MTL – 33

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Arsene Hertz.

Sometimes I thought

Of course, I was also determined that one day we would meet again. There was no such thing as a private grudge. Not because the opponent was Bern, but because he was an enemy knight, he did not know that he had killed him. He even remembers being quite polite to the dying Bern.

I know with his head.

Even so, it was unavoidable for me to have a bit of resentment.

“Take good care of me.”

To Arsene’s words, Callian answered with a deep smile.

“Yes. Very nice.”

That smile was strangely similar to that of Franz. Alan, who was the only one who noticed it, clicked his tongue slightly rather than looking at Callian and Arsene one after another. It was because he realized that the hiring process was wrong and at the same time he realized that the path to that wizard was not going to be smooth.

“They say they are talented people who will be part of the Magical Division, so learn a lot along the way and try to get to know each other.”

LeMaine, who doesn’t need to look at anyone else’s eyes, just said these words.

The fingers on Callian’s lap moved silently, drawing a long curve. As if following the afterimage of his fingertips, a smile with the same curve was drawn on Kali An’s face.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I will definitely do that.”

Seeing the smile on his face, Alan got goosebumps on his arms, and Le Main simply nodded with pleasure.

Callian did not remember yet, but in fact, Arsene was seeing Callian for the second time. Of course, the first time was the day of the funeral of the teacher who taught Arsene magic, when he stopped Callian from crossing his bridge. His first impression of Kalian at that time was very good, so when he received an invitation from Allen, he did not hesitate to visit the palace.

Therefore, Arsene was looking at Callian with eyes full of anticipation, unaware that the meaning of today’s smile was quite different from that of Callian’s smile that day.

“Yeah. Are you ready, Rosalita?”

Suddenly, LeMaine turned to Callian and asked: Callian answered with a slightly awkward face because of her unfamiliar, caring voice.

“Yes. All done.”

“But you said you wouldn’t ride a carriage. Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable?”

Dozens of convenience magics are applied, as well as various defensive magics hung by Alan Manasil of the world, and a wagon bedroom, shower and toilet that the supreme old dragon Sispanian made use of this space is perfectly equipped. With the face of how it would be inconvenient to ride a horse over the continent’s best carriage, which is luxurious, luxurious, spacious and comfortable, Calian answered politely.

“No. It’s fine.”

So it was all because of Raven.

When Callian entered the carriage, he stood beside him and did not walk. Even the Kyrie brothers and sisters, who have elven blood who are said to be particularly friendly with her horse, could not handle Raven.

So, Callian seriously thought about whether to leave Raven or her wagon, and at this time, following Alan’s advice to exercise or to be full, he decided to go to Jellita with his lovely horse.

“Your horses are so clever, you won’t have any problems.”

Whether he was trying to reassure Lemaine or to make fun of Callian, Allen said: Hearing that, Le Main nodded his head in support of Callian’s decision.

“Yeah. You won’t even get a chance to get on the horse and look around Kairis. Trust me, it’s a good idea. As a prince, you won’t have the opportunity to go out of the palace so freely.”

Callian smiled bitterly.

“Thank you for your permission.”

When the conversation with Callian was over, LeMaine’s head turned to Alan this time. However, the topic of conversation was still Callian.

“How’s the prince’s magic lately?”

“It’s enough for a Cispanian to cry.”

Arsene was there, but because it was Callian’s magic level, Arsene would know it anyway, so LeMain asked the question comfortably, and for the same reason, Allen answered comfortably.

Lemaine looked at Alan with a slightly startled expression. It was an expression of whether he was saying that he had such a great talent. Alan smiled softly and continued.

“It’s a shame that I gave you a blessing.”


There was a loud noise from Arsene’s hand, which was surprised.

Arsene, who barely held the knife that had almost dropped, sighed in relief. Then he carefully raised his head and looked at the high-ranking people who were in this place.

Callian continued his leisurely meal as if he had not heard the sound of the knife or Alan, and Lemaine was staring at Alan. And Alan drank the water.

Lemaine spoke softly to Alan like that.

“Kyung-eun is the same.”

“I wonder if there is.”

In the end, Lemain’s deep blue eyes turned to Calian again.

“Indeed, it has been a long time since a wizard has been born in the royal family. Even if Sir Manacil is messed up, his power is outstanding. Whenever you visit Rosalita, learn more from Sir Manacil and work hard.”

If the expression “a mess” came out of Lemain’s mouth, it was enough to know Alan’s behavior toward Lemain. Callian put down his fork and knife, bowed his head slightly, and answered calmly.

“Yes, My Majesty. I will try harder.”

Le Main nodded his head, knowing that his son had mastered Circle 3 at the age of only 14, an achievement a year earlier than Alan Manasil.

Callian, who heard the noise because of the master who had too high expectations for her student, was absorbed in the meal with her calm face as if there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course, Allen was eating in the same way from the beginning. Only Arsene was crushed by Seth’s spirit and wet his dry mouth.

After a few conversations, the luncheon ended.

After the always busy LeMaine and the busy Arsene went back first, Carlian and Allen walked out together as if they had promised. Yan and Kyrie followed from a distance.

Callian and Allen walked side by side on a green road with round trees running like a corridor. It was a wonderful promenade that surrounded the Senyu Hall like a wall. The hot August sunlight penetrated through the leaves and placed a bead-like pattern on the fine gravel road.

Alan manifested Silent as if it were a natural sequence. Seeing this, Callian laughed out loud. It was because Silent was the only magic that this great wizard used the most when he came to Kairis. Of course, Alan, who wouldn’t care too much about that, quietly turned his head and asked Callian.

“Shall I say goodbye, Prince?”

It was talking about Arsene.

Callian, who remembered him, swept a part of his chest without realizing it, and Alan decided not to ask about the relationship between Bern and Arsene.

Callian, who had been listening to the quiet cicadas, asked.

“Hey, how old are you?”

“I am now twenty-eight. I chose a wizard young enough to be with the prince despite having the ability.”

It is said that he served as a corps commander at the age of 38 when he attacked Bern. At that age, he was talented enough to lead a group of wizards. He had no reason to miss out on such a talent because of the core that only Callian remembers alone.

Callian smiled and shook his head.

“Leave it. I’ll take care of it.”

Allen didn’t know yet that the most feared word in the world for Jan was Callian’s rant, ‘I’ll take care of it’. So Alan just nodded.

“Are you already gathering wizards? Isn’t it too early?”

He has only been preparing for the creation of the Wizards for only three months.

“I think we’re gathering people first, at the very least, with no buildings to train them and put them in.”

Alan replied with a leisurely smile.

“No. Don’t worry, I’ve only called him in advance to escort the prince. And since there aren’t many talented wizards in Kairis yet, it will take some time to fill the number.”

Hagisa, will you be able to figure it out? With this thought in mind, Carly An nodded his head warmly. Alan, who looked at Kali, smiled and opened his mouth.

“We have decided on a name for the wizarding division.”

Callian’s head turned to Alan.

Since it’s an army that Le Main created, even if Callian made it in advance, he wanted Le Main to decide the name himself. Because of this, Callian had not previously revealed the name he was familiar with.

“What did you decide on?”

Alan then looked at Carlian with playful eyes. is to match it. Callian laughed and opened his mouth.



Alan smiled.

“That’s right. LeMain asked me to call it that, so I said I’ll do it.”

“You did a good job. I’m getting a little more realistic now that I’ve even decided on a name.”

Alan nodded his head and opened his mouth.

“I’m going to call my daughter-in-law and her granddaughter from Lie Bern soon. We’ll see you when you come back from Amaro Zelita.”

“You have a granddaughter…”

Callian’s feet paused for a moment and then moved forward. A very awkward smile appeared on Callian’s face. Alan, who looked younger than Arsene, smiled at his grandfather.

“She is a strong and pretty child. It’s called because of her daughter-in-law, not her granddaughter. Now that I’m teaching magic in Rivern, I think it’ll be helpful in training the wizards of the Balkans.”

Callian didn’t know much about Rivern. He only knew that he had good treatment for wizards and that it was a country where people were very free. Because of this, Callian, who did not know much about Rivern’s magic education, asked Allen.

“I’m curious about the facility called Magic Academy in Libern. Can I learn enough to work as a wizard even if I receive instruction there?”

This was a question because I did not know how effective a one-to-many magic education would be. Alan nodded in response.

“Yes. It is similar to Brycen’s Knight Training Center. There is no difference between talent and hard work, as results follow.”

Callian couldn’t hear him. Alan sensed that he was lost in thought and walked slowly beside Calian without saying a word.

Callian’s mouth didn’t open until he had almost circled the Senu coffin.

“Master, do you have any other plans this afternoon?”

“There is no special schedule.”

Alan shook his head without thinking. If Callian was looking for it, it was Allen who would get rid of it even if there was a schedule.

Callian nodded her head. However, it wasn’t Allen that Callian was looking for this time. Callian smiled and said to Alan, who was full of anticipation.

“Lend me a carriage, please.”

A wagon out of nowhere.

Alan, who heard the unexpected, asked, looking at Carlian with questionable eyes.

“Are you going to see my wagon, not me?”

It was quite a strange sound, so Calian laughed for a moment and replied.

“It’s because you only have to write your name for a while. It’s okay if you go together, but you won’t have much fun today.”

It was the sound of selling Alan Manasil’s name in that luxurious wagon that anyone could see belonged to. Alan, who was not a fool to follow where he was not asked to go first, replied shaking his head.

“I don’t like places where it’s not fun. Anyway, the prince uses my carriage, and it would be strange if I was muttering outside the palace, so I’ll talk with Lemain for a while. Come on.”

“thank you.”

On the way, Callian took Jan and Kyrie to Alan’s carriage and went out of the palace.

After hearing from the chieftain that Callian had left the palace in Allen’s chariot, LeMaine told him not to report any further if Allen went out with him. It was an expression of faith in Alan.

But as soon as the words were finished, Alan suddenly appeared behind the chieftain. Seeing this, LeMaine’s expression wrinkled.

This damn wizard had left her child alone.

* * *

Melfir Polun, the top lord of the upper part of Polun, was standing by the small pond behind the mansion and was feeding fish. In other words, he was having a very peaceful and relaxed time. He just said that until recently.

He had been enjoying a rest after a long absence, and a servant came running to him and told him that a black mother-of-pearl wagon had entered the mansion.

Melfir’s round eyes widened as wide as those of a fish.

“Sir Alan Manasil is here?”

“Yes, Baron. I just saw the carriage coming.”

The servant, who was quietly swallowing his full breath as he rushed to the patronage, answered.

“Heh, what did he come here for.”

Mel Fir, who handed the bowl of fish rice to the servant standing behind him, tapped his hand to shake off the burial. After that, while walking in haste, another man ran to Melfir.

Dressed in a black suit, he was a butler, not a servant. He raised one of Mel Fir’s eyebrows.

If his older butler ran directly like that, it was because it meant that something important was going on. The butler, who soon approached Melfir, spoke into his ear. Melfir’s eyes widened a bit.

‘There was another man in Sir Manasil’s chariot.’

After hearing those words to the end, Melfir barely lifted his leg, which almost fell into the pond. Suddenly, his face turned white. The voice that had prevented an accident that almost happened at the King’s Birthday Festival buzzed in my ears.

‘I’m anxious over my head.’

Callian, who saved his life with those short words, came. He came to pay for his life, which had been delayed for three months.

Even in broad daylight like this!

Melphir hurriedly rushed to the place where Calian was, hoping that today’s Melphir was the smartest among the many days he had ever lived.

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