MTL – 42+43

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“So I did.

‘No, how did you do such a dishonorable thing!’

 Then, do you know what the hell-bent hello was saying?”

I just don’t like drunk people. I hate drunk and noisy guys.

Callian looked at Hale, who was sitting in front of him, without hiding his uncomfortable expression.

After dinner, he asked me about what the man who attacked Callian had done, so I asked him to have a drink to keep his mouth shut and make some pods, and that was the point.

As he stretched out his arms and tried to pick up his wine glass, he floundered. Thanks to this, the wine glass fell sideways and the red wine wetted the white tablecloth.

“Ah, Prince! I must have been a little drunk.”

I’m glad you know

okay. who would you blame Callian was wrong.

The wine spilled onto the table and dripped down to the floor, drop by drop. As I was looking at it, I was reminded of a slightly different figure.

‘By the way, I didn’t even ask the name of that person.’

After thinking for a moment of the man whose arm was cut off by Yu-ran’s sword, Callian lowered his eyes. Like it or not, Hale’s words continued endlessly.

“Anyway, I haven’t contacted him like this for over three months after that. So, the prince should never have any dealings with such a person.”

Calian, who saw Hale drooling over the lord somewhere near the mosque even with the noise, clicked his tongue. Then he cut off Hale’s horse and asked.

“Are there any plans for a priest of Tensil to visit here or in the vicinity?”

Rather than asking out of curiosity, I brought this out because I was starting to worry that LeMaine gossip would come out of that mouth.

At those words, the count, who finally stopped speaking, opened his mouth slowly, looking at his memories with his eyes widened.

“Well. Is there…?…. Is there not….”

The answer is one question.

Callian laughed. The butler standing next to Hale seemed to be restless. It’s not enough that Callian was attacked on the way to this place, isn’t he getting drunk in front of Callian?

“Tensil priests’ nose bridges pierce the sky, so why not come to a corner of the country like this…?

As if driving a wedge, Hale said again. The butler looked like he was about to cry, and Callian smiled invisibly.

‘If this is enough, even if I don’t leave the room tomorrow, I won’t be suspicious.’

The reason Callian tried to catch Hale’s pod was that he was going to sneak out of the castle soon. If he hadn’t come in by tomorrow morning, Hale would have been suspicious, so he was angry at Hale’s rude attitude, so I thought I’d pretend I didn’t meet him.

And the reason I had to sneak out of this castle was because of the name that came out of the mouth of the man I had just met.

– Blue seaweed.

The third son of Devlan, King of Sekritia.

The task of the blue seabird that Callian remembers was to monitor the relationship between Kairis and Tensil. He was only a watchdog, never given a mission to the extent that he had to meet the Tensil priest in person, nor was he ever reported to have done anything like that.

Is it only?

The area the Blue Pintail was in charge of was not this kind of countryside, but chirissis. How can they monitor the relationship between Kairis and Tensil in a place like this where even the shadow of the Tensil priest is difficult to find?

Of course, Calian, not Berne, did not try to find out about this because he was curious as to why Sekria Sejak was out of his range of activities.

Blue Pintail was someone who had a little acquaintance with Bern. Because of this, Callian knew that the skill of the Blue Pintail was unusual.

He said, ‘He never failed a mission.’

Since there was no way that such a skillful Crown Prince of Sekritia could not have recognized the Prince of Kairis, he was willing to take it and find out what was important enough to shoot a bow at Calian’s party.


Callian, who had been thinking about the blue pine bird for a moment, called out softly.

Looking in the direction Jan was looking, I saw Arsene, whose shoulders were a little wet, coming into the dining room. He nodded his head slightly without saying a word. It was also a gesture to signal that he was ready to go out.

Hale, who was not aware of this situation, stuttered again in front of him.

“Tensil priests are very dark guys. Haven’t I met them? Tensil Kingdom people and priests alike. If you turn them all over, there are no dust-free things.”

Callian sighed as if to listen.

The butler’s waist bowed in place of Hale, who could not come to his senses.

Callian put a hand on his head as if displeased and bowed his head. Soon, a very small voice came out of Callian’s mouth.


A snoring sound came from Hale, who kept muttering with him.

Callian raised his head and frowned naturally.


The butler’s head was about to touch the floor now.

“You’re doing different things.”

Callian picked up the napkin spread out on his lap and laid it on his table. Yan approached quickly, took off the chair, and sent a scolding glance to the butler. Callian turned around without even looking at the butler, who shook his head.

Kalian’s pace back to his room was very fast. Arsene quickly followed behind him and spoke in a low voice.

“Bird, I got it.”

What Arsene said now was Jeonseo-gu.

Fortunately, when Kalian first entered the city, he had not robed Sia. Is that all? Hale, who wanted to be caught in Kallian’s eyes, was greeted with quite a buzz.

So some of the pursuers, if not the Blue Pincushion themselves, will have seen Sia, and will stay in the city and communicate the situation to the Blue Pintail. Callian thought so.

So, Callian sent Arsene to the Wizards’ Guild.

He said that if there were any strange birds that flew through the rain and darkness, he told them to catch all of them. And Arsene was telling them that they had caught the bird.

Callian nodded his head as if satisfied with the result faster than expected.

“Where are you.”

It was a question asking where Jeon Seo-gu started. Arsene answered right away.

“It’s Redwick Street. It’s not too far away. I’ve given the location to Sir Rauchel. And, if you go outside the fortress, the knights will be waiting for you with horses.”

I was told to find a bird, but nothing else, but I really liked Arsene’s work. Callian smiled slightly.

“Thanks for your work.”

After that, Callian opened the door.

Before he entered the room and closed the door, Kalian said to Arsene, who was standing outside.

“Sir Hertz. They may come again at night. So I’ll ask you.”

“Don’t worry, Prince.”

Arsene answered very politely, with a very serious face.

After Arsene returned, Kallian closed the room door and immediately took up the ring and infused his magical power.

After he met the man, he tried from time to time, but the connection did not continue. As I looked to see if he was still there again, the ring lit for a moment, and Alan’s words came into my mind.

– Did you arrive in La Tran?

– Master!

A light shone on Calian’s face.

– It seems that you were not comfortable walking.

Alan is Alan.

Even in conversations like this, where you can’t even hear her voice properly, you can read Calian’s face. From the moment he met Shia, Callian quickly told the story of how he got to know the Blue Pintail.

Then he got a little bit upset when he just announced that he had gone to a new dealership in Kyirisis.

– Keep walking around like that. The old man will go to the warm southern country for recuperation.

– It’s a scary sound while I’m hearing it.

Callian laughed as he took off his cumbersome jacket. Alan’s words continued.

– So, the words you just said got entangled with the things the Crown Prince of Sekritia is looking for, and now the prince’s neck is also stiff. Does this mean right?

– Ah. My neck is fine.

Alan’s smile has been conveyed to Callian’s answer.

– I’m worried that the head of the chased person is still attached. I was not in a position to follow immediately.

Callian looked out the window.

The rain was still falling wildly.

– So you’re leaving now?

– Yes. Rather, I have something to ask of you.

– Tell me.

– Is there a Tensil Priest near Latran? I’d like you to take a look at it. The trio met the priest and said he had something to check.

To the words of Callian who wore the robe that Jan had handed over and pulled out, Alan answered immediately without any other questions.

– I don’t. I’ll check it out by tomorrow morning.

– thank you.

After preparing like that, Kirie and Yu-ran entered the room. Kyrie had brought both swords that Kallian had purchased on the streets of Barça, but Calian received the first light sword he had bought. After finishing the conversation with Allen, Callian, who had drained the magic from the ring, said to Jan.

“I’m resting. I probably won’t look for it, but if Count Ratran asks where I’ve been, tell me in moderation.”

Jan was also informed of the situation. Yan replied with a smile as if not to worry.

“I must say that he went out to air because he was angry at the rudeness of Count Ratran, who gave injections or injections. I’ll take care of myself tomorrow as well.”

Is there any better excuse than this? Callian laughed.

“It’s good.”

Jan still looked not as worried as before. There is Yuran and there is Kiri. He nags when he sees what happened when he meets Shia, but Calian himself seemed to think that it was enough to take care of himself to some extent. So, turning around, he bowed to Callian.

“Have a safe trip.”

Callian nodded his head and flew out the window.

Fluttering, the hem of a black robe passed under the window and disappeared immediately. Then, Kyrie and Yu-ran followed Kalian and went out through the window. Callian’s room was on the third floor. Jan’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

‘Even so, I thought you were going out through the door!’

* * *

After hiding out in the rain and darkness, Yu-ran pointed to a certain point and said.

“Hey, I’m waiting for you.”

Callian turned his head to Yu-ran’s words and saw the Siegfried knights who had been waiting in advance. The knights came down from their horses and handed the reins of their respective horses to Seth.

It was not the words of the people who would be tired of marching all day, but the words of the lord.

“Thanks for your work.”

The knights who laughed at Calian’s words left behind the words to be careful, then sneaked into the castle and disappeared. When he returned, the other knights had promised to bring their horses in. Yu-ran said that he might be suspicious if only a few articles were continuously seen.

“Now I will take the lead.”

When Callian got on the horse, Yu-ran, who had heard from Arsene in advance of the location where Jeon Seo-gu had flew from, said so and stepped forward.

The darkened streets were very quiet. It was raining and it would have been worse. After passing a few such streets, Yu-ran stopped in front of a pub with a fairly plain appearance.

Knowing that he had arrived, Callian dismounted from his horse and pressed his robes deeply and said:

“Come in in five minutes.”

First of all, it was said to go in and look at the situation.

Yuran nodded his head with a worried face, and Kyrie with a normal face. And without hesitation, Callian opened the bar door and went inside.

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