MTL – 38

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Past Latria Forest, there was a small town, Latran. In terms of its size, it would be a small town, but it turned out to be a wealthy place with a nearby copper mine. Perhaps it was because of this, the large and clean buildings lined up were clearly visible from afar.

As Kallian, who felt as if he was looking at the streets of Astricia, was looking at the city view with a little admiration, Yan opened his mouth, fearing that Callian might have a crush on the lord.

“Count Heil Latran. Do you not remember?”

“Oh that······.”

I felt familiar with the name and title attached.

Callian raised his eyebrows slightly, recalling his memories. He was one of those who sent a gift box to the youngest prince, wounded by Franz’s word mistake.


After hearing Calian’s brief evaluation, Yan smiled.

“Before that, he was on the side of Prince Randel, but when there was a war between Tensil and the warriors of the Great Desert six years ago, he turned to Prince Franz.”

Although there were four kingdoms located on the continent, the reason why Kairis did not have a sea was because the north and west were blocked by endless deserts.

In that barren place called the Great Desert, there was no country in its proper form yet. Those who lived a nomadic life there believed in their folk beliefs, not in Serenti. Using that as an excuse, there was an attempt to expand the territory to the northern desert in Tensil, where the country was small and the power of the divine power, the source of divine power, was gradually declining. There was no proper army, so he thought it was worth trying.

However, when the war broke out, the power of the warriors who gathered in an instant was unexpectedly powerful. Tensil, who was in a predicament after doing something wrong, asked Kairis for help, putting her relationship with Randel at the fore. Naturally, Silike objected, and Tensil had to step down with only a big loss.

“Still, it’s a bat that knows when to fall.”

Should I accept positively that such a person tried to put a foot on him? Calian laughed for a moment as he thought about that.

While we were talking, he came to near the entrance to the city.

Hale, who had come out to the entrance and waited for the prince’s party, was standing there with a friendly face that seemed to be excessive.

Soon, Kalian speeded up Raven a little and stepped forward to the front of his party. As the distance drew nearer, Hale came forward and greeted him.

“Nice to meet you, Prince Kallian. This is Heil Latran.”

“nice to meet you.”

Callian’s answer was always the same. We said hello, so I was thinking about going inside, but Hale’s mouth opened again. The next sentence was really long.

“It is an infinite honor for Hale that the day will come when I will be able to see the prince in person like this. I waited so long for the day for the prince to arrive, and yesterday when I heard that he had arrived nearby, I couldn’t sleep.”

At that, Kalian turned his head for a moment and pretended to look around. It was because it was very difficult to hide his disgusted expression at his unfamiliar words.

This is the shortest route from Kyrissis to Siegfried.

So it was obvious that Hale would have said the same thing to last year’s Plants, which sounds like a dripping honey.

Callian immediately turned her head again and replied with a smile. As I stopped walking tiredly, the words I spoke were the sounds of those mouths, so I couldn’t get a very nice answer.

“It would have been better if we had cleaned up the front yard and waited.”

Then he turned his head and looked for a moment at the man who had attacked him. Hale asked Hale, who involuntarily let out a gasp, whether he had just seen the bloodstained patient who had been veiled in Callian.

“Are you in the party? I’ll prepare a witch doctor.”

Callian shook his head and said.

“The one who no longer needs treatment.”

Hale gasped once more.

This is because the word Callian brought up now is a kind of slang used by nobles to avoid harsh words, meaning a death row prisoner.

It was not that Kyris did not provide treatment for criminals, but death row inmates were an exception. You’re going to die anyway, so there’s no reason to treat it.

The man pointed his sword at Callian. Callian was a prince.

As a result, the man became a person who did not need treatment for his wounds.

“I’m sorry, Prince.”

Knowing that the man had attacked Kallian, Hale shook his head. He said it was the front yard, so it must have happened within the Rat Lan estate. He must have felt like the sky was descending, as Hale would have to be blamed if he did.

He was about to give an answer, but a drop of water fell from the sky and wet the back of Kalian’s hand. Another drop soon. And again, drop.

Raven made a small tulle. It looked like he got water on the back of his nose.

So little by little it started to rain.

Jan hurriedly approached me and tried to put an umbrella over me. It’s not raining that much, so Calian beckoned and told Hale.

“I think we need a roof before an apple.”

By the time we arrived at Yeongjuseong through the inner city, the rain was quite thick. The rain on a day that passed in the middle of August quickly turned humid around it. Callian, who watched the rain, said to Yu-ran.

“Once you hand it over to the castle’s soldiers, don’t give any other explanations.”

“Yes, Prince. I will.”

On the way to the castle, it was quite wet, so Kallian went to the room that Hale gave him and washed himself first. Then the window of the room was wide open. The sound of rain filled the room.

I looked up at the sky and it was like I had to be trapped in the rain until tomorrow.

I didn’t want to get his feet tied up because it was still a long way, so I didn’t want to touch on the previous thing, but the rain ended up binding his feet.

“It’s true.”

– smart.

Yan entered with a knock. He held in his hand the mint tea filled with cold ice, which Kallian had asked for.


Yu-ran could be seen through the crack in the open door.

Looking at him curiously about what was going on, Yan answered.

“You said you found something from someone caught today. Should I give it to Count Ratran?”

He was asking because he said he would leave the rest of the investigation to Hale on the way here. Callian answered, shaking his head.

“I’ll check what it is first. Tell me to come in.”

At that, Yan, who called Yu-ran to the room, left for a while, and brought Yu-ran’s share of mint tea and handed it to him.

Because of this, a funny scene unfolded in which Yu-ran, who stood up as if bouncing from her seat, bowed her back, and held a mint tea with both hands, sat back down politely.

After Yan, who was embarrassed, went outside again, Yu-ran took out something wrapped in his handkerchief and put it down in front of Kali-an.

“The soldiers told me it was hidden in his shoes. Oh, the handkerchief is mine. It’s not dirty, so don’t worry.”

Callian laughed as he explained that it might be dirty.

There is the sound of rain outside the window, and as I take a sip of the refreshing mint tea after having just washed it, a smile comes naturally. Savoring that little slack, Callian put down his glass and unfolded his handkerchief.

And the smile that had been prevalent on Callian’s face was slowly erased.

The atmosphere in Kalian changed dramatically, and Yu-ran sat with his mouth shut, forgetting that he had to explain it. Callian, who looked at what was inside the handkerchief for a while, asked quietly.

“Did he have this?”

It’s Yuran, who didn’t know the details, but he was an unforgettable experience for Kalian.

Seeing Callian frowned, Yu-ran’s face became bewildered. He wondered how Callian recognized him at once.

Callian looked at it like a piece of sugar and asked.

“How do you know this, Sir?”

“A long time ago, when I was in the police force, I saw a black merchant in Libern. They said it was poison disguised as dead for a while. By the way, may I ask how you know this, Prince?”

can’t you know

Callian smiled strangely as he looked at the poison that had made him lie ill for a week, which instead gave him freedom.

“Because I ate it.”

The sound of rain outside the window was loud.

It was raining, and his feet were tied up. In addition to that, something appeared that would make him get his feet back. So, how do you stop paying attention and keep going?

“The guy who couldn’t even capture speculation had poison.”

Callian scratched his cheek and muttered. At the word ‘speculation’, Yuran looked at Callian.

“It seems that you have excellent swordsmanship.”

At that, Kali An smiled slightly and opened his mouth.

“The man.”

It was a very blatant reversal. In fact, the part that I was most curious about was that I couldn’t even open my mouth. For that reason, Yu-ran, who had briefly folded the image of Kali-an, who blew out a long sword with one small knife, from her memory, answered.

“Yes. Prince.”

“I’ll see you now.”

Yuran asked in surprise.

“Are you talking directly?”

Callian tapped the glass of water droplets instead of answering. It means you don’t want to say it twice. Yu-ran, who roughly grasped Callian’s personality, spoke again.

“all right.”

* * *

Fire magic burns wounds. Ice magic freezes wounds.

The wind’s magic heals wounds.

The power of the whirlwind pierced my shoulder. It’s a piercing, so it must have been torn in shreds. His hand, which had not been properly bled from the wound that had been left with only loose bandages, was swollen and turned dark purple.

Callian didn’t frown. Instead he asked.

“Where are you from?”

The man raised his head and looked at Kalian. And then chuckled. Yu-ran frowned, but Callian only nodded his head as if to let it go.

“I thought he was a noble housekeeper.”

“You are a child of a more precious family.”

There was no emotion in Callian’s eyes as he scanned the man’s wounds. It was a face that was difficult to find, such as a sign of regret or concern for the man.

Of course, Yu-ran also didn’t think that Callian should be indebted to the man. However, Yu-ran only felt that the face that a fifteen-year-old boy made after hurting someone with his own hands was too calm.

“I’m a guard at a copper mine. They came to me and said that if I help them find someone, I’ll pay them back, so I only helped for a while.”

“How do you get that sugar thing?”

“They were divided one by one. They knew it was good and stole it.”

Callian nodded his head. He decided to believe that this was true.

“What were they looking for?”

“I do not know.”

“Do you know who it is?”

“We didn’t call each other names, and we couldn’t even see each other’s faces because of the mask.”

“What else do you remember?”


Callian looked at the man, placing his interlaced hands on the table. There was a lot of oozing from the bandages, and his face was red with fever.

No matter how much the wound was caused by magic, it must have already started to scorch in such a hot and humid place.

“Cure, I’ll do it.”

The man looked at Callian.

Calian, who knows most accurately how painful a man must be in the whole city, said still with a calm face.

“If the treatment doesn’t seem to work, I’ll cut it. Instead, give me something that will help me. Without it, it’s a pity for each other.”

The man did not speak for a while. Callian did not work.

After a while, the man licked his mouth a few times, and he said:

“I have a wife in Hanson’s village. They know it too.”

Perhaps he had threatened the man in case he revealed the truth. Callian nodded his head as if not to worry.

“What they lost. What.”

“······ A nail-sized, transparent bead.

It seems he had a god. I’ll buy it at a high price in a tensil that collects all sorts of sick things, so if I lost it, I’d be in a lot of trouble. Besides, it made sense that the elves felt the energy if they were a god. Callian asked the following question.

“Where can I meet you?”

“It didn’t seem like they were staying here. There was a white-haired elf who must have followed him.”

“What are the identities of these guys?”

“I’ve said it before, but I haven’t seen your face and I don’t know your name.”

The man’s voice was heard again in Callian’s ears, a little disappointed at the thought of not knowing something important.

“Instead, I heard a name calling someone who seemed to be their captain.”

Callian gestured his chin as if to continue. The man frowned slightly, looked back at his memory and said,

“The blue seabird. That’s what I called it.”

“······ Blue pine needles.”



Why did your bird fly here?

Callian’s face hardened.

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