MTL – 37

< Chapter 9. check (2) >

As Calian walked out, the man looked away.

Callian looked at such a man and asked Yu-ran.

“Who is that person looking for?”

“He is said to be looking for a kid who stole things and ran away.”

Callian looked at Yu-ran with meaningful eyes and spoke again.

“The tail is too long to be just looking for it.”

Yu-ran’s gaze glanced at Calian for a moment. The reason he noticed was that it came out through Calian’s mouth. Not having seen it before, Callian asked the man.

“What does the seeker look like?”

“It’s a young elf.”

Callian nodded his head. Then, pointing towards the party, to be more precise, Shia, he said.

“check it.”

There was a sound of breathing from inside the robe.

As the road suddenly opened, a man looked at Callian for a moment. Then, Callian turned his head slightly and looked at Yu-ran. Yuran’s head moved up and down a little.

Callian continued his words with a small smile hanging down.

“And, go back as if you weren’t the one you were looking for. If you want to live.”

The man’s eyes turned slightly ferocious. Callian ignored that gaze and once again concentrated on the energy around him.

From the moment the man came one step closer to the party, he felt a weak life. Since there are some people who have hidden their lives, it is clear how many people are aiming arrows at this place even though they do not know exactly how many people are hiding in the bushes.

But the direction was strange. Life is directed towards the man and Shia. The man lifted the robe and was waiting to kill both of them the moment it was confirmed that what was inside was Shia.

Thus, Kalian knew that the man had been abandoned by his comrades from the beginning, and that the thing that the elf, Sia, allegedly stole, would not be entangled in any good things.

Callian opened his mouth again.

“Don’t turn your eyes and listen. Someone’s been aiming at you in the forest since before. Even that kid. The moment you check, an arrow will fly. So just go. Don’t be friends with them.”

Naturally, the man did not believe Calian’s words. Because of this, I looked at the forest without realizing it, and Callian made a squeaky sound.

“Because you don’t.”

Those words became a signal.

As the swords of Yu-ran and the knights were drawn out, six arrows flew at the same time.

Four of them were pointing towards Sia.

Kyrie and the knights, who were nervous, swung their swords to block the arrow. Shortly thereafter, the arrow flew once more. This time, Callian also moved.

– Wrath!

Callian pulled the man to his knees, and then struck out the arrows that were flying. After that, the arrow fired again was blocked by the widely spread shield and bounced off.

It’s Arsene. Callian smiled and looked at Arsene involuntarily. Soon Yu-ran spoke to his knights.

“Come check it. Don’t chase it far.”

It was an instruction from the thought that there was no need to catch those who shot the arrow. Because their attack wasn’t directed at Kallian, and Kallian’s escort had priority.

At Yu-ran’s words, the five knights rushed out.

Shortly thereafter, an arrow flew again, but similarly did no harm and bounced off.

After that, no more arrows flew.

I would choose to run away.

Kyrie and two knights, who were by Shia’s side, approached Callian. It was to take over the man Calian was holding. However, the man’s hand slowly turned towards the sword handle. Seeing this, Kyrie raised her voice in surprise.


Perhaps he had forgotten that it was Callian who saved him, so the man quickly drew his sword and drew it straight up.

Fortunately, Callian’s reaction was a little quicker.

The moment he knew that the sword was being drawn, Calian released his hand holding the man. Then he turned to the side, raised his knife, and sent the sword in the opposite direction. At the same time, a low voice came out of Callian’s mouth.

[Wind Arrow]

An arrow of the wind appeared in an instant at the start word without a spell. It soon pierced the shoulder of the man holding the sword and disappeared.


Kyrie’s sword, which stretched out like a flight, pierced the man’s sword.

– Kaang!

The man’s sword flew without strength and fell.

The man didn’t even care about it. He screamed in pain as a sharp, concentrated wind pierced through, grabbing his ragged shoulders and digging into his head.

And, everyone but the man kept their mouths shut. The knights’ eyes were fixed on Callian.

Callian quietly tucked his knife into his sleeve. as if nothing had happened.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault.”

Yu-ran, who had walked over to Kali-an, bowed his head and said.

As the escort turned twenty, Calian was the only one who fought the fight. Of course, it happened because Kallian stepped forward, so she answered by shaking his head.

“Take me and check it out.”

“Yes, Prince.”

Soon, following Yu-ran’s instructions, the two knights subdued the man and stopped the bleeding. The interrogation had to be done, so it was difficult for a man to die or pass out.

The knights who had seen the man’s wounds looked at each other. The same thing was on their minds now. Kalian’s movements and magic just continued to dazzle in his eyes.

Didn’t Yan do that? Alan Manacil professed that he had no magical talent, and that he only learned a little bit of self-defense with the sword.

A prince like a flower!

“Where are you looking?”

The knights, who looked at Calian with a calm face, dragged the man away from Calian.

Callian’s head, who was trying to look at Sia again, stopped in the middle. This time, Yan was looking at Callian. Of course he knew that he was using magic, and he knew that he had learned the sword from Kyrie, so he had a slightly angry face rather than a surprise.

The only problem is that the eyes are a bit lacking. To be more precise, should it be said that Calian’s skills are not reflected in his eyes?

“Prince, didn’t something almost happen again!”

A storm-like nagging began.

Talking about what to believe about the knights and what to do next, what to do if they got hurt, how lucky they were, and something like that continued for a long time. It was clear that the man who was carried away with his shoulder pierced while trying to swing a sword at Callian was invisible to Jan.

Callian, who had been nagging for a while, quietly turned his head. For some reason, Yu-ran avoided Kallian’s eyes. Knowing Yan’s dullness, it was clear that he was holding back his laughter.

As the nagging that seemed like no end was finally over, the knights who had gone into the forest returned. There seemed to be no injuries, but it was a face with no income. Yu-ran, who had not asked me to catch him anyway, asked the knights without reprimanding them.

“How many were there?”

One of the five knights came forward and answered.

“A total of seven people. They scattered straight away, leaving no trace of this.”

“Yeah. I see.”

After eating and meeting an elf, Callian, who was caught up in an unexpected event and even heard nagging, walked towards Sia. And flicked off the robe that covered his ears.

Before the fight with the man, Kali An’s eyes, who had treated Shia with his smile, had changed quite a bit. Sia’s eyes filled with fear. And Shia and Callian’s words came out almost at the same time.

“Luca did it. I don’t know.”

“What did you steal?”

As the words overlapped, Callian looked at Sia. Sia spoke again.

“Yeah. I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know?”

“it’s not me.”

“They are you….”

Callian, who stopped talking in the middle of talking until there, wrapped his arms around his head. Now I understand what the problem is.

Without Kallian turning his head, he called the one who wouldn’t be able to handle the situation best.

“Sir Hertz.”

“Yes, Prince.”

Arsene, the smartest wizard in this place, came to Calian straight away. Callian asked, pointing at Sia with a frown.

“I give an answer before asking a question.”

At that moment, looking back at Sia’s words, Arsene, who realized what Kallian had said, made a short ‘Ah’ sound and was startled. Callian, who didn’t want to use his head any longer to converse with the elf, who had a strange way of speaking, looked at Arsene and said:

“I’ll figure out how to say that later, and I think that man is going to be interrogated by Sir Rauchel, so Sir Hertz will start with what the elf is saying. What’s going on here. And I’ll keep talking to him until we get rid of him.”

It was the moment when Arsene’s thorny road began.

* * *


“So. What you’re saying is, you don’t know anything…”

“I do not know.”

“Besides, in your case, what is the thing….”


“Besides, you….”

All the knights had their heads bowed because of the sound of a conversation rather than a conversation coming from the side. shoulders trembled. I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted, so I just wanted to cry.

The only one in this place, Calian, who was okay with what he wanted to do, was bursting with a small laugh.

– Poor. Wizard.

Seeing Hina’s sign language, Kirie smiled slightly.

After a while, Arsene, who wrote Shia’s words in a notebook, blinked at Yan. He was asking Callian if he could tell the story. After asking Kallian’s permission, Yan slowed down his horse and headed towards Kyrie. Soon Arsene came to Calian’s side and delivered the message.

“It means crouching horse spirit. It was built by the mother tree.”

“The child’s name is Cyrus Tian Eureha, an elf, and he is 12 years old.”

Shia, who was riding with Arsene’s horse, ‘interrupted’ for a moment. Arsene, who was silent for a moment, said awkwardly.

“······· It is.”


Callian answered briefly. Arsene spoke again.

“The answer to the question is faster than the question itself…”

“Sir Hertz.”

Callian stopped him from speaking and looked away for a moment and looked at Arsene. Arsene replied with his head bowed.

“Yes, Prince.”

Callian said, raising his finger and pointing at Sia.

“In order.”

Arsene tensed up for a moment and paused his speech.

He thought about what he meant by order and realized that he meant report in the order he told him to find out about Sia. Arsene answered, trying to shake off the thought that Callian was somehow very strict with himself.

“I’m sorry. First of all, I don’t think we know what kind of thing he stole. The boy said he was selling wood sculptures with an elf named Luca. The elf named Luca chased after the group that attacked the man because he had something unusual. It seems to have been done, and I swipe the thing…”

It was said that the elf named Luca stole something, and Sia didn’t know what it was. It was surprising that the elf was really stealing, but Callian only nodded his head slightly.

“Then I got chased, and Luca broke up with the elf halfway through. I think I met the prince after that.”

Callian’s head moved up and down once again.

“And it is said that he does not know the details of the reason why he answers first. It is said that his mouth opens by itself, but it is difficult to understand exactly with the child’s explanation alone. I’m sorry.”

After hearing all of Arsene’s words, Callian looked at Sia. When Callian’s mouth opened, Sia answered.

“Not to that extent.”

Callian, who was about to ask if he had foresight, nodded once more.

Callian looked briefly at the man on the horse tied between Yu Ran and the other knights. The man eventually passed out and couldn’t wake up, so he hadn’t asked for anything yet.

“What more can I tell you?”

“There is not.”

In the end, nothing was for sure. Arsene, who greeted Calian again, turned back and Jan returned to his seat.

“Are you going to find out for yourself?”

There was a long way to go. Because of this, Callian shook his head.

“I don’t think there’s any need to get entangled in this place. Leave the detailed investigation to Lord Latran.”

“Yes, Prince. So what would you do with that little boy? I heard that he lives in Hiriska Forest.”

Callian had a slightly puzzled expression on his face.

If it was Hirisuka Forest, it was a little far away for the soldiers of the territory to protect and take them. Instead, it was supposed to be in the vicinity of the direction to Siegfried’s estate.

So what do you do?

grabbing the hem of his robe.

“You can take me to the forest entrance, even if it’s not close.”

“Yes. It’s not dangerous now, so I’ll tell you to rest assured.”

Even if the road was busy, I was able to take at least one elf kid with me.

Callian nodded his head silently.

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