MTL – 35

< Chapter 8. very nice (3) >

No matter how busy he is these days, Randel doesn’t even come out for breakfast sometimes. Randel wasn’t there as it seemed like he was going to be late for this place.

At the round table reserved for the princes, an unwelcome man, leaning his back on his chair, looked into his caliper, and raised one corner of his mouth.

Unknowingly resisting the frown on his face, Callian lowered his head toward Plantz and opened his mouth.

“long time no see.”

As Kallian and Franz sat down, the surroundings became quiet as if they had promised. There was no need to wonder why. Isn’t it Franz who drove Silike, who gave Callian a ‘very bad cold’, with a single word?

Besides, it was the first time the two of them sat together after that incident. So, it is needless to say that it is not necessary to say much about the relationship between the two of them, who are neither enemies nor allies.

Callian kept his mouth shut without saying a word. She didn’t think she had to force herself to be friendly, as she had a different path to go with Plantz anyway. After being silent for a while, the gaze of the nobles also fell little by little.


But the guy spoke up.

Plants, who still looked at the nobles who were still looking at him one by one, and turned their eyes away, leaned back on the table as if to lie down and looked at Callian.

Callian didn’t answer. Thanks to you, the same thing that happened a long time ago happened again.

“Hey. Blood-eyed.”


Callian, who immediately responded to the name he did not want to hear again, looked into the eyes of Plantz. And he added in a rather stiff tone.

“I’m just going to pass it on and listen to it. Brother.”

Franz’s pale green eyes lit up for a moment.

Plants, who stared intently at Callian for a while, twisted the tip of his lips.

Soon a small voice came out of his mouth.



Callian’s eyes narrowed little by little.

A blade lit up in Franz’s eyes.

“Stand up, use a sword, ride a horse.”

Having said that, Plantz leaned back against his back. A voice that sounded like a drowsy sigh cluttered Calian’s head.

“You. Who are you?”

Callian looked into those eyes without saying a word.

okay. If it’s a plant, it’s worth noting. The younger brother who put it on my hand and bothered me so much changed overnight, so if you don’t know, it’s Yan.

Callian thought for a moment.

Does not matter. He decided so.

neither affirming nor denying it.

It wasn’t long before that a relaxed smile appeared on Callian’s lips.

“You’re talking strange things.”

He didn’t have to win a heart like Alan did, so he didn’t have to tell the truth. No matter how confident Franz is about Kalian, he’s a secret that can be revealed.

So he just grabs it and pulls it off.

With that conclusion, Callian’s face was calm. He was noisy inside, but apparently it was anyway.

Plants, who had been staring at Kalian as if to kill him, stood up. And after he left the banquet hall without a word, he did not come back.

All of a sudden, the Plantz in the memory that Kallian had passed on as she left, reminded me of what he had done to Kallian. After that, I remembered Plantz, who had led Sekritia into exile.

Callian’s gaze could not be removed from the empty seat of Plantz.

A look of concern settled on Alan’s face when he saw Callian like that from afar. He didn’t overhear their conversation, but it was because he noticed that Calian’s expression had stiffened since Plantz had left.

Soon, Callian raised his head. Then Alan’s eyes met for a moment. Callian gave a small smile.


Instead of approaching Callian, Alan only expressed his concern by nodding her head.

* * *

next day.

Allen came to Callian from the morning, who could not sleep because he was troubled by the work at the banquet hall. Alan smiled softly as soon as he saw Callian.

“Did you blow your mind away?”

Callian looked at Alan with a really chubby look. This wise sorcerer knows everything inside Kalian without saying a word.

Alan smiled quietly and added.

“If you haven’t brushed it off yet, you can just do it.”

Only after hearing what he said without knowing anything did Callian smile. He sometimes comes up with such useless words, and how good it is.

It was true, however, that it was not really helpful, so Calian, who soon stopped laughing, talked about what had happened with Plantz the day before. Alan nodded his head when Plantz said he was almost certain that Kallian had changed.

“If it was Plantz, you would have noticed. He’s not a short-lived kid, even though he’s acting like a fool.”

Callian frowned slightly at Alan’s generous evaluation. He couldn’t say yes or no to him, so Kalian just said the following:

“At first I pretended not to know, but of course I wouldn’t believe it.”

“What should I make you believe?”

Callian closed his mouth again to answer. Alan saw it and spoke on behalf of Callian.

“You don’t have all the memories of Calian before. As the prince said, even if you know it, it won’t be revealed. So, don’t worry about it.”

Having said that, Alan made a momentary muffled sound. And he didn’t want to say anything, but he bit his mouth.

Even though he said that he would not live in Bern, aside from being discovered, he found his past from Plantz and sat there, so he was trying to say that. But it was thought that Alan wasn’t going to put his hand on him, so he shut his mouth again.

Instead, Alan glanced at Carlian and pulled something out of his arms and handed it to him.

“Take it.”

It was a small box made of tin, and when I opened it, there was a silver ring inside. Callian asked, taking out a ring that had no pattern and was just a thick ring.

“What is?”

“Try putting it on. You’ll like it.”

Since it was a rather large ring, Callian put it on his second finger after thinking about where to put it. So, strangely, the ring shrinks on its own and fits snugly on her hand.

Knowing that he didn’t have to worry, Callian let out an exclamation involuntarily and looked at Alan.

“Sometimes, when you are curious about an old man’s thoughts, call him and we will discuss it with you.”

“Is it a ring enchanted with communication magic?”

“Yes, it is.”

Callian was really surprised. In fact, it was because it was the most needed item for Callian right now. He wouldn’t have been able to talk openly with anyone if it wasn’t for Alan, who knows Kalian’s situation best.

“Since the power of the Sispanians is in the royal palace, it cannot be connected. So, it will be difficult for me to communicate when I am in the palace, but I will respond whenever I am outside the palace.”

“Thank you. It’s reassuring.”

I knew Alan was now spending most of his time in the palace, but it was nice to know that he could still lean on him from time to time.

Not knowing that the society’s treasure trove was robbed again, Alan nodded her head with a wise sorcerer’s face, looking at Kalian who just liked her without knowing that Euria was making her cry.

Then, thinking of another reason for coming here, Alan took his stance and opened his mouth again.

“And then I got a call from where my wagon went.”

It was referring to the communication from Melfir Fallun. Callian nodded and said.

“Have you ever met?”

“Yes. I met him because he came yesterday. He was looking for talented people again. How bright he was.”

Then Alan took something else out of his pocket and handed it to Callian. Construction costs including site selection for the academy, initial operating costs, and teacher appointment costs were listed. In other words, it was asking for money. Callian looked at it closely and nodded her head.

Seeing the hefty amount of money, Allen asked as if worried.

“The prince said he would bear all the first expenses, wouldn’t it be too much?”

“There is no shortage of money. I plan to make it a private academy run by Baron Polun without being burdened by the royal family’s finances. So I think I will be able to intervene myself. If not as much as Master, shouldn’t I have something?”

Alan, who understood what he was saying, nodded and agreed. Soon, Callian got up from her body, took a wad of checks from the safe and handed it to Alan.

“Please pass it on to me.”

“It’s a lot of money, but can I give it to you without having to monitor it to make sure it’s being used properly?”

Callian nodded her head warmly.

“Yes, you can leave it to me. No matter how big the money, it won’t be a lot of money even for Baron Polun. Besides, he’s not a person who loses his trust in that amount of money.”

“Okay. I won’t.”

“Baron Falun is a merchant, so he doesn’t know anything about magic. He will occasionally seek advice from Master or the Association President, so please treat him well while I’m away.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

After that, Callian handed Alan some questions about the magic academy instead of the magic class. He also asked him to tell me what would be helpful to Melfir.

As we were talking like that, I heard a knock outside. It was Jan.

“Prince, I’m sorry, but I have an upcoming schedule.”

“Then I’ll be back for the afternoon magic class.”

Alan, knowing it was time to finish the conversation, got up and tried to get out.

“No, Master. Siegfried’s knights will say hello for a while. It won’t take long, so if you don’t have other plans, please talk with me today.”

“Are you saying that we should quit class and chatter?”

Callian grinned and nodded his head.

“Yes. I have to go see the Cispanian tomorrow anyway, and if that happens, I won’t be able to see Master for a while, but it’s a pity if I have to teach until today.”

The excuse for not wanting to go to class was very plausible. So Alan smiled, and he answered.

* * *

In front of the main gate of the Chermil Palace, twenty knights in black armor were waiting in line for Callian. They were Siegfried’s elite knights sent by Sleyman, and they had visited Chermil the day before departure to say hello to Callian.

Kyrie, who had come out before Callian, was looking at them with a very positive eye. Kyrie was also a sword fighter, so it was because she wanted to gauge the difference between them. Of course, Siegfried’s knights were also looking at Kyrie.

While the duke’s knight and the prince’s escort were fighting unknowingly, Callian, Allen, and Yan came out of the palace.

Callian and Alan were walking side by side, and Jan, the attendant, was naturally following quietly from behind. The knights who saw it gave strength to their clenched fists. Yan, unaware of that, just looked at the knights with a friendly face and greeted him with his eyes.

At the luncheon the day before, only an article named Yu Ran, who led them, attended, so Calian had met the rest of the knights for the first time. So, after standing in front of them, I looked at each face for a moment.


Soon, a strange smile appeared on Callian’s mouth.

‘These are Siegfried’s knights I’ve only heard of. What a great majesty indeed.’

He only knew how much Slayman had chosen and sent him. He was big and spirited, and Kyrie standing in front of him looked just like a child.

Of course, that wasn’t why Calian was making this face.

‘By the way, the eyes are strange…’

This is because the eyes of the knights who came to escort Callian were very different from those of the prince who had to protect him. If I had to put it into words, were you the bastard who served our Confucius as a servant?

It should just feel like this.

Alan, who was standing next to her, looked at this and made a face that she saw something very interesting. No matter what happens during Roselita’s journey, I hoped that they would see Callian’s swordsmanship at least once. I was really curious about the expression on his face when he saw it.

Kyrie, who could see it, showed a very excited expression on her face, and Yan, who was not aware of this situation, tilted his head and asked.

“Are you having any discomfort, Prince?”

Callian smiled a little more blatantly.

Instead of stating that he was uncomfortable as soon as he got out of the kyresis, he was likely to be buried in the ground, but rather than stating that he felt uncomfortable, making eye contact with the knights, Kalian said forcefully.

“Jan. Bring me something to drink.”

“Yes. Please wait a minute.”

Great speculation erupted from among the knights. After Jan re-entered the building of the Chermil Palace, Kallian looked at the knights and spoke quietly to himself.

“You’re welcomed like that, so I won’t have to think about anything else on the way.”

These guys have their eyes on, so I wonder if there’s room for unnecessary worries like thinking about Plants.

Alan said, watching the fight with a curious expression.

“Is there a time when I regret not being able to go with you?”

After declaring war by looking at the knights one by one for a while, Callian finally opened his mouth and spoke his words.

“As far as you go, well, please.”

A deep smile that seemed to have become a habit lingered once again.

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