MTL – 32

< Chapter 7. Roses will bloom soon (6) >

“Have you met the Kirie siblings, Master?”


The eleventh banana disappeared into Callian’s mouth as he asked that question. One more banana peel stretched next to the bed.

I was surprised to hear that Silica came without warning, but Silike did not go away, and his pupil, who woke up after a week, was eating a banana with a carefree face.

As a result, the worrying mind disappeared somewhere, and the swelling caused by the suffering in body and mind because of Callian grew.

So, Allen had been thinking about whether it would be okay to hit the student in front of him or not, and answered with a sullen face.


Callian nodded at those words and picked up the next banana. Seeing how much he did, it seemed that he had no intention of explaining about the unique siblings, so in the end, unable to contain his curiosity, Alan put his anger in for a while and then expressed Silent and asked.

“Are you children with whom you had a kite in a previous life?”

“Only in Kirie. Hina wasn’t there.”

Alan was always quick-witted. He nodded his head without asking any more questions. Then, with a hopeful expression, he opened his mouth again.

“Then, did you not know that Hinara was a healer?”

Callian’s head, with a banana in his mouth, moved up and down.

Alan’s eyebrows rose.

“Then you’re saying that you only believed in the power of blessing and recklessly released the poison in your body?”

Callian, who swallowed what was in his mouth, said with a very satisfied face.

“The bananas are delicious.”

It will be delicious. nothing

Is there no way to die and live to eat and not taste good?

Alan clenched his fists and took a deep breath. will be patient No matter how much he is a disciple, he is a prince.

“I was surprised to hear that too, Master. He was a healer.”

“You just need to know that thanks to you, you woke up quickly.”

When Alan responded coldly, Callian spoke in a fresh voice.

“Thank you, it’s nice.”

At the words that came out with her bright smile, the reason Alan was barely holding on was cut off.

“Don’t drink the same good luck…. You’ve been down for a week thanks to the fact that you brought and picked up raw poison from nowhere to bite you with poison tea.”

Who in the world could say such a thing to the Prince of Kairis? Because of that, Carly Ann, who was looking at Alan with her blank face, smiled for a long time and replied.

“Silice was a self-made play, so it had to be to the point where I couldn’t stand it.”

“Do-it-yourself play. No one would ever think of it that way.”

It was terrifying just thinking about it.

He wrote a play well, so he vomited a little blood, but I thought he was a fool.

But Callian did not open his eyes for a week. He had been poisoned for more than two months, and it was a poison that spread from the inside out.

“Hina, if it wasn’t for the healer who wields the power of nature, or if he hadn’t come to visit us on Tuesday, he wouldn’t have gotten up yet.”

Is it only

Allen also had a chill on his back when he found out that he had been waiting for the day to get his work done while holding back his stomach melt.

That damn bastard was eating the fifteenth banana before he knew it. It looked like he was filling up his hunger for a week with bananas.

“But as soon as I woke up, I did my part.”

Callian, who was still pale because of her anemia, laughed again as he said that she had negotiated with Sylike.

Alan sighed as if she had given up in the end, and involuntarily frowned slightly. Because the tip of her lips was sore. Seeing it, Callian asked.

“But why is Master’s face like that? Did you fight?”

“It happened. Don’t worry.”

Alan’s expression contorted at Calian’s words, pointing to his lips.

Why is the guy sitting in front of his desk throwing his fists like that again?

There was something inside his chapped lips that he never wanted to be revealed to his pupil, so Alan quickly pulled something out of his pocket and gave it to Carlyan to turn his gaze away. It was the knife and two rolled parchments that Calian had entrusted to them.

Callian, with a knife under his pillow, unfolded the parchment and asked.

“What is this?”

“We have prepared for a time when new children’s identity assurance is required.”

Callian looked at him and confirmed the contents.

“Come to think of it, I forgot to ask about it because I was so focused on this matter.”

“It’s done because the baby elephant spoke for me.”

Carlin nodded his head and checked the document, and opened his mouth with a surprised face.

“By the way, this is… more than I expected.”

“There will be no trouble with the identities of those children.”

It wasn’t the ID he was trying to ask Allen, it was a valid ID. The Kyrie siblings became commoners living in the Whitlin estate owned by Calian. She made it look like she was Young Jimin in Kali from the very beginning.

And another one.

A sad smile appeared on Callian’s face as he was examining the certificate.

“And this, I didn’t think of any more.”

It was because of the names of the siblings on the certificate.

– Kyrie Bern, Hina Bern.

Callian turned his eyes and looked at the teacher who had brought out the name that had disappeared from the world again. Alan said it was nothing.

“I told you because I needed a castle. It seems that these are not the children I met by chance.”

“······ thank you.”

When the atmosphere suddenly subsided, Alan, who was disgusted with that sort of thing, turned her back, pointing to the pile of bananas.

“Eat that or more. Let’s see where and how much more goes in.”

Callian shook her head and picked up another banana.

Excitement and hunger are separate things.

Then Callian asked, who suddenly wondered how Allen had forged his identity.

“Isn’t it difficult to create a certificate? Master, there must have been no one to ask of Kairis…”

When I looked at him as he spoke, Alan’s expression was very meaningful.

Callian, who recognized this, changed his words and asked.

“Is it supposed to be made by Lemaine?”

“There are only three people I know in this place. At least I asked someone I see often these days.”

Allen, who tied the king, prince, and duke into ‘only three’, continued.

“I was surprised to hear that it was the prince’s request, and he helped me right away without asking for anything else.”

“It’s surprising. It was someone who knew how to do that.”

A strange smile appeared on Alan’s lips. It was because he had no idea how much LeMain cared about Callian. Perhaps the cause was provided by Callian himself, so Allen asked with curious eyes.

“I have a question for you. On that day, LeMaine was more angry than I thought, so it was rumored that he was the son that the king loved so much.”

“Is that so.”

Callian, who was thinking about the events of the day, added with a smile.

“I guess I was lucky.”

The youngest prince, who got Lemaine to say ‘my son’ and became Lemaine’s son, not Freyja, so he had grounds to prevent Freya’s origin from interfering with him when he wanted to take the throne. Did not do it.

Of course, that was enough for Alan to understand the situation.

‘I’m sure there will be more to gain. It will take some luck.’

Alan, thinking about what he had heard a few days ago, looked at Callian’s expression and stuck out his tongue inwardly. It was because I wanted to get a lot from eating poison.

“Thanks to this, LeMain is quite worried about the prince. Today, he was thinking about whether to delay going to Rosalita.”

Callian shook his head once and answered.

“Anyway, Silica won’t be able to touch me for a while. If I sneeze, I’ll blame it on Silica.”

After saying that, Callian bit his mouth for a moment. Then he raised his arm and carefully manipulated his mana. It was still unstable, but it was clear that a warm and strong feeling wrapped around her arms. It was the Auror’s power to protect the body.

“And by the time Rosalita starts, you won’t be able to touch me with anything.”

Now, my heart doesn’t hurt anymore.

Callian, who felt free for the first time since having this body, smiled with a very satisfied face. Then he said secretly, mimicking the expression Alan had made.

“I’m good at wielding a sword.”

Alan grinned as he looked at the wizard’s apprentice.

* * *

Kyrie silently approached and stood next to Callian, who was sleeping again after Alan had gone back to bed. It is said that during the week Kalian was asleep, Jan and Allen stayed by her side during the day and Kyrie at night.

Thus, even after Kalian had slept for a week, she was able to fall asleep again with her comfortable mind.

I don’t know if that’s why.

After she came to this place, she had her first dream.

In her dream, she finally met the child she had been with until now.

And she broke up forever.

Callian, waking up from her sleep, wept for a while.

In the dark dawn of dawn, a wizard took the prince clad in a black robe out of the palace.

The black horse with white hair on its right front leg walked towards the Seineu, being careful not to fall off its owner, who was barely sitting there.

In the hands of the wizard standing on the shore of the river closest to Zermyl Palace, a red fire lit up in place of the Annelucia flower, which was difficult to find at dawn. It was a spark of a color that closely resembled the eyes of a child who was leaving.

The prince’s head bowed toward the flower.

Senu has always been a quiet river.

The flower of fire that was placed on the river flowed down without a word.

The prince, while the flowers leave

He only hoped that no one was passing over the bridge.

* * *

The Knights Templar Pavel was hastily disbanded and returned to the Marquis of Brissen.

Alan Manasil declared that he would create a mage.

LeMaine told him not to believe the unfounded rumors about the royal family.

Callian, who collapsed with vomiting blood, said that he has a very bad cold these days.

And three months have passed.

Jan’s brow furrowed slightly as he looked at Kali An, who had changed her clothes for lunch. It was because he could not erase the anxious feeling that had been creeping up for a while. Jan said in a quiet voice.

“Hmm, Merlin.”

Her maid, Merlin, who had a similar expression on her face, nodded her head, and she replied as if she knew what Jan was thinking.

“Shall we come and meet Sir Slake?”

“Yes. Please tell me that it must be very small.”

After the maid, whom Sylike had planted in Kalian, had left, Merlyn, who took the place immediately next to Yan, nodded her head, saying yes. He is trying to tell Shatin, the royal costume manager, that the robes he had tailored a month ago for the banquet on Calian’s birthday will need to be increased this time.

Callian was so tall that the difference could be felt even in the eyes of them who looked at Kallian every day.

Originally, he was taller than his peers, but after he stopped drinking, he had grown noticeably. At breakfast, I ate so much that Randel looked at me with amazement and spent most of the day doing all kinds of physical training with Kyrie, and it came naturally.

Yan smiled as he looked at Kali-an, who was only one fist apart from himself. It was somehow similar to the way Chase looked at Bern, and Calian smiled.

After finishing preparations, Callian entered the small banquet hall of the Senyu Hall for lunch. And then, without realizing it, I stopped in my place.

Inside the banquet hall were LeMaine, Allen, and a man they had never met. Since Jan was not told exactly what the luncheon was for, Calian, who had no idea that Le Main was there, greeted with a slightly surprised face.

“I see you, my Majesty the King.”

Le Main nodded her head and raised her hand to sit in the seat opposite her. Callian walked over there and sat quietly.

Le Main, who was watching Kalian quietly, opened her mouth.

“In the meantime, you’ve grown taller. Now you look taller than Plants.”

Callian was even more startled by the words he heard now than when he saw Lemain here. She had heard that Le Main had changed, but it was because she did not think that he would bring out such a sweet talk. Callian’s eyes turned to Alan for a brief moment. There was a light of admiration in her eyes.

‘I mean, how many times have you been harassing someone to change like that?’

In fact, it was not because of Allen’s bullying that LeMaine changed, but because of Callian, who personally showed that indifference does nothing to save their children’s lives. Allen just let him know that Callian’s life was in danger, and the direct cause of the change was obviously Carlian.

Alan sat quietly with a gentle face, as if he knew nothing. Seeing this, Callian smiled to himself and drew out an appropriate answer.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I have grown a little.”

“Yeah. I gained a lot of weight. It looks good.”

“thank you.”

Le Main nodded and looked at Alan, who was next to him. It was then that Alan greeted Carly Ann lightly and spoke his words.

“I have someone to introduce you to, my prince.”

Alan continued, pointing to the man next to him.

“I am the wizard who will escort the prince in this Rosalita. I will be able to show you the prince’s magic on my behalf.”

He already knew that Alan wasn’t going to Rosalita with him. This is because if Alan leaves the palace at this point, he will not be able to proceed with the work for the Wizards, and it is because he has decided that Le Main’s safety will be in trouble.

However, since the Duke of Siegfried had already sent escorts, Callian, who had not even considered the wizard’s escort, looked at the man with anticipation. And he immediately tilted his head.

‘It’s a familiar person.’

As soon as I thought of that, my heart suddenly started beating.

Before he could even realize that something was wrong, the man got up from his seat and bowed his back to Kalian to greet him.

“It is an honor to meet you, Prince.”

The moment when an unforgettable voice hits your heart.

A chill filled Calian’s chest.

“This is Arsene Hertz.”

Just like the last days in Bern.

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