MTL – 4

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The royal family of Kairis are descendants of dragons.

To be precise, he was descended from Hatsara and the Sispanians, who belonged to the eight heroes who sealed the evil spirits in the War of the Two Gods.

Sigmund Khan Cispanian.

The ancient ancient dragon known to have been together in the beginning, the Cispanian, married Hatsara not in the context of ‘play’, but as part of her life through the ages. In other words, it means that Hatsura did not marry the Sispanian as her queen, but that the Sispanian chose Hatsara as the dragon’s companion.

The Cispanians wanted Hatsara and her descendants to be a little bit special. For this reason, he presented the power of blood that is only given to the king of Kairis and his immediate children.

Healing powers and magical talents.

This is the ‘Cispanian Blessing’.

“The wound is still there.”

Callian’s wounds, with the power of blessing, should have been almost healed already.

However, his hand, which had been injured by the knife that Franz had thrown at him, did not heal until the evening was over. Doubting that Callian was not Lemain’s biological son, he recalled a memory of how the wound had healed normally in the past.

So this meant that it was a sudden symptom.

But that wasn’t the only problem.

“Calian…was it a wizard?”

Bern was a knight.

It was also one of the only six Sword Masters across the continent. On the other hand, the old Callian had a lean body that would have built up barriers to sports. Because of this, I was curious about whether it was possible to express Auror with such a body.

So he tried to focus on mana and only then realized that he had three mana circles near his heart. Unfamiliar and vast knowledge of magic flowed in.

It was only two days later that he realized this important fact that the old Callian was a wizard, and he laughed and felt a pain in his heart as he tried to use mana.

“My heart hurt when I tried to use mana….”

In fact, when he grabbed the knife that Franz had thrown at him, he felt chest pain. It was when he unconsciously tried to wrap the auror around his body to grab the cutlery. Thanks to him, I unknowingly gave strength to my hand, and it was like this on that dull day.

He used mana once again, just in case.

My heart ached all the time. Callian grabbed his chest involuntarily.

Wounds that do not heal and pain in the heart.

Facing two things that shouldn’t be there, Callian frowned.

The frustrating thing is that I have no memory of these symptoms at all. Perhaps it was a problem that had arisen since Berne came into Calian’s body or recently.

“It’s a big deal. I can’t use Auror or magic like this.”

It is difficult. No, it’s very dangerous.

Realizing that it was not something to be overlooked, Callian began to ponder deeply.

I needed someone to ask about this situation.

Of course, there was no one in the palace of Kairis who could advise Callian. He carefully traced back his memories and began to wonder if anyone could help him.

– Whoa!

As if the water had cooled down, the magic device for temperature control made a sound of heating the water. Hearing this, Callian’s eyes lit up.

“Wizard … . . . Yes, wizard.”

Callian splashed the bath water once without realizing it. There was a light squeaking sound.

“Alan Manasil.”

Archmage Alan Manasil.

The current Allen was one of the three 7th Circle Wizards.

He was the youngest and most talented among them, and he was the idol of most wizards.

By Berne standards, 10 years ago, that is now.

Alan, who was invited to King LeMaine’s birthday celebration, visited Kairis. Allen, who could not enter the royal palace for some reason and received a ban, returned to the Kingdom of Libern by that way. And 10 years later, Alan became the only 8th Circle Archmage on the continent.

“It was said that there was no one who could follow him on the continent with the knowledge of mana.”

Callian muttered softly.

He was sure he could help with this as well.

“So, it would be better if I could make you mine at this opportunity.”

The support of wizards for capable wizards is equivalent to the loyalty of knights. Therefore, if Alan was with Kallian, at that moment all the wizards of Kyris would be on Kallian’s side.

“That way, the risk of being killed without a sound will be reduced.”

It was because of the power of the knightly forces possessed by his queen Silikee that no one could play with the life of the 2nd prince Plantz. What about Prince Randel? Aisha, the former queen of Kairis, who died of illness and Randel’s mother, was a princess of the holy nation of Tensil. Therefore, Randel’s life, who was also a member of Tensil’s royal family, could not be taken carelessly.

A power that Kallian did not have.

Bringing in Alan will also give Kalian that kind of power.

Of course, the biggest change Alan would bring was something else.

Callian’s eyes narrowed.

“My name will be added to the candidate for the throne.”

Although Kairis is a country ruled by descendants of dragons, the treatment of wizards was very bad. It was the influence of Silike, who had a knightly family in his hand. So the wizards wanted a prince who could get them out of this situation.

If you get Allen, those wizards will support Kalian. From now on, it was clear that no matter what family Kalian had on his back, he would not gain that much power.

Callian tried mana once again.

A sharp, clear pain pierced my heart.

“I’ll have to meet Alan Manasil first.”

That way you can do the next thing.

The next thing Callian thought about was to find a child. If Alan could save Callian, he was the one he should have saved. He had to be rescued and made into his ‘sword’.

One month until Le Main’s birthday.

If Calian’s expected death date was earlier, around that time.

Time overlaps in a fun way.

– Clap.

Callian bounced the water once more.

* * *

– Tuk!

The tape measure in the hands of the costumer Shatin Slake, who saw Callian, fell to the floor. Shatin was startled, clearing the drop, and he pulled out a new tape measure. It was because he could not put what had touched the floor on the body of the royal family.

Shatin, who turned his head to look back at Callian, glanced back for a moment, reminiscent of the distant place, then turned his gaze back to Callian.

Shatin’s mouth opened while Yan gave an anxious expression for some reason.

“When I saw the prince, I remembered the concubine Freyja,”


Yan, who was anxious, immediately stopped Shatin’s words. Just then, as if realizing his mistake, Shatin, startled, bowed deeply toward Callian.

“I’m sorry, Prince.”

Callian was naturally more surprised by the sudden change of atmosphere. When I looked at Yan, Yan was also bowing his back.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get someone else right away.”

Callian’s face became complicated.

He didn’t know why they apologized.

Feeling very frustrated, Callian hurriedly searched through his old memories.

‘Why do I have to think about this memory to come up with it!’

Memories that may have been related to this event came to mind before long. As if reading a book full of pictures, Callian salivated as he quickly scanned his memories.


Old Callian was terrified at the story that he resembled Freyja. I hated looking at my face in the mirror. This is because he had to suffer for a long time saying he resembled someone he had never seen before.

I now understand why her handmaiden had to go out and get her mirror when she first came into Kali An’s body and asked for her mirror, and why Jan was so embarrassed.

I was living without seeing my face, but suddenly I started making a fuss.

‘I’m surprised I didn’t hear it.’

With a brief sigh, Callian picked his words into his mouth.

Of course, I don’t have any feelings for Freya right now, but if she overcomes such a trauma in one day, she will be suspicious, so it’s better than before, but I still had to show a reaction to the degree of reluctance.

Soon after finding a suitable answer, Callian opened his mouth to Shatin.

“Keep doing what you’re trying to say. You don’t have to say what you’re trying to say.

“Yes, yes. Let’s get started right away.”

Both of them looked surprised at Calian’s words, but they didn’t look suspicious.

Shatin, who was about to be kicked out, got up to her feet and began to carefully measure Kali An’s body. The servant, who seemed to be with him, busily wrote down the measurements that Shatin called.

After a while, Shatin, who had taken all the measurements, spoke cautiously.

“I think you should eat more, Prince. I’m worried because you’re too small.”

Callian laughed.

I was worried, so there was no reason to feel bad about being dwarfed. It wasn’t that he was short, but it was true that he was skinny.


Since the measurement was finished sooner than I expected, I was thinking that I could eat dinner after a little rest, when the servant brought some thick books. Shatin handed them over, laid them out on the table, and began to lay them out one by one.

“······ what?”

One was a collection of paintings of robes of various shapes, and the other was a bundle of samples of fabrics of different materials and colors. Various lace bundles and books with pictures of all kinds of accessories were added. There were also books with numerous buttons hanging from them that all looked similar, and books with hundreds of pairs of shoes caught my eye.

It didn’t end there.

He looked towards the servant and saw two other books coming with him.

Looking at him with a blank expression on his face, asking what all that is, Shatin said as if it was real from now on.

“Now you have to decide on a design, Prince. All you have to do is choose four suits.”

“How many suits?”

As I put on a tired expression on my face, the answer came from my memory.

There were a total of five sets of clothes to prepare. Another suit was the prince’s conquest, so there was no need to choose.

Callian’s face turned white.

‘Should I choose all of them?’

It was something he had never experienced in Berne’s life.

When she was a child, Berne’s mother, the queen, took her place, and after she became a knight, she only wore a knight’s uniform, so she didn’t have to choose clothes. Besides, there was no big event in Sekritia where you had to prepare five clothes at a time. No event has ever been held so grandly.

Anyway, there was no one to pick out clothes for me now, and there was no uniform. Because of that, he was making a difficult face, so Yan said next to him.

“Isn’t the prince changed a lot these days? But this month, he doesn’t have a schedule with the nobles because of the preparations for the event. So, the first place the prince will appear in front of others in this changed form will be the birthday of His Majesty the King. wouldn’t you?”

“I know it’s saying that you should dress well and go out and make a good first impression.”

“Yes. That’s right, Prince.”

“Yeah. I can understand….”

Callian looked at the booklets that filled the table. Just looking at it makes me feel tired. Will the clothes catch my eye on the board that will have a body that does not use a single mana?

“I can’t afford to rummage through that. Or you pick.”

‘You’ were referring to Jan and her maids. I was told to give up, but Yan’s face turned red.

“Are you really okay with that?”

“Yeah. It’s okay.”

After nodding his head, Kalian sat down on the sofa.

And the war began.

They were very burned.

The maids were quietly following in front of Callian for two days without saying a word.

Callian, who heard the unintentional coming and going, expressed his opinion intermittently.

“No king ribbon. No little ribbon.”

After a brief moment of disappointment, another idea emerged.

Callian spoke again.

“Not a lot of frills.”

They didn’t give up.

“Do you think there will be a race?”

What are you trying to make? what are the drops

In the end, Callian also entered among them and started an argument together.

Because it’s Mango Nabal, and I had to block ‘a lot of frills’ first.

Let me know what you think!

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