MTL – 40+41

< Chapter 9. check (5) >

night. rain. bar.

Isn’t that a pretty good combination? Callian thought for a moment.

If there’s one thing that doesn’t suit me, it’s a fifteen-year-old boy who broke through the rain and found a pub tonight. Or is it the sight you see in front of your eyes?

Thinking that there must be a group of blue sea buckthorn, I found something very unexpected at the place I entered, so the lips shown under the robe drew an arc like someday.

“I must have been too impatient.”

Callian said so, looking at the sea-haired woman standing inside the bar, wiping her glass.

No one would be able to stand it without praising her appearance. She was so beautiful that a woman couldn’t fit in with a bar like this. In a way, she was much more beautiful than Silke.

So isn’t it strange?

In a bar run by such a beautiful woman, on a rainy night.

There are no customers and the smell of blood vibrates.

The woman with long eyelashes put down her cup and raised her head quietly. Callian looked at her and opened her mouth in her low voice.

“Those outside are just following me.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not harsh enough to send a knife to unrelated people. They’re also annoying to deal with.”

It was obvious that he was waiting for Callian, so the woman answered with a smile as she was worried about Yuran and Kyrie left outside.

Callian’s lips twitched.

“It seemed that he was cruel enough to send a bow to a man and a young elf in need of money. I’m glad.”

“Because they became related.”

The woman smiled again and accepted Callian’s words.

Callian glanced at the seven corpses lying behind the woman. It was the same number as those who shot an arrow at Callian’s party during the day. Said the woman who followed Calian’s gaze and looked at the same place.

“So were they.”

The blue sea-haired woman, the blue pine needles said so.

* * *

In the middle of the night she sees Alan visiting her, and Le Main naturally takes out her glasses and puts them on. She thought again that she was going to pull out a bunch of papers. Alan saw it and said with a smile.

“I just came here because I have a question, so please feel free.”

“I can’t.”

Alan smiled at Le Main, whose face was now beginning to show a little expression on her face.

“I’ve lost a lot of trust.”

Then Le Main took off her glasses and went to the sofa.

Lemaine said while looking at the wizard sitting right across from him, even if he didn’t recommend it anymore.

“You came to me at this time to ask a question. From being treated as a person in charge of the crown, you are now treated as an informant.”

Allen didn’t care, even though his complaints about the sudden late visit were openly spoken.

“I remembered that Your Majesty the other day was looking into the answers to my questions. So, is it really necessary to have someone you know well in front of you and make it difficult?”

In the past, when Alan visited Lemain to form a wizarding corps, the documents Lemain was looking at were related to the residence of the priests. It was Alan who came to the royal palace that way thanks to the memory that the King of Rivern had given Finzan not to see such things in person.

“I’ve been wondering where and how much of Tensil’s Priest Kairis is.”

Lemaine’s brow furrowed slightly. In fact, it was a response to the question about Tensil’s priest at this point.

“I don’t know if the lord knows what he’s asking, or if it’s just a coincidence.”

This time, Alan’s forehead moved.

“Anything else related to Tensil’s Priest?”

“Anyway, Tensil’s messengers came for that.”

Alan was also well aware that the reaper had suddenly arrived from Tensil. Of course, I didn’t know the reason for the visit.

Le Main looked at his desk for a moment and spoke.

“Now there are 14 priests in Kairis, except for the one in the royal palace, I will find them all and take them away, so don’t ask for any more priests.”

Of course, there was no way the small and powerless Tensil Shinigami would come to a country with a size of Kairis and say such aggressive words. It sounds like he said it back and forth, but anyway, it wasn’t a pleasant situation for Kyris.

“In the beginning, Kairis never asked Tensil for a priest, but it’s unpleasant to come out like that.”

Even the healer in the royal palace was the one who sent Tensil’s princess Aisha and Lemain to commemorate the wedding.

Everyone knew that the healing powers of the priests were very effective. However, it wasn’t enough to make a weak voice to the tensil in Kyris to ask for a priest. Lemain was not even more threatening to give up such a thing.

“As a commemoration of this and that, he sent the priests on his own terms and spoke as if he had been forced to steal the priests from Kairis, so there was nothing to say.”

Alan laughed softly as he listened to LeMaine. It was because Le Main, who talked about what had happened with Ten Sil, was like a child who told her every word about the unfair thing he had done.

“I don’t know to what extent the sickness is lacking, but it seems to have gotten very difficult anyway. I don’t want to reveal the situation, so I have to take the priest.”

Le Main nodded his head.

“It seemed so.”

“So what did you do?”

“I thought I was going to hang all of them while looking for priests.”

Allen knew well she wouldn’t have said that. At that moment, LeMaine wouldn’t be unaware that the war against Tensil would begin.

“Under the current situation, only Brissen would benefit from fighting a war, so it can’t be. I saw Randel and said that I’d put up with it once. Since it’s not managed separately, I told you to find it and take it.”

“Well done. Anyway, please let me know. It’s not me, but Prince Callian’s question.”

There was another wrinkle on Lemaine’s forehead. It was an expression he made because LeMaine had also received a report about where Callian is now.

“If you have already arrived at a place where there is a priest, why do you ask about it?”

“Where are you talking about?”

Alan suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. He didn’t hear the details, but Callian had obviously asked as if there were no priests around.

“Latran. Before Tensil waged a war with the desert, Tensil presented a priest to Count Latran. It’s only now, but Randel and Count Latran had a pretty good relationship back then. It doesn’t seem like it.”

Hearing that answer, Alan was silent for a while. Lemaine’s voice continued.

“Is something wrong?”

Alan shook his head, quickly returning a frown on his face. Then he brought up the excuses he had made up in a hurry.

“No. The prince’s handmaiden is a healer, so she must have wanted to see the priest once.”

“I don’t think so.”

LeMaine’s face, looking at Alan, wasn’t very good. Alan smiled softly.

“I must have really lost my trust. You don’t believe me like this.”

“I came to the king’s office at this hour just to ask such a thing, who would believe that?”

Indeed, that is correct. Alan took the excuse and spoke frankly.

“Actually, I don’t know the details, so can I come back tomorrow and tell you? It would be a good idea to tell the prince about this first. In any case, no one, Count Ratran or anyone else, has a life so boring as to harm the Prince of Kairis. So don’t worry about it.”

He had to leave the royal palace to deliver the contents to Kalian, so he had no time to waste. Le Main, who had decided to compromise in moderation, replied with a face that he was not afraid.

* * *

Callian, who had stopped disguising as a man he had always enjoyed, and was looking at the blue pine bird standing there, took off his robe and put it down next to him with an unhurried movement.

“Someone attacked my party during the day, so I thought they attacked me even though they knew who I was.”

“I knew it. I left it behind. It was frivolous.”

Following that gaze, the blue seabird who turned her head and saw the same thing answered.

The Blue Pintail seemed to have followed the elf named Luca after telling them not to attack Kalian and the others. However, it was said that her party had to shoot an arrow towards Calian, and thanks to that, there were seven corpses.

Carlyan, who understood the situation, slowly nodded her head. She then raised her head and asked in a passing tone.

“So, am I now a related person?”

It was a question about whether the blue seabird was planning to attack Calian.

“I was going to do that…”

The blue seabird looked at Callian for a while. Soon, she lifted her hand from her sword, which the blue seabird had hidden from her. With him, the sharp blade of Kalian, which was heading towards her blue pine needles, disappeared. She said as she looked at Callian with a curious look at the blue pine bird.

“I don’t think it’s easy.”

Callian asked something else instead of answering her.

“Is the elf you followed already dead?”

“It’s hard to chase the elves who run away to the forest road. It’s hard to decide whether to chase them again or give up. So when I come back, I have more headaches.”

Callian lost her head and looked back at the dead. She said the same blue seabird who turned her head and looked at the same thing once more.

“I don’t like it when princes and knights who spend their lives are chasing after them. Since they aren’t harming each other, will you please go back? Then I’ll get rid of the little boy.”

“I came to meet you at the most, but you just want me to go back.”

Callian shook her head and continued her words.

“Just ask a few questions and I’ll get back to you.”

The blue seabird seemed to ponder for a moment, then nodded her head.

“As long as you have a moderate question, I will answer it in moderation.”

“Because you’re not a priest, why did you find a new thing?”

Callian’s question came right out.

“It’s pretty expensive these days.”

“That sounds like you were selling something sick.”

The blue seabird drank her drink from her glass cup.

The blue seabird, who frowned slightly at the smell of her strong alcohol, answered.

“There are times when I feel a little bit sad because I have only my main job.”

It was said that she had come to this place to sell the new things she had obtained while working as a tribunal in Kyirissis.

At that moment, she felt the energy of her feeble magical power from the fingers inside her.

Knowing what Alan was looking for, Callian infused her enchantment into her ring. Alan’s voice was heard immediately.

– Prince, Count Ratran has a priest.

– Are you saying that he already had a priest?

Whether he was there or not when he asked about the priest, he said nonsense.

– I understand for now. But, Master. Do priests use new things a lot? So much so that I have to buy it over and over again.

– no. One or two will last you ten years.

The blue seabird spoke as if it had been selling new things over and over again.

It was said that the priest did not live to write for himself.

Kallian raised his head and asked again to the blue pine bird.

“Is there anyone who buys me a new thing now? He has no reason to sell it in a country like this. Kyri Sith will make it easier to find priests.”

“No one pays as much as the buyer. He was also a kite by nature.”

‘Is he a person who has a connection with Sekritia from the beginning?’

“Originally, there was a connection with Sekritia’s Sejak through other things, and then it seems to have become a relationship of buying and selling new things.”

It was heard by Callian that someone had been selling Kairis’s information to the blue pine bird, but now they are buying new things instead of buying information.

Callian’s brow furrowed. Soon after, Callian posed his last question.

“The buyer. Is that Count Heil Latran?”

“I don’t think that’s the right question.”

The blue seabird smiled brightly.

Not answering was the same as expressing affirmation.

– Hey Latran. He is a person who has a connection with Sekritia Sejak while hiding the priest he has and collecting unused sacred objects at high prices. It seems a bit strange.

– i See. It seems that the behavior is unusual.

– Yes. Guess I’ll have to check it out.

Callian’s eyes sank deeply.

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