MTL – 34

< Chapter 8. very nice (2) >

LeMaine’s head turned toward the knight of Kaera who was standing outside the door. It was to instruct them to follow Callian. Alan shook his head and said.

“Leave it alone. The prince will be in trouble.”

“It’s better to be in trouble than to be dangerous.”

Le Main spoke to the culprit with her hardened face, and a strange smile appeared on Alan’s lips.

“No one in this Kyris will dare to attack Alan Manasil’s chariot, so rest assured.”

In terms of safety, it was true that Alan Manasil’s carriage was the only place next to this Arpia Palace.

But Alan, unable to let him know that the safety of the wagon wouldn’t be much of a need for Callian, he simply said:

“Besides, there’s nothing in danger because the hidden sword is also being followed.”

Lemaine’s eyebrows moved. Because he was saying that he had an escort attendant.

But if you ask more about it, the prince must be reprimanded for breaking the law, so LeMain pretends he didn’t hear it.

“Yeah. Let’s wait and see.”

After making such a conclusion, LeMaine’s arm pointed to the opposite sofa. He realized that by now he had left Alan standing by the door. Alan, who was about to sit even if he didn’t have to, sat in front of him.

Le Main stared at Alan for a moment before speaking out with a deep sigh.

“I’m worried because I’m a kid who’s already done something big.”

How could such a worried yangban be so indifferent all this time?

Alan picked up an almond cookie and chewed it and swallowed it with this thought. Lemaine looked at Alan’s murmuring mouth for a moment, then asked.

“Do you know why I left?”

Alan nodded his head moderately. I thought I knew enough.

“While asking about Rivern’s Magic Academy, you fluttered out.”

“Is it a magic academy? Did that child decide to even create an academy?”

“It may or may not be a decision.”

After giving an ambiguous answer, Alan thought for a moment. Then he brought up a question that did not hide the thorn.

“Even if a magic academy was built, it wouldn’t be of any help to His Majesty. Talents are not created in a short period of time. Would that be a concern for His Majesty?”

Le Main replied with a calm face and shook his head.

“It sounds like you’re talking about whether you’re going to check the rise of Kallian’s power. I already know that she’s not a child who will be greedy for my position, so I’m not going to check Kallian for that reason. It’s just that. I think it’s lucky to have a sergeant by Kallian’s side, so don’t look at me like that.”

It wasn’t Lemaine who didn’t know why Alan was on his side. He hasn’t nailed it since the day he first came. I’m just cleaning up the house so that Callian can ascend to the throne safely.

“So then. How about going to Rosalita this time with Sir?”

Sylike was quiet, but she was concerned about what might happen if she made the long way to Siegfried’s estate. Of course, it wasn’t that Alan couldn’t understand LeMaine’s heart.

Because of this, Alan smiled softly and reassured LeMaine.

“The majesty’s neck, who will be inside, is more tense than the prince who will be outside, so put down your useless worries.”

Lemaine quietly grabbed her forehead.

And I thought it would be nice if Callian came quickly and cleaned up this greeting.

* * *

Melfir, who was running blindly, thinking only of waiting for Kallian, came to his senses for a moment and asked.

“Did only the prince come?”

“Yes. You came with only two servants.”

Alone, that too, in Alan Manasil’s wagon.

It’s definitely a secret visit.

Mel Fir opened his mouth again with his nervous expression on his face.

“Did any of the servants see the prince?”

“Nevertheless, you asked me to inherit the surroundings first, so I moved it without an eye to see.”

“Yeah. Good job.”

Melphir said that and ran back and forth. The exhausted butler could not follow any further, stood still, caught his breath, and then ran back to where Melfir had gone.

After entering the mansion, Mel Fir hurriedly washed his hands and dusted off his clothes before heading to the drawing room. He thought he wanted to change the clothes he was wearing comfortably, but he couldn’t keep the prince waiting for long.

I saw Yan and Kyrie standing outside the drawing room.

Seeing that he had inherited the surroundings from the beginning, Melfir also left the butler outside and went into the drawing room alone. Then Callian, who was sitting with his back against the window and holding a teacup, raised his head.

Melfir, who met Calian’s gaze, bowed his head and bowed.

“I see you, Baron Melfir Folun, the 3rd Prince.”

“Long time no see.”

Calian, who put down his teacup, answered with a smile on his face.

Mel Fir bowed his back a little more when he heard Callian’s proper voice, as all her first encounters were whispering and passing by. Noticing the reason for the overly polite greeting, Callian laughed silently.

It was the top of Polun who started trading diamonds with Tensil a while ago. So, I was worried about what I would ask for the price of my life.

“I’m sorry for coming without contact. It’s hard to reveal.”

In fact, it didn’t matter whether it was Callian who came to visit Melfir or called him to the palace. If the prince wants to meet the baron, who will meddle?

“I know you cared for me, but how can you apologize. It’s just an infinite honor to find you.”

It was for Melphir’s sake, not Kallian, who found Melphir in this inconspicuous way. Callian, who has not held hands with any nobles other than the Wizards’ Association. Therefore, when it became known that he had met Mel Fir separately, he would have no choice but to focus his attention.

Callian responded by nodding his head, pointing to the chair opposite the table and said.

“Sit down. I have something to talk about for a moment.”

Melfir, who had become a little more nervous, walked over and sat down with a quiet gesture, and Calian’s mouth opened.

“I think I’ve been thinking a lot in the past.”

It was Callian who sent the price of her necklace as if he had completely figured it out when he gave Raven’s necklace as a gift and tried to think about her. Nothing has been said since then, so she doesn’t know if she’s upset or if he’s trying to ask for something bigger.

To Calian’s words, Melphir answered without particularly denying it.

“Yes, Prince. I was worried in my heart because I was a merchant by nature and never received anything.”

“I really like the honest answer.”

Callian smiled and took a sip of his tea, then looked at Mel Fir for a moment. As Mel Fir met his gaze and swallowed his dry saliva, Kalian opened his mouth.

“What does Polun trade?”

Melfir’s shoulders stiffened for a moment.

Horses and diamonds, the moment he answered, the little prince would immediately get up and return to the palace. Due to his personality, it was obvious that he would have to pay for the tea he was drinking now. That way you won’t have to get tangled up again in the future.

Thinking like this, Melfir’s head began to spin.

Callian again leisurely enjoyed the scent of tea. As he handed over another sip, Mel Fir answered in a cautious voice.

“Nothing to trade yet, Prince.”

A small smile appeared on Callian’s face.

Because the top of the Polun was dealing with horses and diamonds, but Melfir Polun had not yet partnered with anyone.

It was the answer Calian had expected, and the appearance he had expected.

“Not yet.”


Calian put down his teacup and stared at Melfir.

“Can I talk to Baron Falun?”

He said he would like to face the capable Baron Melfir Falun instead of the resourceful upper-class master Melfir Falun.

Callian did not come to Melphir Fallun to obtain goods. Bern, who was a knight, didn’t know anything about the upper ranks anyway. He had no intention of making money by foreseeing the future. So he didn’t have to talk to the upper lord Mel Fir.

Melphir swallowed his dry saliva once more.


Melphir let out a habitual breath without realizing it, and looked at Kalian without answering. Callian tilted her head slightly and drank the tea once more.


The teacup made another small noise, and Melfir’s mouth opened.

“I’ve been here from the beginning, Prince.”

“It’s good that you don’t have to wait.”

Calian’s eyes lit up with satisfaction.

He thought it was a good thing he saved his life, said Callian slowly.

Mel Fir took his position and sat down, and Kalian continued. It was a rather vague question, not a specific one.

“The Baron has been wondering if he can run anything other than the top.”

Alan is a person from Kalian, so he will speak and act without hiding what he wants to do, but Mel Fir is not yet, so we will try to judge the intention first.

Mel Fir thought for a moment, and then he answered.

“If there are people and money, there is nothing difficult.”

“There are people and there are money.”

Callian paused his speech for a moment, then he spoke again.

“By the way, there will be Brissen.”

As Allen had guessed, Callian was thinking of setting up a magic academy now. Of course, it wouldn’t be as dangerous as creating a group of wizards, but he might get entangled with Bryceen and cause trouble.

Melfir asked, clenching his lips and pulling them apart.

“If there is Brissen, isn’t there also a prince?”

Callian laughed softly.

“I asked a stupid question. That’s right. Me too.”

“If you have people and money, and there is a prince in front of Bryssen, it will not be difficult either.”

Callian nodded her head.

He didn’t feel the need to continue the mystery of why he came, so Kalian did not hide it any more and brought up the gist of it.

“I would like to set up a magic academy in Kyris. There is already enough money to set up an academy, and there are a lot of people who will use it, whether it’s a wizard of the association or Allen, who will be in charge of education.

Because the sorcerers who were so carefree couldn’t run the academy properly.

Thinking about it, I thought of this resourceful top-tier stock, and the cost of my life that I haven’t received yet. It was Callian who came to Melfir this way.

Melfir lowered his head without saying a word and began to ponder. Kalian, knowing she had a lot to think about, waited impatiently. It was because Baron Melfir Folun had to stand on the side of the 3rd Prince Kallian, rather than simply running the academy.

As if having made a decision, Mel Fir lifted his head and opened his mouth. However, something other than an answer to Callian’s suggestion came out first.

“Is that the price of my life, Prince?”

Was he doing it in return for saving himself? So, is it something you have to do regardless of your will? so asked

A smile appeared on Callian’s face.

“I’ve already received it, the price of my life.”


Callian, who put down the car that had emptied the last sip, answered.

Melfir’s gaze stayed on the empty teacup for a while.

Soon, the sound of cool laughter filled the drawing room. It was a relief from the burden that had been lying in the corner of Melfir’s heart for three months.

“I’ll do it.”

Melfir bowed his head once more.

* * *

two mornings later.

In the dining room of Chermil Palace, red-baked bread, pies filled with cherries, and all kinds of red fruits and vegetables were being prepared.

The corridor surrounding the Chermil Palace was decorated with red thread, and red laprania flowers were scattered around the artificial lake. Petals scattered in the wind hovered over the lake.

The Kairis made no distinction between celebrating birth and mourning death. Just as red flowers were placed in front of the dead, red flowers were handed over to those on their birthdays.

To them, red was the color of death and birth.

So, what an uncharacteristic custom, Callian thought so. To give the same color to the living and the dead.

In any case, it was impossible to change the tradition just because he did not like Callian alone. So, as soon as Callian woke up, he drank pomegranate juice and thanked him by receiving fifteen raffia flowers from Merlin.

So today is Calian’s birthday.

It was a thrilling day when the 3rd Prince of Kairis, who had a lot of talk and weariness, finally came of age.

“Congratulations on your fifteenth birthday.”

So I’ve been listening to this all morning saying it’s not going to be any different. It took more than two hours just to receive congratulations and birthday presents from the nobles gathered in the Senyu Pavilion. And at a luncheon with those who will be traveling with Rosalita, they made a toast with a simple thank-you note, ate and ate tea together for a long time.

He changed into robes for the evening supper without a break and went to the Siegfried coffin.

A black cloak decorated with red thread, very ornate, somehow reminded me of Callian’s appearance. It was clear that Merlin had chosen that color on purpose. She didn’t put any embellishments on her black jacket and pants, but she didn’t even notice the jacket or pants anyway, thanks to her cloak that stood out everywhere.

The only flaw, though, was that the skinny body had gained weight, so it was natural for the nobles’ eyes to stay on Calian again. Besides, he was also the hero of the day.

“nice to meet you.”

Callian also said hello.

He continued to greet him like that to let him know that he didn’t mean anything after hearing that the nobles had a lot of trouble because he said it was nice to meet him for the first time. So it became a habit.

Callian, embracing the admiration-filled eyes of the nobles, went to his seat with the same graceful pace as always.

– Stand tall.

And, indeed, for a very, very short time, his feet stopped.

Plants, who had not lit his face for three months, came out.

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