started to glow little by little, and then a dazzling white light began to flicker. The healer reached out to Calian’s body.

At the same time, a translucent shield with red light wrapped around him as if protecting Kalian. In the wind, the healer’s divine power, which was heading towards Kalian, was blocked by the shield and collided with each other.

– Jigsaw!

It wasn’t just a shield.

Everyone saw that the red light that had drifted on the shield covered the white light, and thus the energy of Serenti could not even reach Kalian and vanished in vain.

It was the Great Shield of the 6th circle that blocked the power of the gods.

“You’re telling me to die.”

And then the wizard appeared.

Lemaine’s eyes changed terribly.

It was obvious what he was going to say, so Alan, who had sent a shield to protect Callian from the body, hurriedly walked into the banquet hall and spoke first.

“I already have a circle in my heart. If I go to the new power in that state, the situation only gets worse.”

The healer, who couldn’t take a good look at Kali An’s body, was taken by surprise and released his hand.

Instead of reprimanding the healer, Allen used his magical powers once again towards Calian. This time, it was not a silent window. With a few short spells, a starter word came out of Alan’s mouth.


It was a magic that I had only used once, so that I could not feel any pain. Soon after, I could see Calian’s face becoming more comfortable. Alan, who looked down at him without saying a word, opened his mouth to Le Main.

“It’s also my fault for this, so I’ll give you one later.”

It was Alan’s own apology for yelling at Lemayne so much and letting Callian do this.

* * *

a leisurely evening.

White paper fell like rain from the sky on the street of Astricia, where many talkative nobles were crowded. The papers were succinctly written with information about the number of people who were ‘presumed to have died’ by the Silice and Brissen families.

And after a while, the news like the blue sky came.

-Someone tried to poison the 3rd Prince, and King Le Main pointed to her Queen Silike.

The eyes of the nobles fell on the paper in their hand.

She said, ‘She is a queen who stretches out her magical powers to the prince, so she must have done everything she did to harm the people before her.’

‘If the queen had killed so many people, she could not have left the prince as a threat to the crown prince.’

The attempted murder of Callian and the evil deeds that Bryssen had committed in the past were intertwined, and they were regarded as each other’s evidence.

Over the next few days, the capital city, Kyrissis, was met with a proper typhoon.

There was so much chaos that it was hard to compare with what Freyja’s death had brought, and even Calian didn’t expect it to be this much.

People associated with known victims have gathered and voiced a call to verify the authenticity of the data.

People refused to do business with the Brissen top, and students from the Brissen Knight Training Center were expelled one after another. The procession of nobles who greeted the Marquis of Brissen every morning decreased significantly.

It was self-evident that Hatsuara Square would be stained with blood if even a single piece of evidence was found, so he did not want to help wet the square by getting entangled with Bryssen.

In the end, when papers requesting the ouster of Silike were secretly stuck in various places, the Marquis of Brissen closed the gates for a while.

In addition, the gift boxes were piled up again in Callian’s room.

It was sent by the nobles to pray for a speedy recovery of Callian. Of course, that was for a reason.

“You must have been in a hurry.”

Callian, who had been staring at the piled-up gifts and uninvited guests, said through the curtain. His voice was a little muffled, but he didn’t lose his composure.

When Silike arrived, Callian pulled down the bedroom curtains. The reason was that he was sick and it was difficult to meet his guests face-to-face.

Before long, the scent of Renieri spread throughout the room, and Callian said to Jan, who was standing next to him.

“A window. My head hurts.”

Our prince, who is like a flower, has a headache!

Yan trembled and opened all the windows in the room and on the terrace. The smell of Renieri flew through the window. Silikee bit his lower lip.


After all the windows were opened, Calian’s voice came out.

“Why did you come here. Silike.”

Callian left Alan and LeMain to complete the task, but LeMain left this gift exchange entirely to Callian. Because I risked my life, it meant that I had to take my own money.

Silike, who had stood silently for a while, went to Calian’s sofa and sat down. Callian frowned at the arrogant act, but he wasn’t rude enough to tell him to get up again.

Soon Silike opened his mouth.

“It seems that the Wizards’ Association has been a little busy in the meantime.”

Callian laughed silently. Rather than laughing because it was fun, it was closer to a laugh that came out of absurdity.

What had happened during the time he was unconscious had been told by Jan and everyone knew. So now, he knew very well that Silike was the perfect underdog.

Of course, I didn’t expect that he would get down on his knees and apologize as soon as he came, but he didn’t think he would come out so proudly.

Callian answered with a smile.

“You’re saying things I don’t understand.”

That was exactly what Silike had said to Callian a week ago.

Silica was silent for a while. After waiting for her next words, Callian let out a short sigh. As soon as she opened her eyes in a week, she was informed of the situation so far, and in less than half an hour she was greeted by an uninvited guest.

Callian, who was not in the condition to deal with her willingness because of that, opened her mouth with her somewhat weary tone.

“Thanks for your consideration, I took a little break,” she said.

Perhaps he remembered that day’s Callian, Sylike’s gaze fell upon the hem of her dress for a moment.

“However, it would be difficult to face each other for a long time because he almost went to the underworld to rest.”

“······· One by one.”

At last her silikee’s mouth was opened. Her voice trembled thinly, because she was no one else and she never dreamed that the day would come when she would bring this up to Callian.

“How about an exchange?”

“It would have been nice if we had said that a week ago.”

Callian shook her head slowly. She added, of course, that she wouldn’t be able to see silikee through her curtains, so she added her words about him.

“I heard that there were more crowds than I expected. I don’t know what to do.”

After a few moments, Callian leaned her back against the head of her bed and spoke to her.

“First, let’s hear what you have prepared.”

She had a face as if Silikee was barely holding on to something of hers and swallowing it. She didn’t bother to hide her forced tee, she said what she wanted.

“If the data is not true, then please do not object to the work your majesty is preparing.”

A small laugh came from behind the curtain. Callian pokes Silike’s weakness in a voice that still lingers in her laughter.

She said, “I have heard that the list of concubines has been put up by the High Majesty. But she said, is it really a concubine or a new queen? I don’t know yet. Do you know?”

Silice chewed her lips.

The typhoon that hit Kyrissis was bigger than expected.

Silike was imprisoned in a much deeper prison than Callian had expected. It’s hard to get her out just by creating a wizard group.

So, Calian’s mind also changed.

“Besides, the queen’s permission is not required in the first place to establish an army. Please tell me something other than that.”

Silike didn’t answer. Because she didn’t bring anything other than the Wizard Dan. Besides, since the answer will be decided anyway, Sylike spoke with a grin on it.

“Are you going to say what you want?”

Callian nodded his head and said without further delay.

“In a land ruled by the descendants of the Cispanians, the sound of the clash of swords must be so loud.”

I had no idea what was going to happen. Silike looked uncomfortable and looked towards Calian’s bedroom. From within, a still relaxed and still calm voice continued.

“Templar Pavel, bite me.”

It’s Pavel!

Silike spurred her seat and stood up.

The Kairis Royal Guards Corps originally consisted of only Raon and Karen.

Pavel was a Knights Templar gifted to Silice by the Marquis of Brissen in order to contain the King’s Guard Caera, which is called the ‘King’s Sword’.

So now, Callian was telling me to put out the sword of Silike. I risked my life, so it wouldn’t make sense to take away the opponent’s weapon, right?

“Dismantling Pavel. Founding of the Wizards.”

Calian, who had no interest in how surprised Silike was, spoke again with a wedge. He had a very resolute voice, as if he would not leave room for compromise.

There was a squeaking sound from the clenched fan, and Callian added in a slightly lighter tone.

“I’m taking your handmaiden back to me as well.”

The blood disappeared from Silica’s face. Callian gave Siliket time to think for a long time. And after that patience, Silike slowly sat down and answered.

“Please don’t do that.”

Callian’s lips drew long arcs.

Callian looked directly at Jan and said, instead of reconfirming Silike’s resolve.

“Bring it.”

“Yes, Prince.”

As if waiting, Yan took what was on the night table and went out of the bedroom. And he handed what he had carried out to Sylike.

It was an oath with the seal of the oath.

The promise was written on each other’s hearts, and if they broke, they had a magic to tighten their hearts.

Seeing the oath, Silike could be seen frowned upon. He didn’t even bother to distinguish whether it was a surprise that he had already prepared such a thing, an annoyance caused by not liking the transaction, or both. Whatever it was, Calian didn’t care.

Callian said it was just a normal procedure.

“Because your relationship of trust with me is not very strong.”

Closing her eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath, Silike signed the oath. Then, the letters written on the things to be protected by the silicate appeared with a glowing light, formed a shape that seemed to form a long band, and climbed up on the arm of the silicate and disappeared. it goes to the heart. Of course, the same restrictions were placed on Callian.

After finishing her work, Silike got up from her seat with a face that was significantly more emaciated than it had been a week before. Callian looked at her like that and opened her mouth.

“Ah. I’m talking about the fact that there’s a misunderstanding about how good the brothers are.”

Silike paused his feet for a moment.

But he did not turn his head towards the bedroom.

“Planz didn’t say that for me.”

The words at the banquet hall that became the beginning that drove Silike to this point.

Silike’s eyes gleamed coldly, recalling the feeling of betrayal for his son. Callian smirked and clicked his tongue at the sight that could be felt through her curtains.

“You’re talking about something that’s not very interesting.”

“If only you had one more word there.”

LeMaine had lost more reason than expected.

How did that anger spread?

“The king’s sword must have struck the queen’s neck on the spot.”

Silica, who had been standing still, walked out one step at a time.

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