MTL – 36

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Callian just got up, got ready, and went out of the room as usual. However, she went straight out of the palace, not in the restaurant as usual, and had breakfast with Le Main.

After he finished breakfast, he held a simple ceremony. And after he greeted Le Main, he climbed onto Raven’s back.

In front of Callian, Arsene, Kyrie and Yan on the left and right, and Hina, who can use healing arts, sit behind them. And the knights in black were lined up behind the party.

If he had ridden a royal carriage, he would have had a royal emblem, but Kalian did not have any marks to identify him as royalty. Still, he had a striking appearance, and he was still a Calian who had more enemies than his side, so he thought that there was no point in showing him that he was royalty.

As the prince resembling a Cispanian is leaving Rogelita, a crowd of farewells gathered around the royal road from the square to the outer castle of Carysis.

In front of them, Callian stepped forward.

There was no fancy carriage, but there was Siegfried’s knight. And in the middle was Callian, who showed off his presence. Because of this, his majesty was never lacking compared to his previous princes, so with every step Kalian passed, cheers and shouts were heard.

The prince’s coming-of-age ceremony.

Sigmund Khan A unique opportunity to meet the will of the Cispanians.

Rosalita started.

* * *

There were no problems for a few days after departure.

It was because the royal palace had already communicated with the cities where Calian would go, and it was not the number of knights who could be approached prematurely. Calian sat comfortably on Raven’s top, watching and talking with Yan, to the extent that he felt frustrated that he had to avoid or take action when a fight broke out.

And he sometimes heard Alan’s voice.

– Yes, Master. Do you have anything else to do?

– Suddenly, the messengers came from Tensil. LeMain is busy, so the old man is alone.

Callian, who was sitting on Raven’s seat and had a conversation with Alan leisurely, shook his head with a slightly disappointed look. It’s because he turns around, but he understands that LeMaine is busy and Allen is crazy.

– You must be busy.

– I guess that’s what happened.

Jan asked when he saw Callian looking at the ring with an excited face quickly recovering the mana contained in the ring.

“Are you saying you won’t be able to deal with Sir Manasil?”

“Yeah. Busy times.”

“You send conversations like that every day, but it’s more amazing to receive them every time. I’ll deal with you, so stop being boring.”

It seemed like he was complaining that nothing happened, so Calian smiled awkwardly and looked around.

Now, Calian and his party were on their way to the city of Latran through the Latria Forest. About ten round lakes could be seen under the royal road that circled through the low forest. Unusually, the lakes were very similar to each other, and each one was quite large.

In fact, even though it was a lake, the water was almost dry.

Naturally, this is because it was not a lake that was naturally filled with water.

It was a man-made lake built by the Cispanians, whose origins have been clearly passed down. Of course, it wasn’t that the old dragon wanted to make a lake like this without doing anything, it was a place where water pooled in the place where he pulled and dropped a meteorite while chasing evil spirits.

Callian, who looked at it softly, smiled awkwardly.

“I’m going to see the one who left a mark in the valley that will not disappear after 500 years.”

“Even so, it’s not like you’re meeting Hyeon-sin, so don’t be too burdened.”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

“Would you like to eat here while taking a tour of the lake? It takes two or three hours to get to Ratran, and if you go further, there is nowhere to rest.”

There was no particular reason to refuse.

Because Jan had already passed this place several times, and not Callian. Because of this, Kallian readily agreed, and his party moved to a flat grassy area a little away from the royal capital.

Calian, leaning on Raven’s legs, engrossed in graze, was handed a sandwich from the old city. Soon Hina came over and held out a glass of water to Callian and Jan.


Hina smiled and nodded her head, and saw Kirie sitting next to her. Yan saw it and said.

“Kirie took great care of Hina.”

“Because it’s my sister.”

At that, Yan laughed.

“I would really like to take care of my younger brother if he was there.”

It was the first time Yan had talked about his family first.

As he moved away from the royal palace, it seemed that Yan gradually returned to his original form rather than a servant. Just looking at it now He didn’t even tell him to, but he knew that he was sitting next to him and eating.

When Kalian looked at her curiously at the family story that Yan had brought out, Yan shook his head and said:

“I have a kid who puts a knife down his brother who is sleeping because he didn’t give him a birthday present, and the prince will soon see you too. Be careful.”

Callian smiled as he put the last remaining bread in his mouth. Because it was imagined. Jan must have cried.

After eating, Callian got up from his seat and tried to climb Raven’s back again.

But then I heard a strange noise.

– Sasak!

A small sound coming through the bushes.

With him, he could see the lush thicket leading into the forest swaying from side to side. As soon as Callian looked at the place, Kyrie, who had suddenly approached him, stood in front of him.

The knights also took a defensive stance with Callian and Yan in the middle.

“No, wait…”

I was about to say that Callian does not seem to be in a situation where he should be so vigilant, but Inyeong, who is much smaller than Hina, sticks her head out of the bush. Then he saw the knights and wizards aiming at him, and his eyes were startled. Then he raised his hands and shouted.

“That’s right! Save me!”

What does this mean?

The knights who did not understand the words frowned. Callian’s expression hardened for a slightly different reason. He may have been familiar with Siegfried’s knights, but it was not an appearance to Callian.

Little In-young was a boy with short hair, and beside his face were ears that were slightly longer than those of a human and pointed.

Kyrie, who was always silent, looked at her child and she opened her mouth involuntarily.


As if answering those words, the elf boy slowly stood up.

The big ripples in Callian’s peaceful journey began with an elf boy who came out of nowhere.

The elf said, without a moment to be amazed when he saw the elf’s intact ears he had never seen before in his life.

“I, Sia.”

Now the same expression appeared on everyone’s face. He couldn’t understand what the elf was talking about from a while ago.

Knight Yu-ran’s eyes turned to Kallian.

“What would you like to do?”

She asks if she should stick her pointed sword into this wacky intruder or if she should just keep vigilant.

Elves do not attack people. I’m not good at lying either.

So, thinking that it would be good to loosen his vigilance a little, Callian made a gesture to put away his sword and took a step closer to the elf. The swords of the knights were taken with him.

Callian, who was looking at the elf’s face with his back slightly bowed, asked.

“Sia? What’s your name?”

“Yeah. I’m hungry.”

“Are you here to get something to eat?”

“I was hiding.”

It seemed to be having a conversation, but it was strangely incomprehensible.

I don’t even know what he’s talking about, so Calian scratched his cheek with a face like that. After pondering for a while, Callian turned his head to look at Kyrie. I wanted to ask if all the elves were like this, but Kyrie was looking at Callian with the same face. Of course, she was no different from Hina standing next to him.

Seeing that expression, Callian smiled sadly.

“Yeah. You don’t know.”

Callian scratched his cheek once more and opened his mouth.

“What are you doing here?”

“That’s right. I’m sorry.”


Callian pondered whether to put this conversation aside and send him a meal or a little more patience.

Then, suddenly, Callian’s eyes changed.

Calian, who slowly stretched his back, said with a smile.

“If there was someone chasing after you, I should have told you that first.”

The sound of his horse’s hooves was heard.

That alone wouldn’t be such a big deal. However, the fact that he was approaching directly towards Calian and his party, and that he had a sword in his hand. And above all, the problem was that speculations that were not even captured were leaking out.

The knights put their hands on the sword handle again.


Having said that, an elf named Shia wept and grabbed Calian’s hem. I couldn’t understand the words he had just said before, but I could recognize his actions. meant to help.

It suddenly occurred to me that it would be easier to have a conversation without opening my mouth, so Calian laughed involuntarily. Callian responded in a low voice to the gesture for help.

“Let’s see for a moment.”

First, Callian took out the robe that was tied to Raven’s saddle and covered Sia’s head. Then he sent Shia to the back and said to Kyrie.

“I’m taking it.”

Kyrie nodded her head and took Shia and put her next to me.

Meanwhile, the knights who blocked Calian’s front were ready to draw their swords at any time, and Arsene was ready to open the shield at any time. And Callian briefly checked the knife in his sleeve.

But he wondered if there was any way to bring it out. Because there was only one horse coming.

– Multifaceted, multifaceted.

Soon he came close to the party and stopped.

Calian turned his head towards the one who kept approaching, not paying attention to what the group of the black-haired boy with the 20 knights was.

He was a long-haired man. He didn’t know where he belonged, but he was wearing a soldier’s uniform. The man stepped forward and glanced at the group.

Even looking at Callian, he didn’t react much, perhaps because he couldn’t recognize Callian just by his appearance. So Callian thought it was a little strange.

He said, ‘Some aristocrats belong to the upper ranks. If that’s enough, it’s probably not that I don’t know the path I’m moving.’

Then Yuran stepped forward.

Fortunately, I didn’t do anything inconsiderate to tell the person who Kalian was to the person with such a suspicious look.

“Who are you?”

“A thief is chasing after stealing and running away. Have you ever seen a strange child?”

It wasn’t an answer to the question. Yuran raised one eyebrow in response.

“You don’t look like you’re chasing thieves.”

“Is there another face that chases thieves?”

“There is no such child in this place, so he should go away.”

The man looked at the group once more.

Then he found a boy in a robe standing in a corner. It looked suspicious to anyone looking at it, so the man grinned.

“I think there is, I’ll take a look at it for a while. I didn’t come here to fight or walk with the knights, so please make a way.”

Soon the man got off his horse and took a step towards the party.

It was very reluctant to enter a place with twenty knights without hesitation like that. He was a soldier who couldn’t even capture a fight, so there was something he felt for Callian, who looked around, thinking that there must be something he believed in.

Perhaps he noticed the same thing, Yu-ran had a slightly more wary expression. Then he raised his sword and blocked the man in front of him, and said again.


Callian looked at Yu-ran for a moment and then stepped forward.

A man’s beliefs. That is, it was after finding out that there were several bows that were hiding in the bushes on the other side and were pointing this way.

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